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dat halloween!! @///@ what about chuu with his s/o in bunny constume please?

Chuuya Nakahara

“..Is there a reason you’re wearing this stupid bunny costume?” Elise asked nonchalantly after you entered the living room in Port Mafias hideout. You thought this time you were alone when you greet Chuuya in this, but it seemed Elise and Mori were present too.

“Uhm.. well..” you stuttered, scratching your cheek in embarassment. “Has anyone saw my girl..” Chuuya began and opened the door. However he stopped when he saw that plush tail and your long legs hidden behind that black tights that framed them perfectly. “Holy shit.” he cursed and covered his mouth when he noticed Elise and Mori being there aswell.

“Ah Chuuya-kun. Could you tell your little rabbit not to show her cleavage to us?” Mori chuckled when Chuuya was quick in grabbing your hand and pulling you to the floor, shutting the door behind him. “Are you crazy? Why are you wearing that infront of the boss?” he asked, though his cheeks were red from looked at your skin the entire time.

You pouted and looked away. “I thought we were alone.. I wanted to surprise you.” you whined. Chuuya sighed heavily before he patted your fake bunny ears. “You’re cute, you know that?” he smirked then and pulled you into a tight hug before he kissed you. His lips wandered to your ear, slowly breathing in. “I like rabbits, They are tasty~ So let me nibble you a bit~” he said, making you shiver in delight and going right to your shared room.

You loved halloween.