Can we talk about Jared Padalecki?

Because sometimes he’s so soft and fluffly and I just want to protect him

and then there’s other times where I look at him and all I can think about is the dirty, filthy things I’d let him do to me

and he can just go seamlessly from one to the other




dare you


Happy 1st year International Xenoblade X release everyone!

I had a lot of fun playing his game. I enjoyed exploring Mira - discovering new areas, planting as many probes as a Pathfinder could. I loved the side stories/missions. Learning about the other Xenos.  Studying the weapon, armour and Skell designs.

Now, maybe not so strangely, what’s more important than the game to me, is you guys. You all on Tumblr, you all on Discord, who have shown interest and support in my stuff - I really appreciate that a lot. This community is an amazing place to give and receive good feedback on anything you ask it. You guys kept me in this fandom and develop a whole lot more on my Cross (most of it is draft work, but hey, it’s getting worked on) waaaaay more than I ever thought I would have. I’ve also become a way better artist thanks to you guys!

Now for an attempt at special thanks…

@flametorchic - You were the one that brought me into this community by reblogging my stuff when I just started this blog. I found your blog extremely helpful for finding all the Xenoblade X and related posts! If it weren’t for your dedication of reblogging this communities content, I don’t think I would have been good at keeping up with what this community was doing.

@love410s, @heroicmeep, @shiro-hunter, @anryl, @deltheor, @honestlyvan, @aeviann, @lilithcosa - you’ve all been big art inspirations! I’ve learned a lot from seeing your in-progress work, progression shots, finished pictures, tutorials, speed paints, streams I’ve been able to catch, feedback on my own art, etc. I may not have incorporated all the things I’ve learned from you all, but it is still valuable knowledge that will be useful one day if it already isn’t.

And all you people who supported me? Let’s give this a shot: @apolleh, @noot-scoot, @taptroupe, @andoryuanzuru, @bloodrawknuckle, @the-lazy-melon, @xenoblade-trash, @jaxstronomy and so many more of you!! Especially you all on discord who were giving me support and advice on this piece in particular!

@hennils, @reinasakuraba, @kingddd17 For creating/maintaining Discord. Even though I may only be active in the art related areas, I still really appreciate all your work!

If you’re made it this far, a big THANKS to you too! And Thanks to anyone who’s shown support! It means a lot!

  • Momo: Hey, babe, can you come in here?
  • Mina: *makes her way towards Momo* Yes?
  • Momo: I want you to have this ring. To show you that I promise to always be here.
  • Mina: *looks down at the offering, frowning* Momo is this fucking tin foil?
  • Momo: *nods happily* It's from the burrito I ate at lunch. It reminded me that I almost love you as much as I do burritos.
  • Mina: Why am I still here.

inevitablyfitzsimmons  asked:

Lunar Chronicles?

I do not apologize for the repetition you’re about to see….

favorite male character(s): my son Carswell Thorne 

favorite female character(s): my daughter Cress Darnel … but also Cinder as well

least favorite character(s): Levana (no doubt); Sybil (ew), I didn’t really like Ran either tbh…

best looking character(s): all of us in the tlc fandom have to agree that both Carswell and Wolf (Ze'ev is his real name for those not familiar with him - its a nickname) are the best looking. I’m willing to also say Cress for this because I’m partial to my girl okay dont judge

funniest character(s): Carswell my sassy son and Linh Cinder my sassy queen. (also one of the best brotps)

favorite season book: I am really really partial to Cress, although I do love each and every one of them :)

favorite ship(s): I ship all of them but creSSWELL IS MY OTP AND I LOVE THEM ETERNALLY

Thanks <3

Send me a fandom!!!