• Cinder: Ha ha ha, you have a sister?
  • Levana: Channary, yes. Shut up, and when we were kids, she was so mean to me. Always teasing me, calling me the ugly princess, rubbing cheese curds in my eyes. One time, she stabbed me in the neck.
  • Cinder: So now you’re, like, super close?
  • Levana: Hell no. I wouldn’t piss on her neck-stabbing ass if it was on fire.

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I just want Edmund cuddles!!!!! 😥

Here’s your Edmund cuddles! We tried to write it in a little different format. 

  • You were having bad day
  • Normally you vented to Edmund, but today you didn’t
  • He had been studying really hard in Law School
  • You didn’t bother him or worry him
  • You texted him as you normally do every day
  • It surprised you when he asked if he could come over to watch a movie or something
  • You of course accepted
  • When he got there, he had a small tiramisu cake and some ice cream
  • He holds them out, “I figured it would brighten your day!”
  • He explained that he could tell you were feeling a bit down through the texts
  • You guys pop in a movie, but you weren’t really watching it
  • Edmund wanted to make sure you were really okay
  • So he asked you a bunch of questions until you ended up venting about the day
  • He listens patiently as he strokes your hair
  • You relax as time goes on and just lean into him
  • You nuzzle your face into his chest as he embraces you
  • You both fall really silent for a little while
  • Occasional kisses
  • He’s really soft with you
  • A few bites of cake here and there
  • He smears your nose with frosting which somehow turns into a war
  • But afterwards, you settle down again and build a cozy enclosure on the floor with mountains of pillows and blankets
  • You try to watch the movie again but you end up falling asleep

Challenge 4: The Lunar Chronicles Playlist

  1. Midnight- Beth Crowley
  2. Gasoline- Halsey
  3. Titanium- David Guetta (feat. Sia)
  4. Starlight- Muse
  5. Real- Of Mice & Men
  6. Rise- Katy Perry
  7. House of Wolves- My Chemical Romance
  8. Savior- Rise Against
  9. I’m in love with a Monster- Fifth Harmony
  10. Monster- imagine Dragons
  11. Digital World- Amaranthe
  12. Alive- Sia
  13. Warriors- Imagine Dragons
  14. Oasis- A great Big World
  15. Castle of Glass- Linkin Park
  16. Resistance- Muse
  17. Towards the Sun- Rhianna

jacin is taking the picture and iko has been watching lots of americas next top model recently
Also also shit I forgot both winter and ze'evs scars. but I wanted to show u guys this so I’ll post an updated version soon?? :0