Breathing hurt. She didn’t like it. Living things breath, a tiny part of her mind chided. But she had woken up in a grave, and graves were for dead things. (chapter 1 excerpt)

Tried to paint something with more energy. Epic fail.

Respirar doía. Ela não gostava disso. Coisas vivas respiram, uma parte mínima de sua mente a repreendeu. Mas ela havia acordado em uma cova, e covas são para coisas mortas. (trecho do capítulo 1)

Tentei pintar algo com mais energia. Falhei espetacularmente.

I don’t think people understand why its not okay to fancast winter as light skinned so I’m gonna explain

apart from racism, there’s this other thing that dark skinned people had to face and it’s called colorism. it’s basically the idea that those of a single race of a lighter skin complexion are more beauiful and valuable than those of a darker skin complexion - basically an idea, among black people, that has a background in slavery (the lighter skinned slaves, since they were usually related to the master, were brought into the house to work, while the darker skinned slaves worked out on the field). so to make winter, a canoncially dark skinned girl who is also canonically really beautiful, light skinned is such an insult to dark skinned girls such as myself. we need this singular representation of our beauty. it’s almost to say its unfathomable that a girl of a dark complexion could be widely considered beautiful.

so please just fancast characters of color correctly - we need the representation, especially in ya novels

niamyah  asked:

What sports do you think the tlc guys (and bonus for the girls) could pursue in?

Hmmmm…Well, seeing as how the Olympics just happened, here’s where I think our TLC characters could excel at…

Cinder: Maybe the skeleton because she always seems to be diving head first into things. Or diving since she did a perfect one into Lake Artemisia (…before nearly drowning). 

Kai: Tennis, mostly because can you imagine Kai in tennis whites? Dreamy!!

Scarlet: Any and all of the shooting events. 

Wolf: Basically all the sports! The obvious ones would be wrestling, boxing, weight lifting, but canon Wolf likes to run so I’d like to see him as a track star. Maybe he’s a decathlete despite his height and stature prompting lots of TV profiles to be done about him explaining about how he defies all rules. 

Cress: Given her small stature, I’d say maybe gymnastics? Although she does have a flare for the dramatics, so maybe ice skating? She’d look super cute in all of the glittery outfits and she’d have a grand time choosing songs and choreographing the routines.

Thorne: What’s an individual sport that doesn’t require much physical exertion or any helmets to mess up perfectly quaffed hair? Because that’s the one. That’s Thorne’s sport. Or really, just lighting the Olympic torch.

Winter: With her knack for taking care of animals, the obvious choice would be for the equestrian competitions. With her all-white mare, she’d be unstoppable and people would wonder how she can get her horse to look like she’s flying over the obstacles. 

Jacin: Is being grumpy an Olympic sport? But perhaps swimming? Since he did rescue Cinder from the lake. 

Iko: Rhythmic gymnastics or diving, basically anything that requires graceful precision. 

Kinney: Fencing, because he’s all proper and shit. 

Bonus - Levana & Sybil: Synchronized swimming of course!

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I want an AU where Mr. And Mrs. Pevensie end up in the Golden Age of Narnia while their kids are all grown up. Can you imagine…

•The Narnians finally understand where Edmund gets his sass as soon as they meet Mr. Pevensie.
•Mrs. Pevensie coming into the kitchens and giving revolutionary advice.
•All the small animals love her because she’s so motherly and she melts with all of them.
•Mr. Pevensie isn’t that great with a sword, but he kicks both Peter and Edmund’s butts in hand to hand combat.
•Oreius is in tears laughing
•Mrs. Pevensie instructing Peter to go to bed because he’s working way too hard.
•Susan now having to deal with three over protective family members.
•Mr. Pevensie’s death glares.
•Mrs. Pevensie visiting all the Narnians in their homes with Lucy.
•Mr. Pevensie hating the fact that his boys are in battle, but he comes up with the best plans.
•Everyone thought Edmund was the sacrificial/wreck less one in battle, but his dad took three arrows for his sons.
•Mrs. Pevensie is not the least squeamish around blood and helps Lucy with battle wounds.
•Lucy and her mom being a whirl of stubborn females who will physically shove anyone who gets in their way.
•Susan and Lucy and Mrs. Pevensie spending hours looking at dresses and finding new styles.
•Mr. Pevensie taking drinks out of Edmund’s hands. He doesn’t care if he’s eighteen.
•Peter laughing at this and also getting his wine confiscated.

Please feel free to add on. The Pevensie parents are gems.


“I remember once you told me,” she said, “that you had loved two people more than anything else in the world. Was Tessa one of them?” “She is one of them,” he said agreeably, shrugging himself into his coat. “I have not stopped loving her, nor my parabatai; love does not stop when someone dies.” “Your parabatai? You lost your parabatai?” Clary said, feeling a sense of shocked hurt for him; she knew what that meant to Nephilim. “Not from my heart, for I have not forgotten,” he said, and she heard a whisper of the sadness of ages in his voice, and remembered him in the Silent City, a wraith of parchment smoke. “We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.

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Some really self-indulgent Cross and Cross kids doodles :’D I was thinking about saving that Erza and Weiss one for a later sketch dump, but eehhhhh since when is the sktch dump so far?

ft. @green-piggy ‘s and @headphonesuneia ‘s Crosses, Casey and Sunel for that Team Instinct Crosses one! Team instinct ftw x’D

  and lol last one  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

OH GoD, SCHOOL IS KICKING MY ASS TO MARS AND BACk ^_T!;;; But anyways, I dusted my watercolors off and drew a thing ^q^;/ SYAORANN!! !!