Thanks to Jason47 on Daytime Royalty. For those new this year, Jason posts little hints and spoilers and cast list bits like the one above for the Christmas episode of DAYS, we’ll probably get more of these when November roles around, but for now, here’s this. And to explain, the above basically means EJ/Wilson/Ari (presuming the doll is Ari and there’s not just a new character called Doll) will be sharing a scene at Christmas.

The thing I just reblogged is sooo important though. This year I’m not going to do anything for Christmas that I don’t want to.

I actually called my family this afternoon to say that I wasn’t coming, so they didn’t have to worry about making any vegetarian food for dinner. Not that they were planning on making the holidays fun for me anyways, but still. I’m not going to see my extended family this christmas.

I’m staying home. And I’m gonna cook for my mum and grandparents. That’s it.

I’m really proud of myself for realizing this is what I need to do. I’m actually really really proud.