A List of Gender-Neutral Names

o   Dakota

o   Blaine

o   Tyler

o   Drew

o   Dylan

o   Ryan

o   Riley

o   Quinn

o   Avery

o   Morgan

o   Harper

o   Jamie/Jaymee

o   Hayden

o   Peyton

o   Sam

o   Tanner

o   Oakley

o   Charlie

o   Emory

o   Jessi/Jessy

o   Rowan

o   Tatum

o   Rory

o   Lyric

o   Sawyer

o   Eden

o   Teagan

o   Jordan

o   Marley

o   Kendall

o   Skyler

o   Blake

o   Micah

o   Carter

o   Reagan

o   Hunter

o   Logan

o   Dallas

o   Hadley

o   Chris

o   Bailee

o   Kennedy

o   Teddy

o   Lane

o   Tristin/Tristan

o   Keegan/Keagan

o   Kian

o   Pike

o   Cody

o   Ashton

o   Jude

o   Grayson

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@chriso_on_earth Space walk or olympic athlete? No, just examples of things to do on earth.

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its 2015

i want to cry every time a college graduate/attendee applies for a job or internship and cant use photoshop.

Jeebus Chriso,this isnt inclusive to clothing.. there are youtube tutorials that will make you more hire-able than your crippling debt.

mind boggled.

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He really IS on earth!! @chriso_on_earth tonight you see him on Instagram, it should be the Oscars. Son of bitch. 📹: @ryan_lay

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@top.raw.man on the balance beam. 📹: @chriso_on_earth

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@chriso_on_earth popping out of a mealworm hole

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New self filmed and edited @chriso_on_earth part up on our YouTube channel (link is in our bio). People have already seen him! He is REALLY on earth!!! #mango

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@toe.head and @chriso_on_earth fucking fabulous on the pre fab 📹: @bumblemeek

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