morning blues coffee | Chris & Sebastian

Seb was on his feet, bouncing on the soles and opening his arms for a hug before Chris had even fully stepped through the door of the cafe. Even if the Civil War press madness hadn’t been that long ago, with everything going on right it had felt longer. A lot longer. Chris was still as gorgeous as always, and his smile meant Seb had to smile back, even if he didn’t feel like it in general. Damn, he’d missed his friend. “Hey man, thank you so much for coming.” 


cramp your style | Chris & Stana

Hair up in a bun, to-go cups in both hands, still bleary eyed and on her third cup of coffee that morning, Stana made her way to the morning’s Yoga class. She might have skipped this one, mainly because she had only gotten around 4 hours of sleep, but she dimly remembered practically making Chris join her and if she didn’t show? Yeah, she would never live it down.

“If I fall over, I am blaming you,” she said as a greeting, but she still grinned into her own cup before presenting him with his. “No idea about you, but I need the extra kick this morning.”



“You’ve got three minutes”- Joe MacMillan

Official sneak peak promo trial from AMC - it is available on Youtube and via @thelpfn twitter page. Still waiting for it to be uploaded on the AMC website.  But it was tweeted by the Chrises so :D

Can’t wait!

anonymous asked:

What other Chrises could be brought into the ranks of Marvel's Chris Army? I propose Chris Rock as Galactus.

Yes ! He would be great ! I haven’t think that very well but as long as he does a good job, he would be welcome to join the marvel family.

Also Benjamin Cucumber is 40 and he’s just been cast in a movie? And Paul Rudd is 47. RDJ is in his 50s and Mark & Jeremy are in their mid-late 40s. And Don Cheadle (who should be her love interest) is 51. That’s what 6 of the male cast? And even the Chrises and Anthony are over 30. And those are origin movies and they presumably would like them to have sequels and such if they can squeeze some money out of it. So any excuses about the CM casting that are like “well they’re doing an origin story!!” or “but they want to keep her in the movies for longer” are BS. It’s pure sexism and ageism- women over 30 aren’t seen as “sexy” and movie studios think all women have to be sexually appealing to straight men at all times. She should be equals with Tony and Rhodey and be able to put Steve in his place when necessary it’s ridiculous.

all of the chrises are attractive but like. in the absolute most boring way possible. theyre all interchangeable with about a dozen other moderately popular actors and if you were to create a photo array of them there is no way i could successfully identify more than one or two. that is the simple truth

americanmasquerades  asked:

I dont know if I'm seeing more Pine on your dash because of WW or because there's an uptick of him on *your* dash because of ST but you are making it very hard for me not to develop a problem with one of The Chrises. <3

He is elusive, but when he shows up, I am all over it.I imagine now that he’s in a comic book movie there will be plenty to go around. CAN’T WAIT