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When the teacher announces you can choose your partner for the group project and you look at your bestie like- 😂😂  Jungkook be looking at Mingyu

The Relationship Bill of Rights

You have the right, without shame, blame or guilt:

In all intimate relationships:

-to be free from coercion, violence and intimidation
-to choose the level of involvement and intimacy you want
-to revoke consent to any form of intimacy at any time
-to be told the truth
-to say no to requests
-to hold and express differing points of view
-to feel all your emotions
-to feel and communicate your emotions and needs
-to set boundaries concerning your privacy needs
-to set clear limits on the obligations you will make
-to seek balance between what you give to the relationship and what is given back to you
-to know that your partner will work with you to resolve problems that arise
-to choose whether you want a monogamous or polyamorous relationship
-to grow and change
-to make mistakes
-to end a relationship

In poly relationships:

-to decide how many partners you want
-to choose your own partners
-to have an equal say with each of your partners in deciding the form your relationship with that partner will take
-to choose the level of time and investment you will offer to each partner
-to understand clearly any rules that will apply to your relationship before entering into it
-to discuss with your partners decisions that affect you
-to have time alone with each of your partners
-to enjoy passion and special moments with each of your partners

In a poly network:

-to choose the level of involvement and intimacy you want with your partners’ other partners
-to be treated with courtesy
-to seek compromise
-to have relationships with people, not with relationships
-to have plans made with your partner be respected; for instance, not changed at the last minute for trivial reasons
-to be treated as a peer of every other person, not as a subordinate

—  Morethantwo.com
In school..

there’s always that one student who

  • during recess would sit alone in a table for 4 because no one else would sit with him
  • actually feels fine being alone but everyone else who looks at him with pity are what slowly makes him feel more and more insecure about being alone and slowly makes him believe that he’s a loser
  • when the teacher says you can pick your own group-mates, would have to wait until all other groups in the class to be formed so the teacher can find a group that still has insufficient number of members for him to join into
  • when it’s pair work and you can choose your partner yourself, would turn to his neighbour to be his partner but the neighbour would immediately decline (despite not having any other partner in mind yet)
  • during P.E. and doesn’t quite yet understand how the game works so he turns to his classmate next to him to clarify but the classmate just dismiss him and passively says “I don’t know” (but yet later that same classmate is overheard fluently explaining to their friends the exact thing he asked about)
  • whenever it’s about fun class activities is always neglected by the rest of the class; doesn’t get invited or informed about class chalets or class gatherings
  • is appointed a leader position like class monitor by the teacher-in-charge because the teacher feels that he “is not bonding well with the class so this role should give him the opportunity to do that”
  • when he feels ill mid-lesson and feels the urge to retch, his classmates will move away from him and just watch him but no one asks if he’s okay and no one volunteers to assist him to the school sickbay
  • if he missed a class or missed out on anything, he would have no one to ask or refer to
  • if he was absent, no one would notice or miss him
  • after a while, would deliberately choose the far corner seat in the cafeteria during recess to isolate himself from the rest because existing just got too uncomfortable
  • after a while, would rather eat lunch in the toilet cubicle because only there did he feel truly safe and isolated
  • would actually wait in the toilet cubicle until classes start again after lunch
  • immediately goes home after class because there was no point in staying and being in school just felt uncomfortable

Sherlock is one of those students

To My Ex’s.

To All My Ex’s Thank You. 

Thank You for not only showing me how to love but also showing me how to love again after a broken heart.

Thank You for the countless memories we created and all the bad times that made me appreciate every good time in my life. 

Thank You for choosing me to be your partner and for showing me how to appreciate myself first, because in a flash you can be replaced.

Thank You for the sex whether or not if it was good or bad.

And Finally,

Thank You for showing me that I can stand alone by myself and still never feel alone because in the end the only person who’s never going to leave me is me.

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  • y/f/n = your friend’s name
  • y/l/n = your last name
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Fred’s POV

“Today, you will not get to choose your partners yourself… I will choose one for you.” Snape drawled, glaring menacingly around the room. George and I groaned together, and Snape’s head snapped back to us. He shot one last glare at the two of us, then stalked back to the front of the room.  

“Mr. Fred Weasley, you will be paired with…” I stopped rolling my eyes at Snape and shot up to pay attention. I was disappointed about not being able to plan pranks with George during the hour, but I wanted to know who I was going to work with. Maybe I would get lucky and I would be able to work with y/n, my long-time crush… 

“Y/n Y/l/n.” I grinned and high-fived George from under the table, then gathered my things and moved to where y/n was sitting.

“Hey, pretty– I mean, y/n.” I mentally punched myself and tried to smile shakily at y/n. I looked at her, expecting to see a creeped-out face, but all I saw was her radiant face beaming at me. She nudged me playfully with her shoulder, and giggled. 

“Hey, handsome– oh, I mean Fred.” I felt my entire face going red and I thought my face was going to split from smiling so much, but I couldn’t care less. This class wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

We signed up for fake babies in parenting today for a project and we had white babies, Hispanic babies, light skinned black babies, and dark skinned black babies and I would say the class is predominantly black and Latino with like a few white girls taking it and like…nobody wanted the dark skinned black babies and it made me really sad. The black girls in my class were all trying to schedule it so they could all have the light skinned babies on different days bc everybody wanted their babies light skinned and idk I’m not black so I’m really not any authority to make observations but like that made me sad and it felt like what I was seeing was the result of centuries of white supremacy and white beauty standards materializing themselves into these young girls who seem to have the impression that their baby would be cuter light skinned. :/ idk if anyone ended signing up for a dark skin baby I think one of the Latina girls eventually signed up for the boy but then she was asked why she didn’t want the Hispanic boy and she said something like Hispanic babies were too much energy or too much work which also had me like :/ like all brown and black kids are subconsciously taught their whole lives to hate SOMETHING about themselves and it shows through and is inherited to our children even our fake children

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If you miss having a little then chose a fucking little????

I will when I meet one I want.

I’ve met a lot of littles. I’ve become friends with a lot of them. There’s one that I care for on a deeper level, but she’s still just s friend and I won’t pursue things with her.

It’s not as simple as “just pick one.” I’m not deciding on a what soft drink to have at McDonald’s. I’m deciding on someone I want to spend my life with. This isn’t a game. It’s serious.

If you’re choosing your life partners the way you choose underwear, you shouldn’t be dating.

Hold me tight ( Teaser )

Synopsis : When money gets tight what do you do ? Become an escort of course, obviously. *awkward laugh*

A/N : Just putting it out there, the title has nothing to do with this serie. I’m just really bad at naming stuff as you may already know. This is a prologue or a teaser, whatever you would like to call it, to a mainly explicitly mature serie of 7 parts one for each member. So yeah, it will be complete smut, if you’re uncomfortable reading such content this is your warning.

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 1.pt 2 ||

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Day 0, 10 AM :

“ You will go through what we would like to call a 7 days trial in which you will be introduced to 7 men, of both different preferences and backgrounds, from who you will choose, eventually, who your permanent partner will be ” She pushed the contract towards you “ Of course, after the 7 days, you can either go on with the person of your choice or leave with the money that had been set ”

You scanned over the papers, having spent the past hour discussing the rules and the ‘job’ that you were recommended for by a friend who was already in the business with this same company. It didn’t take you that long to register that it was a confidentiality agreement, you looked up at her with a questioning gaze which she returned with a smile.

“ Our clients, as I’ve explained before, range from powerful people to famous people. Secrets aren’t to be spilled and whatever happens from the moment you stepped into the agency is to not leave it. It’s just a precaution for the security and secrecy of both the clients and you. That’s what every escort has to sign before starting, formalities ” She didn’t really leave you room to say anything, her way of speech was so well-articulated and assertive, probably why she had the job.

You fidgeted the pen in your fingers, biting your lips, before signing in your name and giving her back the papers.

“ I hope you understand everything that goes with the experience by now ” She casually added eying each paper on its own making sure you didn’t miss any of them.

“ Yeah, when can I start ?”

“ Your first meeting will be tomorrow, we’ll contact you with the meeting information by then ” She stood up offering her hand with the same board smile that both appealed and frightened you. You mimicked her actions by standing up as well reaching out to shake her hand.

“ See you in a week, Y/N, Make sure to enjoy this experience as much as you can ”

“ I’ll try to ” You nodded, smiling back.

“ I’m sure you will ” She whispered, playfully winking at you.

From the second you stepped out of her office you were 'officially’ an escort, which was just a fancy way to say that you were a prostitute for the higher class. It was your way to make fast, great, and easy money, that’s how your friend put it at least, and you needed just that. Paying tuition while living alone while hoping to still keep up the good grades was nearly impossible when holding down three underpaid part time jobs that barely helped you go through the month. You couldn’t deny that the pay they offered was quite tempting, especially with the possibility of it adding along, you just needed to come to terms with having to technically sell your body for it.


Day 1, 2PM :

“How bad can it really be ?” You thought while considering it once more. How bad would it be ? The doorbell rang, tearing you away from your thoughts. You opened the door to a delivery man, hidden completely behind one large box that he put down panting.

“ Miss Y/L/N ?” He breathed out between deep breaths, probably from the large amount of stairs it must have took him to get to your rooftop flat.

“ Y-yes, that’s me” You nodded, not expecting any packages today or anytime for that matter.

“ I need you to sign here, please ” He handed you the electronic pen, waiting for you impatiently.

You settled into dragging the box inside unable to pull it up, guiding it to the middle of the room and opening it there. Inside were seven flat boxes with sets of colorful lingerie, one different from the other and dresses. There was a little note on top of the first box from the woman who first greeted you the day before reading :

“Just a little gift to get you started”

                                                       - Stacey

“ Yeah, this is definitely something I could get used to ” You said, holding up one of the clean cut, expensive looking dresses. A notification, as if on timing, lit up your phone. You hurried to it having waited in anticipation all day for it.

[ Kim Namjoon, 27, Black

Hit Hotel, room 787, 9 PM  ]

Out of the seven boxes you clearly remembered the black lingerie, since it was the ones you liked the most amongst them. Black having always been your favorite color as well, it wasn’t that hard to guess that it had to do with the preferences of who you were meeting. Looking at them now, you saw the order they were put into and the number of them.






Dark blue

Light blue

“ They’re really meticulous with their work ” You thought to yourself, getting ready for the first meeting.

The Dating Game (Tony x ???)


*after several questions* CLINT: Tony, what is your final question?

TONY: Ack, this game is so damn hard! Fine, I’ll stick to the usual boring Q&A. What do you look for in a lover?

A) A strong, intelligent, fierce, and compassionate partner, who deeply feels for others and fights for the needs of the many. A love of a lifetime, who I can cherish, and who shall lead by my side. It is you I seek.

B) A partner-in crime, a sensuous and open-minded lover. Someone eager for adventure and discovery, to save new and different worlds, but who still appreciates the classics. Come and experience it all with me.

C) My soulmate. My equal. A person who is my balance, and isn’t afraid to challenge me to be better. We can fight for a brighter future, together. Someone who is my Home. And hopefully I can be a home for you, too.

D) You are perfect as you are. I just want you to know that you are loved.

(Click your answer above to find out who you chose for Tony! :D Who shall you get?)

(if you only want a particular man for Tony as your ending, PM me.)

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If you could be any character in the movies who would you be and why? Choose also your partner. (You don't have to pick a princess)

Mod Lissy: Do we get to count Star Wars in here? Because I want to be Rey. Because then I get to hang out with Finn and Poe Dameron and kick ass

People might tell you “If you choose to breastfeed, your partner won’t bond with your baby!”. That’s a myth! Feeding your baby is not the only activity that encourages bonding. There are many things your partner can do to feel less left out of breastfeeding: 

Bring the baby to you when she needs to nurse

Help you position the baby for a good latch

Bring you a glass of water, a box of tissues, cold compresses, fresh nursing pads, lanolin cream or anything else you need when you’re in the middle of a feeding

Put the baby to sleep after she’s done feeding

Prepare meals and snacks for you (you need to eat well to make milk for your baby!)

And of course, he can: 

Bathe the baby

Change the baby’s diapers

Wear the baby in a sling or carrier

Sing or talk to baby


Requested: disclaimer: some facts may be changed from the show to fit the plot ✌️

There he goes again, the only guy you had ever loved rushes by without even noticing you - as usual. You sighed still catching a whiff of his cologne. You faced the fact that you weren’t going to say more than two words to him and started walking to English class.
You made it and sat down in your assigned seat just as the bell rang. Your teacher started immediately, introducing a new project. The key was to pick an author and write a biography on them and act out a piece they wrote. It seemed simple enough until….
“I will be choosing the partners,” your teacher said, “now let’s see, Amber you’re with Danny, y/n…let’s put you with stiles….” Your worst nightmare had begun.
You got up to sit with Stiles after everyone was assigned and sighed, “Hi,” you both said awkwardly.
“So um, you wanna do…” You began.
“Shakespeare? He seems easy enough,” Stiles said, “I don’t really have time for a project, but why don’t we meet at my house after school?” You nodded just as the bell rang dismissing you to your next class. Your stomach was full of dread knowing this was going to be a lot harder than you thought.


You sauntered on over to Stiles’ house as soon as you gathered your books. It was a long walk as the breeze began to pick up swirling the leaves around your feet, but it helped you keep your nerves down. You walked up to his door and were about to knock when you noticed a note scribbled in Stiles handwriting: “Y/N sorry I had to go on an important errand, but I should be back soon, there’s a key under the door mat, feel free to anything in the fridge - Stiles”
You sighed and unlocked the door and walked into the unkept living room. You knew it was just Stiles and his dad so you weren’t surprised at the sight. You folded some clothes and put them aside, sitting down, pulling out your laptop and you began to research.
Writing down basic facts about his works and marriage, you heard something shatter from the back room.
You sat there, still, for a moment before working up the strength to go investigate. You walked down the lengthening hallway and opened the door to the room you believed it came from.
It was obviously Stile’s room. It reeked of cologne and old candy wrappers were scattered everywhere. You noticed the window was broken and glass scattered everywhere. You figured it was nothing to worry about, probably just some neighborhood kids. You turned around and let out a high pitched scream.
Stiles stood before you, eyes all red and blood shot, bags sagging down, a lustful smirk planted on his face. He was a mess.
“Stiles? Are you feeling ok?” You backed up as he walked towards you.
“Oh little dove, you see I’m not Stiles,” he reached you running a finger through your hair, causing goosebumps to appear, “you like that huh? Sorry I believe I haven’t caught your name.”
“It’s….” You stammered and Stiles waited for you, moving his head to urge you, “ um, it’s y/n”
“Well that’s a pretty name, but not as pretty as these beautiful eyes of yours,” he traced your jawline with his fingers.
Your phone buzzed, it was Stiles. How did he get my number?,you thought. You quickly scanned the scary message, “Y/N, RUN!”
Your eyes darted to meet the void Stiles’. His eyes flickered black, causing you to jump in your skin.
“No, stay here my beautiful rose,” he yanked your phone from your hands and tossed it over his shoulder pulling you into a deep kiss. Pulling away he read your mind, “I know you enjoyed that, don’t deny it. Now, you see all the things I can give you that he never could, just come on with me little dove, we can have it all.” He reached for your hand and pulled you along.
He ran outside with you only to meet Stiles and Scott.
“Y/N, don’t listen to him!” Stiles called out, on the verge of tears.
“Oh look at him pretending like he actually cares about you,” the void stiles’ words stung like acid, “he just wants to get rid of me. He knows I can give you the world. Poor, pitiful Stiles. Life just isn’t fair, is it?”
“Y/N, listen to me! That isn’t the real me! Don’t go with him!! Y/n….I love you.”
You sharply turned your head towards Stiles.
“LIES!” The other stiles shouted beside you. “You never loved her. Why did you ignore her? Why did you pretend like this precious creature never existed?!” He tugged at your grip.
“Be-because I knew that….that she’d never feel the same, I…I knew she was out of my league and would never fall for an annoying, rambunctious kid like me, not many do. She’s my universe but I know I’m not even a mere star in hers…”
“Damn right!!!” The void roared with laughter.
You looked down and shifted, slowly trying to break free from the void stiles. You finally slipped through and ran towards Stiles, jumping in his arms.
“NOT SO FAST, COME BACK HERE NOW!!!” The void screamed. You hugged on to Stiles for dear life as the Nogitsune ran after you, “I love you too,” you whispered.
Stiles squeezed you tight as Scott pounced on the Nogistune, only for him to vanish, causing Scott to crumple on the ground.
“Is he gone?” You pulled away and stared into Stiles watering eyes, wiping a tear for him.
“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he began running his fingers through your hair, his real touch feeling so sweet, “but I promise I’m going to do everything in my power to protect you, ok?” He squeezed you tight before helping Scott up.
“Now, let’s go write a kick ass report, Juliet,” he kissed your hand, leading you inside.