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love letters ❥ peter parker

summary : peter, hopeless romantic that he is, has a cache of love letters, all addressed to you, hidden under his bed and expertly crafted. he never anticipated them being read, or the feelings he has for you being returned.

word count : 3.1k (holy fucking hell i’m sorry)

   Peter couldn’t help it, the way that he was. He was a romantic at a heart, though the awkwardness of him had a tendency to prevail rather than the confident, smooth talking, small part of him that had a desperate desire to reveal itself. Spider-man was as suave as a fifteen year old boy could be; Peter Parker was awkward, inept at participating in normal, human conversation and often incapable of forming coherent sentences more often than not. He wasn’t the best at talking to people besides Ned and Aunt May and- on occasion- Tony Stark. Especially not you. If there was one person that he turned into an absolute bumbling, ridiculous mess around, it was you. He loathed himself for it, sure that you thought that he was weird, annoying, the same way that anyone who didn’t know him assumed he was. 

   Ned, however, continuously insisted that you found Peter to be a sweetheart, like anyone who got to know him well enough did, and that you liked him very much- perhaps more than a friend, though Peter had immediately scoffed at the notion. It was out of the question, downright ludicrous. But, of course, Ned had implanted the idea in Peter’s head, and now the boy’s ever creative mind refused to stop constructing various scenarios in which you were Peter’s girlfriend and he was as happy as he had ever been. 

    While he had been a perfectly charming boyfriend in each and every one of those little dream sequences of his, he was hopelessly lost for words whenever you approached him, unable to even ask what class you had next, let alone reveal the pure adoration he had been holding on to ever since you had been placed beside him in Bio in your freshman year. You had always been the one to stick up for him and smile at him and treat him like a decent human being, and so of course he fell for you, and now he could barely look you in the eye without his cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink. So, he bottled his feelings and let them out in a way he had never known could help him.

    He wrote. 

    He wrote to you every single day and poured his heart out in every single letter and expressed every thought he knew, in his heart, he would never be able to say out loud. Writing what he felt was so much simpler than saying the words out loud. That was what he assumed, anyhow. He took his pen and placed it down on the paper, starting it the same way he always did. 

   Dear Y/N… As always, the words spilled over from his mind to the paper as if he wasn’t thinking, just writing and writing and writing until he had filled two pages without lifting his curly head from the paper once. When he finally finished, a yawn stretching across his mouth, he noticed Aunt May standing outside his door. He turned his chair around, raising his eyebrows at her. 

   “Writing to that pretty girl again?” She asked, hand on her hip but wearing a knowing, soft grin. Peter, not bothering to feign shock, nodded solemnly and placed his pen down the paper. “You should think about maybe, oh I don’t know, actually giving her one of the letters you’ve written?” 

    Adamantly, Peter shook his head. “May, I could never. You don’t get it.” He swiveled around in the chair, spinning it until he was dizzy. “These letters are embarrassing. They’re practically my whole heart and soul on a piece of paper. She’d scream and run away if she read how I felt about her.” He sighed, placing his elbow on the edge of the desk and resting his cheek in his hand. He stared up at his aunt, still craving her sage advice. May stared back at him thoughtfully. 

   “Well, in my personal experience,” she came over and gave Peter’s shoulder a squeeze, eyeing the letter that was signed with Peter’s name, “girls are suckers for love letters. And you Parker men write the best ones out there. Trust me.” 

   Peter bit his lip. “Yeah, sure, I’m not an awful writer. But, I still can’t give them to her. I just can’t.” Before she could say anything else, he was folding it up and placing it on top of the shelf on his desk next to his books for English. “Uncle Ben was different. He was charming. You know that.” 

    May smiled wistfully. “I do.” 

    “And that’s one thing that I didn’t get from him,” Peter finished, shrugging his shoulders as he stood up from his swivel chair. “It’s fine.” He waved it off. “I’m happy suffering in silence. I’m gonna go to bed. Big English project starts tomorrow. Love you,” he kissed May on the cheek as she left his bedroom, switching the light off in her departure. He stared at the wall once he was situated in bed, mulling the conversation over in his head. Maybe May’s right. Maybe telling Y/N wouldn’t be as bad as I’m thinking. Maybe I’m overreacting. Actually, never mind. She probably hates me. Ugh. Life sucks. 

    That morning, when he arrived in his English class, you were sitting in the seat that had been previously occupied by Ned pretty much every class since the beginning of the school year. Sucking in a breath, Peter took his first step into the classroom. He knew he was a little late to today’s lesson, but he hadn’t realized he was a full fifteen minutes behind schedule. Ned was in the back with Michelle, giving Peter an encouraging thumbs up when he noticed his best friend finally arrive on the scene. Peter gave him the finger. 

   “Mr. Parker, lovely for you to join us!” Ms. Matthews declared when he decided to shove himself through the door, his heart jackhammering away in his chest and making its way up to his throat. He kind of wanted to throw up. 

   “Um, yeah, well, you know, sleep and whatnot- overslept, haha,” he coughed out a laugh, scratching the back of his neck. The teacher nodded with faux sympathy, though he could tell she didn’t care that much for his explanation. “I’ll just, um, sit. Down.” 

    “Next to Y/N, please,” She instructed, waving her hand in your direction. “Since you were late and unable to choose your own partner, surprising since usually Ned is so eager to work with you, Y/N offered to be your partner.” The teacher gave you a fond smile, as every teacher did. “She can explain the details of the assignment.” 

    Peter gave her a stiff nod before sliding into his chair, and you noticed how rigid he was as he turned toward you with a slight frown. He seemed extremely upset to be working with you, but you wouldn’t let that get in the way. You liked Peter. Really, truly liked him. He was a sweetie whenever he actually talked to and different than the rest of the guys at Midtown. He was genuine.  

    Giving him your full attention, you beamed at him. “Hey, Peter,” you said cheerfully. He gave you a small smile in return, wringing his hands under the desk. He couldn’t stop fidgeting. Your own smile dropped, which he noticed immediately and felt awful about. “Sorry you didn’t get paired up with Ned,” you continued, taking your books out of your shoulder bag. “I know you would’ve preferred it that way-” 

    “No!” He interrupted quickly, practically slamming his hands down on the desk so hard you jumped in your seat, eyes wide. “Sorry, sorry, I just, um,” he laughed a little, his cheeks burning, “I’m, um, happy to have you as a partner. Really, I am,” he added as an afterthought, just to make sure you knew. 

   Your shoulders relaxed as you looked at him. “You’re not just saying that, right? You seem awfully stiff,” you teased, poking his uncomfortably positioned arm as you quirked a brow. 

    “Do I?” He was practically sweating. 

     “I was just joking, Pete. It’s cute, anyway.” Peter’s eyes, a shade of brown that you had come to think of as warm as honey, went wide and he gaped at you, but you pretended not to notice. “So, for the assignment we have to write a short story based on one of the assigned reading books this year.” 

   She called me cute

   “Shit… I think I forgot all of mine,” you were mumbling, your head practically stuck in your bag. “Did your bring yours, Peter?” 

   Oh my god, she thinks I’m cute. She thinks I’m cute. I’m going to faint

   You snapped your fingers in front of his cherry red face, trying not to appear as amused as you felt. He blinked owlishly, an apologetic half smile, half grimace on his face. He was cute most of the time, but especially when he smiled, even if it was only a forced, awkward one. “Do you have your books, Peter?” You repeated kindly. 

    “Um, sorry, I’ll check,” he answered, embarrassed about his utterly obvious staring that had just occurred. He rummaged around in his backpack before realizing he had forgotten them, as well. He popped back up, curls in disarray as his head brushed against the fabric of his bag. “I forgot them, sorry,” he ran a hand through his hair, messing it up even more. It was kind of adorable.

   “You need to stop apologizing for everything, Pete,” you laughed. “It’s fine. We can get started after school. My place or yours?” You were already packing your things, and before he could think about what he was about to do, he said, “Mine.”   

    “Cool,” you grinned again, a grin that made him want to smile for the rest of his life. “Which one of is doing the writing? Or do you want to split it?” 

    “You’re a, um, fantastic writer,” he told you, having read your submissions to the school newspaper more times than he could count. “If you wanna take over, you can. I can edit and stuff.” 

    “Aw, I’m not that good,” you shook your head abashedly, looking down at your lap. “But thank you, Peter. I’m sure you’re great, too, though. Are you sure you don’t wanna write some of it?”

    “I’m not much of a writer.”

    So, you were in Peter Parker’s room. He was having his third heart attack of the day, and was incredibly grateful that he had managed to keep his wits about him for majority of the day. He had only tripped over his words five times, tripped literally twice, and dropped his Metro card once, but it was fine. You helped him back each time he fell with your usual grace, barely acknowledging his multiple social faux pas and only laughing once because he fell over a small dog- which even he would admit was pretty funny. 

   Still, his palms were sweaty around you and he didn’t know how he was going to survive working so close to you for the next week while the English assignment was occurring. He lead you into his apartment and you noticed that his hands were shaking slightly as he twisted the keys in the lock. You walked into the apartment, the first thing crossing your mind was how cozy and homelike it was. You liked it very much. 

   “It’s really cute in here,” you said, smiling around the room as Peter busied himself with a glass of water. He downed it quickly. “Where’s your aunt?” 

   “Work,” he replied, catching his breath after the gulping down of his water. “Here, let’s go to my room.” He placed his glass of water on the counter and motioned for you to follow him, opening the door to his room and wincing at the mess in there. “It’s a mess, sorry about that.”  

   You rolled your eyes at him playfully. “Didn’t I say stop apologizing?” You entered his room as if you had been there many times before, taking your shoes off and setting them by the door. You threw your bag on his bed and took a seat in his swivel chair, and he liked how natural it seemed for you to be in his room. He liked how comfortable you were, sitting there. Something about it made him happy. 

   “Yeah, my bad,” he shrugged. You tilted your head, pointing your finger at him while he raised his hands defensively. “It wasn’t technically an apology!” He took a step out of the room. He was finally being normal around you, he realized delightedly. He would still need more water, though. He could feel his mouth getting dry. “I’m gonna get more water. Want anything?” You shook your head, spinning around in the chair as he left. 

   Your eyes scanned over his desk, taking in every inch of Peter Parker’s life. He had bad books stacked everywhere, his desk was a mess, there were clothes thrown about the room. Star Wars posters, Avengers posters, notes scattered across the desk. You admired the artful messiness of it all. You leaned up to where his English books were, spotting the one you were most interested in and yanking it off the shelf. As you did, a folded piece of paper fluttered down off the shelf, just when Peter was walking back into the room. 

   “I thought you said you weren’t a writer, Pete,” you raised your eyebrows at him, holding the letter in your hand and waving it at him. 

   He almost threw up right there. “Um, I’m not, please give that back,” he reached for it, but you jumped out of the chair, raising the letter high in the air. “Y/N!” He whined, grabbing for it again. “C’mon, please,” he pleaded desperately, pouting at you with such intensity it almost made you want to give it to him. 

    “Can’t I just read a sentence, Peter?” You pushed out your bottom lip, batting your eyelashes at him. 

     He almost gave in. “No, Y/N. Seriously, give it back.” He sounded scared now, upset as well. You pursed your lips, handing it back to him. He was so anxious about you reading it that it dropped on the floor, opening far enough so that you could see your name scrawled across the top in Peter’s defining chicken scratch handwriting. 

    “That says my name, so now I have to read it.” You stood directly in front of Peter, hands pressed together in a pleading motion, the expression on your face so genuinely interested that he had to give it to you. He picked it back up with a lump in his throat and handed it over, scared as ever. But this was what May had advised. Maybe she’d be right. 

    “Dear Y/N,” you read aloud in a loud, terrible accent, glancing back up at Peter as you read the line after that. He was staring down at the floor, preparing himself for what you were going to say when you read the letter, read his heart. You sat in his chair, realizing it’d be better if you didn’t read it so publicly. He sat down on his bed, waiting. 

   Dear Y/N. This is maybe the tenth letter I’ve written to you, and each time I say the same thing, so if one day you are reading this in proper succession, I’m sorry for being so utterly repetitive. You’ll probably never read this, though. And that’s why it’s so easy for me to write. I think you’re the only person to ever truly be interested in me when I’m talking about science. Not even Ned has an attention span that long. But you do. And you don’t know how much I want to thank you for that. You make it really difficult to not like you, to not be in love with you. I think that’s what it is… love. And if I’m not in love with you yet, then I’m certainly falling for you. Who wouldn’t? You’re a wonderful person without trying, you’re a beautiful hurricane, a sunset on the horizon of my bleakest hours, and you make me feel as if I’ve been standing in the sunshine for my entire life. 

   You put the letter down, smoothing it over your lap. You didn’t need to read the rest. That was enough. Peter gazed at you now, the way you’ve yearned to be looked at before, and you shamed yourself for being so blind these past two years. He wasn’t simply just staring. He was looking. Admiring. You slid next to Peter, placing the letter behind you. He moved his hand, curling his fingers around yours tentative as ever. Your free hand grazed up the side of his face, toying with the hair on the back of his neck before resting on his cheek. He shut his eyes. When he opened them again, you were so close that he was able to count each individual eyelash that you had, every single fleck of pure beauty in your deep eyes. 

   “I like you very much, Peter Parker,” you murmured. He felt his heart soar, and then, he felt himself kiss you. It was an out of body experience. He was there, he was the one kissing you, the one who had initiated it, but it felt like he wasn’t. He was up in the clouds, too far lost in the way it felt to run his hands through your hair as he had always dreamed of to notice Aunt May sneaking past the door, overjoyed to see Peter finally with the girl he had been loving in silence for far too long. You pulled away from each other, eyes opening slowly and hesitantly and your lips practically still connected. 

   He wanted to tell her that he adored her, but Aunt May’s voice flowed from the kitchen too loud to overpower his thoughts. “You read her the letter, didn’t you? I told you it’d work! Worked for your Uncle Ben and I was right as I always am!”

   He jumped up from the bed, sticking his head out of the doorway and pressing his finger to his lips. “Maaaayyyy, you’re embarrassing me,” he whispered-yelled, practically whined. “You were right, okay? Thank you, let me go get a girlfriend now. The girlfriend.” She beamed at him, but no one’s smile could shine brighter than Peter’s. 

    He retreated back into the room, and you were clutching the letter in your hands. You looked up at him hopefully. “I was thinking that maybe you could read me the other nine letters. If you’re up for it.” 

    Peter couldn’t possibly say no, taking a page out of his Uncle Ben’s book the way he should have done in the first place as he found the hiding spot for the stack of letters he had been writing for the past few months, sliding them over to you and feeling confident for the first time in a long time.

“Choose her everyday or leave her.

I spent 5 years hurting a good woman by staying with her but never fully choosing her.

I did want to be with this one. I really wanted to choose her. She was an exquisite woman, brilliant and funny and sexy and sensual. She could make my whole body laugh with her quick, dark wit and short-circuit my brain with her exotic beauty. Waking up every morning with her snuggled in my arms was my happy place. I loved her wildly.

Unfortunately, as happens with many young couples, our ignorance of how to do love well quickly created stressful challenges in our relationship. Before long, once my early morning blissful reverie gave way to the strained, immature ways of our everyday life together, I would often wonder if there was another woman out there who was easier to love, and who could love me better.

As the months passed and that thought reverberated more and more through my head, I chose her less and less. Every day, for five years, I chose her a little less.

I stayed with her. I just stopped choosing her. We both suffered.

Choosing her would have meant focusing every day on the gifts she was bringing into my life that I could be grateful for: her laughter, beauty, sensuality, playfulness, companionship, and so … much … more.

Sadly, I often found it nearly impossible to embrace – or even see – what was so wildly wonderful about her.

I was too focused on the anger, insecurities, demands, and other aspects of her strong personality that grated on me. The more I focused on her worst, the more I saw of it, and the more I mirrored it back to her by offering my own worst behavior. Naturally, this only magnified the strain on our relationship … which still made me choose her even less.

Thus did our nasty death spiral play itself out over five years.

She fought hard to make me choose her. That’s a fool’s task.

You can’t make someone choose you even when they might love you.

To be fair, she didn’t fully choose me, either. The rage-fueled invective she often hurled at me was evidence enough of that.

I realize now, however, that she was often angry because she didn’t feel safe with me. She felt me not choosing her every day, in my words and my actions, and she was afraid I would abandon her.

Actually, I did abandon her.

By not fully choosing her every day for five years, by focusing on what bothered me rather than what I adored about her, I deserted her.

Like a precious fragrant flower I brought proudly into my home but then failed to water, I left her alone in countless ways to wither in the dry hot heat of our intimate relationship.

I’ll never not choose another woman I love again.

It’s torture for everyone.

If you’re in relationship, I invite you to ask yourself this question: “Why am I choosing my partner today?”

If you can’t find a satisfying answer, dig deeper and find one. It could be as simple as noticing that in your deepest heart’s truth, “I just do.”

If you can’t find it today, ask yourself again tomorrow. We all have disconnected days.

But if too many days go by and you just can’t connect with why you’re choosing your partner, and your relationship is rife with stress, let them go. Create the opening for another human being to show up and see them with fresh eyes and a yearning heart that will enthusiastically choose them every day.

Your loved one deserves to be enthusiastically chosen. Every day.

You do, too.

Choose wisely.”

- Bryan Reeves

By Royal Decree (Part 1)

Summary: Betrothed to a man that does not like you in the least, you grit your teeth and take on the duties expected of you as a princess. (Royal AU; Prince!Bucky Barnes).

Word Count: 1,682

Warnings: None.

A/N: Wow! It’s back and improved! I’m re-writing the whole thing because it’s been more than a year since I wrote this fic and my writing has improved haha. Enjoy, guys! It’s different from the previous version, as in wording.

With the sun setting across the horizon and the wind blowing, feeling crisp and refreshing, you took deep breaths, calming down. Being outdoors always did that to you, even if most of your life had been spent in a palace. Had it been any other day, you would have been happy to contemplate the beautiful, vibrant colors that each unique sunset brought, but tonight was different. All you wanted to do was go back to your own palace, lock your door, crawl into your bed, and forget you had responsibilities and a role to play.

Fingers tapping absently on the stone balustrade, your gaze descended and fell on the walled gardens that stretched out behind the palace. There were couples peppered throughout, holding hands, walking close together as if they were sharing the most secretive things and no one else should know. Smiling despite yourself, you could almost taste the bittersweet feeling. It was well-known that you would never be in their shoes. You would never fall deeply for a person of your choosing. That wasn’t your destiny.

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sometimes i think about how my all-girls catholic school’s idea of a PE class was to pair two girls up, teach us how to dance tango (one of the most sensual dances) for a whole sem, and have us perform it as an exam with one girl wearing a dress and the other girl wearing a coat and tie and how theyre still completely baffled on why almost half of their students are gay

Originally posted by sosjimin

So this has nothing to do with anything… but I felt like sharing.

When I look at Jimin’s lips, I am reminded of this guy I used to date who had very similar lips.  Literally, the best kisser I’ve ever been with.  It wasn’t a long term relationship – we dated while I was living in a different city and this guy was doing his medical residency.  He was busy and I knew I would be moving across the country in a year, but it was fun while it lasted.  He ended up dumping me for another girl and I was more pissed off that I had no one to mess around with in the last few months before I moved than I was about losing him.  

After we broke up, things got really weird.  He’d call me periodically to talk, it felt like he was keeping me on the back burner in case the other girl didn’t work out.  Then one night she called me out of the blue (she copied my number from his phone) and introduced herself and wanted to know about my relationship with her boyfriend and I told her honestly that he dumped me for her, the only time I ever saw him again was when I ran into him accidentally at a nightclub and we hung out for a bit, but he did call me pretty regularly to chat.  Then she tells me this weird story about how he is supposed to be in the Bahamas on vacation with his friends, but she found out through his friend’s facebook post that they weren’t flying down until a day after he said he was going.  Which means he was pretending to be in a different country for a full day and she wondered if he was with me.  I tell her that’s shady as hell, but I’m home alone and haven’t seen him since we split.  Apparently he talks about me all the time to her, acting like I’m stalking him or something. 

The phone call ends and I go about my evening.  A little while later, she calls me again and is panicked.  She managed to get him on the phone, confronted him with his lies, mentions that she spoke to me and thought I sounded like a completely sane person and not the crazy obsessed stalker chick he said I was.  Apparently he gets crazy mad and starts making all kinds of threats about me and now she is worried for my safety.  She asks if there is anyone else in my house and I say no, my roommates are all out.  My car is in the shop and I’m literally stuck there.  Before I know it, she and her roommate drive to my home because they don’t want me there alone and want to take me someplace safe.  So I get in the car with them and you know where they take me? TO HIS FUCKING APARTMENT!

At this point, I have no idea what is happening.  But I’m at their mercy because they drove me there and it’s in a neighboring town and I don’t have a way to get back on my own, I accidentally left my phone back at my place, and whatever… I decide to just see this night through to it’s end and hope I don’t die.  So we knock on his door and no answer.  But you can hear the tv which he turns off when we knock.  He doesn’t answer the door.  He is hiding!

Anyway, we knock and knock and knock and eventually he opens the door and invites me and her into his apartment but tells her roommate to stay outside.  We go in and sit side by side on the sofa and he’s pacing the room and acting disconcertingly angry.  She’s crying about whether or not he loves her and he tells us both to just be quiet.  Then he lights a cigarette and stands in front of us one by one and blows cigarette smoke in each of our faces. Which is weird and aggressive but also notable is that while I was dating him, he didn’t smoke.  I’m also looking around his apartment and it’s a mess.  While we dated, he was a neat freak.  Also, I notice a couple empty beer cans that he must have been drinking earlier.  While we dated, we bonded on our first date about how neither one of us likes the taste of beer.  I’m now thinking to myself, “Who the hell is this guy?  He doesn’t act anything like the guy I dated just a couple months ago.”

The new girlfriend is peppering him with questions and is getting all teary.  She’s calling him by name.  Saying things like, “Mike, you told me you were flying out to the Bahamas this morning!  What’s that all about, Mike?  Why didn’t you just tell me the truth, Mike?” (Mike’s not his real name FYI).  He holds up a hand to stop her from talking, bend’s over and looks at her and says (I swear to god this is true) “MIKE’S NOT HERE! SPEAK TO US!”

She continues on, asking questions and calling him by name.  But he keeps responding the same way, in this deep bellowing voice “MIKE’S NOT HERE! SPEAK TO US!”  So then the new girlfriend looks at him and says, “Can you telI Mike I want to talk to him?  Tell Mike I thought he loved me and I don’t understand why he would do this?” I don’t think I’ve said a single word this whole time.  He seems to calm down a little bit and then she turns to me and says, “Would you mind leaving us alone?  I want to talk to Mike alone.”

I ask her if she is sure, because this doesn’t seem like the safest situation to leave her in.  But she insists.  So I start walking to the front door to go sit outside with her roommate and see if I can borrow her phone to call a friend to come pick me up and get me the hell out of there.  But as I approach the door, Mike tells me “If you leave now, you will not survive to see the morning.  They will find you.”  So I just stand there, frozen.

The new girlfriend keeps insisting I leave because she wants to be alone with Mike and talk to him about private stuff.  Mike keeps insisting that “they” will find me and hurt me if I leave now.  What the fuck am I supposed to do???  We reach a compromise, where I have to go sit in Mike’s bedroom while the two of them talk in the living room.  So that’s what I do.  I sit in the dark for a while, too afraid to turn on a light in case “they” don’t want me touching light switches either.  But I can hear Mike and the new girlfriend talking and while I can’t make out what they are saying, it does sound like normal voices and not whatever demon possession thing that was happening earlier.  It feels like I’m in the room forever, and eventually I get enough courage to turn the light on and look around his room a bit.  A plane ticket to the Bahamas is on his dresser.  He was scheduled to fly out the following afternoon.

Eventually, the new girlfriend comes to let me out of his bedroom.  She announces that they have worked things out and everything is okay now.  But she’s tired and is going home with her roommate.  Mike wants to talk to me and explain things, so he is going to be the one to drive me home.


I give up at this point.  She insists that everything is fine and to not worry.  I’m at everyone’s mercy.  I have no car, no phone and I’m 20 miles away from home in the middle of the night.  So I get in his car with him and resign myself to death.

I don’t really remember what happened in the car.  I don’t think we spoke.  But once we got to my place, he parked outside and turned to look at me.  He said something… I don’t even know what.  He was making some kind of excuse, he was disappointed in me, I don’t know what all he was saying.  The only thing I recall was that the last thing he said to me was “I told you she (the new girlfriend) was crazy?  You can see that, right?”  All I said was that she’s not the only one who is crazy and I got out of his car and went into my house.  That’s the last time I ever heard from him.

Anyhow… the whole point of this is that sometimes when I see Jimin’s lips, I think of “Mike” and how despite everything else he was a really good kisser.

Oh! And I just googled him to see what he is up to these days and I found a newspaper article showing that, after having the cops called on him for a domestic dispute, he ended up being arrested for trying to bribe a police officer.

The end.

Black and White - Chapter 4

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 4039 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9 (M), Chapter 10 (M), Chapter 11

Baekhyun stepped into the lecture hall and spotted you taking a nap. He noted that the seat beside you was occupied by a guy who was chattering with different girl next to him.

Striding up to him, Baekhyun planted his books on the table and jutted his head to the side. Understanding what Baekhyun was trying to convey, the boy immediately packed up his things and left his seat to search for another. He tried to hide the subtle roll of his eyes directed at his intruder but Baekhyun saw and chose not to comment on it because after all, the boy wasn’t in the wrong.

He plopped down on the seat next to you. Unfortunately for Baekhyun, the girl that was initially speaking to the boy whom had been shooed off seemed to have misunderstood the situation. She probably thought the shifting of seats was Baekhyun’s method of getting his way with her because she started an act of seduction.

She casually tugged her tank top lower and bit her lip provocatively. “Hey oppa, are you going to the party this weekend?” she questioned flirtatiously.

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This website is stupid a lot

Twice now where i think, holy shit this thing i like is also progressive so the tumblr crybabies might actually get to enjoy it but NOPE. There are too instances of this ive seen.

In BOTW, the gerudo are the best they’ve ever been. A thriving city with vendors and shops. Economicly sound and strong. I thought since they are almost all POC and women(and most likely lesbians), tumblr would have a field day, but apparently its racist??

And in DDADDS, this game lets you be trans, lets you choose to have your previous partner be male or female and let you choose wether or not you adopted your daughter. And there’s a trans guy in the main cast. And like have of them aren’t white. Again i thought tumblr would fucking love this but no, because a couple of popular youtubers didn’t realize that the binder was a binder(i did the same thing too) they are trans phobic.

These both just reinforced what i had previously thought. People like this have a victim complex and need to justify said victim complex by claiming works that aren’t problematic(they are actually very progressive) into just that. Only because they can’t just enjoy a game and always have to find some way where someone is attacking them.

In school..

there’s always that one student who

  • during recess would sit alone in a table for 4 because no one else would sit with him
  • actually feels fine being alone but everyone else who looks at him with pity are what slowly makes him feel more and more insecure about being alone and slowly makes him believe that he’s a loser
  • when the teacher says you can pick your own group-mates, would have to wait until all other groups in the class to be formed so the teacher can find a group that still has insufficient number of members for him to join into
  • when it’s pair work and you can choose your partner yourself, would turn to his neighbour to be his partner but the neighbour would immediately decline (despite not having any other partner in mind yet)
  • during P.E. and doesn’t quite yet understand how the game works so he turns to his classmate next to him to clarify but the classmate just dismiss him and passively says “I don’t know” (but yet later that same classmate is overheard fluently explaining to their friends the exact thing he asked about)
  • whenever it’s about fun class activities is always neglected by the rest of the class; doesn’t get invited or informed about class chalets or class gatherings
  • is appointed a leader position like class monitor by the teacher-in-charge because the teacher feels that he “is not bonding well with the class so this role should give him the opportunity to do that”
  • when he feels ill mid-lesson and feels the urge to retch, his classmates will move away from him and just watch him but no one asks if he’s okay and no one volunteers to assist him to the school sickbay
  • if he missed a class or missed out on anything, he would have no one to ask or refer to
  • if he was absent, no one would notice or miss him
  • after a while, would deliberately choose the far corner seat in the cafeteria during recess to isolate himself from the rest because existing just got too uncomfortable
  • after a while, would rather eat lunch in the toilet cubicle because only there did he feel truly safe and isolated
  • would actually wait in the toilet cubicle until classes start again after lunch
  • immediately goes home after class because there was no point in staying and being in school just felt uncomfortable

Sherlock is one of those students

Too Sweet. Part 7- BTS Vampire!au

Genre: Angst/ Fluff? (I’m sure there will be some elements of fluff eventually) / M(Mature themes) / Descriptions of blood and…other things/ Supernatural

Biased: You X Yoongi X Jungkook X Vampire!au BTS

Type: Vampire!au

A/n: Ik this took a while but I hope it’s worth it! Enjoy💕

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INTRO/Prologue I Part 1 I Pt. 2 I Pt. 3 I Pt. 4 I Pt. 5 I Pt. 6 I Pt. 7 I

A week filled with never ending feeling—flushed cheeks, soft breathing was all you two had amounted to. When his fangs weren’t sunken into your flesh he was whispering little apologies in your ear, or kissing it through small giggles.

Does that feel ok?...” He would check if you were ok everytime he’d change the position too quickly or bite you without warning. You came to understand why he did that after the first few times so you just adjusted to that small tendency. You’d mumble a low ‘mhm’ and he’d continue, it was around 3 in the morning when you accidentally fell asleep on him. At first he thought he may have taken too much and you passed out but when he realized the time of night he knew you were just sleeping. He let you sleep for a few hours, but at the crack of dawn he decided to wake you up.

“Y/N,” He rubbed your shoulder, trying to get you to open your eyes, “Y/N…” 

“Hm…” You stirred, rolling over with half lidded eyes and you furrowed your brows at Yoongi looking down at you. When you craned your neck to the side sleepily he swallowed thickly—these urges wouldn’t seize. Back to back he just kept going for more, it was almost too much.

“Did I fall asleep?” Seeing you were still in your pajamas, you sat up but winced at the pain in your upper hip. “Ouch, why does my-…” When you lifted your shirt up to see what was hurting you, your brows furrowed deeply. Two piercings in your flesh above your hip from the fangs of the vampire sitting by you, your cheeks heated up at the realization of what this was. You looked up at Yoongi who was laying down with half lidded eyes looking at you.

“Last night…I didn’t want to continue on your neck because you kept saying it hurt and you told me to bite somewhere else…” His eyes fell to the tiny wound before you dropped the hem of your shirt. If you were to be honest, you forgot most of the feeding. He was so quiet and calm, he barely made so much as a creak on the bed. From what you do remember you knew before he started biting you he kissed you, not sloppily or hurried, just a delicate kiss to ease you into his arms. 

You asked. “Oh, is that the only one?” He noddded. 

You sighed. “Are you, um…” You fidgeted nervously. “Done?” 

“Done?” His brows furrowed in question.

“You know, feeding and everything…” It felt odd to say it.

“I actually woke you up for that reason…Jin told me to feed until I think I’ve had enough, I haven’t yet…” He suddenly grabbed your wrist and easily pulled you until your body had no choice but to hover over his.

“Y-yoongi…this is…” Your face burned in thought of how this would look to some watching from the door; if someone walked through that door you’d just die of embarrassment. “This p-…”

“This is a normal position for me to bite you in…” His hands delicately pulled at your buttons to get better access to the base of your neck and shoulders but a bit too much skin was showing for your comfort.

“Wait! You can see my bra- Yoongi!…” You quickly lifted your upper body to cover yourself but now you sat in his lap and this felt even worse. “You know,” Slowly you tried to lift yourself off of him. “I really don’t like this position Yoongi, it makes me kind of uncomfortable, can we change…” You looked in his eyes for sympathy but you were given an eyebrow quirk.

“I centered this whole feeding session around your comfort, Y/N. Don’t be selfish, this is comfortable for me…” With that he pulled you back down so that your faces were barely centimeters apart, one of your hands were holding you up while the other kept your shirt together.

He sighed, placing his hand behind your neck to pull your neck down to his mouth. He didn’t bite you yet, he nuzzled into your neck and sniffed, just enjoying the warm, sweet fragrance of your blood. You crooked your neck to the side, finally easing your body down to relax against him—he knew you trusted him enough to do that.

His teeth sunk into your shoulder, making you tense at the all too familiar painful feeling. As you exhaled you felt a weight lift from your shoulders, it wasn’t like anything you’ve felt before but you weren’t opposed to the new feeling. Being this close aloud you two to bond on a physical level, he has yet been able to sink with you mentally. The way you surrendered your will made him giggle, you responded the way Namjoon would love. But he’s not like Namjoon, he doesn’t need your submission to get into it, he needs permission, to ensure you’re on the same page.

A gentle tug on your arm urged you to sit up, startling yourself from the way his teeth left so abruptly. Instantly your hand went to the wound and like he did every other time you did that, he tried to move your hand.

“Ow, what?” Your brows narrowed and nose scrunched in discomfort as you tried to look at the punctured skin.

“I told you if you keep touching it like that, ” He brushed your hand away and instead gave you a cloth from the night stand, “you’ll scar…” His eyes looked you up and down, his tongue peeking out to clean the blood from his lips. You got off of him, sat on the edge of the bed and looked to him for direction.

“Thank you…” You spoke sheepishly causing him to furrow his brows in confusion. “For not, I don’t know…you were just patient, even when I fell asleep, you didn’t force me…” You scooted up on the bed, trying to get to him. His hand went to your waist when you wrapped your arms around his neck in an innocent hug. 

Knock knock

The both of you looked back at the door and before you could tell whoever it was to come in they already walked in. Jin peeked in, seeing you jump away from Yoongi at his arrival. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt-”

“No, come in!” You gestured for him to walk in as you sat tentatively at the edge of the bed.

“I just wanted see how you guys were doing, are you feeling fatigue Y/N? Sick? Drowsy?” Jin stood there, completely unfazed by what had taken place in this room for hours on end. He knew it was normal, Yoongi knew it was normal, you knew it was normal, but you still felt a little undignified at the thought.

“No, I’m fine…” Suddenly you remembered he was the one who banished you to this room, a spark of animosity came to mind towards him. Jin looked you over, your skin tattered with a few bite wounds, some of them not yet healed. 

“Does this one hurt?” Jin’s hand went to the bite wound on your chest, that one was smeared with blood and he was sure it would scar easily if it wasn’t aided soon. Your eyes went wide, immediately you smacked his hand away, scooting back into Yoongi like he was trying to kill you. Yoongi pried your hands off of his arm and got out of bed, leaving you to stare at him like he’d just slapped you in the face.

“Yoongi!” You pounced on him, wrapping your arms around his waist from behind; hiding behind him. “W-why- Why’re you leaving?” 

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how to: study groups

Study groups can be a wonderful or diastruous experience, but regardless, we all at least think about them from time to time. This post mainly focuses on studying with classmates by your own volition (not under the pressure of study projects)

  • choose your partners carefully. sadly, your (best) friends aren’t always the best choices though for group projects, so if you value the end result, you should pick people whom you know are reliable and just as interested in finishing their job as you are. neither random classmates who, although willing to spend time “studying” but do nothing are a good choice. most of this is learnt through trial and error, though. 
  • outline to each individual in the group a clear task. since it is basically a team work, each person should work on something specific. make sure these tasks are equally shared between the persons in the study group, so you won’t end up with two people with the same work, and a subject unconvered, or someone explaining the whole thing to people who didn’t even bother trying to do something. 
  • do your studying before you all meet up. make sure your own share of the work is done as well as possible, read all the related materials (regardless of its importance to your own part of the work; it’s good to know what the whole thing is about), go through all your notes. as such, when you meet with your group and discuss each topic individually, you’ll actually revise, and not hear of thse terms for the second time in your life. 
  • choose a proper meeting place. the library might be a bit awkward if you need to discuss the subject(s) at large, so here are a few suggestions, tested by yours truly: the canteen, the backyard of your campus/a park (if the weather is nice!), a cozy cafe, one of your rooms (if any of you agree, don’t forget that as guests, you HAVE to bring food and snacks over; it’s just nice). however, it should generally be a place where all of you can concentrate! ;) 
  • figure out what works best for you. do you learn better by explaining the information to others? do that! do you prefer listening to someone dissecting a topic that wasn’t clear to you before? ask your group mate? are you better at memorizing on your own? read your notes as the other present discuss the same information; you’ll catch the discussion, manage to interrupt where you need clarification, while at the same time solidifying what you already know by reading. 
  • share resources. by this, i assume that there’s at least some little trust between the members of the group. if one has a pdf of the book, share it on dropbox with the others. allow them to print your notes, ask for their annotation. the more knowledge you have, the more sources you read, the best both your own personal work and the group’s will get higher in quality!
  • relax! don’t forget to take care of yourself properly, these study group meetings can go on late into the night and start early in the afternoon, and you’re using your brain! take lunch breaks! hydrate often! take “let’s watch kitten videos on youtube” breaks! talk out a frustrating class with your pals, you might even get to like them! it’s important to be able to be on top of your game the next day as well, so don’t over do it.
  • if a problem arises, discuss it immediately! don’t let arguments unsettled, talk it out if something about whatever goes on bothers you! otherwise, the whole meeting will turn sour and an experience that was supposed to help you, will just leave you bitter. ask about your partner’s well being (mental, especially) every hour or so, and if any of you show signs of getting tired/bored, take a break. be careful to everyone’s needs as well, so you can make the study group work for all!
  • if you’re not up for it anymore, just leave. no need to stress yourself and all those around you by staying there and getting yourself worked up and moody.
  • a study group shouldn’t be the last way in which you study. it’s an eye-opening experience, after which things will be much clearer, and more details would have been added. it is important to go through your materials again at least once after you study them with a group, so you can recall the discussions you’ve had and all the new information; allowing it to settle next to all that you already knew. 

Prompt: “Am I supposed to be scared of you?“ + Jungkook

Words: 1183

Warnings: badboy!Jungkook + angst (I’m not sure if this is considered angst 😂 + fluff + curse words

Description: Your teacher partnered you with Jungkook for your final project. You’re almost 100% sure that he’ll be the reason you fail.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes! And sorry to the anon who requested this :( tumblr is being mean to me and wouldn’t let me post it 😭😭


You knew that everything would go bad when your teacher choose him to be your partner for your final project.


Jeon Jungkook.

A jock. The school’s bad boy. The boy that every girl wanted to be with and every boy wanted to be.

You hated him.

Sure, you didn’t know his grades, or how well he does his homework. But you do know that he’s an asshole.

You two were childhood friends. You basically grew up together. He used to be an adorable sweetheart, but after you both got to high school, everything changed.

He started hanging out with new people. He started being really rude to you. Calling you names, picking on you. Even ignoring you. Everything that he did irked you.

After you two stopped talking to each other, you had a few encounters with him. Some at school, some at parties.

He started to always try to talk to you, but you didn’t want to talk to him. Every time he would walk up to you, you think “well, maybe he has something nice to say today,” but you’re always so wrong.

“What’s cooking, good looking?” He says, walking up to you while you were standing at your locker.

“Don’t even say anything to me, Jungkook.” You say, holding a piece of paper in your hands.

“What’s your problem?” He asks.

“My problem is this.” You say, turning to face him and giving him the piece of paper. “What’s this?” He asks, taking the paper and looking at it.

“That’s what you submitted to our teacher. Even when I told you not to.” You told him.

Jungkook chuckled.

“It’s not funny!” You groaned. “You took out everything I sent you, and replaced it with your own, stupid words. We’re going to fail. And if I don’t graduate and my parents kill me, I swear to god Jeon Jungkook I will haunt you.”

“Oh, come on. We’re not going to fail.” He assures you, but you didn’t believe him.

“It was our finally project and you ruined it. I’m going to fail this class because of you.” You tell him and you ran your fingers through your hair, a habit you have when you’re stressed.

How could he do this? He replaced everything that you wrote, and then sent it to your teacher.

Jungkook didn’t say anything.

The bell rung, signaling that everyone had to go to their next class, but you weren’t worried because you had a free period. Jungkook, however, was probably planning on skipping his next class anyways.

The hallways began to clear and soon you two were the only people there.

“You have nothing to say?” You asked him.

“Nope.” He shook his head.

You groaned in disbelief. “You’re such an idiot! We’re going to fail, Jungkook. We’re going to fail the class. And we won’t be able to graduate! You know that our teacher won’t let us submit a make-up.”

“Why are you so worried? How are you so sure that we’re going to fail?” He asks.

“Because you do no work in class. How could you possibly barely pay attention in class, and then expect to pass?” You asked him.

“You don’t know how much work I do.” He points out.

“It’s doesn’t matter. I can’t believe you replaced everything that I sent you.” You sighed. “There’s no way that I’m getting left back because of you.”

“You’re so uptight. You need to let loose a little bit. We’re not going to fail.” He says.

“Uptight? I am not uptight! I just want to graduate, unlike you.” You defend yourself.

“I do want to graduate.” He says.

“Obviously you don’t.” You rolled your eyes at the boy. “If you wanted to graduate, you would’ve done the right thing for our project. God, you’re so stupid!” You yelled at him.

Jungkook just rolled his eyes back at you without saying a word.

“I understand if you don’t want to graduate, but you don’t have to drag me down with you. How could you do something as stupid as that? What have I ever done to you, Jeon Jungkook?” You asked him.

He was about to answer you, but you spoke over him.

“Don’t even answer that. I’ve done nothing to you, but you constantly bother me and call me names for no reason. And now you’re the reason that I’m going to fail this class.” You say.

“We’re not going to fail! Stop saying that!” He yells at you.

“We are going to fail! And it’s because you’re an asshole who likes to do his own thing and doesn’t listen to anyone!” You yelled right back at him.

“Don’t call me that.” He tells you.

“What are you going to do about it? Hit me? I see you like to get in fights. Even if you could hit me, what’s that going to solve? Nothing. Asshole.” You said, provoking him.

Before you could even think of anything else to say, Jungkook closed your locker and pinned you against it, trapping you between the locker and his body. He grabbed on to both of your arms, also pinning them down to the lockers.

“You like to make me angry, don’t you?” He asked you. You felt his breath on your lips. That’s how close he was.

You didn’t answer him, you just rolled your eyes.

“You’re such an uptight bitch. If you were a boy, you would’ve gotten beat up already.” He tells you, but you knew he was lying. Jungkook would never hurt you. You knew that.

“Am I supposed to be scared of you?” You asked, no trace of fear on your face.

Jungkook chuckled. “You don’t need to be scared of me.”

You tried to push him away, but he pinned your arms down too tightly.

“Let’s make a bet.” He suggested. “What kind of bet?” You asked.

“If we pass our project, you have to be my girlfriend.”


“What makes you think that I want to be your girlfriend?” You asked him. “Who wouldn’t want to be my girlfriend?” He chuckles once again.

“Me.” You answered. “See? You’re so uptight. You need to let loose. Relax. Take a chill pill.” He tells you.

You sighed, not liking to be called uptight. Especially not by him. “Fine. And if we fail?” You ask.

“If we fail, I have to be your boyfriend.” He says.

You rolled your eyes. “Very funny. You have quite an ego.”

“Fine. If we fail, I’ll be your servant for the next two months. I can cook, clean and drive you wherever you want to go.” He explains.

You liked the sound of that.

“Okay. Deal.” You smiled at him.

He finally let go of you, and you walked away without saying anything else.

You were pretty sure that you two failed your project, so you weren’t at all worried about having to date him.

When you finally got your project results, you looked at the grade and—

“Oh crap.” You said, eyes widening.

“I told you.” Jungkook speaks in your ear, standing closely behind you.

You passed.


jason’s birthday week - one friendship
                             ↳ the outlaws

even before i died and came back, i learned that sometimes you choose your partners – and sometimes they choose you. it would never occur to me in a million years to team up with an ersatz superman clone, let alone an amazon with a chip on her shoulder the size of denver. but here we are.

Deeper in Love || Jack Maynard Imagine

I take a deep breath and smooth down the non-excitant wrinkles in my suit.

“Mate take a breath if you faint before you say ‘i do’ ill kill you,” Conor say into my ear slapping his hand on my back.

“I’m fine, I’m just nervous, like what if she backs out?” I ask nerves taking over my mind.

“Jack, were stood at the alter just waiting for Y/N to be ready to walk down the aisle, she’s not backing out,” Conor say hand still on my shoulder, I take a deep breath and compose myself. I hear the music start and the doors at the end of the church opening. My eyes make their way from my feet to the gorgeous girl walking down between the rows of our families. Memories of our lives together flashing through my mind. Tears well up in my eyes. She’s wearing a beautiful long white dress, her hair and makeup done to perfection. My chest swells with pride that after today she will be mine forever more.

“She looks gorgeous mate,” I vaguely hear Conor say. My thoughts are clouded with thoughts of her and my love for her.

My eyes are locked on her words silently spoken between us. When she finally stops in front of me, I look towards the man that I am taking her off. I hold my hand out for him to shake but instead he hugs me, “Thank you for taking care of my daughter.” He says simply I pull away from him and offer him a nervous smile. He kisses Y/N’s cheek and takes his seat in the front row next to her mother.

“Hi,” She says softly.

“Hi,” I wink.

“Jack Maynard and Y/F/N L/N, today you are surrounded by your friends and family, all of whom have gathered here today to witness your marriage and to share in the joy of this special occasion. Today, as you join yourselves in marriage, there is a vast and unknown future stretching out before you,” I grin over at Y/N, “The possibilities and potentials of your married life are great, and now falls upon your shoulders the task of choosing your values and making real your dreams. Through your commitment to each other, may you grow and nurture a love that makes both of you better people, a love that continues to give you great joy, and also a passion for living that provides you with energy and patience to face the responsibilities of life.”

My smile only widens, “Jack has decided that he wants to surprise his gorgeous partner with his own vows.” The priest says.

“So somehow I’ve managed to write and memorize my vows without you knowing,” I laugh.

“That’s not fair,”

“You are the one girl, I’ve ever taken home to meet my parents, even though at first we were sixteen and just friends I knew that something more would blossom from it,” I watch as tears appear in my gorgeous finance’s eyes, “I once asked you 'How would you feel if I told you that I loved you ?’ I knew at sixteen that it was just something that I wanted to do.”

I inhale softly, “I’m taking my time, spending life, falling deeper in love with you. One of my favorite memories of us is the story of our first kiss, I know how cute am I?” I ask making her laugh, “We were sitting on Mikey’s roof, after a party, I had my arms wrapped tightly around you, we were watching the sun replace the moon, and you asked me, 'Are you going to kiss me or do I have to kiss you?’ so I leaned in and kissed you and every single day since then I have made sure to place my lips on yours.”

Tears fall from her eyes, “Oh I wish that I could kiss you right now,” she says exasperatedly. Making our friends and family laugh.

“Jack and Y/N, the time has come to forget all the stress of planning this day and simply enjoy your friends and family who have gathered to spend this day with you. This group of loved ones will, likely, never be together in the same place again. Through quiet reflection and nostalgia, think about how each person has touched your life and why they are here with you today.”

“Do you Jack choose Y/N to be your partner in life, to support and respect her in her successes and as well her failures, to care for her in sickness and in health, to nurture her, and to grow with her throughout the seasons of your life together?”

“I do,” I smile tears gathering in my eyes.

“Do you Y/N choose Jack to be your partner in life, to support and respect him in his successes and as well his failures, to care for him in sickness and in health, to nurture him, and to grow with him throughout the seasons of your life together?”

“I do,” She says eyes locked with mine.

“Now for the rings,” The priest says, “Jack and Y/N have practiced and hopefully memorized the words to say here.” We laugh and nod our heads.

“I give you this ring as a visible and constant symbol of my promise to be with you, for as long as I live,” I say placing a simple gold band on her fourth finger, she’s almost a Maynard.

“I give you this ring as a visible and constant symbol of my promise to be with you, for as long as I live.” She says placing an identical band on my finger.

“Jack?” The priest says catching my attention, “You may now kiss your bride.” I grin widely to all of our friends and family. Before placing my lips on Y/N’s, I dip her slightly the cheers of our friends and family falling silent on my ears all of my focus on the gorgeous girl who is now my wife.

The Hufflepuff Part One (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Originally posted by notbethan

Word Count: 1030

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

AN: So this is my first newt fic and i’m so excited! It’s set back in newts Hogwarts days :) You can read part two and three  four and five here

It was your sixth year attending hogwarts and it felt the same as every other year. You had been waiting all holidays to come back, not just to see your friends but because you knew you’d be seeing more of your crush Newt Scamander. Most of your friends crushed on the hot and brave gryffindors but you, you couldn’t take your eyes off of the shy hufflepuff Newt Scamander. 

You first met Newt your first year on the Hogwarts express, it felt like only yesterday you first met the boy. All the carriages were full making your nerves get worse looking for a seat as you knew no one on this train since you were muggle born. In your nervous state you finally had found a empty carriage, well not quite empty, there was a small boy with his face covered by the huge book he was reading. Opening the door and closing it quietly behind you, not wanting to interrupt the boys reading, you shyly took a seat across from him. He was so invested in his book that you don’t think he even knew you were there. Reading the title of the book you became curious. 

“Excuse me? May I ask about what you’re reading, I didn’t know there were magical creatures? You see, I come from a muggle family so I don’t know much about the wizarding world.” Your voice startled the boy a little, he hadn’t notice you enter like you’d thought.

“Oh, I could tell you everything you need to know about magical creatures. My names Newt Scamander.” The boy shyly smiled at you, extending his arm to shake your hand. “I’m Y/N, It’s nice to meet you Newt.”

You remember him telling you all about his love for magical beasts that train ride and how he wanted wizards to learn to understand them, not hurt them. He even told you about his dreams of one day travelling the world in search of rare creatures and maybe even writing a book about his adventures. The way he talked about these creatures with so much passion was adorable and made you grow feelings for the boy. Ever since that day you’d been crushing on Newt Scamander.

You hadn’t really spoken to him since first year, guess you could just never find the courage to. Not only that but his best friend Leta Lestrange scared you to death. Not because she was a slytherin, you didn’t think everyone in slytherin was bad that was just an unfair stereotype placed upon them. But because one time in second year when you had finally gained enough courage to approach Newt you were stopped by Leta herself. She had pulled you by your robes and pushed you into a corner where Newt couldn’t see, staring with pure hatred in her eyes. 

“Leave him alone Y/N. Newt’s my best friend and my friend only so stay away you filthy mudblood.” You couldn’t take it after she called you that horrible name sprinting back to your dorm with tears falling down your face. You had never even tried to get close to Newt again knowing Leta was always going to be in the way.

Rushing to potions class late you were out of breath from running all the way from your dorm, you knew you should have set your alarm. Pushing open the doors you sighed in relief noticing your professor hadn’t arrived yet. Hurrying to a seat next to your friend you mentally squeal as you notice Newt sitting at the back of the room. You had a good feeling about this class.

You professor walked in minutes later gaining everyone’s attention with his loud voice. “Alright everyone, this year I’m choosing your partner for this class. You will be with the same partner for the rest of this school year and I honestly don’t care if you’re not with your friend so don’t complain to me about it.” I take that back, you didn’t have a good feeling about this class. The last thing you needed was to be paired up with one of those cocky gryffindor boys who will just attempt to flirt with you the entire year instead of actually doing the work.

“Y/N and Newt Scamander.” Your eyes widened, you honestly almost fell off your chair. You had never been paired with Newt before, well actually, you hadn’t spoken to the boy since the day you met, he’d probably forgotten all about you by now.

You somehow pulled yourself together, clinging your textbook to your chest and making your way over to the boy. You shyly took the seat next to him, sending him a friendly smile which he thankfully sent back. “Hi, i’m Newt.”

He was so cute you had no idea how you were going to concentrate in this class. “Y/N. I’ve heard that you’re quite good at potions.” He seemed a little embarrassed at your statement as his cheeks flushed red and he stuttered his words. “W-well I mean I guess so.”

“So, do you still want to travel the world in search of magical beasts?” Please remember me! Please remember me!

“How did you know about that?” Confusion was written all over his face as he looked at you skeptically. Your heart sunk a little, of course he doesn’t remember you. “You told me, first year on the Hogwarts express. I didn’t expect you to remember.” You nervously chuckle, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.

“That was you? Wow, I was wondering what happened to the girl I talked to on my first day. I didn’t even realize, you’ve changed so much.” So he did remember you, sort of. “Well I am sixteen now not eleven.” He chuckled at your words and you couldn’t help the smile that appeared on your face, he still remembers you.

All of a sudden you felt this weird energy, it was as if someone was staring into the back of your head. You glanced over your shoulder to meet the glaring eyes of Leta Lestrange. Instantly becoming nervous you gulped whilst turning to your partner and putting on a fake smile. “Let’s start shall we?”

More to the story J.A

Pairing: Jack Avery x reader

Warnings: Bullying, swearing, violence (to do with bullying), mention  let me know if you see any others

Based off a cry not to cry video i saw a while ago.

Summary: He gets partnered with the girl who is coated with rumors and bullied. He thought he knew netter than to fall for her but we all know these one to the story than watch we choose to see.

The whispering thought she couldn’t hear them. But she could. The eyes thought she couldn’t feel them as they burned holes into the back of her as she walked. But she could. The words thought they hurt her as they carried along the waves to her. But they didn’t. She knew better. She knew she did the right thing. Even if they didn’t know the full story. She made sure to protect him. She’d rather they talked about her than him. He didn’t deserve it. So she kept his secret. She took the shit. The bullying. The abuse. And never once did she tell. But he found out. He learnt her secret. And she was scared. What is he going to do to her little boy?



 "Like every boy has seen her naked"

“I heard she slept around a lot when she was younger”

“She’s a fucking hoe, of course I wouldn’t near her”

“I’d tap that, I bet she’d fuck anyone”

The words hurt but she was used to it now. She didn’t have much longer before she graduated, so she held on, ignoring the abuse people gave her. She headed to her science class, it wasn’t long until she could go home to her boy, her world.

“Y/n” Your professor called as you took a seat. He had just finished going through the register.

“Here” You called taking a seat at the back of the class away from prying eye. But that didn’t stop them prying.

“Alright class, today we’re going to be working in pairs” The class instantly began eyeing up their friends, your grunted knowing you were going to be alone again. No one wanted to work with a skank. “No, you do not get to choose your partner, I am going to be pairing you” This caught your breath, No! you’d rather work on your own, everyone judges you, you’d rather then judged you from a distance. Your professor began calling names pairing them up with people when finally.

“Mr Avery” He called looking at the curly haired boy. “You’ll be working with miss y/l/n” To say you were scared was an understatement. He was one of the most popular boys in the school, although he never acted it. He got up from his seat, carrying his things with him and sitting besides you. You waited for the comment. And waited…. and waited….


Where was the abuse? Did he not know? Why hadn’t he said anything? Was he planning something? Your mind raced, sickening you. Say something you screamed. Only it was in your head.

“I’m Jack” He finally spoke turning to face you. A smile placed upon his lips as he spoke. But still no abuse.

“I’m… I’m y/n” You replied wary. Your attention brought back to your professor when he began to explain the project.

“Your job is to work with your partner to build something that demonstrates the transfer of electrons" He explained. “You will have to work together otherwise you will NOT pass” He added. I glanced to the boy, who i now know as Jack, he gave me a warm smile.

“So how are we going to do this?” He asked. He was so sweet to you, it made you a little nervous. You kept expecting some form of abuse from him, to be hit on in some creepy way or something. But it never came. It only made you more anxious. “Do you want to meet at a library? My house is a little busy and loud” He explained. I closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath before opening them.

“Could… could… you… eh” I paused, he was so sweet, i didn’t want to tell him, but i had to, he probably already knew. “Could we do it, the project, at mine?” You finally blurted out.

“Sure” He smiled. If only he knew.

A few days later.

“Shhhh” You were so stressed, he had fallen ill and you had Jack coming over for the first time to work on the project. Your mother was always working and refused to take in the baby. She knew you had. She supported you even though she disagreed. He was in such distress it broke your heart. That when the door rung signalling that Jack was here. You put him down heading to the door.

“Hey” Jack smiled only his smile vanished when he heard the distressed cries of your little boy. Concern laced his beautiful features as he saw the state of you.

“Hey” You smiled weakly, stepping aside for him to come in. “please mind the mess, I’ve just been so busy-”

“It’s fine, honestly, is there anything i can do to help?” He asked as he entered.

“Unless your good with children or want to clean” You joked as you rushed towards your distressed little boy. “Aw babes” You picked up the crying baby, embracing him tightly as you bounced him in your arms trying to calm him down. Jack could see how stressed you were. It broke his heart.

“Hey, give him here” He offered holding his arms out. You gladly let him take him. It didn’t take him long before he was sound asleep in Jack’s arms.

“Thank you” You whispered as you run a hand frustratedly through your already messy hair. “He hasn’t stopped” You added.

“How old is he?” He asked quietly.

“Three tomorrow” You replied.

“Your brother is cute” He smiled. Your heart shattered. If he only knew.

“He’s not my brother” You explained hardly loud enough to hear.

“Oh” Was all he replied. You waited for the vile comments, the harsh words. “How old where you when you had him?” He asked. Your eyes fluttered open.

“I- I was 15” A tear slipped from your eyes.

“Y/n, can i ask for the truth?” You looked at him confused. He still held your little boy sweetly in his arms.

“I found him” You whispered. “He was abandoned. My mother didn’t- couldn’t have him” You corrected “She’s always so busy with work, that i- i took him in.” You explained. You wiped the tears from your eyes as you looked at him sleeping in Jack’s arms. “I’ve never told anyone. I’ve let them assume”

“Why?” He asked confused.

“I’d rather them talk about me than him”

“That’s really brave of you” He smiled softly as he rocked the sleeping child in his arms. “He’s a beautiful baby by the way” He added grinning wildly at the sleeping baby cuddled to his chest.

“Thank you” You whispered.


“Being understanding. So many people give me hell, it’s been so difficult managing school work, home life and little Leo” You smiled beginning to clean up the room.

“It’s called being a decent human being. Everyone has their own story” He smiled, placing Leo onto the settee making sure to put cushions besides him so he wouldn’t fall off. He placed the blanket and began to help you clean up.

“You don’t have to help, I’ll stop now to work on the project” You tried to argue

“Fuck the project” He whispered “You need some rest, i can do the project myself. So how about I help you clean up and you can take a nap while Leo sleeps. I’ll brain storm ideas and get together a plan”


“Y/n, please” He pleaded sweetly.

“Thank you”

Peter Parker Imagine- The Ship

Warnings: Most likely a swear word

Everything seemed normal in a high school located in Queens, New York. It was about thirty minutes before school started for the day and several of the teachers were in the teacher’s lounge, sipping coffee and chatting about the start of the week. They were trying to make sure that they didn’t give the students too much at once. It stayed on that topic for quite some time until one of the teachers, Mrs. Pensky, mentioned how cute some of the students were together and how she wished others would take the plunge and get together.

A few of the other teachers overheard this conversation and one started a discussion at their table.

“If she’s talking about Y/n L/n and Peter Parker then I completely agree,” Mr. Walsh said. “Peter is a stuttering mess if Y/n even says ‘hello’ to the kid. It is cute, but he needs to just ask her out already.”

“I have them too! What is that words the students use nowadays? Ship? Yes, I ‘ship’ them as the kids would say. They both obviously have feelings for each other,” Ms. Jones sighed. A lightbulb went off in her head a beat later. “Wait, who else has Y/n and Peter?”

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