Happy mother's day to abused kids

Stay safe.

If you have the option to avoid her, avoid her.

If you have to get her a present, do your best to avoid looking like you don’t care.

If she says something rude, choak it down, you’ll be away from her soon enough.

Don’t let her hurt you.

Please be safe and don’t do something that will cause you harm.

You’ll be away from her soon enough.

Stay strong, I know it’s hard, but stay strong.

I love you.

Seventeen As Family On Thanksgiving

S. Coups - Most successful in the family. Owns five cars and throws stories about his prosperous job in everyone’s face.

Jeonghan - The aunt that got divorced 4 times but is still trying to find “the one.” Keeps needing to freshen up her makeup.

Woozi - Grandpa with cool vests. Constantly having Vietnam War flashbacks. Choaks on his food every once in a while. Grumpy and likes to nap but jokes around 89% of the time. Everyone wonders how he’s still living.

Vernon- The one cousin who thinks he’s the shit because he got I’m school suspension for writing “Let’s get fucking lit” on the white board at school.

Mingyu - Setting the table and puts the silverware in the wrong spots.

Seungkwan - Cousin playing King and Peasants with Vernon and The 8 outside. Throws a fit because the silverware isn’t in the right spot

Joshua - “Let’s pray for this food we’re about to eat. Any one want to do it? Fine, I will. ”

The 8 - Took two hours getting ready for dinner. Actually happy to be there.

Wonwoo- Emo cousin who says maybe one or two words, eats dinner, and hides in the back room listening to music.

DK - Drunk aunt who sings Christmas carols and insists they play Christmas music while they cook

Dino - Kept bugging the members about wanting a certain dish. Needs reinsurance that he is wanted in the family. Wants to go outside and play tag but is sick.

Jun - Brought his girlfriend. On the couch holding hands while watching TV until it’s time to leave.

Hoshi - Coloring on the kitchen floor. “I made only two B’s on my report card.” Keeps “tasting” the pie on the counter.

Ted’s notebook: [talking how Mercedes doesn’t want Alonso, even if Fernando offers again to drive for free, as long as Lewis is on the team]… but if Lewis decides to do “Rosberg” for whatever reason… 

me: *dead* *choaking* IF LEWIS DECIDES TO DO ROSBERG? *dead again*

Demelza, Book One, Chapter 1

He opened the door. The others followed him, but at the foot of the stairs they all stopped. Prudie was on the top step. … She bent to look at them, her long pink face bulbous and shining. “We’ve done it!” she shouted in her organ voice. “Tes a gurl. We’ve gotten a gurl for ’ee. ’Andsomest little mite ever I saw. We’ve knocked her face about a small bit, but her’s as lusty as a little nebby colt. Hear ’er screeching!” After a moment’s silence, Choake cleared his throat portentously and put his foot on the bottom step. But Ross pushed him aside and went up the stairs first.


On October 30, 1966, in Riverside, California, Cheri Jo Bates was found dead on the campus of Riverside City College. She was stabbed multiple times and beaten severly. Investigators didn’t seem to find any suspect who could have murdered Bates, but the whole story changed circa 30 days later after the murder of Bates occurred. Two identical typewritten letters titled “THE CONFESSION” were sent to the Riverside Police Department and the Riverside Press Enterprise. The Writer of both letters claimed responsibility for the murder of Bates. Due to the nature of the letter and the crime itself, the suspicion later fell directly on the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified serial killer who operated in California in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The Killer sent taunting letters to the police and local press. He claimed to have killed over 37 people. In one letter he sent on March 13, 1971, to the Los Angeles Times, the Zodiac Killer even accepted responsibility for the murder of Cheri Jo Bates. However, due to the lack of evidence, the case still remains unsolved.

The creepy letter shown above contained the following text:




Someone normal : Part 2. Joker x Reader x Harley

A/n: ughhhhhhhh finally got the writers block down !! Hope you like this one . Oh and btw special thanks to @bitch-its-bigbang for kick starting this part ;) 😘 also I’m in love with the lucifer tv series 😍any one interested to see a Lucifer Morningstar x Reader 😆😆

Plot : the reader is Jokers and Harley’s daughter and she makes friends with a civilian and normal girl her age

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Harley x (daughter)Reader

Warning : guns , swearing.

Someone normal : got caught.

She stared at you with her dark brown eyes , you staring back at her with your (y/e/c) ones  . You stood there for about 3 minutes before you broke the silence.

“Are you scared ? ”

You blinked a few times , not taking her eyes off you .

“No” …….. “Wait….what ? ” you asked her , surprised that she didn’t scream or call someone. Because let’s be honest there’s only one kid in this city who has a purple and gold revolver.  “I know who you are , but I’m not scared . If you wanted to kill me you would have done that when we meet right? ” she says .

True . J taught you how to kill . That you couldn’t trust anyone.  But right now you felt like you don’t have to obey the rules anymore . As you heard him say a few times “the only sensible way to live is without rules”.

“You … your  … Jokers Ace as he calls you ? ”

You smirked at her question “i guess you could say that . But I don’t really like that name so just call me (Y/n) kay?  ” she smiled at you and walked away and grabbing your jacket you followed her to the kitchen. 

You two had sandwiches together while you talked :

“So how did Joker found you ? ”

“Technically it was Harley but to awnser your question : they found me on the streets when I was 3 ”

“They taught you how to use a gun ”

“Yeah and how to throw knives, daggers,  small swards , swards ,to use grenades , bombs and so on and so on ”

“And that revolver? ”

“A gift from Harl ”

“How is it like to live with them ?”

“Well I don’t know…. normal ? I mean normal for us that is . I don’t think normal people go out once a week to hijack an expensive car to crash it in about an hour ”

And so you two talked , she would ask you all sorts of questions and you would laugh at the awnser. 

She was so calm . Even though she was sitting next to the daughter of the most wanted man in Gotham.  Talking to her made you forget how you almost got caught tonight. It was so strange.  You never had a person to talk to like this . To show of your revolver , and show off your knife throwing skills with huge kitchen knives .

You looked out the window to see the sun rising . You were tired and so was your new friend . You were about to say something when you welt your phone buzzing.  You pulled it out to see what’s up . It was a call.  From Joker . “Are you going to awnser? ” Karina asked after looking at your phone screen,  with a sigh you answered the call “yeah ? ” you say like nothing ever happened. 

“DOLL WHERE ARE YOU ?! DID YOU SHOOT THE BAT LIKE I TOLD YOU TO ?!” you heard him yelling and smiled “I’m fine J no need to yell and no I didn’t shoot the bat because a had to run away from him ” you say “oh now that’s disappointing there pumpkin but oh well,  we’ll get him next time.  Where are you ?” You slightly frowned “well I….” you didn’t know what to say.  If you tell him the truth he will be pissed and if you lie to him he will be pissed “(Y/n). I’ll ask again.  Where. Are. You. ” he asked again , this time his tone was more strict and much more dark . “Well …. I … I had to say at this girls place,  she thought I’m a stray and took me in , she left right now so I picked up the call ” ok that want exactly a lie right ? .

“Fine . Kill the girl and when your done call Frost to come get you , got it ” you slightly sighed “got it , see you soon , and tell Harl I’m fine .” You said before hanging up .

You looked at Karina, who heard everything . You got up from the chair and put on your jacket “what are going to do now ? ” she asked.  “I dunno but I’m definitely not killing you .”

You took out your phone again and looked at her again “Hey… um … you still interested … I’m being friends?  ” you asked,  not sure if you should have asked that . “Sure . I know it sounds weird and a little crazy but sure . I’ll be friends with you . It’s not every day you get to be friends with the daughter of the infamous Clown Prince of Crime right ” she smirked slightly.  You gave her your number before leaving the apparent building. 

You called up Frost who got to you in less than 20 minutes and before you knew in you were home .

Home sweet home. 

As soon as you got out of the car Harley grabbed you and huged you as tightly as possible saying things like “no more heists for my baby !!” or “did the nasty Bman hurt you ?!” All the while basically choaking you . “Calm down Harl and let her go she’s already turning blue ” Joker laughs as he sees your face turning blue from the lack of oxygen.  She let’s go and pulls you back home as she keeps saying “how worried I was for my little baby ” .

Yeah she loves you a bit too much .

You often glanced at J . He was acting as bit out of character.  He was too quiet.  “Ummm … J ? Are you mad I ruined the heist? ” you asked earning a look from him “I am disappointed in you about that pumpkin but seeing that you easily got away so quickly was a bit impressive ” he smirked , roughly patting your cheek “now go to your room and play , me and Harley have work to do ” he smiled looking at Harl than at you .

You noded your head and left to your room before falling to your bead .

What a day .

You were dowsing of to sleep when you heard your phone again . You got it out of your jacket and looked at it to see a text :

- hey ! Hope your home safe and didn’t get in to trouble.  I was wondering if we can hand out soon ? It was fun talking to a psycho xddd -K

You smiled at the text .

You might just got a normal friend.

There’s this feelsy Gency comic idea I’ve had in my head for a while now and I just wanna get it out before I forget bits.

Main Comic:
It starts off with Mercy pocketing Genji in Numbani in the clearing where the payload starts and their team as well as the red are off by the spawn battling out of sight. You see Roadhog gripping his hook preparing to throw, chuckling a bit. He throws his hook at Mercy pulling her over, she yells for Genji as she is hooked. She starts crying out of fear as Roadhog lines up his gun to the back of her head, she choaks out “help me.” Before being shot. Genji yells “Angela” then everything goes black before his ultimate line “Ryūjin no ken o kurae” with a lil blood splatter/streak in the bottom corner.

Bonus Frames:
Genji, mask off, holding Mercy’s bloody body, crying saying “Angela….”. He hunches over her clutching her body whispering “I love you.”

Stuff to lighten the mood:
Genji, mask off, holding Mercy’s body crying saying “Angela….”. He cups her cheek gently and whispers “I need healing.” Then it cuts to her face palming in the spawn.

Tbh if you wanna make this into an actual comic just ask and give me credit (It’s not that hard) and I won’t care. I am planing on turning this into a comic myself but I haven’t had the motivation to do so, so ye.

(Also if you’re a healling arrow shipper then replace Genji with Hanzo and just switch the ulti lines. Really you could do this with any character she’s shipped with except Roadhog, obviously)
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Verizon is killing the whole of Tumblr’s voice on the topic of Net Neutrality. They aquired Yahoo and AOL, making a new company called Oath.

Verizon has sued the FCC before, back in 2011, in an effort to overturn Net Neutrality. Verizon is activly trying to choak us out; to silence us and making it so one of the biggest rivals to them is out of the picture.

Because of that, Tumblr as a whole is at stake.

This is a time for everyone to lay aside differences and work together.

Now is the time to unite, to fight, and keep our freedom.


PERFECT IN MY EYES (Ben Bruce Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}



It was just an ordinairy night in your house. Just like any other to be exact.
You had just come home from hanging out with your best friend, you haven’t seen her in such a long time so when she called you in the morning it made you happy to hear from her.
You were now relaxing at home eating a big bowl of your favorite chips while talking to your bestie on the phone.
“I’m so happy we got to catch up today by the way, thank you I really needed that.” She tells you.
“Aww no thank YOU, it was such a pleasant surprise to hear from you, I seriously thought you like dropped off the face of the earth or some shit.” You reply making her giggle on the other line.

“I know I’m so sorry I went m.i.a on you, but you know how it is when you score an awesome job in a big city.”
“I know, you achieved your dream of becomming a music producer I am so happy for you!” You happily said.
“Thank you hon, it was hard as fuck though…”
“But you got there!”
“Hehe, it was about damn time. Hey but you know what really shocked me though?” She questioned.
“What?” You pressed.
“How great you look!”
You felt yourself blush at the sweet compliment.
“Oh shut up.”
“No! I’m being for real (Y/N) wow! That body of yours is banging!”

A little bit of laughter escaped your lips.
“You really think so?”
“I do, I mean I remembered what you went through, so honestly I am very proud of you for getting better. You look beautiful (Y/N).”
You stayed silent for a moment, memories of your old self flashed in your mind.
Going through an eating disorder was the worst decision you ever made for yourself.
You still remembered how the days would seem like months, your stomach growling and crying for food but your mind always made you refuse to give in to it.
You shook your head, “Thank you God I’m not doing that shit anymore…” you muttered.

“Hello?…hello? (Y/N)?…”
“OH!! Sorry girly!”
“Did I say something wrong?” Your friend asked, concern evident in her voice.
“Oh no no no, not at all, my mind just wandered off sorry.”
“Soo….you zoned me out?” She asked.
“Yes, I mean no! I mean….fuck.”
You expected her to respond with a dissapointed tone but surprisingly she laughed.
“You haven’t changed a bit (Y/N).”
You snorted and laughed as well, nodding your head agreeing.
“Yeah..still the same dork I guess.”
Suddenly you felt a pair of hands cover your eyes, a smile formed on your lips as you shook your head once more.
You recognized those huge hands anywhere.
“Uuuh, (Y/F/N)?”
“Mind if I call you back in the morning?”

“Yeah, no problem, everything’s cool right?” She wondered.
“Everything’s fine.” You assure her, still smiling like an adorable dork.
“Okay later (Y/N) Love ya!”
“Love ya too sweetheart!” Were your last words before you hung up and tossed your phone to the side.
You crossed your arms above your chest, your eyes still covered by the same loving pair of hands.
“Gee I wonder who is behind me..hmm…”
You could hear the male chuckle quietly, sounding like a kindergardener.
“Is it the person that I love with all of my heart? Or Ben?”
His mouth dropped in shock at your words.
“Excuse you?!” He exclaimed dropping his hands.

You busted out laughing, your arms holding your stomach that was immediately beginning to hurt.
“Yup, Ben.”
“It’s babe to you missy.” Ben says, bending down to look at your pretty face.
Smiles formed on both of your lips, you felt your cheeks getting really hot and red as you stared into his gorgeous eyes.
The way he always looked at you always made your heart race, you could almost read what his cute expression was saying.
“I am the luckiest guy on earth.” You figured.
Not even a minute more did his lips connect with yours passionately kissing you with so much love.
His arms wrapped around your shoulders as he continued to feel your lips with his.
He then deepend the kiss, it turned you on a little.
But your eyebrows furrowed when you felt his hand reach down unexpected.

Your eyes then widend as he went further and further down.
Your heart feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest.
“Oh God what the hell is he doing?!” You yelled in your mind.
You continued to kiss him but your eyes rolled to see what he was trying to do.
Turns out he wasn’t even trying to touch you in the first place.
He was reaching for the bowl of chips on your lap.
You immediately leaned away giving him a bored stare.
Ben snorted and ate the chip that was in his hand, “What?”
“I’m gonna kill you.”
“Why?! You can’t share with me?!”

You smacked his arm hard making him flinch and chuckle with a pained expression.
“What the hell baby?!”
“You fucking tease!”
“Tease? I was just reaching for….oooooohhh..” He cooed as he realized everything.
He smirked and sat by your side, your eyes staring into each other.
Your eyebrow raised up high, questioning the sexy smirk on his perfectly shaped lips.
“Dear lord, what’s with the smile?” You pressed.
“You thought I was reaching for your pussy.”
You nearly choaked on your spit as soon as he said that.
“Oh shit you okay?” He tells you, patting your back.
“Not anymore now that you said that!”

“Awww why? Does it turn you on?”
“Babe shut up!” You ordered, your face as red as can be.
Your man scooched a little closer to you, closing the distance between you guys.
“And so what if I was actually reaching for you down there? What were you gonna do about it?”
Your chest began to rise and fall as your breathing turned a little heavy.
Ben sure had a way with words, especially words that got you in the mood.
“Oh look, I’m out of chips, be right back.”
You rushed the words, quickly standing up from the couch and walking towards the kitchen
“La la la la…” You sang, trying to block him out.

Ben laughed once more shaking his head.
“Yeah try to block me all you want but you can’t block the fact that you’re horny!!”
“I’m not horny!!” You yelled from the kitchen.
“Yes you are!”
“No I’m not!”
“Fine I’ll make you hot then!” He shot.
The bowl in your hands could be heard echoing throughout the house as it hit the floor hard.
“Did he really just-”
“Yeah I just said that.” You heard his seductive voice mutter behind you, his breath brushing against the soft skin of your neck causing goosebumps to rise immediately.
You sucked in a breath as he wrapped his strong arms around you and leaned against your small body.
You ended up against the counter, what was most surprising yet arousing to you was feeling his dick through his jeans against your butt.

“W-What are you doing?” You stuttered.
“What does it look like?…I want you now baby…”
He whispered, soon his hot breath was replaced by his lips caressing your neck.
The temperature in your body rose up, heating itself at the sensual yet romantic touch of the one you love.
His hand almost reached up to grab your breasts but you quickly backed away from him biting your bottom lip.
“No…I’m sorry but I can’t do this…”
“Huh?…” He softly questioned, dissapointment shown on his handsome face.
“I-I’m sorry I….I just can’t….”
Ben came closer and gently caressed your arms up and down.
“(Y/N) why? We’ve done it before, I know it’s not that often but still, it’s nothing new. Why are you scared? Do I hurt you?”

You shook your head and gave him an assuring look.
“No honey you don’t hurt me..”
“Then? What is it? Talk to me.”
You took a very deep breath, your eyes looking down at yourself, you could just clearly see your body underneath the fabric and it wasn’t looking pretty to you at all.
Your eyes closed as you put your head back up.
“It’s just….my body…” you responded, whispering the last two words.
Your boyfriend became a little surprised,
“What about your body?”
“I hate that you have to see it….” you mumbled looking down on the floor.
“(Y/N)…why the hell would you even feel that way?” He questioned.

“Because, I don’t know….Ben you know what I went through…and I guess it still affects me a little. I mean don’t get me wrong most of the time I feel great about myself but other times….I don’t….I feel the complete opposite… and I guess today is one of those days….” You explained.
He shook his head and grabbed one of your arms, pulling you into a tight embrace, he held you close, not letting go not even for a second.
“You should never feel the complete opposite of beautiful when it comes to your body baby.”
“But I do….” you whispered.
“But I don’t.” He tells you leaning away, his hands were placed on your shoulders as he looked straight at your face.

“(Y/N), your body is gorgeous, it’s what makes you sexy to me.
And it makes me happy that only my eyes get such a beautiful creation of God.”
Your eyes felt like they were going to pop out,
“Of course, you are perfect, from those eyes of yours that stare at me with so much love, your soft skin my hands cannot keep away from.” He says, caressing your cheek with his thumb.
“That cute little nose, those lips that I can’t get enough of.” He continued, giving you a peck on the lips.
“Your beautiful body shape, those sexy legs of yours, your perfect torso, not to mention those hot boobies of yours.”

You snorted and covered your face with your hands.
“Let me finish.” He says gently taking your hands away from your face and holding them in his.
“Your body, is like the perfect shape for my arms to wrap around, and I can never get enough, that’s why I always hold you close every night when we go to sleep. And that’s also how I know that there is a God, because he created the most perfect angel on earth, and she’s standing right in front of me.”
Your eyes watered, you had no idea he felt that so strongly about you that way.
Of course you knew he loved you, but this was a whole new level of love he was expressing.
“Don’t ever think wrongly about your body, or anything else, You are perfect (Y/N), everything about you is, and always will be.”

You jumped into his arms and cried tears of joy.
“I love you so much….”
“I love you more honey.” Ben cooed holding you close like before.
You leaned away and stared into his beautiful eyes for a moment, without a second thought you kissed his lips deeply and lovingly.
He did the same to you but then leaned away.
“Wait, are you sure you want to? We don’t have to?”
“Why wouldn’t I want to make love to MY perfect angel?” You asked smiling warmly.
Your words made him happy and he leaned back in continuing the heavy kiss.

Your hot breaths brushing against your faces as you huffed against each other.
He lifted you up having you wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.
He pinned you against the wall, his hands pulling down the straps of your shirt.
You helped him take it off and yanked off his black t shirt throwing it on the floor.
You bit your lip as your felt his soft tatted skin with your small fingers.
A low moan escaped you as you felt him getting hard in between your legs.
His dick rising up little by little.
Your vagina felt like it was on fire, you wanted him, you need to feel his length inside of you.
“You’re so beautiful baby…” He huffed into your neck, then proceeded to kiss your breasts with his wet and hot lips.

“Aaahh….” you moaned again, turning him on even more.
Your felt your walls soaking up your underwear as you felt his full boner press against you.
Ben thrusted his hips dry humping you making you moan louder.
“Do you want me baby?” He asked.
“Yes….I want you so bad…” you replied as you unstrapped your bra exposing your nipples.
You felt them pop out as the cold air of the house rushed through your hot bodies.
His teeth nibbling on your tiny nips then licking them and sucking them lightly.
Ben couldn’t take it anymore, he carried you from the kitchen to the living room where he took off the rest of yours and his clothes.

Your naked body was in full sight, and you couldn’t help but blush.
He held you close and gently placed you down on the couch.
His expression turned into that beautiful gaze he always gave you.
“My angel…” he whispered once more.
You smiled and mouthed that you love him, him the doing the same in return.
His sexy lips kissed you everywhere on your radiant body, his fingers touching your area, feeling him grab your clit and rubbing it hard. Your legs automatically opened showing him that he was allowed to enter you.
He grabbed his length and placed on your hole, his tip going inside and the rest slowly but a little roughly entering you.
He groaned and your mouth formed a perfect O shape as you slid up and down.
Your thighs flamming up along with a tingling sensation flowing inside your sweaty body.

“Oooh fuck!” Ben groaned as he slid in and out of you, your juices releasing each time he re entered you, soaking his shaft up as well.
You felt yourself squirt a little as he went deeper making your throat release orgasms.
You felt your cherry being pushed up making the feeling of his penis inside of you intensify.
The heat level of your wet bodies was over the top.
You never wanted this incredible feeling of pleasure to end.
Especially because it always felt special with Ben. It always felt as beautiful as the day you lost your virginity to him. It made you feel even more happy that he was your first.

The orgasms, groans and pleasure continued until you reached your limit and felt his cum release inside of you. The most amazing of all in your opinion.
“Don’t move.” He instructed as he slowly relased himself from your lock.
Once he was out your legs closed and you laid there trying your hardest to catch your breath.
Your perfect man laid down for a moment and caught his breath as well.
You reached out and played with his beautiful hair, leaning in to kiss his lips one more time.
The both of you stayed on the huge couch for a while, not a word was spoken, just stares.
Your eyes spoke every word, your feelings and love for each other written all over your perfect faces.
“I’m gonna go shower.” you notified getting up.
“Wait!” He called out.

You stopped in your tracks and looked at him.
“What is it?”
“Let me just look at you one more time….”
You didn’t feel ashamed or insecure as he stared at you, nope, this time you felt confident.
And that confidence was so up high, that from now on every time you looked in the mirror you will see a sexy, gorgeous, amazing female.
Because that’s exactly who you are.
“What do you think?” You teased giggling.
Ben gazed at you once again and said one word and one word only…..


(You all are 💕)

We give John Adams a lot of shit for the Sedition Act, which yeah he deserves, but take a look at the article Federalist journalist Harry Croswell wrote that got him arrested and put on trial by the Jefferson administration:

“[Charles] Holt says, the burden of the Federal song is, that Mr. Jefferson paid Callender for writing against the late administration. This is wholly false. The charge is explicitly this: - Jefferson paid Callender for calling Washington a traitor, a robber, and a perjurer - For calling Adams, a hoary headed incendiary; and for most grossly slandering the private characters of men, who, he well knew were virtuous. These charges, not a democratic editor has yet dared, or ever will dare to meet in an open [and] manly discussion.”

The Wasp, September 9, 1802

This was, of course, 100% true, but since the truth at this point did not count as a defense at a libel trial, and because the star witness himself Callender mysteriously drowned at the time the trial was taking place, it didn’t help Croswell at all.

Although after he lost the first trial, he did release an article that is impressively sarcastic:

“I believe that Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson are the two greatest men that ever were or will be upon earth; and that they are both so great that they eclipse each other’s greatness. I believe that Jefferson is the greatest friend of religion and Paine the greatest friend of Washington…I believe that Paine as he says himself did more good in our Revolution than Washington who (to use the Democrats’ ideas) was a mere old woman, led around the nose by Hamilton.

(Zounds, if I had not turned Democrat, such mis-shapen lies would nearly choak me.)

I believe that Paine never drank a thimble full of brandy in his life; and that Jefferson spends three fourths of his time in prayer…I believe that Colonel Burr attempted to obtain the President’s chair after having receive as many votes as Jefferson and by this act he has forfeited the support and confidence of all good Democrats; and yet I believe that for doing the same thing Jefferson deserves well of his country.

I believe that General Hamilton, for the unpardonable sin of speaking and writing his thoughts freely, ought to be regarded as a dangerous man.”

The Wasp, January 26, 1803

A day as a nelson

Thank you for all the re-blogs and kind words towards this little fic. This is part 2 and the ending hopefully it lives up to all the expectations :D p.s i am still crap at editing. This is just a short rap up and you never know it could lead to other fics


part 2

His blood was thickning with rage as he looked into her eyes, a moment of regret took over him when he placed lucy’s hand beside her. He shouldnt of stopped her, but then he thought about his parents he knew no matter what was said about them she would still get in trouble.

Rhys’ eyes turned to lucy’s and she felt the ice melt away and warmth flood him. He gave her a tight lip smile and rubbed his thumb across her knuckles. Suddenly she felt soft warm arms rap around her shoulder from behind, Declans chin purched on top of lucy’s head after giving her a peck on the cheek. 

“shes not even worth it sis” Rhys sighed as his eyes flicked back towards denny. Out the corner of his eyes he could see lucy slowly nod as the tears she tried to hold back slid down her soft face.

“rhys… let me explain… its not what it looks like” Denny paniced as she tried to grab Rhys’ arm but he quickly pulled away from her touch like she was a desease.

“NO” he shouted in reply, and suddenly the whole canteen froze as there eyes couldnt pull away. But he didnt care he just continued. “NO HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! How dare you slag my mum off like that in front of everyone. Why because she has more body fat then you! Why because she isnt classed as pretty in your eyes. You dont even fuckin’ know her.. Dont you ever talk about my parents relationship like that you stupid cow.” 

“maybe she isnt mainstream beautiful in your eyes but that doesnt make her any less beautiful in our eyes… your pathetic denny. Mrs Nelson didnt deserve that, and neither did lucy. Oh and another thing, you must be fucking brain dead yourself if you thought lucy was ugly. shes bloody beautiful.” declan added as he gave lucy another kiss on top of her head.

“I-I didnt mean i-it… R-really it was… it was a joke. Ple-” Denny tried to say before rhys rose his hand implying her to stop.

“Save it Denny we have no more to say to you. Never talk to my sister again. Never talk to me again. And never talk about my family again, because if you do i wont stop her hand from slapping the shit out of you!” Rhys huffed as his body started to tense even more with her still being in his presence. Denny sadly nodded and turned around to leave.

“Denny other thing… You would never of gotten me. You were never more then a shag when i felt sorry for myself” He laughed as he watched Denny’s mouth drop open and run out the door of the canteen. The canteen suddly erupted in to cheers and hollers, random strangers were clapping the boys on the back and giving sympathetic smiles towards lucy. Lucy smiled at her brother and ingulfed in a massive bear hug whiping her tears on his top because she didnt want to let go just yet, She then turned declan and jumped into his arms raping her legs tighting around his waist. She grabbed declans cheeks and looked into his eyes.

“You really mean it… you think im beautiful” he sniffed as fresh tears began to fall.

“of course i did lucy, ive always thought that you were beautiful…” He replied smiling at her.

overwhelming happiness spread through lucys body, her limbs started to tingle and her smile couldnt be erased. Before her mind could think she was crashing her lips into declans with intensity and power, he returned her kiss but kept in mind that they had an audiance. They slowly broke apart and lucy slid down his body until her feet touched the ground, she was still smiling until she heard Rhys clear his throat  from behind her. Her eyes sprug open and she quickly turned around to see Rhys biting his nail beds. There eyes met and her grabs her into another hug.

“Go for it sis, ive always known he’s fancied you” he whispered through her hair.

“but.. Really?” she gasped looking up into his face with confusion.

“Yeah, he never shuts up about you” he laughed looking over to Declan and nodding.

“im so glad your my brother, thank you for all this. ill be lost without you next year”.


Rumours spread like wild fire at collage, By the end of the day the whole school knew Declan and Lucy kissed and that Denny was ran out of school for insulting the nelson family. Rhys received so many phone numbers from nearly every single girl in school that he could barely zip up his back pack, His shoulders raised a little more with a swift round of confidence. He met lucy at the car and already had a smoke hanging out of his mouth by the time he met her.

“you ready” she added as she looked up from her book.

“Yeah just give me a minute im hangin’ for a smoke” he laughed as he lit the smoke and inhailed deeply. He felt the smoke fill his lungs and slowly breathed it out with satisfaction of the hit of nicotine. He looked over towards his sister and his heart filled a little more, she was smiling. She had his mothers beautiful smile, that smile was something he looked forward to seeing for the rest of his life because family was his life.


“Out here” Finn yelled as he heard his kids stumble through the front door, He was relaxing on the deck chair on the porch with a sneaky joint hanging out of his mouth. It didnt matter how old he got he still appreciated good weed after a long day at work.

“Hey dad” Rhys said as he blonked himself down on the deck chair next to his father.

“how was school” Finn asked as he passed the joint across to his son “dont tell your mother about this” he added.

Rhys laughed and took a long drag. “it was school” He replied as he exhailed.

“Oh, lucy got herself a lad”

“What” Finn coughed as he choaked on air.

“Yeah da’, she pulled a lad” He joked as he passed the joint back.

“Ugh.. O-Ok.. Hang on what? Who?”

“you wont beleive it, but declan… They kissed today… Well she kissed him” he laughed as he watched his fathers expression. Finn’s eyebrows shot up to his hair line and his mouth sprug open.

“i swear if that boy hurts her im gunna rip his nutsake off” he scoffed as he took a massive inhale of smoke and kept it in his lungs.

“Dont worry da’ i trust him, you know he wont hurt her”

“Yeah, Yeah i know… But she’s still my baby girl you know” Finn replied as he stubbed the joint out in the ash tray.

“I get it dad, shes just growing up” Rhys explained and Finn sadly nodded in return.

“Dad can i ask you a question”

“Sure lad, whats wrong.. Do i need to go down a buy another packet of smokes or roll another joint” He chuckled in reply.

Rhys waved his hands in the air “No.. No nothing like that. Its about you and mum”.

Finns forehead crincked in confused and he slightly cocked his head to the side trying to understand where this is going. “Sure son, what do you wanna know aye”.

“What made you fall inlove with ma” Rhys said bluntly but with a smile smile.

“Well… Were do i start. We met when we were 16 and 17, at first we didnt get along… lets call that stage ‘sexual tension stage’ she was a right cow at times always mumbling prick to me under her breath” he paused and smiled as the good memories flooded back into his mind. “Then i confessed i loved her outside the bloody chippy of all places… i loved her then because she was strong and brave for all the crap that she went through before she met me.. but that was the tip of the ice burg. We had our ups and downs over the next 18 months and then broke up again before she left for uni. That was my mistake for letting her slip, i loved your mother so fucking much it broke us.. i broke us.. We were seperated for a year whilst she attended uni and got back together as we met up for summer break and here we are now.. You came along 9 months later so that hurried things along for us. But to get this questioned answered i fell in love with your mum because she was her. She wasnt that mainstream crap, she had a body full of curvys, a heart full of love, and she is beautiful… i just love everything about her” Finn brushed hte tear on his cheek away as he looked up and smiled at his son.

Rhys smiled at his dad as he watched him pour his heart out. This was something that he hoped he would feel one day.

“Us nelson’s are a funny bunch aye” laughed rhys.

“Yeah we are… but we will always be there for each other. Remember that son. Your mother, your sister and you are my life”

“Thanks dad, i needed this…” He replied as he lit a smoke.

“Everything good though?” He questioned as he looked at his sons shifty positure.

“Yeah, yeah i just… i just” He stopped and thought about telling his dad about today but he decided it wasnt the right time “i just wanted a good talk” He smiled.

“Well lad you got one, your growing up to fast as well next thing i know it will just be me and your mum again”

“Yeah well today was just one day… you’ve still got plenty more with us” He looked at his father and laughed. 







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"I never loved you." The words tasted bitter in his mouth as he said them.

Nagisa didn’t know what to do as soon as he heard those words, cry, get mad, beg him to stay, or let Rin leave his life again- one emotion was clear; hurt. 

“N-not even once….?” he looked away to hide his face “T-then there’s no use for us being together… I’m sorry….” he choaked back anything like ‘sorry i’m not good enough’ or anything he really felt

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Rip out your muses heart: "A-alexander" the warlock choaked on the blood gurgling up in the back of his throat. He grasping out for the man he loved though he was growing weaker, the blood from the large wound in his side began staining his clothes.


“Magnus?… “ He took the warlocks head and lay him across his lap. “You’re gunna be fine, it’ll heal…you’ll be okay” Swallowing a lump in his throat as tears form in his eyes. “You’re not supposed to die…p-please don’t leave me…” He stroked his head gently, trying to ease the pain even if he didn’t have magic. “You have to stay with me…” 

{Requested by anon :3}

Your eyes were wandering around the classroom. They were looking everywhere except straight foward where your teacher was explaining the boring lesson that you were not at all interested in. Your hand moving up and down holding your pencil as it was tapping away on your desk. Your foot tapping the floor as a sign of your frustration of wanting the class to end already.
Your teacher would not shut up, all you kept hearing was “blah blah blah.”
Your mind was somewhere else, well, more like on someone. You were missing your best friend Andy, he had been away on tour for a very long time now and you havent really heard from him since months ago. Since he was super busy he didnt really have time to call or skype you. Life without him was pretty boring.

“Ms (L/N)!” Yelled your teacher, causing you to flinch and snap back to reality.
“What?” Was the only word that escaped your lips.
“I asked you a question but clearly by you not responding, I know you were in la la land this entire time.”
“Sorry but-”
“But nothing, I dont appreciate you not paying attention (Y/N), this is your first and final warning, if you dont pay attention again youre gonna have detention.”
Your irriation started to build up even more inside of you. “It would be a lot better than this hell hole..” you muttered.

“What was that?!”
“Nothing, I said sorry it wont happen again.” You replied. She gave you a stern look, daggers shooting out of her eyes and stabbing you from across the room.
“Yeah, well make sure it doesnt.” Were her final words. When she turned back around to the board the class giggled when you put up your middle finger.
You were quick to put it down when she turned back to face you. Since she didnt see anything she went back to writing causing you to snort and quitely laughed until finally, the bell rang.
“Thank you God.” You whispered relieved. As you stepped out of the classroom you were so happy that you were free from school now. But your mind wandered back to your best friend again. Usually around this time you and Andy would be walking home together, laughing and talking like always, having a good time. All these months of walking home by yourself were pure hell, especially because sometimes there would be perverts passing by in their car honking their horn at you. Andy always made you feel very safe.

You sighed as you put your books away in your locker. On the door you had a photo of you and him hung up with stickers. You laughed a little, “When are you comming home you idiot?”
You asked yourself. You grabbed your bag and closed your locker.
as you went outside your heart skipped a beat when you saw who was leaning against the wall at the bottom of the stairs. In your mind there was no way that it could be your best friend, but as you stepped further down, his head turned and looked up at you.
“Oh my gosh…” you whispered.
A huge smile spread across Andy’s face when he caught sight of you.
“(Y/N)!!!” He happily shouted. You felt tighten a little as you smiled very huge as well. Next thing you knew you ran as fast as you could and slammed into his arms.
“Andy!!” You happily yelled.

His arms wrapped around you more tighter. You missed his hugs, not to mention the sexy scent of his cologne.
“Dude!! I cannot believe youre here…youre fucking here!! When did you get back?!”
He chuckled and answered, “Yesterday in the middle of the night. I was going to call you but obviously you were sleeping.”
“You didnt call me at all..” You tell him with a pout. He pulled you into a hug once more, “Aww I know Im very sorry, but Im here now! And Im so happy to see you (Y/N), you dont know how much Ive missed you.” He gently says embracing you. His words causes you to blush a little, Andy is your best friend, but you admit that you have a crush on him. Which seem to become a little bigger now that you were in his arms. You embraced him as well, hugging him tighter, “I really missed you too Andy…” you mumbled in his chest.

He laughed a little and leaned away. “Come on, lets go for some ice cream we have a lot of catching up to do.” He says and of course you agreed and walked out of the school with him.
Moments later as the two of were scarfing down the frozen treat, you were laughing at all the funny stories Andy was telling you.
“CC actually wanted to run around naked on stage?! That is so like him!” You exclaimed laughing some more.
“Yeah, we figured a lot of our fans would be happy about that but still, we didnt want him to get arrested for indecent exposure.” He tells you. You started laughing harder than before, “CC getting arrested with his tiny little ass flashing everyone? Now thats both sexy and badass.”
Andy choaked on his ice cream a little at your words. He started cracking up, you smiled at him warmly, you really missed having these moments with him.
“Why are you looking at me like that hmm?” He asked causing you once more to snap back to reality.
“Sorry, its nothing, Im just glad to be hanging out with you again. Life wasnt the same without you you know?”
“Yeah..same here (Y/N)” he responded with an adorable smile.
The two of you kept talking and laughing as the day went by. You didnt even notice how much time has passed. It was night time now, Andy realized it and checked the time on his cell phone. “Wow its getting pretty late. Think we should go home.” He suggested.

You became a little sad, “Do we have to? I mean its not that late.”
“Well I dont want to go home either to be honest.”
A brilliant idea popped in your head at the moment. “Why dont you come sleepover at my place?” You said with a huge smile. Andy chuckled and loved the idea, “Your parents wouldnt mind?”
“Naaah theyre out of town and besides they know you already.”
He thought about it for a moment and nodded making you very happy.
Later on that night as the two of you got ready to sleep, “I still cant believe youre back man..” you say.
“Yeah same here. Feels a little strange being back.”
“I agree you have been gone for a very long time.”
“I know, hey (Y/N)?” He asked.
“Whats up?” You answered. “While I was on tour I wrote a new song that I wanted to show you.”

You became excited, you loved hearing his lyrics. “You did? Thats so awesome whats it about?”
Andy grabbed the guitar and smiled as he positioned it. His piercing blue eyes looking straight at you. “You..” he replied.
You blushed once again and your heart started to race a little.
“Yeah..here goes.” He began to play and sing the beautifully written lyrics about you. Instantly as you heard more of the song, you understood that it was about how much of a strong girl you are and how proud he is of you for overcomming all of your bad addictions and being a fighter. Tears of joy started to stream down your face. It was such an honor for him to write such an amazing song about you.
When he finished he smiled and wiped away your tears. “Sorry..” you mumbled.
“Its okay, did you like it?”
“I loved it. Thank you so much.”

He nodded, “You know I actually sang it in one of our shows, people went crazy for it.”
You smiled even bigger than before.
“What an honor.”
He laughed and slipped himself into your bed. You got some of your blankets and your pillow and placed them on the floor.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“Im sleeping on the floor, youre the guest you get the bed.” You answered.
“Well who said I wanted you to sleep on the floor?” He tells you. You became a little nervous, “Huh?”
“It would make me really happy if you slept here.” He says tapping the space next to him. You honestly didnt think this was really happening, you pointed at the spot and he nodded.
“You want me…to sleep with you…in the bed?”
“No (Y/N) I want you to sleep on the ceiling! Of course next to me silly come here!” Andy pulled you onto the bed and turned off the light. You felt very tingly inside being in the same bed as him. You felt his fingers stroke your soft hair, next thing you knew you were in his arms once more.

Sometimes you got the feeling that Andy likes you the way you like him. But you didnt want to jump to conclusions just yet. You are just gonna go with the flow and see how far the two of you go. At this moment, the future looked very bright.
You tried to move away, but Andy just kept pulling you back to him. You laughed a little and rolled your eyes.
“Fine I give up.”
“Goodnight Andy..” you cooed.
“Goodnight (Y/N).”
You couldnt help but giggle and hold him close to you as well. Your face became super hot as you felt his lips press against your forehead giving you multiple kisses on your head and cheek.
This moment that you were having with him felt like the greatest dream ever, but the best part of it was that it wasnt a dream.
He was fast asleep now and just looked up at his peaceful face and thought….
“Now Im REALLY glad that youre back.”

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ALL FOR YOU (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely ateliefloresdaprimavera :3}

It was the middle of the night, and what a horrible night you were having, you were wide awake, in fact, you couldnt even breathe, the room was spinning, the walls felt like they were closing in on you, your eyes rolling back a little as you tried you damn hardest to catch your breath and be able to breathe through your nostrils again. Your chest was too much to handle as well, your lunges felt like someone who weighed more than 1,000 pounds were squishing them, it truly hurt like a bitch. Even if you had your window all the way open the air from outside was simply not enough for you to take in and breathe again.
Your throat felt like it was completely closed as well, you were going through physical hell, all because you a little thing called Asthma.
And almost every night, you would have an asthma attack.
“M-moooo-moooommm!!” you struggled to yell. But you knew she couldnt hear you at all, you had to do something about this yourself.

You fell out of your bed, you felt like you were dying, as if your soul was trying to come out of your body, dragging yourself across your floor reaching for your inhaler that was on your desk.
With a few inches more you reached your desk and grabbed your inhaler. You sticked it in your mouth and pushed the top part like crazy.
You pretty much lost count after pushing it.
But atleast you were now able to breathe again.
You gasped, taking in as much air as you could into your body.
You picked yourself up off the floor and sat at the edge of your bed, your hand on your throat, the room seemed bigger again, and you felt the cool breeze that was comming through your window as well. A tear escaped your eye, you thought you would be used to having those attacks by now, seeing how almost every night they striked you. Almost felt like a monster choaking you to death, sometimes you felt like that, it isnt you, its a monster that wont seem to stop haunting you.
This night seemed much more different than other nights, it seemed worse, much worse.
It felt like this night was your last, it was that scary.
Afraid of closing your eyes once more, you remained sitting at the edge of the bed, there way no way you could possibly sleep after that scare.

The next morning, the sky was pretty foggy and breezy, you were just sitting at your table playing with your breakfast, your eyes focusing on your inhaler that was next to your plate.
You wanted to destroy it so badly, you hated being so dependent on it. You wanted to be able to breathe without a problem, you especially didnt want those attacks to happen to you anymore.
“Honey why arent you eating?” Asked your mother looking at you very concerned.
“Not hungry..” you muttered, your eyes not looking away from the object that saves your life everyday.
“Whats wrong?”
“Whats wrong? whats wrong?! I had another asthma attack yesterday! thats whats wrong! Im tired of having those fucking attacks mom! and you know whats worse?! I have to save myself from them! because apparently youre never around to help me!” You shouted.
“(Y/N)! calm down! Your attacks happen at midnight everybody is dead asleep how am I supposed to know?” she questioned.
You sat there with your arms crossed, looking down at your black and white converse.
“I just want to be able to breathe normally…why did this have to happen to me…” You whispered quickly wiping away a tear.

“Aww honey-”
“I gotta go, I promised Andy I would meet him up.” You said getting up and grabbing your jacket.
“Dont forget this..” Said your mom, holding up the inhaler.
You cringed and snatched it away from her slamming it in your pocket and leaving your house.
Moments later you reached the park, your boyfriend Andy was sitting on one of the swings, you smiled because you were so happy to see him but your smile quickly faded away when you say what was in between his lips, his two fingers taking that exact thing away, and after it came out a puff of smoke from his lips.
You didnt even want to go near him with all that smoke around.
He glanced and did a double take, his face lighting up as he saw you standing there.
He quickly stood up from the swing and ran towards you, you put up a hand to stop him, he did and he became a little confused.
“Whats wrong babe?” he asked.
you raised an eyebrow and glared at him,
“Youre really asking me that? Youre smoking Andy and may I remind you…” you grab the inhaler and wave it, reminding him of your condition.

“Riiiight, sorry baby.” He muttered with the white and tan stick in between his lips.
“Put it out..” you tell him.
He nodded, but he still had it in his mouth.
“Now..” you added.
He hesitated but he took the cigarette and threw it on the grass, crushing it with his black boot.
You smiled once again and now you were able to approach him.
But before you kissed him you gave him a pout, “I really wish you would quit that…” you said.
“I know you do but-“
“I know its hard for you love but you atleast have to try, or else I cant really be around you.”
You say.
He just nodded in response and gave you a sweet peck while holding you close.
As he leaned away he took a good look at you,
“Baby, wow, your undereyes are really purple have you been getting any sleep?” he asked worried, his thumbs gently tracing your bottom lids.
You looked down and just shook your head.
“Why not?” he questioned once more.
You didnt bother to look back up at him, instead you walked away and sat at the swings, he sat next to you and held your hand even more concerned than before.
“What is it?”

“I had another asthma attack last night…this one was ten times worse than the last…I dont understand why this is happening to me..” you replied looking down on the grass.
Your feet rubbing against it.
Andy held your hand tighter and his eyes widened a little before he asked..
“How bad was this one?”
“Baaaaaaaaad…I felt like I was gonna die…”
“Oh God please dont say that.”
“But its true Andy…and Im so scared of sleeping tonight..Im not even gonna go to sleep because I know what the hell is gonna happen in the middle of the night!” you exclaimed.
“Asthma attacks dont happen that often do they?”
You shook your head, “But Im always scared anyway..” You took one last look at your inhaler in your hand, “Why the fuck cant I just breathe?!” You yelled slamming it to the ground.
He pulled your arm, making you stand up and sit on his lap, he held you close while his legs moved the swing gently. You couldnt help but let some tears fall down your lovely face.
Andy took a look at the inhaler on the ground and then he took a look at the squished cigarette as well.
He didnt want you to suffer anymore, and he wanted you to be around him all the time without worrying about breathing in the smoke he inhaled everyday. He figured its time to do something, because of his love for you, he was going to fight as well.

Later on, Andy came back to his house after walking you to yours.
He put his jacket away in his closet and sighed, “Alright..time to do what I have to do.”
He muttered to himself, he went inside his bedroom and opened his drawer that was next to his bed. Inside there were two packs of his favorite brand of cigarettes and two extra lighters, He grabbed all four of them and approached the trash can.
“You can do this Andy…this is for (Y/N)…dont hold back..” It took him a very long time, but his hands finally let go of the objects they were holding.
They were now in the trash can, he grabbed the bag and went outside to where the huge bins were, “Goodbye old friends..” he said to them and tossed them inside the bin.
He walked back into his house and took out his phone looking at a picture of you that he put as his homescreen.
“Dont worry (Y/N) We’ll fight this together babe.” he says smiling.

The next morning, Andy pulled you inside his house all excited. You giggled and you were a little confused as well.
“Andy what is going on?”
“Theres something I need to show you.” He says bringing you to his bedroom.
“Babe we cannot do this…” you said thinking something else was about to happen.
“No, thats not what I mean, look.” He tells you opening his drawer.
Your eyes widend a little, “is that?-“
“Yup, nicotine gum, Ive officially quit smoking. Theyre fucking gross but hey, it beats killing my lungs.”
A huge smile spread across your face from ear to ear when you heard those beautiful words come out his lips instead of smoke.
“Youve really quit?”
“Thats right.”
“What made you do that?”

You became even more shocked, “Me?”
Andy wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close to him, “Yes you beautiful, I did it all for you, (Y/N) if youre gonna fight this then so am I, I love you and I dont want to hurt you by smoking, and honey I would absolutely anything for you.”
“Yes, because I love you that much. Im sorry for damaging you more.”
You placed your hands on his face gently stroking it. “You didnt damage me babe, I just want you to be able to breathe.”
“I want the same for you, and you will be able to breathe again, because Im gonna help you.”
He lifted your chin and gently kissed your tender and soft lips. When you both leaned away you laid your forehead upon his, smiling and biting your bottom lip…
Andy closes his eyes and whispered..
“We will fight this together baby..I promise you wont be alone in this battle anymore.”
And then…
he sealed the deal by pressing his lips against your forehead.

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