attempted forehead kiss
“I am sorry Okumura-san. I know my apology means nothing when compared to your pain. It also doesn’t change the fact that I would have done it again if I had to.


summary: they were best friends, like siblings as they often tell the others, but just as the battle of hogwarts is taking place, one of them decides that it’s the best time to confess certain feelings — not exactly the right moment when you may or may not face death while protecting the castle.

a/n: fRED DOESN’T DIE HERE BECAUSE I SAID SO OKAY. oh and this is a bit cliche but meh, i’m a sucker for cliche and fluffy stories lol (and my writing here isn’t the best, i’m sorry 😂)

also this has been sitting on my drafts for a long time and i finally decided to finish it since classes are suspended from where i’m from ahaha.


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SNOW pt.1

summary: after the accident, you were told your memories would come back to you, but it had been 3 years and you still didn't know who you really were. 
Bucky remembers you, you were one of the things he clearly remembered but when he approached you and the life that had once flourished in your eyes was gone, as with the memory of him, was it worth the risk of telling you?

Pairing: buckyxreader + the Avengers 

word count: 1.7k


“There used to be 5 of us…but now I’m all alone.” murmured the girl.

her fingertips played with a thread which she had found uncut on the oversized jacket that hung off her shoulders. with hollow eyes, her attention became fixed to the room that confined her. it was rather large, larger than she had realized since she had entered and to the left of where she now sat,  was pure glass stretching right across the wall in hopes of showing off the forest that surrounded the building. the view was comforting to (y/n) as tho she found peace in the mystery which lurked behind the parts of the forest that was visible. directly opposite her was another chair made from creme leather, accommodated by a woman whose blonde hair fell a little too perfect just above her shoulders. The woman’s eyes drifted back and forth from the patient to her note book, jotting down things that her patient spoke as she tried to understand and help in any way that she could.

1 hour had passed since you had walked into her office and she had only gotten a few things from you, yet amazed at how open and strong you were considering the things you had spoken of.

She took note of the accident which resulted in the death of your family and she took into account of how little you remember of what happened, or where you were going that day.  But, what seemed strange was how when she asked about the years before the tragedy, confusion washed acrosses your face.

“the nurse on staff that night told me that the crash resulted in my memory loss, she told me that with time they would eventually come back but 3 years have passed by and it’s all still a blur. The hardest part of it all was not knowing who i was, not being able to remember the years before the crash and trying to build the foundation of my life back up again.

friends would come up to me yet all i would see was a stranger and a relative would talk to me as if we had known each other forever,” you mumbled, snapping the thread which you had been twirling between the pads of your fingers.

“I guess the only good thing that came out of it all is, because there was no memory or emotional context linked between my family and me, there was no feeling of grief or sadness when the nurse broke the news ”

The woman, whose gaze was in her book with a gold pen at hand scribbling down every word that had just been spoken was too much in trance, that she didn’t hear the click of the door as you made you way out of the building and back to what you only remembered

being alone,

a week had passed by since you had gone to see a therapist, although you heard great things about that specific facility, the boredom of sitting in that room, with a woman who you barely knew didn’t feel welcoming, or right. thou three 3 years had passed by and the struggle of trying to grasp onto your past still haunted you whether you denied it or not, you began to find something to appreciate as the sunlight shone through your window each morning, even if it had to be as little as the breath of morning air.

with the silence that followed the stop of your typing fingers, and the close of your MacBook marked that your day was finished, you leaned back in your chair with back arching in harmony with your arms towering high above your head, stretching out from the frozen position you had once been it. slouching your way over to the open wardrobe, you snatched your running gear from the shelf it was neatly placed on and slowly got changed. There wasn’t much motivation to go for a run tonight, but you found the empty streets and cold air calming, as if this type of atmosphere was something you were used to in the past, it brought the sense of what you thought home might feel like.
Your feet guided you out the streets where normally people would crowd your path, and onto a stretch of land where trees rose towards the moonlight. you were always a sucker for scenic views and loved the feeling of how the glow of every window that you passed, illustrated an individual, living in their own little world.

And As you went on to stare at the path in front of you, and take in the view of the buildings flooding the sky, something felt off. Adrenalin rushed through your body and natural instincts kicked in. you found your arms were crossed over in defense, whilst your torso and legs were in a fighting stance. with squinted eyes, you mapped out the area trying to find something which wasn’t familiar, and as a crack of a stick came from behind, an unwelcome feeling of danger crept in. the mere second that every thing played out, you knew you were too late, you wouldn’t be able to turn around fast enough to see what or who had triggered that noise.
the next thing you knew was A cold sensation embracing your shoulder.  A chilling sting sent shivers to your core, but not before you noticed how much the shape resembled fingers.  

“снег” the figure behind you breathed close to your right ear, slowly releasing the grip around your shoulder.

using this as your only moment to escape you brought both your elbows to the stomach of who was behind you succeeding in Hearing a painful moan leave lips of who ever had grabbed you.
without turning back, your legs broke into a sprint, running faster than you ever thought you could. Your ears pounded, but it wasn’t enough to stop the sound of heavy footsteps gaining up on you.

“снег” The figure called out again in a masculine voice

“снег” he cried out again while still on your 6

“(Y/N)” pleaded the man followed by his footsteps coming to a halt.

Spinning around to the plea of your name, your eyes widened when noticing the man who had just touched you had, in fact, a metal arm. It illuminated in the darkness as the moonlight bounced off the plated arm, the sight took your thoughts away as you felt bound to the glow as if in those few moments you felt complete… until you caught sight of the red star an inch below the shoulder of the metal.

Gulping down the bile which had risen to your throat at the sight of the star, your (e/c) eyes glanced up to meet his face.  the dim light which cascaded across his skin made his cheeks looked chiseled, well what you could make out due to his long black hair taking covering his face. hesitantly looking up to face him, you were meet with icy blue eyes pooling into your own.
Panic consumed your body, you could feel your chest tighten as you began to struggle to breathe, you felt as though the eyes that stared back at you, could not just view your appearance, but also your soul.

“Who are you?” is all you managed choak out.

“what do you mean who are you? we trained together…” bleated the man whose brows were now stitched together,

you both stood in silence for a few moments, neither knowing what to say.

“Sorry, I’m Bucky I must have the wrong person… you just really remind me of someone” he managed to say before disappearing into the evening.

looking around back to the illuminated windows and trees that soared high above, you tried to ground yourself back into reality, not knowing what to make out of the strange encounter.
as you finally felt your feet pick up the pace again the name of the man who you had just seen played of your mind. what did he mean train with? who the hell is bucky?
people had come upto you before that had known the part of you which had been forgotten, but something about this time felt different, as though he might have been apart of your life. a lost feeling emerged from a forgotten place deep within, you felt a sort of grief, and as you tried to remember pushing yourself harder then you ever had before, your cheeks became stained with hot sticky tears.

“STEVE” bellowed bucky as he made his way out of the elevator and into the compound. his fists were clenched at his sides as he marched towards steves room, but just before he could knock on the door he was greeted by his old friend who didn’t see to pleased to see him at this hour of the night.

“what is it Bucky’ groaned steve “its like one in the morning cant it wait till tomorrow”

“i saw her, she was running through the park and didn’t even recognize me”

“what?.. who did you see, and what were you doing out this late at night?” Steve questioned wandering out of the door frame and into the kitchen to grab a drink of water. he was used to Buckys nightmares but wasn’t use to seeing him like this. bucky was on Steves heels taking a seat at the breakfast bar.

“From my time as the winter soldier, I trained with снег, her real name was  (y/n). we spent years together, going on missions and training together. i might not remember a lot but the memory of her is clear as day. And then she disappeared, and I went into cryo”

he was about to continue when steve butted in

“Are you sure it was her? and not someone else?” asked Steve downing the last drop of water from his glass.

“it was her, she had the same scar on her right shoulder that I left” whispered Bucky “ and it was like the life had left her eyes when she turned to me, she seemed so lost, so distant, so cold like снег(snow)”

steve watched as Bucky eyes scrunched together as he talked about her, and he couldn’t  help but here the pain mixed with affection in his voice.

“go to bed buck, get some sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day”

Girls Night

 This was it, your first girls night in ages. You, Nat, Wanda and Maria had gone out for a nice dinner and drinks, nothing outrageous; you’d told your babysitters you’d be home around 10:30. But about halfway through the night you started to get hundreds of texts flooding your phone. Okay, hundreds was a dramatic way of putting it but still.

 It started about five minutes after you got your meal,


    Hey, Lily is too young for Astro-Physics right?


    Ignore Barnes everything is fine.

 You chuckled to yourself and didnt reply to either of them. You would have had your husband watch Lily, it would have been ideal, but with him out of town you were left with no other option but earth’s mightiest heros to watch your toddler. Fifteen minutes later and…


    Okay, just so you know, Tony is going to have your walls re-painted. Lily and Steve got super into finger painting. There might be a Van Gogh in the hallway courtesy of the captain.

 You almost choaked but managed to keep a straight face at the table.

 “You good?” Wanda asked catching the brief struggled you’d had.

 “Yeah, I’m just starting to second guess my babysitting choices.” You chuckled.

 “Oh, no. What happened?” Maria asked taking a sip of her wine.

 “Nothing, I think.” You checked your phone for anymore texts and were relieved to see there were none.

 The evening continued on nicely and then came the dessert course.


   Lily had mac n’ cheese for dinner with some carrots and peaches.


   What Bucky isn’t telling you is that he’s spoiled your daughter and also gave her three scoops of ice cream, popcorn and a half a snickers bar.


   Sam talks to birds, you can’t believe a thing he says.

 You took a deep breath and ignored them. If she had that much sugar she should go crazy for a bit and then crash. It was fine. It’s gonna be fine.

 You and the girls got your check but decided to hit up a coffee shop since you didn’t have to be back for another hour and a half. You had just gotten your drink when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket.



 She was crying? Well, had Thor figured out how to turn off the caps lock on his phone, this would propbably seem less dramatic.

 “Ladies,” You said with a sigh.

 “They can’t handle it, can they?” Nat asked with a smirk.

 “No.” You smiled as everyone headed for the door. “And apparently Lily is crying.”

 “Poor thing.” Wanda cooed.


   What’s Lily’s favorite movie?


   If I promise to take her to Disney do you think she would calm down enough to go to sleep?


   My mom used to give me a spoonfull of Gin to get me to go to sleep. Is that allowed?

 You panicked and fumbled to text Bucky back.


   I’ve locked Mr. Barnes out of the liquor cabnets, the bar downstairs, and Mr. Stark’s personal collection.

 You sighed and braced yourself on Natasha showing them the texts that had stopped your heart. They thought it was funnier than you did.


   Meg, I’m so sorry. I’ve tried everything but she really wants you.

 - I’m headed back now. ETA 10 minutes. Tell her I’m coming and put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The one called “Little Parade”.


 You took a deep breath and looked out the window of the cab. Eight more minutes and you could hold your baby.

The cab ride was short and you found yourself almost sprinting to the elevators at Stark Tower. When the doors finally opened you followed the sound of Mickey and the gang and found Lily and the boys watching the T.V.

 Bucky was holding Lily and he whispered something in her ear. She snapped her head around and climbed out of his lap, running to your arms.

 You scooped her up and could see that she had been crying pretty hard. She held onto you pretty tight and within minutes was asleep on your shoulder.

 You thanked everyone for their help and took Lily to your room, tonight you’d snuggle your baby and make sure you were there when she woke up in the morning. She was your world and you’d give up ever going out again just to be with her.

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"You can't keep showing up here."

“I know Chrissie but-”

“No, there are no buts Robert” she snaps, breathing in through her nose. “Seb isn’t yours and the sooner you wrap your head around that, the better it’ll be for everyone.”

Robert wishes it was that simple, wishes he didn’t care-wished his heart wasn’t shattering into unsalvageable pieces. 

He stares down at his feet; eyes his bruised knuckles as he does so, feel’s the bone of his right leg, still after months not entirely healed.

“I can’t,” he whispers, eyes planted on the ground. 

Chrissie sighs, folding her arms tightly against her chest. “Look, I’m about to tell you something that if you ever repeat to anyone, I’ll deny, even on my deathbed okay?

Robert nods simply, eyes cautiously looking up to meet Chrissie’s. They’ve gone soft, he never thought he’d see that softness again, not directed at him. Not after everything he’d done.

“I’m sorry. You may be one son of a bitch, but you were one hell of a dad, and we might never know if Rebecca knew he wasn’t yours, or if she was just as in the dark as the rest of us but no one can take that away from you.

“You know,” Robert choaks, tears brimming in his eyes, “I was just driving home from work and for a second I forget, I found myself turning left, and up to Home Farm to see my son. And it’s funny because for the first time in weeks, for that drive, I wasn’t so heartbroken.

“I’m leaving tomorrow-maybe I should have said something sooner but I knew it would be difficult and I thought a clean break would be for the best. Seb needs stable, and this place, it’s got too many ghosts around every corner.”

“Where will you go?”


Half a world away, and maybe it’s for the best. Maybe once they were gone Robert could finally start to heal, to move on. He doubts it.

“Go home, Robert. Go home to your husband and move on. There’s nothing left for you here.”




So he does, he drives home, pulling up the Mill and stands outside the front door for a good five minutes before Aaron catch’s him through the kitchen window and comes outside to join him. They stand out there, the winter bitter cold against the skin, for over an hour, they don’t talk, Aaron just places an arm around Robert’s shoulder, and they’re silent. Aaron knows.

He does go home. Stays in bed the next day and imagines Chrissie leaving, imagines her packing Seb’s things in the back of her car, or a moving truck and leaving the village. He’ll never see her again. He’ll never see him again.

He does go home, stays close to Aaron the day after that. They both take the day off work, drinking cups of tea underneath the blankets on the sofa. Maybe Seb will find him one day, maybe he’ll turn up a fifteen-year-old kid, wanting to know the dad he almost had. 

He goes home every day after that too, to Aaron and Liv; where he belongs. 

Marks (Rodrick Heffley x reader smut)

Request:“But…a biting Rodrick fic tho?” ~ Anonymous

What is it with you guys and biting? Fuck, I ain’t complaining! 🤘❤

A/N: Another biting fic for you guys! This time with our wonderfully awkward Rodrick! As always, don’t be afraid to make requests! I do more than Rodrick and The 100! ❤

Warnings: NSFW, biting (obviously), etc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The room was dark, the only light sorce being the hallway light from under the door, and the moonlight through the windows. You sat on the bed, your heart racing, your chest felt like it would cave in at any moment. You watched as Rodrick carefully closed the bedroom door. The sound of the party down strairs were muffled, but still relatively clear. He turned to look at you, with a nervous gaze. He gave a small smile, and awkward one, but it was still so sweet. You looked up at him with big eyes, the most innocent, and captivating look you could muster. Kissing during a game of spin the bottle was one thig. Kissing again after, was another. Making out a little on the host’s couch, well, thats what got you here.

Rodrick sat down on the bed next to you, your eyes met, and you wantes nothing else in that moment but him.

“I-I’ve never really…” His was voice was quiet and soft.

“Neither have I.” His eyebrows went up, as if surprised, or maybe relieved. If only you knew how you made him feel. How you make his knees go weak, and how you made his heart skip a beat. How he had to constantlt wipe his palms because you made them so sweaty. How much, he wanted you. You weren’t sure whether to kiss him, or let him kiss you. It was a totaly mess. It wasn’t realpy clear, until Rodrick leaned in and kissed you. Passionately. From then on, things just fell into place. He layed you down so he could throw his leg over your waist. You felt light headed but you loved every second of it. Rodrick was a surprisingly good kisser! He was gentle at first, but now, you liked the roughness. The way he strattled you, the way he practically towered over you. He made you feel small in the best way possible. His hands reached down, and started roughky groping. He was needy, desperate. You could clearly feel his erection through his jeans rub against your lower belly. You wanted him so badly. You practically tore off his shirt, and tossed it aside. Granting you a wonderful view.

From that point on he went wild. You’d never seen Rodrick like this before. Something became animalistic almost. He had to have you. He stood, and took off your clothes one by one until you were almost fully naked. Once your bra came off, he groped and pawed. He took a nipple in his mouth, and he moaned. You couldn’t help but gasp as you felt him suck, and eventually bite. A small cry escaped your mouth as he bit down, the weirdest sensation of pain and pleasure soaking through you.

“Fuck…Rodrick.” You moaned, he pulled away a looked at what he had done. He had left a bruise at least, if not a few teeth marks. It snapped him out of it, and he slowly looked up at you with wide, apologetic eyes.

“I am…so sorry. Are you okay-” You cut him off with another passionate kiss. You didn’t want him to stop. It felt so good, he could bite you all he wanted, it didn’t matter. As if on command that trance-like state washed over him again. His hands grabbed your hips as you pulled down his pants in a hurry. Fuck was that boy hot. You bit your lip as you watched him pull out his full erect cock. You felt your knees go weak. Once your panties fell to the floor, all bets were off. He spread your legs so he could stare at your fully exposed body. You watched his chest heave before he quickly came back down for another kiss. Before you knew it, he had slid his tip into your soaking wet pussy. Then he slowly thrusted in, enjoying every second of the way you felt. He gave a groaning whimper, before he started thrusting. You gasped as he pumped in and out. His cock stretching, and filling so perfectly. How was he hitting all the right spots? This awkward, and dorky guy you’d had a massive crush on, was secretly something an animal in the bedroom. He held your hips, and pounded into you. The sounds he made met by yours. His grunts and moans only furthering your pleasure. Fuck, he was so hot. You were so close, your orgasm building. You watched him as he supported himself over you, his eyes shut opening every now and then. As if to make sure it was still you beneath him.

“Oh..God.” He choaked out, before he lunged forward. He bit your neck, and sucked, hard. Leaving a clear mark. You cried out, it sending you over the edge. You came around his thrusting cock, as it continued to fuck you. He held you tightly against his chest as he fucked you again and again. As he left bite marks all over your neck and breasts. Until finally your second orgasm drove him over the edge. He grunted, and gasped. His jaw dropping as he practically clung to you. He pumped his seed deep inside of you.

“Fuck…” You managed to sigh. He nodded, and started coming back to earth. He looked down at you, and kissed you again. Something more tender, more affectionate. He pulled out and away, looking down at you.

“Oh shit, Y/N.” You looked down, you couldn’t see most of them, but the bite marks were visible. “I’m sorry does it hurt?”

“I mean, yeah.” You were gonna lie. “But…I like it.” You bit your lip. He gave a small huff with an almost proud smile.

“Thats gonna be hard to cover up.”

“Then, I wont.” You started putting your clothes back on. “I’ll wear them, proudly.” You flirted. His awkwardness came back, a mixture of turned on, and nervous filled him. “How can I deny it? You’ve marked me.” Another kiss, just to seal the deal.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Can you do yandere 1p Germany reacting to his s/o being killed by someone by accident?

Ludwig stared at the car dumbly. He couldn't believe it. It felt like his whole body had turned to ice, like time had frozen. The door to the car opened and suddenly time moved again. He bolted to his lover, falling to his knees as he cradled them to his chest. 

“I-ill call an ambulance.” The driver of the car looked away from the wounded person with guilt as they fumbled with their phone. Ludwig nodded. 

“Hurry!” He shouted at the stranger, worried. He felt their breaths come out, short and labored, eyes fluttering, confused and unfocused. Their limbs were bent in odd directions and blood poured out of a wound on their side, soaking Ludwig’s shirt with blood. He pushed on the wound, hoping to staunch the bleeding, but they had already lost so much blood. Ludwig choaked back a sob. 

“L-Ludwig?” S/o mumbled out, disoriented. 

“Yes?’ Ludwig cupped their cheek. “I’m here.” he felt like his heart was being torn to shreds. Since it was their birthday and they had been obedient he had decided he would take them out for a little while. They had just gotten ice cream together after they had had a romantic dinner. They had been happy, they were starting to accept him. Now it was all slipping away. He laced a kiss on their head, and then their nose, and then finally their mouth before pulling away, the first tears falling.

“It hurts.” S/o choked out. Ludwig clenched his jaw. 

“I know it does, but please hold on, please, I love you!” Ludwig felt like he was pleading with the forces of nature, with god, with death. None of them seemed to hear, or care. All Ludwig could do was sob as he held them. He felt them go slack his arms and he sobbed loudly. He heard sirens approach as an ambulance pulled up to the street, paramedics rushing up to them. He felt himself being pulled away from his love, a flurry of questions thrown at him. All he could do was stare, watching them carry away the love of his life. He answered what he could and the paramedics began to pack up, getting ready to head to the hospital. The person who had ripped away his world walked up to him, abashed. 

“I'm so sorry.”  They looked at him guiltily. 

“You will be.” Ludwig committed their face to memory. He would destroy them. He felt himself be pulled away into the ambulance. They closed the doors and began to drive, sirens blaring. The paramedics flittered here and there, but there was nothing they could do. Ludwig was holding their hand as they breathed their last breath. At the hospital, they carried them away in a body bag. All he could do was sob. That night, he grabbed his gun, hunting down s/o’s murderer. 

Happy mother's day to abused kids

Stay safe.

If you have the option to avoid her, avoid her.

If you have to get her a present, do your best to avoid looking like you don’t care.

If she says something rude, choak it down, you’ll be away from her soon enough.

Don’t let her hurt you.

Please be safe and don’t do something that will cause you harm.

You’ll be away from her soon enough.

Stay strong, I know it’s hard, but stay strong.

I love you.

Seventeen As Family On Thanksgiving

S. Coups - Most successful in the family. Owns five cars and throws stories about his prosperous job in everyone’s face.

Jeonghan - The aunt that got divorced 4 times but is still trying to find “the one.” Keeps needing to freshen up her makeup.

Woozi - Grandpa with cool vests. Constantly having Vietnam War flashbacks. Choaks on his food every once in a while. Grumpy and likes to nap but jokes around 89% of the time. Everyone wonders how he’s still living.

Vernon- The one cousin who thinks he’s the shit because he got I’m school suspension for writing “Let’s get fucking lit” on the white board at school.

Mingyu - Setting the table and puts the silverware in the wrong spots.

Seungkwan - Cousin playing King and Peasants with Vernon and The 8 outside. Throws a fit because the silverware isn’t in the right spot

Joshua - “Let’s pray for this food we’re about to eat. Any one want to do it? Fine, I will. ”

The 8 - Took two hours getting ready for dinner. Actually happy to be there.

Wonwoo- Emo cousin who says maybe one or two words, eats dinner, and hides in the back room listening to music.

DK - Drunk aunt who sings Christmas carols and insists they play Christmas music while they cook

Dino - Kept bugging the members about wanting a certain dish. Needs reinsurance that he is wanted in the family. Wants to go outside and play tag but is sick.

Jun - Brought his girlfriend. On the couch holding hands while watching TV until it’s time to leave.

Hoshi - Coloring on the kitchen floor. “I made only two B’s on my report card.” Keeps “tasting” the pie on the counter.

I remember it well

“How long?” Caroline asked her husband who was undressing at the end of the bed.

He furrowed his brows momentarily before taking note of her hands placed delicately on her slightly swollen abdomen.
“Oh,” he said, the penny dropping. He considered the matter for a moment. “I have no idea,” he admitted freely.

“I see your esteemed reputation is much exaggerated by the fishwives, Dr. Enys. Perhaps I should request Dr. Choake examine me,” she teased.

“You will do no such thing,” he said seriously. “Besides,” he continued, a cheeky grin forming on his face. “I daresay even the most astute physician in all the world could not say indefinitely. They would be most overwhelmed by the number of possibilities for the date of conception.”

Before Dwight could say anything else, a large embroidered pillow hit him forcefully in the face. He roared with laughter at having gotten a rise out of his wife, though his comment was not false.

“Well, then, I must be the true Dr. Enys for I believe I know which date,” she gloated.

Dwight ceased the action of removing his socks and met his wife’s mirthful gaze. “Oh? Which?” he asked, genuinely curious.

Caroline patted the blanketed space next to her. “First you must come abed and then I shall tell you.”

He smiled and obliged, climbing underneath the obscene amount of fabric, sighing as his muscles relaxed into the soft linen. “So, Miss Penvenen, pray tell.” He propped himself up on a tired elbow. “Sorry, do excuse my discourtesy, Dr. Enys,” he amended playfully.

“Mrs. Enys should be quite agreeable, thank you,” she amended further, carefully enunciating ‘Mrs. Enys’ as though it were the greatest possible ranking bestowed to any living being. “June 27th,” she attested with confidence.

Dwight’s brilliant mind went into overdrive as it tried to recall birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, anything that would possibly mark that day out from any other. After several moments of quiet, Dwight, defeated, finally inquired: “And what makes you think so?”

“We had just attended the most insufferable of dinners at Tehidy, wherein all the talk was of politics and France, and of course I - being a woman - was not entitled to have an opinion on such matters. We made an excuse and left insociably early.”

“Ah, yes,” he remembered. “In the carriage I so longed for you to be rid of all of that extra material, as you are now, so that I may take you to bed.”

“I believe it was I who took you to bed that night, my love.”

“Unsurprising- a regular occurrence,” he jested. This had very nearly earned Dwight another pillow to the face. He thought about how to appease her and inched closer. “I remember it well.”

Caroline sat up slightly. “Perhaps you should relay it to me, husband dear, I fear I have quite forgotten.” She arched her eyebrow slightly and controlled the faint smile on her lips.

Dwight stared at her - wondering if the long, dark shadows of the candlelight tricked him into seeing a light in her eyes that wasn’t truly there. He licked his lips. “Perhaps I will,” he drawled.
He sat up and cleared his throat over-dramatically. “It began in the carriage,” he started, “we’d scarce had a breath since Bargus Crosslanes and as we neared home you were in haste to remove my waistcoat and-” He paused as she slowly ran a hand under his night shirt and over his chest, her fingernails grazing the hair that grew there.

“And?” she asked casually, as though she had not destroyed his entire train of thought with simply one touch.

“And,” he stammered, his heart racing. He cleared his throat slightly and a small smile etched itself onto his features. “And,” he continued confidently. “I was in haste to remove your necklace, so that I may do this.” He carefully pushed her curly mane over her shoulder and placed several hot kisses from her jawline to her prominent collarbone. She sighed blissfully and leaned into him but he pulled away tauntingly.
“And then, I believe, we soon arrived at Killewarren and quickly removed our coats and hats and raced each other to the bedroom,” he stated matter-of-factly. “I won,” he added.

“You did not!” she protested.

He silenced her with a soft but eager kiss. “Hush, my love. This is my story.” She pursed her lips, amused, and said nothing more.
“Once finally in our room, I expertly removed your gown.” This earned him an eye roll. “That godforsaken pannier and finally your stays.” He motioned opening them. “Then you removed my neckcloth.” He paused as she placed her warm hands on either side of his neck. “My waistcoat,” he continued as she moved one hand down to his chest. “My shirt,” she tugged his night shirt over his head with ease. He hesitated slightly: “My trousers,” her hand slid further down his body until they reached the seam of his breeches. He gulped, his eyes darkening. “Then I removed your stockings,” he said, inching closer to her, his hand running up her long, bare leg. “Your shift,” he did so now, pausing to appreciate her beauty. He chuckled darkly: “And then we-”

She stole his words with a desperate, passionate kiss and he said nothing more. In fact, nothing more was said until morning, save the occasional murmur of the other’s name.

Ted’s notebook: [talking how Mercedes doesn’t want Alonso, even if Fernando offers again to drive for free, as long as Lewis is on the team]… but if Lewis decides to do “Rosberg” for whatever reason… 

me: *dead* *choaking* IF LEWIS DECIDES TO DO ROSBERG? *dead again*

anonymous asked:

Okay, so more about you being tiny. Imagine it's King's day and when the meetings over he takes you to his treehouse and you cuddke up to a bunch a squirrels. And King thinks its the cutest thing in the world. On Yandere's day you just hang out in his hair and everytime he's about to kill someone you just start petting his hair.

That is true! There are moments where king will let you help feed all of his loyal subjects! The squirrels take a quick liking to you, snuggling up to you everytime King brings you home. “Awwww! My cute little queen/king and her/his subjects!” You can almost see the hearts in his eyes.

Giants calming down with tiny head scratches is my freakin aesthetic-
Like you’re just lost in a sea of red, floofy hair and as soon as you hear yandere growl you know what to do. He could be in the middle of choaking someone to death and you could just scratch his head! Poor yandere here will shoot up with a sparkly gaze, purring like a kitten as he flops onto the floor, minding the fact that you are in his hair. Its not just because the scratching feels nice but its the fact that HIS SENPAI IS ACTUALLY TOUCHING HIM LOVINGLY! Poor man just melts at this, giving who ever he had attempted to murder a chance to escape.

Uuuuugh i love these-


On October 30, 1966, in Riverside, California, Cheri Jo Bates was found dead on the campus of Riverside City College. She was stabbed multiple times and beaten severly. Investigators didn’t seem to find any suspect who could have murdered Bates, but the whole story changed circa 30 days later after the murder of Bates occurred. Two identical typewritten letters titled “THE CONFESSION” were sent to the Riverside Police Department and the Riverside Press Enterprise. The Writer of both letters claimed responsibility for the murder of Bates. Due to the nature of the letter and the crime itself, the suspicion later fell directly on the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified serial killer who operated in California in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The Killer sent taunting letters to the police and local press. He claimed to have killed over 37 people. In one letter he sent on March 13, 1971, to the Los Angeles Times, the Zodiac Killer even accepted responsibility for the murder of Cheri Jo Bates. However, due to the lack of evidence, the case still remains unsolved.

The creepy letter shown above contained the following text:




Greetings, all! What follows is something I’ve been wanting to address for a while. It’s a bit of a headache (I know, believe me——I had to write it all out xD), so bear with me, please. :) (A big thanks to born-to-be-admired for contributing to this post as well!)

I have stated multiple times, as I’m sure many of you have noticed, that myself and my exclusive partners do not abide by the canon of S3 of the new series (Or S2 beyond E04) of Poldark. Sadly, both S3 and a great deal of S2 do a horrible job portraying both events and characters, straying dramatically not only from the source content (The novels) but more importantly, from the already existing canon of the show (Most notably in the cases of characters such as George, Elizabeth, Demelza, and Caroline). Also, both butcher the passage of time beyond recognition. As a result, we have been now been presented with versions of events/characters that I consider to be poorly conceived of and in some cases entirely inaccurate, and so don’t abide by.

Let me just start off by saying that I am in no way attempting to dictate other people’s portrayals——like me, you’re free to run with whatever version of the canon you want, for whatever your reasons. As I’ve said before, the canon I abide by is taken essentially from the books, with modifications made to allow for the canon of S1 of the new series (And S2 up to E04), which is my first and foremost source.

This doesn’t mean that I’m unwilling to interact with people who don’t abide by all the same canon as me——as I’ve said, I’m not here to dictate other people’s portrayals, and so long as blatant contradictions don’t arise in our interactions, we’re probably going to be okay. However, if contradictions are raised, and it becomes clear that our versions of events/characters are very different, I may be forced to drop the exchange. Obviously, it just doesn’t work to have my character saying one thing happened and yours saying another when that thing is meant to be an indisputable fact.

So, what I would request first and foremost is that you don’t assume when RPing with me that anything happened like it happened in S3 of the new series, or in S2 from E04 onward. I understand this may be confusing for some people (Particularly those who haven’t read the books), and that you may be wondering what remains and what doesn’t, and in the cases of the things that don’t, what occurs instead. I will try to outline some of the differences I think are most likely to arise below.

Of course, there’s a lot I could go into——the vast majority of George’s behavior in S3 is illogical, and that’s not even touching on other characters/events. That said, I will try to keep this short and highlight the points which I feel are most likely to come up during interaction, and which could be potentially detrimental to that exchange (And not go into all of the whys, since that would get unnecessarily lengthy). Also, I won’t delve too deeply into anything involving only myself and my exclusive partners, as we’re already on the same page, and that information isn’t going to be of a lot of use to other people.

First off, let’s talk about the passage of time in the new series. This is very complicated and messy (Take my word for it), but I will try to put it as simply as possible: not as much time passes in the new series as passes in the books. Of course, this shouldn’t matter much, provided the story is adapted to suit. But it isn’t. Instead, there comes a time in S2 where to the new series fails to acknowledge the fact that less time has gone by (And does nothing to compensate for the time lost). In other words, with the passage of time the show has presented, it is not possible for the year to be 1794 at the start of S3, but the series writers choose to behave as if the year is 1794 just the same. The year should in fact be 1791, and this is what myself and my exclusive partners run with. This means that George and Elizabeth’s marriage takes place in 1790, and Valentine and Clowance’s births in 1791. Agatha’s death would take place in 1792. Morwenna’s arrival at Trenwith/Drake and Sam’s arrival at Nampara, however, must still take place in the year of 1794 (Again, I won’t go into all of the reasons why. Just take my word for it). This also means that Dwight (Who would have joined the Navy in 1790 instead of 1793) is at sea for longer before he is taken prisoner.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to those points I was going to highlight. Again, these are taken directly from the novels, with some small modifications made to allow for the canon of S1 (And S2 up to E04), which remains my first and foremost canon source.

- Both Jud and Prudie have been dismissed from service at Nampara by the time of Valentine’s birth (They still live nearby in the village of Sawle), having been replaced by John and Jane Gimlett.

- Dwight does not attend Elizabeth during Valentine’s birth. Rather, she is attended first by Dr. Choake, and then by Dr. Behenna.

- Dwight does not treat Valentine when he develops rickets. This also falls to Dr. Behenna.

- George does not question Dwight about Valentine’s prematurity. These questions are posed to Dr. Behenna.

- George and Geoffrey Charles get along well prior to George discovering that he and Morwenna have been associating with Drake.

- Geoffrey Charles does not take interest in visiting Ross, or in mining.

- Morwenna’s appointment as Geoffrey Charles’s governess is a mutual decision reached by George and Elizabeth, both of whom are in favor of the idea. George does not spring her appointment on Elizabeth, and Geoffrey Charles is informed he is to have a governess beforehand.

- George never deliberately attempts to use Morwenna to put distance between Elizabeth and Geoffrey Charles, but rather hopes that her presence will better prepare Geoffrey Charles for the more disciplined environment he will be faced with when he begins attending school.

- Elizabeth, while saddened by the growing distance between herself and Geoffrey Charles, is never resentful towards Morwenna, and is only ever kind to her.

- Morwenna, while greatly taken with Drake and influenced by her feelings for him, always maintains a strong regard for what is expected of her and their respective social standings. She would never lightly disgrace her family, or abandon them financially by marrying a penniless man without their consent. She feels not only a considerable obligation to conform to what is socially acceptable, but also a genuine desire to please and care for her family.

- Morwenna and Drake at no point agree to marry (Prior to their marriage near the end of The Angry Tide, that is).

- Geoffrey Charles, while very pleased that Drake and Morwenna are friends, takes a greater interest in his own friendship with Drake. He is not aware of Drake and Morwenna’s romantic interest in one another, and does not attempt to encourage it.

- Demelza, while disappointed that Ross does not accept the magistracy he was offered, is not critical of his decision. She does feel as though he could have effected positive change had he taken the position, but she is far more deeply troubled by the fact that she feels he has declined an honor that was his by right, and she feels badly that he will not receive the recognition she believes he deserves. However, she fully supports his decision, and firmly believes he should only do what he feels to be right. This incident does not create any contention between them.

- While George is eager to make a good match for Morwenna for his own personal benefit, he also looks to please Elizabeth by securing an advantageous marriage for cousin, as well as to prevent Morwenna further influencing Geoffrey Charles (By sending her away), as he believes her influence to be a poor one. He also has a genuine concern for Morwenna’s future.

- Demelza and Morwenna do not meet prior to Morwenna’s marriage to Osborne.

- Ross did not torment George with toads while they were at school, and has nothing whatsoever to do with George’s dislike of them.

- On the sixth of June, after Drake has stopped bringing toads to Trenwith land but before his arrest for the theft of Geoffrey Charles’s bible, George and Elizabeth are informed by Clarence Odgers that Drake and Morwenna have been meeting. George, at this point, forbids Morwenna and Geoffrey Charles from seeing Drake. They meet once more at Trenwith in spite of this, and Geoffrey Charles gives Drake his bible.

- Drake’s bringing of the toads to Trenwith land and his supposed theft of Geoffrey Charles’s bible both take place prior to Dwight and Hugh’s rescue by Ross (The mission to France occurs immediately after Drake’s release).

- Morwenna marries Osborne while Drake is gone to France. Drake learns of Morwenna’s marriage to Osborne shortly after his return from France. Drake and Morwenna have no further contact after he returns.

- George does not make Morwenna’s marriage to Osborne a stipulation of Drake’s release; in fact, she has already heard of Drake’s release by the time she consents to marrying Osborne. In other words, although there is considerable pressure put upon her to do so, Morwenna is not forced to marry Osborne. Rather, she marries him because it is what is expected of her and what will most benefit her family, and also because (In spite of her love for him) she has always been aware that marrying Drake was never a rational option. Also because (Having heard of Drake’s arrest and feeling their relationship played a part) she does not wish to endanger him in future.

- Following Dwight and Hugh’s rescue, Ross and crew put in at Falmouth (Where the Blameys live), not at Hendrawna Beach.

- Following his imprisonment in France, Dwight’s physical health is compromised and he is left permanently weakened, which impacts his relationship with Caroline and his ability to practice his profession.

- Morwenna does not speak to anyone about the abuse she suffers at Osborne’s hands.

- Hugh does not sketch. Poetry is his only artistic endeavor.

- When Ross informs Demelza of his decision to decline a seat in Parliament, she is both pleased and relieved. As with the magistracy, she feels as though he might have effected positive change, and she would have been glad to see him do so—however, she feels he would have been very unhappy as a Member of Parliament, as there would have been a far greater likelihood of him being forced to deviate from his own beliefs and morals. Thus, she both supports and commends his decision to decline the offer.

- Demelza’s feelings for Hugh do not originate from spite or revenge. She does not wish to use him, and she does not indulge his advances out of resentment towards Ross. Rather, she comes to genuinely care for Hugh over a long period of time, and is particularly vulnerable to his attentiveness, as even when matters are well between her and Ross, he can be negligent of her more sensitive feelings. Hugh offers a kind of concern and thoughtfulness she has never been given before. When she learns of Ross and Elizabeth’s meeting in the graveyard, it does further distance her from Ross, which does make her more susceptible to her feelings for Hugh, but her own unfaithfulness is not an act of revenge. She never intends to be unfaithful, and she never intentionally encourages Hugh, though her feelings for him do undermine her efforts at times. When Hugh and Demelza do finally sleep together, it happens first and foremost because of her own deep feelings for him, developed over his many months of pursuit, and also out of sympathy, both for his illness, and for the love he bears her, as she knows she cannot truly give him what he wants.

- Though he has great misgivings about their relationship, and is fully aware that each has feelings for the other, Ross does not know that Demelza has been unfaithful to him until some time after the fact, when Hugh is on his deathbed. When he finds out, he reacts very badly.

Again, this is by no means everything wrong with S3, or everything that I do differently——but it does touch on a lot of the points I feel are more likely to come up. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a good one! ;)

Someone normal : Part 2. Joker x Reader x Harley

A/n: ughhhhhhhh finally got the writers block down !! Hope you like this one . Oh and btw special thanks to @bitch-its-bigbang for kick starting this part ;) 😘 also I’m in love with the lucifer tv series 😍any one interested to see a Lucifer Morningstar x Reader 😆😆

Plot : the reader is Jokers and Harley’s daughter and she makes friends with a civilian and normal girl her age

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Harley x (daughter)Reader

Warning : guns , swearing.

Someone normal : got caught.

She stared at you with her dark brown eyes , you staring back at her with your (y/e/c) ones  . You stood there for about 3 minutes before you broke the silence.

“Are you scared ? ”

You blinked a few times , not taking her eyes off you .

“No” …….. “Wait….what ? ” you asked her , surprised that she didn’t scream or call someone. Because let’s be honest there’s only one kid in this city who has a purple and gold revolver.  “I know who you are , but I’m not scared . If you wanted to kill me you would have done that when we meet right? ” she says .

True . J taught you how to kill . That you couldn’t trust anyone.  But right now you felt like you don’t have to obey the rules anymore . As you heard him say a few times “the only sensible way to live is without rules”.

“You … your  … Jokers Ace as he calls you ? ”

You smirked at her question “i guess you could say that . But I don’t really like that name so just call me (Y/n) kay?  ” she smiled at you and walked away and grabbing your jacket you followed her to the kitchen. 

You two had sandwiches together while you talked :

“So how did Joker found you ? ”

“Technically it was Harley but to awnser your question : they found me on the streets when I was 3 ”

“They taught you how to use a gun ”

“Yeah and how to throw knives, daggers,  small swards , swards ,to use grenades , bombs and so on and so on ”

“And that revolver? ”

“A gift from Harl ”

“How is it like to live with them ?”

“Well I don’t know…. normal ? I mean normal for us that is . I don’t think normal people go out once a week to hijack an expensive car to crash it in about an hour ”

And so you two talked , she would ask you all sorts of questions and you would laugh at the awnser. 

She was so calm . Even though she was sitting next to the daughter of the most wanted man in Gotham.  Talking to her made you forget how you almost got caught tonight. It was so strange.  You never had a person to talk to like this . To show of your revolver , and show off your knife throwing skills with huge kitchen knives .

You looked out the window to see the sun rising . You were tired and so was your new friend . You were about to say something when you welt your phone buzzing.  You pulled it out to see what’s up . It was a call.  From Joker . “Are you going to awnser? ” Karina asked after looking at your phone screen,  with a sigh you answered the call “yeah ? ” you say like nothing ever happened. 

“DOLL WHERE ARE YOU ?! DID YOU SHOOT THE BAT LIKE I TOLD YOU TO ?!” you heard him yelling and smiled “I’m fine J no need to yell and no I didn’t shoot the bat because a had to run away from him ” you say “oh now that’s disappointing there pumpkin but oh well,  we’ll get him next time.  Where are you ?” You slightly frowned “well I….” you didn’t know what to say.  If you tell him the truth he will be pissed and if you lie to him he will be pissed “(Y/n). I’ll ask again.  Where. Are. You. ” he asked again , this time his tone was more strict and much more dark . “Well …. I … I had to say at this girls place,  she thought I’m a stray and took me in , she left right now so I picked up the call ” ok that want exactly a lie right ? .

“Fine . Kill the girl and when your done call Frost to come get you , got it ” you slightly sighed “got it , see you soon , and tell Harl I’m fine .” You said before hanging up .

You looked at Karina, who heard everything . You got up from the chair and put on your jacket “what are going to do now ? ” she asked.  “I dunno but I’m definitely not killing you .”

You took out your phone again and looked at her again “Hey… um … you still interested … I’m being friends?  ” you asked,  not sure if you should have asked that . “Sure . I know it sounds weird and a little crazy but sure . I’ll be friends with you . It’s not every day you get to be friends with the daughter of the infamous Clown Prince of Crime right ” she smirked slightly.  You gave her your number before leaving the apparent building. 

You called up Frost who got to you in less than 20 minutes and before you knew in you were home .

Home sweet home. 

As soon as you got out of the car Harley grabbed you and huged you as tightly as possible saying things like “no more heists for my baby !!” or “did the nasty Bman hurt you ?!” All the while basically choaking you . “Calm down Harl and let her go she’s already turning blue ” Joker laughs as he sees your face turning blue from the lack of oxygen.  She let’s go and pulls you back home as she keeps saying “how worried I was for my little baby ” .

Yeah she loves you a bit too much .

You often glanced at J . He was acting as bit out of character.  He was too quiet.  “Ummm … J ? Are you mad I ruined the heist? ” you asked earning a look from him “I am disappointed in you about that pumpkin but seeing that you easily got away so quickly was a bit impressive ” he smirked , roughly patting your cheek “now go to your room and play , me and Harley have work to do ” he smiled looking at Harl than at you .

You noded your head and left to your room before falling to your bead .

What a day .

You were dowsing of to sleep when you heard your phone again . You got it out of your jacket and looked at it to see a text :

- hey ! Hope your home safe and didn’t get in to trouble.  I was wondering if we can hand out soon ? It was fun talking to a psycho xddd -K

You smiled at the text .

You might just got a normal friend.