Verity got up.
Her cloak fell away and showed the plain grey dimity frock, the bottom eight inches embroidered with mud and rain.
But it was at her face that Ross looked. She wore a full, uplifted, startled expression, as if she had seen a vision.
‘What is it?’
‘Ross, I thought I heard…’
They all listened.
‘Oh,’ said Ross harshly, 'there are children in the kitchen. There are children in the still-room and children for all I know in the clothes closet. Every age and size.’
Verity said: 'Ssh!

Choake fumbled for his bag. All his movements were clumsy and he made a great deal of noise.
'That is not a grown child!’ Verity said suddenly. 'That is not a grown child!’
They listened again.
'We must go to our patient,’ said Choake, suddenly ill at ease and faintly sly. 'We shall be ready for breakfast when we come down.’
He opened the door. The others followed him, but at the foot of the stairs they all stopped.
Prudie was on the top step. She was still wearing her night shift, with a coat over it, and her great figure bulged like an overfull sack. She bent to look at them, her long pink face bulbous and shining.
'We’ve done it!’ she shouted in her organ voice. 'Tes a gurl. We’ve gotten a gurl for ee. 'Andsomest little mite ever I saw. We’ve knocked her face about a small bit, but her’s as lusty as a little nebby colt. Hearer screeching!’
After a moment’s silence Choake cleared his throat portentously and put his foot on the bottom step. But Ross pushed him aside and went up the stairs first…
Poldark book 2 Demelza: book 1 chapter 1
By Winston Graham

Seventeen As Family On Thanksgiving

S. Coups - Most successful in the family. Owns five cars and throws stories about his prosperous job in everyone’s face.

Jeonghan - The aunt that got divorced 4 times but is still trying to find “the one.” Keeps needing to freshen up her makeup.

Woozi - Grandpa with cool vests. Constantly having Vietnam War flashbacks. Choaks on his food every once in a while. Grumpy and likes to nap but jokes around 89% of the time. Everyone wonders how he’s still living.

Vernon- The one cousin who thinks he’s the shit because he got I’m school suspension for writing “Let’s get fucking lit” on the white board at school.

Mingyu - Setting the table and puts the silverware in the wrong spots.

Seungkwan - Cousin playing King and Peasants with Vernon and The 8 outside. Throws a fit because the silverware isn’t in the right spot

Joshua - “Let’s pray for this food we’re about to eat. Any one want to do it? Fine, I will. ”

The 8 - Took two hours getting ready for dinner. Actually happy to be there.

Wonwoo- Emo cousin who says maybe one or two words, eats dinner, and hides in the back room listening to music.

DK - Drunk aunt who sings Christmas carols and insists they play Christmas music while they cook

Dino - Kept bugging the members about wanting a certain dish. Needs reinsurance that he is wanted in the family. Wants to go outside and play tag but is sick.

Jun - Brought his girlfriend. On the couch holding hands while watching TV until it’s time to leave.

Hoshi - Coloring on the kitchen floor. “I made only two B’s on my report card.” Keeps “tasting” the pie on the counter.