“Spidey, about before. You know I think you’re the best, right? And not just the superhero stuff. You’re a big brain, too. You should be over there with Reed and Tony, saving our butts.”
“Right, like I’m in their league.”
“Okay, so let them do their thing. You can go work on a fallback plan.”
“Johnny, look at the time. There’s no way I could… possibly… come up with… a fallback plan!” 

(ASM #648)

You know that I am very ugly.”
“I know that you are sublime,” she answered.
He resumed,—
“When you hear all the world laugh, they laugh at me because I am horrible.”
“I love you,” said Dea.
After a silence, she added,—
“I was in death; you brought me to life. When you are here, heaven is by my side. Give me your hand, that I may touch heaven.
—  The Man Who Laughs, Victor Hugo

would your character show up at Robert’s wake and survive a tiff between his ex-wife, his not-boyfriend, his daughter, cult people, and anti-cult people, over who gets to decide what to do with the body.