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Can I just say that you pointing out that people love to critique Felicity for being 10+ older than her character, but don't do the same to Diego? Like, hm, I wonder why people love to pull that card against her. It's been bugging me ever since the movie came out, so thank you for stating that it's an obsolete and ridiculous criticism!

You’re welcome. 

It’s particularly absurd because Diego Luna and Felicity Jones actually have the same age difference as Jyn and Cassian (four years), which makes them both too old by exactly the same amount. In both cases, it’s really obvious that they’re older. This is like a double standards trap just waiting to happen, and yet they keep stepping right into it.

V-E Day came three days later, but we didn’t wait to celebrate. We celebrated the night of the fifth. And the sixth. And the seventh. And the eighth, which was V-E Day proper, a glorious blue day that Captain Speirs spent throwing his empty champagne bottles off the balcony of his chalet and shooting at them blearily with a .45.
—  David Kenyon Webster, Parachute Infantry
Holland believes that each of us has what he calls an ‘identity theme,’ which is the pattern of our emotional challenges and coping strategies by which we respond to people and events on an everyday basis. To offer a simple example, if I don’t trust people who remind me of my emotionally manipulative Aunt Betty, then I won’t trust literary characters who remind me of her. And if I deal with my negative feelings about my Aunt Betty by refusing to see anything good in her at all—by reducing her to her character flaw so that I don’t have to deal with her emotionally—then I will deal in the same way with literary characters that remind me of her: by refusing to see anything good in them at all.

Lois Tyson, “Using concepts from reader-response theory to understand our own literary interpretations,” Using Critical Theory: How to Read and Write About Literature

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You’ll join our party towards the tavern, make contact with your father’s agent there and arrange for the acquisition of guns and shot. She’ll not enter the tavern. She won’t enter the tavern. She’ll have an escort of your choosing. She’ll be back on the water before anyone knows she’s there.