The empire survives in part because we believe its survival to be inevitable. But it isn’t. And they know that. That’s why they’re so terrified of you and I. If we were able to take Nassau, if we are able to expose the illusion that England is not inevitable, if we are able to incite a revolt that spreads across the New World, then yeah, I imagine people are gonna notice.


“Spidey, about before. You know I think you’re the best, right? And not just the superhero stuff. You’re a big brain, too. You should be over there with Reed and Tony, saving our butts.”
“Right, like I’m in their league.”
“Okay, so let them do their thing. You can go work on a fallback plan.”
“Johnny, look at the time. There’s no way I could… possibly… come up with… a fallback plan!” 

(ASM #648)

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Hoo boi I'm feeling nostalgic so I hope you know this au: Victuuri in the Percy Jackson verse <3

omgomg okay here are some headcanons i had with @actualyuuri

1. victor is a son of aphrodite and has the ability to charmspeak—not that he ever really needs to use it. his charisma is a force enough to be reckoned with, as is his athletic ability when it comes to capture the flag. everyone at camp half-blood knows that victor’s team always wins, and everyone’s expecting him to turn out to be some sort of hero.
as it is, yakov won’t let him go on any quests.
“oh, but the young man is sprightly and ready for it,” celestino urges, waving a glass of wine in the air.
yakov narrows his eyes. “i’d rather send your twins.”
celestino glances at where sara and michele are tending to the vineyard. he frowns. “well, perhaps sara could handle it, but michele…”

2. when yuuri joins camp half-blood, he’s twelve years old and has no memories. yakov suspects one of celestino’s siblings dropped him off—inconsiderately, without so much as a warning, as greek gods do. but until yuuri is claimed, he doesn’t know for sure which one it is.
yuuri becomes bunkmates with phichit chulanont, son of hermes, for the time being.

3. a capture the flag game goes wrong. yuri plisestsky, child of ares, makes it a point to beat victor, really really beat victor, forreal this time, he swears to the gods.
otabek’s face says he doesn’t doubt him for one second, but otabek altin has always looked far too serious for someone covered in motor oil and engine grease 99% of the time.
still, yuri p’s defense strategy is weak, which he blames entirely on fucking katsudon, you unclaimed useless piece of shit, and the confrontation ends with ten campers falling into a fissure that cracks open in the ground and a flaming skull floating over yuuri’s limp form.

4. “holy shit,” victor says, carrying yuuri to the infirmary. he glances at chris. “he’s never going to like me back now, chris, holy shit.
christophe giacometti, son of athena, looks at him in disbelief over the top rim of this glasses. “that’s what you’re freaking out about?”
“how could a son of the big three ever love me back?” victor says glumly.
chris considers this. “you could charmspeak him into it.”
victor shoots him a dark look. “that’s not even funny.”

5. it turns out that yuuri doesn’t need to be talked into liking victor, he doesn’t even need to be convinced into loving victor, if he’s being completely honest.
but if he continues to be completely honest, he recognizes that there’s no way a child of love could accept feelings from a child of a death, and gods. why is victor making this so hard?
“let’s walk our dogs down to the beach together, yuuri!” victor calls from outside the hades cabin. yuuri glances at the shrine of bones and jewels, at the fiery green torches that light the walls, and finally at his hellhound vicchan, whose tail is wagging madly at his feet.
he declines the offer.

+1. victor, yuuri, and yuri are tasked to go on a quest together. their parents are fighting, and it’s never good for the universe when love, death, and war are at odds with each other. the prophecy starts,
‘two souls destined for war,
a lover’s quarrel that’s happened before…’

but victor is treating this like some sort of game, it looks like.
“you could have gotten seriously hurt,” yuuri says.
victor pouts. “that’s no way to thank me for saving you! wasn’t i great?” he winks. “besides, can’t you just bring me back from the dead or something?”
“you’re a moron,” yuri tells him. he glares, because it’s what he does, and his resemblance to the god of war is almost funny. “both of you are fucking morons.”


It is possible for a beauty to love a beast.

And then Jack was like, “Okay, now I’m really suspicious…”

AU where Jack and Gabriel get to be old and happy together or something!! Inspired by this lovely post by @edgewatch76. I’m sorry that it got infinitely cheesy in my hands!!!! OTL