Swimming in the Deep.

Stepan Krasnov.

Off Webster St in Chinatown in Oakland, Ca

Stepan Krasnov is a pop artist inspired by Roy Lichtenstein from Moscow who was in San Francisco for the Meeting of Styles, hosted by Mission Art 415. This was painted in Oakland curtesy of the Dragon School. Krasnov is a member of 310Squad - a street art team. Their pop art can be found all over Europe. They create art based in realism, abstract art and of course pop art. 

See his website



Sidewalk Poetry.


Chinatown Oakland, CA

One of these is on Alice Street around 10th St. 

“And then a woman got out and she was beautiful. Her fur was silver fox and she was a song across the sidewalk and inside the swinging doors and I thought oh boy for a little of that. Just a day and night of that and she was a dream as I walked along her perfume still wet in the morning air.”

Periodically love messages are left on the sidewalk. Back in 2012 there was jilted love with the Breakup in Pacific Heights


Dean: So, what’s for lunch today?
Me: Pork sumai, pork dumplings, chicken feet, seafood fried noodles, spare ribs, mochi rice in lotus leaf, and custard bun. None of those noodles and eggrolls when we eat out :D
Dean: Whoa. That’s a lot of food.
Sam: It’s ok Dean. We’re on vacation. Eat as much as you want.
Dean: Yeah, you say that now Sammy, wait till some fugly monster is chasing you and you can’t run fast cuz all the weight you gained.
Sam: Well, at least I exercise everyday. Unlike you.
Dean: *grumble grumble*
Dean: Here Cas *spoons a little bit of everything on his plate* Eat up, angel.
Cas: Thank you Dean. Everything looks delicious.
Dean: Hey Sammy *waves a chicken feet*
Sam: Dude, don’t play with your food.

(We’re in.Chinatown in downtown Honolulu)

(Whenever I read fanfics, Sam and Dean always get eggrolls and lo mein when they order chinese so I have this headcannon that they haven’t tried the other things)

A Sinking Feeling.

Riiisa Boogie.

10th St @ Webster St in Oakland, Ca

Riiisa Boogie is from Poughkeepsie New York. She participated in the SF Meeting of Styles, hosted by Mission Art 415 held in Oakland Chinatown through the Dragon School. She came up with this design on the fly to blend into the neighborhood. She is part of a duo with rezones. 

Check out their website