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No when you are fighting for something that will gain you something it is no longer grey. It is not mercenary work, it is not soldier work, and ironically, not warrior either. It's just "Do this and your family gets to live in luxury and if you fail, they die, because we will kill them" and that's all cool UNTIL you are killing other families, thefore it doesn't matter, because you already killed more that you saved. The one thing that could be seen as "grey" is the Children of the Devil thing?

(2) But then do you buy into that crap? For one Historia already rejected the Progenitor, and Eren can’t even use it! The whole reason as to why Bertolt could be justified is because King Reiss/Fritz could potentially destroy the world. But even then, why not just kill Eren and be done with it? No more Progenitor, no one to awaken the Colossals. Yet it seemed like Bertolt wanted to kill all the Wall People, because he thinks they’re all capable of great evil like their ancestors, which is bullshit.

Ahhh, yes, I totally forgot the part where five year old baby Bertholdt was sitting in his labor camp preschool and suddenly decided to walk into a Marlayan military facility to willingly submit to years of brainwashing so he could grow up to become a mass murderer. Tsk, tsk. Silly me.

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Seriously, what’s it gonna take for Bert to get a little sympathy? 

Bert and Reiner didn’t know that Historia rejected the power. They didn’t know that Eren can’t use it.  Their mission is “retrieve the coordinate and end the cursed history” - a history that they believe involves an evil king who is coming to kill the Marlayans and Eldians and reinstitute a corrupt regime that involves subjugation and ethnic cleansing. 

And exactly who in this story is completely altruistic? Who is operating purely for the good of the nebulous world of humanity? I’ll tell you who. No one. “Cool motive still murder” applies to basically everyone in this story. How is fighting to save your family and your nation any less noble than fighting to see the ocean? Or fighting to breathe the air outside the walls? Or fighting to save the one person you love most? 

I’m not justifying what they did. It was wrong and evil - that much is black and white. But as individuals, they are gray. And they are worthy of some compassion.

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I am torn between them having to learn to trust Gavin again (which hurts both sides, really) and them hurting for having doubted Gavin, learning to live with that guilt and Gavin feeling guilty about having done that to them and them being angry at Gavin for betraying them so easily (even if it was fake) ((I'm kidding I want all of that, there's enough broken relationships who have to relearn to trust to go around and everyone is different SO))

If I had to take a stab in the dark - Ryan has general trust issues, but he also realizes what’s happened and he tries to sort through them on his own because it’s not really Gavin’s fault he’s messed up, right? Meanwhile Gavin beats himself up, watching with sad eyes as Ryan keeps himself distant from everyone, because he did that to him. He made those trust issues resurface just as they were happy and it’s GAVIN’S fault

Michael deals with it by getting angry at Gavin - couldn’t he have warned them, found a better way to distract them, it was totally unnecessary and GDI GAVIN and gavin just stands there and… takes it as his due because he’s feeling guilty too. And later Michael calms down and realizes Gavin’s been too quiet, avoiding him, and has to search for him and makes things up again but it’s hard to say “sorry for shouting at you” because he was kinda in the wrong but also speaking the truth? and the truth hurts and he doesn’t really know what to do

Jack was calculating what was going on, not really believing what she was hearing, and she’s been with Geoff the longest, knows Gavin for a long time, and what’s more she’s a mastermind, she taught Gavin some of those techniques and she’s just relieved it was a game, no hard feelings (Jack has more trouble keeping the peace with everyone else and helping Geoff repair his reputation, to spin this in their favor)

ray doesn’t know what the fuck is the problem because he wasn’t awake for none of that and no one wants to tell him what’s going on?

Jeremy feels guilty, so so guilty, for believing for even a second that Gavin doesn’t love him (them) and would betray them (him) like that and tries to make up for it by being super clingy and nice to him which is sweet but also weird and NOT helping with all the tension

AAAAAAA THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!! Ok breaking it down under read more cause ask is long enough

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Could you do an imagine where the reader and Gabriel are soulmates and the reader is taken hostage? I just love when Gabe loses his cool and goes from happy puppy to warrior of God. 

Requested by Anon~

“I’d run now.” You stated to the demons standing over you. Even though your limbs were tied to a wooden chair, you looked confident, and even a bit cocky. But only because you knew Gabriel was coming for you. “Once Gabriel gets here, it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

One of the demons gave an amused snort. “Who’s Gabriel? Your hunter boyfriend?” He asked, eliciting laughs from the other demons in the room. A few of them chimed in; ‘just another hunter’ and ‘we can take him.’

But the voices immediately silenced when the door was thrown off its hinges, revealing the familiar form of your soulmate. His eyes had a bright, white light, and an angel blade was gripped in his hand. You smirked and looked up to the demons, who definitely weren’t laughing now.

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Sometimes I think about the “just some snarky comment about me being gay” “I will destroy her” exchange and just wanna rip my hair out because of how much good spemily we were given. 

Spencer has 0 chill when it comes to Emily.

Emily is still newly out in this scene. And obviously all of them would be unhappy with anyone mistreating Emily in any way, but Hanna would probably just confront Paige, maybe call her a bitch or make a snarky comment (lol irony) and not blow it up. Aria would comfort Emily. 

Spencer doesn’t insult Paige. She doesn’t just get offended on Emily’s behalf. She says, IN COMPLETE SERIOUSNESS with NO HINT OF JOKING that she’s going to destroy her. Like Aria chimes in and I have no doubt she’d tried to tear into Paige given the chance but she doesn’t have the same conviction Spencer has. 

For Spencer it’s essentially “someone has hurt Emily, ergo it must be vanquished”

No wiggle room, no pass, no warning shot. This is why Spencer has such a hard time with them dating. Because Emily, who was the victim of this, can move on (Emily’s a pretty forgiving and compassionate person by nature) but Spencer can’t. Spencer cannot let this, or anything else Paige does later, go. 

Spencer, your Gay is showing.

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Hey Sockdreams, I have a problem. I am obsessed with sweather knit thigh highs but it's usually way too hot to wear them here in SoCal. Got any suggestions for thigh highs that are on the cooler side? Please not nylons though, I can't keep those things on for more than 6 hours before they tear.

I feel you on the thin nylon ones–they’re so pretty, but I am a clumsy beast. If I don’t put my thumb through them while trying to get them on, I’m sure to gently brush a wall later in the day and somehow put a gigantic rip in them. 

I grew up in SoCal (San Diego/Riverside), but it’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying that kind of weather (unless you count Oregon’s unusually hot summer this year), so I might be reaching on some of these. If anyone else who loves long socks has found a way to beat the heat, please chime in with your hot-weather faves. 

  • Solid Over the Knee Stockings - These also come in Space Dye and Heather styles. While they’re opaque cotton, they’re not too thick. If you’ve ever tried a pair of Socklings or Bobby Socklings, it’s the same material–just thick enough to prevent chaffing, but thing enough not to overheat
  • Solid Thigh High Stockings - Made from the same material as above, just slightly longer. Some find the cuffs are a little less forgiving than the OTK style
  • Extraordinaries - also in many other versions. These could be hit-or-miss. The body of the sock isn’t too thick and breathes well, but the cuffs are much thicker and might be a little too much over 70 degrees. 
  • Extraordinary Roll-Top Thigh Highs - If you dig the body of the regular Extraordinaries, but the cuffs are too thick, this eliminates that issue. However, you’ll need garters holding these puppies up for sure. If a full Garter Belt is too hot (it is for me), Double Grip Clips will also do the job without adding too many layers. 
  • Pointelle Scrunch-Top Knee Socks - Lace is an excellent option for coverage that won’t overheat. The tops of these are super fluttery. Note: the cuffs won’t stay up on your thighs without being held up, as they’re meant to pool lazily around the knee area.  

I hope this list helps! 

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what do you think would happen if erwin and levi were reversed on the serum situation? would erwin inject levi? would EM try to grab the serum by force?

Oh - this is super interesting to contemplate! 

Would Eren and Mikasa have felt differently if Levi had been the one dying alongside Armin? Would they have behaved differently? Would they have physically fought with Erwin? Would they have still thought Armin was the better choice for humanity?

I have thoughts about this, but I’m really curious what everyone else thinks. I made a quick poll if anyone wants to chime in. I’ll gather answers for a week or so and publish the results.

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Boi in acting class today one kid was playing pat from silver linings playbook and I mentioned that the character is bipolar and everyone was chiming in with their interpretation of that and they were so so so wrong this one kid even referred to mentally ill people as “mental” people and said like we don’t cry at our mothers funeral and people kept referring to bipolar people as “they” lmao

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what are some good offerings to forest dwelling spirits?

A good question! I don’t work with spirits myself so someone else may be better suited to chime in on this. But I think typically any sort of food - breads, honey, milk - are sort of universally accepted as offerings. I’ve seen many people tie ribbons in trees or brush to mark the space. When I was in Ireland the offerings that people left around fairy trees varied greatly but were usually personal items, hair ties they were wearing, a bracelet or necklace, whatever coins or pens they had in their pockets at the time. I wouldn’t leave anything that could be used as a tag to you - blood, hair, your name etc. but that might go without saying. Usually any sort of small thing will do I think. If you have a particular sort of spirit in mind it might do to look them up and see if they have anything associated with them. 

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Maple: Are you not native to the forest? Where did you come from?

Amaryllis: While I do live in this forest, you are correct that I wasn’t born here… My father found me along the border when I was just a little petilil, I can’t say I really remember much before that though…

The only thing I can recall is a scream, being wet and cold, and loud howling winds… then the sun, and my father’s face smiling down on me when he found me. I owe him everything for taking me in.

-The Chesnaught overhears the conversation and chimes in-

???: Nonsense child, even if I didn’t hatch you myself you’re still my daughter, you owe me nothing.

Amaryllis: If you say so, father.


Road Trip

Steve left to find a car. Bucky, Sam, and y/n remained quiet as they waited for Steve’s signal. Y/n couldn’t stand the silence, "What happens after we do this? I mean, it needs to be done, no question, but do you think it’ll change their minds about the accords somehow?“She looked towards Sam and he shrugged his shoulders,"I don’t think it will. After we get this done, we retire, if they don’t put us in prison.”

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or you're just weird 5SOS 13nights night 6


“Michael hurry up” Y/N said excitedly “we have to leave now”. Michael rolled of the couch. “Where are we even going, more importantly why?” he questioned. Y/N smiled she was taking Michael into the forest because she knew he was to have his first transformation tonight. “I thought we could go for a picnic” she chimed as she cleared the fridge of any meat. “But why at 9 o'clock at night?” Michael huffed. “Stargazing” Y/N replied.

pulling over at the side of a dirt road Y/N flew out of the car. Opening Michaels side of the car she tugged at his wrist. “Y/N I don’t feel good” Michael groaned. Putting a hand on his forehead Y/N felt his skin heating up rapidly. “Get out of the car” Y/N said in full seriousness. Michael frowned but quickly obeyed. “What are you doing?” Michael gulped as Y/N grabbed a bag from the car and marched into the woods. Coming to a halt in a small clearing Y/N stepped forward “take your clothes off” Y/N demanded. Michaels eyes widened as he looked around “Y/N what are you doing you dragged me out into the middle of this creepy forest now your asking for me to take my clothes off?” A single nod was Y/N only reply. “Listen I’m really not feeling good can we go home" Michael whined. "Ok If your too scared I’ll go first” Y/N said lifting the hem of her shirt. A smirk made it’s way onto Michael’s face as he stared at Y/N who was now standing in her bra and underwear.

“Now don’t freak out, I’m not going to hurt you” Michael scoffed at Y/N’s words “Babe sometimes you get rough when it comes to sex but…"                              "This isn’t about sex Michael” Y/N said sternly. Taking a deep breath Y/N closed her eyes, when she opened them she saw Michael standing there looking extremely pale within a few seconds he passed out. Returning to her human state Y/N put her clothes on and woke Michael up. “Stay away from me” Michael said pushing Y/N off his chest. “Michael please hear me out…"                      "You just turned into a fucking wolf” he screeched. As he continued to ramble on about the fact that Y/N was a werewolf he paused mid sentence. “Did you bring me here to eat me?” he asked terrified. Y/N blurted out laughing for a few minutes. “No thanks” she said wiping away a tear “I bought you here so you could transform." 

"What how do you know I’m going to transform?” he asked curiously.                  “Eating raw meat is usually means you are close to it or you’re are just weird.” Y/N sighed. “Oh, well how do I transform?" Michael said. Scanning over his face Y/N noticed his eyes had changed to a bright yellow. "Three, two, one” she said proudly as Michael put a hand to his head and started to roll around on the ground. Within a matter of minutes Michael has become a snow white wolf. Grabbing the bag Y/N bought with them she threw a raw steak at Michael who caught it mid air. Smiling Y/N returned to her wolf form and signalled for Michael to follow her. As the night progressed the pair of them ran around howling and hunting deer. Y/N knew it wasn't easy being a freak of nature but now that she had Michael nothing could bring her down.   

Sorry Neighbor

Sebastian x Reader

Summary:  Sebastian is being a brat when he doesn’t get his way

Word count 1k

Thanks to whoever requested this!  Can’t tag you cause I don’t know you, but I love you none the less! 

@chrisevansthedoritobastard (girl you are all over my tumblr and I love you too!)

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You groaned when you looked at the clock next to your bed.  It was already 11:30 pm and you weren’t nearly finished with your proposal for work due Monday.  You had moved your laptop to your room to work hoping some peace and quiet away from your stupid neighbors would help.  Apparently, they were having their monthly make up sex session.

As you got back into ‘the zone’, your phone chimed signaling a new text.  You smiled as Sebastian’s name flashed across the screen.  He promised to stop by your apartment after he landed at JFK International.  You just took a job in Chicago, so between that and his job… you missed him and his beautiful face.

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Could you do a fluffy Woozi scenario where you're a noona (two years older)?

Hello! Sorry this took sooooo long TT I haven’t written a scenario in a while so this was a super refreshing experience! I hope you like it and sorry it’s a little short. I’m getting back into my groove :P Hope you have a good day/night. Much love <3 

- Admin CC

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What Else Are Noonas For? (Woozi Fluff)

You poked your head through the crack you made in the doorway to see Woozi hunched over in his computer chair. His face was illuminated by the screen in front of him and all you could see were the many dials and lines of audio sloshed across the screen in colourful strips. You slipped through the half-opened door with the large bag of food in your hand. The sound of the plastic bag settling on the table in the corner or Woozi’s studio along with the chime of your keys made you feel a little more at ease. You slipped off your jacket and hung it over the back of one of the two chairs facing the exposed ends of the table. You strode over to Woozi’s focused form and gently slid your hands across his upper back and to his shoulders. Slightly startled, he turned around while sliding his headphones to hang around his neck.
“O-oh Y/N noona! When did you get here? Were you waiting long?” His eyes were wide as he scanned the room to see if you had brought anyone else with you.
“I just walked through the door now. I figured you needed something to eat since you’ve been working so hard lately. Come eat Jihoon-ah.” You smiled sweetly down to him.
Wrapping your hands around his bicep you lightly tug him into a standing position as he tossed his headphones on his desk. He was smiling shyly with his eyes trained on the ground. You knew your surprises always made him feel extra loved, which is all you could ever ask for. You gestured for him to sit at the table as you unpacked the takeout boxes from the plastic bag along with two cans of soda.
“Oh Noona let me grab my wallet, how much did you pay for this?” He asked while making the movement to stand up and cross the room to his practice bag. You blocked his path and waved a finger in his face teasingly.
“Ah ah ah, it’s my treat. Just taking care of my hardworking boy.” You said with a giggle, presenting your sweet spoils of noodles and vegetables and beef. He bowed his head to you before digging in. 

The two of you ate in silence but he knew that you had been watching him eat almost the entire time. It made his cheeks blush. You had been doing this more and more often since he secluded himself back in the studio to prepare the album for their next comeback. He knew you did it to make sure he was eating well and that he wasn’t skipping any meals. But it always made him feel special and loved no matter how many times you did it.
“Y/N noona, I’m really grateful for you.” He wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin and looked at you seriously. He reached across the corner of the table and took your hand in his. You squeezed his hand and smiled back to him.
“I’m really glad. I’m grateful for you too Jihoon-ah! I’ll always take care of you.” You stated sweetly and brought his hand up to your mouth to kiss his knuckles.
His face turned red and he laughed at you. Pulling his hand shyly away from yours. You smirked playfully at him.
“You’re being silly.” He chuckled. Picking up his chop sticks to resume stuffing his face. 

When the two of you finished eating you continued to sit at the table and talk. Eventually the two of you had migrated with your chairs so that your knees were touching and your hands were intertwined. Jihoon gestured for you to lean forward so that he could kiss you. You leaned in and he connected your lips with the same small hesitation that made you grin every time. He was always so cute when it came to being around you. You flustered him with your beauty and your kind heart. He acknowledged all of the time that he was the luckiest man alive to be with someone like you. Your intelligence dazzled him and your caring nature made his heart swell. When he pulled away he pressed his forehead to yours and looked you in the eyes.
“I love you a lot, you know that, don’t you?” His look was serious but his knees were shaking slightly. You placed both of your warm hands over his knees and traced circles into them with your thumbs.
“I do. And I love you too babe.” You said with a wink. He chuckled again as he pulled away and you admired the beauty in his face when he smiled.He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly before looking to his computer screen.
“I’m sorry I’m always so busy. Here you are taking time out of your day to take care of me. Here I am not even getting to spend time with you. Once I’m finished preparing for this comeback, I’ll see you more often. I’ll treat you to a nice meal and we can go to that fairground you’ve had your eye on. My treat Noona! You have to let me take care of you sometimes!” His face was bright but you knew the weight of his words was heavy.
“Never worry about being busy Jihoon-ah. This is your job. I understand that. Plus, what else are Noona’s for? But I understand you wanting to be a gentleman to me. So I’ll let you pay for the fairgrounds and a dinner for the two of us. You’re truly a perfect boyfriend, baby.” You leaned in to peck him on the lips once again.
He smiled and looked at you fondly before standing up as you did the same. He embraced you tightly and you moved your head to nuzzle into his neck. Jihoon was warm and soft. He always smelled cozy like home. Always ready to make you smile even when he was busy like this. You wanted to make sure he smiled whenever you were with him, as long as you could accomplish that you knew everything would be alright. When the two of you parted ways and he waved to you from his studio door. He turned back to his work and continued with a grin spread across his face. You made him happier than he could ever imagine being. And the matching grin across your face told the world he made you feel the same.

Wow yay okay, I hope that was okay! I read it over to look for errors a few times but if you find another one then please feel free to let me know and I can fix it :) I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! and thank you again for requesting :)

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M!A: Zenyatta's Disciple - For 48 hours you can float around above the ground and you get balls that ring (think a gentle chime noise) and float around your head that you can use to bean people in the head.



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I have a main character who is a dancer, but I'm struggling to find ways to write her in lessons, competitions, and the like. Do you know of any blogs that post writing advice for dancing characters?

Hey! So first of all, I’m so SO sorry that it took me an actual eternity to write this reply. Also, I’m sorry that that this may not be a helpful answer since I don’t really know anything about creative writing (as always, I defer to my followers who have relevant experience or advice to chime in!)

I’m not sure about entire blogs, but there are some posts that I’ve found that have been helpful (here) and (here) that have a number of links to various sources of information. I haven’t audited them all myself but probably useful if you’re very familiar with dance/ballet.

You might also find it helpful to listen to podcasts from professional dancers (here’s a list of some) or watch documentaries. Two possibilities, both on Netflix I believe, are Ballet 422 (which is boring, in my personal opinion, but gives you a fly-on-the-wall view of rehearsals in a major ballet company) or First Position (which I haven’t seen since I’m not into ballet competitions but looks like it might be good).

I’m kind of operating under the assumptions that you are not yourself a dancer and that you’re writing about ballet in particular, but I’d probably have different advice if one/both of those is not the case. I can also really only offer advice about writing from the perspective of a reader, since reading stories about dance can be frustrating when the author doesn’t know a lot about dancers (misconceptions include: writing about ballet companies that only have like 10 company members – modern and postmodern dance groups, sure, but classical-oriented companies aren’t that small; writing all the male dancers as regularly dancing in pointe shoes–men can certainly dance on pointe, but will almost never perform on pointe in classical companies; not realizing that ballet/contemporary-ballet/jazz/theatre/contemporary/hip-hip/modern/postmodern/etc. genres of dance are at least somewhat distinct and different types of companies and dancers and students focus on different genres; assuming that all dancers take part in competitions no matter the genre or type of training, etc.)

That sentence was super long but yeah, if you have specific questions about the experience of dancing, or how to write accurately I might be able to answer them. Otherwise, I’m not versed in the actual craft of writing so hopefully those blog posts can be helpful.

a whole lot of maybe’s ch.4

read the entire work here

Keith watches as Shiro leans in closer over the counter, the space between them thinning into a thread until there’s a pleasant sensation of soft skin on his face, Shiro’s breath warm and crisp with a promise grazing his lips, a hand finally finding his, the sound of the chimes ringing in his ear—

“Oh, I’m sorry!” It’s Hunk, one of the regulars whose expertise in machines is only rivaled by his enthusiasm for Keith’s blueberry shortcakes. “I—uh, I forgot my umbrella…”

It’s an awkward few seconds as the customer shuffles into the shop, goes to where he had sat, and retrieves his umbrella hanging on a chair. Shiro has pulled a few inches away from within kissing range, much to Keith’s simultaneous relief and chagrin.

“Really sorry, man, uh, please carry on,” Hunk says as he trudges back out the door, unaware that his apologies only intensify the level of discomfort in the room. It’s only when his eyes fall on the counter as he passes them by that Keith realizes with burning embarrassment that Shiro’s hand never left his.

The chimes sing once more, and they’re left hovering over the counter, awkwardness eating away at that one shot of bravery that carried Shiro over to him in the first place.

And yet it’s finally out there, that one silent truth he’d been keeping inside him the day Shiro stumbled into his tiny coffee shop. It’s not his own truth anymore; it is now accepted by and a part of Shiro himself. This long kept secret has now blossomed into a promise, and it’s something Keith’s happy to be sharing with Shiro.

He wants to say something, anything, to culminate the moment and wrap it in a warm ball of bliss and keep it in his memories for as long as he lives, and yet he finds himself robbed of words and the capacity to breathe with Shiro staring at him so intently with loving eyes filled with yearning that draw him in deeper and deeper until he’s utterly lost in their brilliance—

They both visibly flinch as they hear a small unsuppressed yawn from behind Shiro. Keith catches small movements in the form of arm-stretching behind him, tiny fists raised in midair as Shizuo releases yet another yawn.

Keith’s first reaction is to meet Shiro’s eyes, and they both chuckle. It’s not so awkward anymore, laughing together like this, letting Shiro’s thumb trace lazy circles on his forehand like this. Keith turns his hand over to grasp Shiro’s, to give it a light squeeze.

He thinks about regretting the pain in his cheeks later from smiling too much.

He thinks maybe he won’t regret it at all.

“I guess it’s about time to close the shop.”


Outside, Shizuo wonders aloud why Dad isn’t holding Keith’s hand as they’re walking down the sidewalk.