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Sebastian Stan Interviewed by ‘Chelsea Lately’ (April 9, 2014).

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Chelsea: So when you’re (Seb) ready to go down on Chris just let us know.
Sebastian Stan: We’ll figure it out.
Frank Grillo: I’m ready to go down on Chris.
Chelsea: Well, obviously.
Frank Grillo: Oops, that slipped.

The Types Playing Laser Tag
  • *Funny Stereotypes*
  • *This takes place in a laser tag arena with different structures that people can walk on and such and where you get points based on how many people you shoot. Also, each team has a base and the other team gets extra points if they shoot it*
  • INTJ: Determines the best vantage point and shoots the other team, getting the best score and rarely getting shot. Loves shooting people and is childishly excited by the whole thing, but won't admit it.
  • ENTJ: Comes up with a plan for the team and tells them all what to do... even though only some of them listen. Dutifully stands by their position and although they don't necessarily enjoy shooting people they are having so much fun diligently shooting the other team in order to win.
  • ENTP: Came up with a plan opposing the ENTJ's and leads all the newbies into battle... Originally started out at the vantage point with the INTJ, but has now abandoned that post (and the newbies) in order to go after people running around on the ground. Is very good and probably gets the second best score. They thoroughly enjoy wreaking havoc.
  • INTP: Has fun maniacally laughing while shooting everyone, regardless of the team. Teams with the ENTP from time to time to shoot and capture people from the other team.
  • ESTP: Also teams with the ENTP and the INTP from time to time to be an unbeatable team but prefers going solo and triumphantly shooting everyone in sight. Will most likely be seen fighting and in the thralls on the ground.
  • ISTP: They go wherever they see opportunity to shoot people. They are in it to win it. Will most likely not directly combat any of the opposing team unless the opposing team member managed to tag them. They quickly formulate a plan in their head before doing anything rash.
  • ESTJ: Pairs with the ISTJ to run around and do whatever jobs are needed. Will help the INFP and the ISFJ defend the base. Acts as a commander. Organizes plans to infiltrate the other team's base.
  • ISTJ: Pairs up with ESTJ to help everywhere. Keeps the ESTJ in check.
  • ENFP: Is just having fun shooting people and running around, and shooting people, and running around, and hiding, and sniping, and is glad that the lasers aren't real.
  • ISFJ: Defends the base diligently along with the INFP. Occasionally takes a break to patrol the area. And they often switch off with the INFP.
  • INFP: Is one of the only ones willing to defend the base. Sets traps for the other team so they and the ISFJ don't get shot. Is probably hiding in wait for the other team to come so it looks like the ISFJ is the only one standing guard. Alternates with the ISFJ in guarding and patrolling.
  • INFJ: The ultimate back up. Works with ESTJ on planning the assaults.
  • ENFJ: The one teaching all the newbies and little kids how to play and leads all of them around, showing them what to do.
  • ESFJ: Loves to work with the teammates in assaults. Isn't as much into the game as they are into spending time and having fun with their friends.
  • ESFP: Is everywhere. I repeat... is everywhere... the ultimate winning machine.
  • ISFP: Is extremely excited and gets really swept up in the atmosphere of the whole thing. That one person who keeps on playing after it is over.
  • Suggested by ANON