*chasing liberty

give in to someone (or lock down my door) // college au

“I’m the openly gay son of the most talked about democratic president in American history. I’ve grown used to my face being all over the damn internet.”

When Georgetown student Castiel Vanderbilt meets barman Dean Winchester he believes he’s met a kindred spirit. As the pair grow closer Dean becomes intrigued as to why fellow students are so interested in their relationship. 

That is until he discovers the truth, Castiel just happens to be the rebellious son of the most powerful man in the world: the President of the United States. 

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My bloke forwarded this to me.  I was like - great, fabulous, er, where’s San Marco?

Mr. P - A goode location for your birthday.  (OK he didn’t say goode but whatever.)

I’m ashamed that I had to google it …

YAY - more Goode locations to visit!!!!  Brideshead, Chasing Liberty and The Wine Show shot scenes here with Matthew.  I am allowed one day to search for Goode locations in return for not mentioning Matthew for the rest of the holiday.    So excited. I’ll take lots of photos for you.