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astrological movie masterpost


any genre film based on sun/moon 

aries sun/moon: “boyhood” (growing up and all the rash and/or unwise decisions that come with that. competitive upbringing)  “the aviator” (a frenzied soul who fakes it till ya make it. big dreams, a big persona, and a pioneer to an industry but deeply troubled behind it all), “the wolf of wall street” (honestly this movie was so fast-paced and mad that i could only take it in small doses. everyone is selfish and turns on a dime) 

taurus sun/moon: “the grand budapest hotel” (a film rich in aesthetic. a hotel owner who is a professional lush sets out on an adventure as he is being pegged for murder. a tale of paintings, pastries, and paramour), “big stone gap” (excessive family. stubborn and perseverant. a bit apprehensive of change)“today’s special” (a chef gets back to his roots and has to learn why he was passionate about food in the first place and how to savor every second) 

gemini sun/moon: “ferris bueller’s day off” (witty and incredibly adaptable. can make friends with anyone, anywhere. being childlike and curious, enjoying the little things), “black swan” (ambiguous film where you don’t know what to believe), “the truman show” (his whole life has been unknowingly documented. everyone is just playing a role. media manipulations)  

cancer sun/moon: “take care” (feeling like an inconvenience. wanting to be taken care of. guilt trips), “lymelife” (putting family and ‘home’ into perspective. awkward, at times endearing, a bit hectic), “high fidelity” (old fashioned guy. stuck in the past wondering where it went wrong), “the other woman (2009)” (learning to be a mother. the emotional rollercoaster of trying to love and be loved) 

leo sun/moon: “confessions of a teenage drama queen” (i mean…do i even need to explain this lmao), “beaches” (pride and loyalty. learning to love without having to be the only one receiving love), “anywhere but here” (self-centered mother who wants her to be a star. fixed opinions but is powerful & warm)“grease” (good girl, bad boy. popular. all love their hair lol)

virgo sun/moon: “beyond the lights” (never feeling good enough. a mother who compulsively criticizes her. the theme of ~what happens behind the scenes~ and going back to the basics)“short term 12″ (wants to service everyone else but forgets about themselves), “the intern” (an observant elderly man is methodized and eager to work, always there for advice & support), “as good as it gets” (a bitter man who struggles with OCD overcoming his fears and unleashing his compassionate side)

libra sun/moon: “legally blonde” (a bit superficial. values doing the right thing. people think she’s air-headed but is actually more ‘in the know’ than given credit for)“can’t buy me love” (getting caught up in the popular crowd. pretending to be something you’re not), “he’s just not that into you” (most confusing movie ever. literally nobody can make up their mind lmao) 

scorpio sun/moon: “st. elmo’s fire” (this film has literally everything scorpio and/or related (8th house) in it; secrets, betrayal, intimacy, transforming, debt, etc), “stealing beauty” (uncovering mysteries, forbidden affairs, paranoia. a taboo film), “lila & eve” (crime drama. goes to show just how far two resentful mothers will go)

sagittarius sun/moon: “bruce almighty” (humorous. has the theme of ‘luck’ and ‘higher power’) “away we go” (redefining what ‘home’ means. traveling across the country, new experiences, lots of bad jokes) “funny face” (an amateur philosopher has strong opinions for the modeling industry, wants nothing more than to travel for lectures), “good will hunting” (a genius and self-righteously so but doesn’t know how to truly appreciate life) 

capricorn sun/moon: “uptown girls” (learning to adult from a surprisingly mature child. a mother who is too concerned with her career to pay attention to her daughter), “the pursuit of happyness” (suffering hardships, feeling down & out as he climbs his way up the totem pole. a tale of being a father being able to provide), “the devil wears prada” (another tale of climbing your way to the top, along with the cost of it)

aquarius sun/moon: “scott pilgrim vs the world” (not your average film, includes an alternate dimension. has its technological, futuristic quirks. becoming superior to the rest and standing out in the process), “mona lisa smile” (50′s women gaining new perspective from a ‘subversive’ professor), “the martian” (innovative, humorously noble, feeling castaway, ‘space pirate’) 

pisces sun/moon: “the imaginarium of doctor parnassus” (a fantasy world with a damsel in distress but everything isn’t as it seems),  “because i said so” (milly is bright-eyed and a bit hopeless. her mother pays favor to her. always ends up doing what other people want because although she is highly spirited, she can be a pushover), “amelie” (imagination, imagination, imagination. sets out to help others by being a bit manipulative in the process), “big fish” (reality vs fantasy. idealized & exaggerated upbringing)

romance films based on venus 

aries venus: “10 things i hate about you” “she’s all that” (both films show they can treat romance as a competition but once they are in love, will do whatever they can to keep it alive), “two night stand” (hasty romance. lessons of ‘rushing’. a candor appreciation for another), “beginners” (being honest with yourself. ‘a movie with an unflinchingly tough heart.’)

taurus venus: “dirty dancing” (stubborn, sensual, and learning to position yourself securely lol), “the great gatbsy” (wealth. everyone indulges themselves, goes overboard out of love), “happily ever after” (sudden yearning for stability, excessive in more ways than one) 

gemini venus: “save the date” (a girl who is scared of commitment. covers up her fear with humor. ‘word vomit’ through the whole movie lol. works at a bookstore. has a sister dynamic in the film of the one who is a bit silly & immature and the one who acts like she knows everything), “how to lose a guy in 10 days” (a two faced romance. lighthearted mind games and calling each others bluff), “garden state” (a lost fella falls for a quirky compulsive liar. a surprisingly intelligent and outlandish film) 

cancer venus: “closer” (kind of shows more unhealthy traits of this placement but shows they just want to be in comfort with you but can guilt trip people and ask for reassurance where its not needed), “a walk to remember” (two lovers jaded in their own right find love. trying to protect one another from getting hurt and hurt each other in the process), “brooklyn” (building a life together. choosing between a lover at home or a home within a lover) 

leo venus: “elvis and anabelle” (a radiant beauty queen has a near-death experience that alters her way of existing. brings a boy out of his shell through theatrics and love), “take this waltz” (she meets a man and starts rethinking her own loving marriage, does she want more? demanding, bold, and has a childishness to it), “anomalisa” (uplifting one another, making each other feel extraordinary) 

virgo venus: “people places things” (a man of many standards and subsequently hypercritical in the name of love), “me before you” (taking care of another. breaking free from routine), “when harry met sally” (constant challenging of standards. loving the little things), “enough said” (looking beyond imperfections. practically endearing) 

libra venus: “hitch” (got his heartbroken. now runs a business as a ‘love doctor’ where he gives men the push to pursue love through setting a meet-cue. but when he falls for a girl he has no idea what to do), “alfie” (a womanizer who refuses to be seen as a regular person who experiences the everyday woes that we all do. says he’s ‘always okay’), “27 dresses” (jane is a ‘more’ evolved version of this venus. loves love, is a major people pleaser. her sister on other hand pretends to be whatever her partner wants, is a major socialite) 

scorpio venus: “love actually” (falling for what you can’t have and having difficulty expressing it), “no kiss list” (liking someone you can’t have and making that person feel like you can’t like anyone other than them), “chasing amy” (obsessive. sabotaging a relationship out of fear), “a dangerous method” (a forbidden and intoxicating affair with a patient), “last night” (temptation and affairs) 

sagittarius venus: “begin again” (greta is independent, blunt, and spontaneous. teaches dan and his daughter a few important lessons. love is a learning experience), “definitely, maybe” (flashbacks to 3 romances, all with women who either write, travel, and/or simply free-spirited. habits of running away. being judgemental of how to live life. expanding horizons. shamelessly honest), “they came together” (clumsy, a straight up mess. light-hearted. mocks romance films) 

capricorn venus: “timer” (doesn’t see the point of a relationship if they aren’t ‘guaranteed’. uses a timer to tell you when you’ll find your soul mate)“meet my valentine” (a family man who finds out he’s terminally ill is determined to find a loving provider to replace him), “before sunset” (an assertive romance, at times a bit cynical, but cheeky and loving) 

aquarius venus: “friends with benefits” “no strings attached” “sleeping with other people” (all the couples in the films were meant to keep things casual but got messy in the process), “frequencies- oxv: the manual” (s/o to @astr-logy for the recommendation! a film about being outcasted, breaking the world & love down to an equation, feelings of not feeling) 

pisces venus: “500 days of summer” (tom is a prime example of the idealization and fantasy romance that can come with this placement), “practical magic” (loves unconditionally but there is a tragic twist. two sisters - one who has a homemaker persona and one devastatingly bored of the mundane), “listen to your heart” (a deaf girl, who is a bit of a damsel in distress as her parents crush her dreams, and an amateur piano composer find inspirational love) 

romance films based on venus in the houses

venus in fire house (1st, 5th, 9th): “50 first dates”“the holiday”, “deadpool” (a stretch? no), “before we go”

venus in earth house (2nd, 6th, 10th): “everything before us”, “friends with money”, “chocolat”

venus in air house (3rd, 7th, 11th): “celeste & jesse forever”, “nick and norah’s infinite playlist”, “her”, “the beauty inside” 

venus in water house (4th, 8th, 12th): “the time traveler’s wife”, “eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”“stuck in love”, “candy”, “comet”

action/drama films based on mars

aries mars: “death proof” (daredevil central. going toe-to-toe with a killer), “crank” (a film literally about keeping your heart rate up. will die without an adrenaline rush), “spring breakers” (living in the moment. playfully deviant and childishly so), “the challenger” (learning to fight for what’s worth it; choosing your battles) 

taurus mars: “matilda” (all the antagonists were greedy slobs who put themselves on a pedestal by making everyone else feel inferior), “the shawshank redemption” (avoids conflict, plays his hand slowly, no stranger to money), “american hustle” (luxuriating in ‘sin’, glorifying the hustle, high-resistance characters) 

gemini mars: “pirates of the caribbean” (jack sparrow is a character that’s easy to be allured to but difficult to trust. never seems to be who he appears and covers everything up with slurred antics), “seven psychopaths” (comical murder film where even has a darker or lighter side than you thought), “the prestige” (two illusionists go head to head to out-trick another. the huge secret of ‘duality’) 

cancer mars: “punch-drunk love” (stereotypical ‘nice’ guy with a lot of problems and insecurities. falls into a weird blackmail ploy), “mad max: fury road” (emotionally raw. recklessly protective. driven by the familial and home), “mr nobody” (recounting of memories. driven by pure emotion) 

leo mars: “hot rod” (acts like a big shot, always attempting to prove himself worthy), “guardians of the galaxy” (everyone has a major ego and wants to show off. music reminds me of the 80′s which reminds me of hair which is leo lmao), “frank” (i feel like many would believe this to be a more aquarius film with its long-standing reputation of being one of the most unconventional films of all time but the film is about fame, how to get there, how to stand out, and being histrionic in the making) 

virgo mars: “pay it forward” (actions geared toward helping others, insecurities and not wanting others to feel sorry, a need for efficiency), “captain america: the first avenger” (modest, just wants to contribute. high energy, lots of stamina ‘i could do this all day’), “cyberbully” (theme of words cutting deeper than you’d think) 

libra mars: “mean girls” (acts nice & unassuming only to better manipulate a situation), “gangster squad” (puts justice into their own hands. has people in pocket and knows how to work a room to use people to one’s disposal), “v for vendetta” (another film of putting justice into your own hands. created a tragic scenario to trick evey into learning no matter what one goes through, the right thing to do is the only appropriate way to live)

scorpio mars: “heathers” (conniving & hypocritical. veronica isn’t a saint herself but disproves of people who are cruel and sets out to teach them a lesson), “mr & mrs smith” (secretive. both know they’re spies but never tell each other & don’t feel neither has the right to be; in the same field of work but criticize each other for it), “django unchained” (rescue and revenge. will exploit anything or murder anyone to get back to his lover)

sagittarius mars: “maidentrip” (a young adventuress sails across the world)“artifact” (documentary film giving insight into the truth of the music industry. pretentious, pseudo-intellectuals), “the believer” (heavily controversial film. audacious in the name of beliefs and what one believes to hold verity) 

capricorn mars: “erin brockovich” (a relentless environmental activist sets out a case against a gas company where their supplies have left residents fatally ill. demands respect), “whiplash” (pushes limits beyond limits. ambitious to the core and seeks to achieve aspirations continuously), “american psycho” (a successful banker has an alter, killer ego who relishes in all that he does & ‘achieves’)

aquarius mars: “the big lebowski” (acts above violence and just says ‘fuck it’ to everything), “equilibrium” (feelings are literally outlawed but an enforcer soon falls victim to rebellion), “terminator” (a cyborg on a mission. a young boy fighting against the technologically advanced) 

pisces mars: “snowpiercer” (sacrifice, clairvoyance, spiritualism. as pete travers said, ‘a slambam sci-fi thriller with a brain, a heart and an artful sense of purpose’), “fight club” (gasp. shocking it isn’t aries mars, right? the story is about a man wanting to escape his everyday life, has an addictive personality, and finds himself immersed in this extracurricular activity), “philomena” & “of mind and music” (one defines true forgiveness. looking past all the tragedy and finding the beauty) 

random thoughts/reminders about percabeth

Annabeth was without her best friend for 6 months and tbh probably everything reminded her of him



percy saw annabeth’s face when looking at aphrodite

annabeth kissed percy for the first time and told him to be careful and then he immediately blew up Mount St. Helens, woke Typhon and went missing for two weeks 

percy turned into a guinea pig and annabeth will probably never let him forget

percy showed up to his own funeral and it was pretty much the funniest thing ever

percy and annabeth have never experienced as much shit as they have with any other person. I mean sure there were other people with them, but both of the them experienced ALL OF THAT SHIT together pretty much 100% of the time. 

no one will ever know the full story. 

probably every single person in existence cried at their wedding 

just imagine their vows. imagine

Pluto in the 12th House

Finding your depth perception…

Fascinated by darkness and death, their subconscious mind embodies the ultimate macabre that others wouldn’t be able to handle. The pains of the world are vicariously lived thru the person with Pluto in the 12th. Their soul is a spiralling pit of despair that isn’t entirely their own; their consciousness has downloaded the nightmares of the collective. Picking up the compulsions of others, this person has the gift and curse of absorbing the underlying motives behind the actions of those around them, as well as internalizing the deepest feelings of what others go thru. As they take on the pent up energy of others, it could come out in a dangerous way, or they transmute the shadows of the collective consciousness.

This is why astrology can be so beneficial, to be aware of what our soul agreed to for this lifetime. Any 12th house planet indicates that a person downloads messages of the universe, taking on the feelings of others, and thus, isolation is required to process their life purpose of dissolving the sadness, angst, and joys that other humans don’t fully sort thru. As many humans are assigned jobs on top of the family they care for, they hardly have time for sorting thru emotions, and so they spill over to the 12th house people, those who do have the opportunity of solitude. The person with 12th house planets becomes the pond of secrets; they are chosen by the universe to understand what others overlook. What a complex life mission! 12th house planets don’t have to be problematic if the person chooses to be introspective and honest with themselves about the way their mind works, in order to go a step further, finding compassion for humanity by being that sponge that holds the thoughts and emotions of humans and even animals, perhaps unconsciously feeling the pain of mother earth.

Deep down this person feels alone, no one understands them even if they have plenty of friends. The core of their being is a bottomless pit, a well of unfulfilled wishes. Falling into a wall, the person with Pluto in the 12th is meant to probe daunting truths about humanity….

Like a snake in the grass, this person may have a scheme to go after something, but their subtlety allows them to blend into what is expected of them so that no one suspects a thing. There is tremendous mysticism in this person’s dispositon, as their profound inner world is under a veil, which they only reveal to special people who have earned their trust.

All the times this person was made to feel powerless brewed within them to create compulsions and psychological complexes. Having their desires overlooked and muffled by others not listening or acknowledging them has caused them to vamp up their cravings to obsessively chasing them (could apply to wanting a person, an aspiration, power over others, knowledge, or anything else they could desire). 

They ultimately want comfort and validation in the material world, though they see themselves as a deep and perceptive person. The longing for feeling powerful could possibly drive the person with Pluto in the 12th house to discreetly play upon the weaknesses of others, with manipulative behavior, gas-lighting, among other inadvertent tactics of power-play; but this is the lowest manifestation. A mature portrayal would be someone who has worked thru operating out of their own hurt, transmuting fears and unhealthy habits to persevere in achieving what truly fulfills them. The highest manifestation of Pluto in the 12th house is someone who can use their own painful experiences to sympathize for people who are powerless. Hopefully they will make an impact on society by making a difference in the lives of those who are downtrodden.

Reflect on yourself and your life and ask yourself, is there’s something you do compulsively and what does it stem from? You can consciously choose to channel your Plutonian passion into a higher purpose instead of letting it come out as destructive tendencies.

(Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures, I would willingly take them down if the respective owner asks me to.)

The native with Pluto in the 12th house takes a step back from the chaos among them to observe it. They psychoanalyze the way people operate, to understand how people subtly manipulate each other, how people gain power over one another. Their desire to become influential on others can cause them to be jealous of the people who get what they want. They could become self loathing and resentful, unless they bravely work thru the trouble in their psyche. They can rise above their experiences by helping up those who’ve been knocked down, becoming great investigators, not being afraid to show their vulnerability, using it to become a confidant for others.

So many deep emotions come out as confusing, erupting when the person is triggered, as they often feel inexplicably provoked by things they can’t make sense of. Powerful intensity crashes thru them, as profound messages from the spirit world rush thru their soul, they may be unaware of it as they try to carry out a normal life. Daring to face unnerving truths of the universe, they keep their wisdom and profundity private as others would be too fainthearted to comprehend. They could develop telepathy and other psychic powers as you can tap into what others cannot see; if they take time out of their day to find solitude and practice such abilities.

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The caution is to not allow the injustices they have felt to fester within them, but to also not bury their envy and hurt to the point that they aren’t even aware of their own complexes and how it may cause them to treat other people. An evolved soul with Pluto in the 12th can induce incredible rebirth from the inside out. Whereas, if someone allows themselves to be weak, this placement ends up leading them to treacherous self destruction. You as the chart holder have the power to manifest your astrological placements in the wisest ways possible! Choose to be the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

–Acai’, Sellieve Neptune, lifelong astrologer

If you’re interested in a long, deep interpretation of your entire birth chart, as well as upcoming transits (predictions), among other services, message me for a reading! check out  AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/readings    *I can provide it over the phone, or as a typed report. Fees can be arranged on a sliding scale, and I can write anywhere from 5-20 pages about you, depending on what price works for you ;). I truly love the insight I can bring to others’ lives thru astrology, and would give it out freely to everyone if we lived in a perfect world, but for now I support myself while maintaining a genuine creative process ;).

Masquerade III: The Rules of the Game – Part 5 (Jungkook x Reader x another BTS member)

One must know the rules of the game, in order to come and play.

!! If you haven’t, please read the first two sagas in this series: MASQUERADE & Masquerade II !! [There will be spoilers if you read this story first.]

Summary: With Club Masquerade’s original hosts “graduating” one at a time, it’s up to the newcomers to pick up the slack and keep the customers happy. And who better to take the reins than the notorious Red Mask’s prodigy, Jeon Jungkook. But things become a bit difficult when you come into the picture, with your desire to do research on the rules of love and dating through your experience with your host. Will Jungkook be able to satisfy your curiosities… or will someone else?

Jungkook x Reader x BTS member [Read on to find out who >:P] (ft. Jimin & Hoseok)
CEO au, Host au, Cop!Kook au
Fluff & Smut

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 (Finale)

A/N: Hey everyone ~ this one’s long again so I put another “Keep Reading” link so let me know if it isn’t working ^^ This is straight up SIN (You have been warned)…I’m sorry…Enjoy ~ and stay hydrated LOL.

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          To say something had stirred inside of you after having sex with Namjoon would be somewhat of an understatement. Rather than “stirred” it seemed that it had been unleashed… unlocked.

           There was a gnawing need inside of you. Like that one time hadn’t been enough. Like you were intoxicated and obsessed with chasing after the high, the pleasure, the satisfaction that you had felt in that moment. But what worried you was that you knew that moments and feelings hardly ever replicated themselves to the same degree, and to expect the same feeling would be setting yourself up for disappointment. Yet you still hoped; you still searched.

           Every time you met with Namjoon, it would end up with clothes strewn on the floor; your limbs tangled around each other, like both of your bodies knew no other place other than each other’s.

           When your frustration was so great, you turned to Jungkook, who more than happily consented to your advances. He was well aware of your feelings for Namjoon and of your great thirst and search for physical intimacy. Most of the time, you and Jungkook would meet at the Club, neither of you daring enough to initiate anything at work, not sure whether it was something that crossed the other’s thought, and certainly not wanting to cross that line.

           Until one day, your growing heat got the better of you.

           As far as logical went, you always thought your mind was in full control of your body, but it seemed that those many years of tight reign had dissolved with a single taste of worldly pleasures. And you couldn’t think of any reason to deny yourself, especially if all the parties involved were on the same page and in the loop with everyone’s desires and circumstances.

           And so, seated side-by-side with both of your backs to your co-workers, you and Jungkook were brainstorming some ideas for improvements in marketing and advertising, which you had to pitch to Mr. Jung and Mr. Park by the end of the week. You crossed your legs in an attempt to dissipate the throbbing of your center as flashes of heated nights with Namjoon and with Jungkook separately seeped in. Licking your lips, your eyes flickered over to Jungkook’s concentrated expression and pursed lips. You silently argued with yourself about the consequences of being caught in the workplace and possibly pushing Jungkook too much out of his comfort zone, especially when he wasn’t Nochu. But before your mind could register it, your hand began travelling down to Jungkook’s muscular thigh.

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Request: How would the egos react to dream daddy?

Requested by: Anon

Darkiplier: Dark would act disturbed around the other egos but would secretly like it, playing it whenever he gets free time.

Wilford Warfstache: Wilford really gets into the game. Attempting to interview all of the dads.

The Host: Host doesn’t really see why people are so obsessed with the game.

Googleplier: Google doesn’t understand the point of it. He tries breaking down the code of the game and using it as research.

Antisepticeye: Anti attempts to get all of the bad endings - especially the cult one!

Chase Brody: Chase becomes obsessed with the game, Playing it for most of the day.

Jackaboy Man: Jackaboy is constantly replaying Josephs route.


Daily Hannibal Lyrics

Okay, this song is a pretty obvious one lyrically, but the original version by The Police did not capture Hannibal at all. Which is why I highly suggest THIS VERSION! Listen to it! The minor key change is pure, dark, perfection.

“Every breath you take,
Every move you make,
Every bond you break,
Every step you take,
I’ll be watching you.”


lit aesthetics: percy jackson and the olympians by rick riordan 

“A hero can go anywhere, challenge anyone, as long as he has the nerve

Victoria & Max..girls wtf are you doing..?

I wanna do some analysis but I still can’t conclude anything (especially after I finished ep.3) but ..can I talk about Victoria and Max for a moment?
After I play and look at bunch of people Let’s play and their different scenario so far..

- Victoria.. why on earth you STOLE Max’s cookies??? And Max..That’s not how to react on someone who stole your cookies.. well for me tbh..

- How and when do you even get in Max’s room?

- Why are you two even sneaking into each other room? for god sake..

-Victoria why do the fuck you have a figurine?? (this is like a bishojo-type anime character ) It’s even glow in the dark… omg

- Max..you really like her aspects in every way.. I think you misinterpreted your feeling

- Victoria you adorable dork.. I lost words for this..

Let me get this thing point by point, okay:

-You’re both into photography

-You’re both talented

-You’re both acknowledge each other abilities and aspects

-You’re both do SELFIES

-You’re both a GEEK

-You’re both obsessed about each other (like in a hateful way but still.. “why?”)

-You both like to sneak into each others room..


i feel like part of what makes me so uncomfortable with ot//ayur/i (beside from the obvious fact that it’s shipping a 15/16 year-old with a 19 year-old) is the fact that, as a 15 year-old gay kid, most of my gay friends are 18 and 19 years old

these are some of the people i’m closest too, emotionally and physically. i feel comfortable and safe sleeping in a bed with them, and cuddling, and having them do my makeup or braiding their hair or asking for help unzipping my dress. if i’m having a bad day, i go to them for help. if one of us is having dysphoria or is feeling unsure about labels, we talk about it. i know i can go to them with questions about relationships and sex and they’ll give me honest answers and advice, and i don’t have to worry about them mistaking our relationship for anything but friendship and mentorship and bonding over common experience. i can feel completely safe in asking them if my outfit is too revealing or where to get free condoms because i know that they would never, not even for a second, think of me in a sexual light. 

but so, so many people can’t seem to understand this. because we’re both gay, and we both like hugs and they kiss me on the forehead when i’m feeling shitty, people assume that our relationship must be a sexual or romantic one. any sort of affection is twisted into something romantic, and it makes me feel so unsafe, because the entire reason our relationship is possible is because i know that they would never see me in that light. i’m like a little sibling to them. they teach me how to survive in this homophobic hellhole of a universe, and someday, i’ll pass on that knowledge to younger gay kids.

so when i see yu//rio being shipped with ot//abek, an older teenager who helped yu/ri/o out of a situation where he was being chased by terrifyingly obsessed fans, and is shown to be one of the only, if not the only, person y/uri/o considers a friend… to be honest, it scares me. in these two characters, i see a clear reflection of my own relationship with older gay teens. not only in the way that the two of them interact, but in the way that other people, and especially straight people, interpret it. i see it every time i rest my head on an older friend’s shoulder, or hold their hand while i cry. you can’t comprehend the idea that gay people have a community and a family that has nothing to do with sex, because that’s the only part of our relationships you’ve ever wanted to see. you only care about the relationships between gay people when you get something out of them too. so yeah, fuck that. let us have our friendships. they’ve never been yours to take.

idk, just my two cents. please don’t reblog if you’re just going to argue with me about my experiences. trust me, i know them better than you do. if you’re also lgbt and a minor, though, i’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the matter!