c l a r i s s a f r a y + traits

loving: [adj.] feeling or showing love
stubborn: [adj.] fixed or set in purpose or opinion
loyal: [adj.] faithful to a person or institution
courageous: [adj.] not deterred by danger or pain ; brave
honest: [adj.] free of deceit and untruthfulness
fiery: [adj.] having a passionate quick-tempered nature
artistic: [adj.] having natural creative skill

Keep her-them-safe....Please S.S.

Those szenes always make me shudder….Dumbledore and Snape on that hilltop. A completely devastated and desperate Snape begging for Lilys life. And Albus asking for something in return. Snape is ready to give anything. I  believe he would have gladly accepted also a cell in Azkaban as long as it would have only saved Lilys life….

But did Dumbledore really all in his power to save the Potters? I doubt it. Why should one of the greatest wizards of his time (maybe the one)  fail to hide and save them? He suggested the Fidelius charm, yes. But we know what happened. I cannot believe that was really all what was possible for him….I am very sure that James and Lily would have accepted every idea to hide or to be protected- they are parents and they want to see their son grow up! All parents think first of the safety of their children and not about what is convenient or not .

And there are some interesting reasons why he might have been not interested to save them….

- the prophecy spoke only of the boy as relevant to defeat Voldemort not the parents

- without Lily and James he had much more influence on Harry, the chosen one. He himself admitted to be always tempted by power. To have the chosen one on his school is indeed a position of power, much more than working at the Ministry of Magic.

- and also very important: After Lilys death Snape was so devastated that it was very easy to corner and blackmail him to work for his cause to defeat Voldemort ( Snape believed to save Harry) . It is ingenious, because he won a former death eater, a man with great knowledge about the dark arts, a servant and later advisor of Voldemort and the perfect spy. Dumbledore is very cunning to use the charactertraits of others to use them, to make them do what he wants while believing there is no other way.  All what he needed .

Even if I would hate Severus ( Obviously I do not)    I would feel with him for that szene on the hilltop alone…….

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite charactertraits of your UtA characters? :3 Or alternativly, their designs? '-'

Hi nonnie!

Favourite traits…nice question…hmmm…I’ll give you a list:

Mattie: Her compassion and determination. She’s braver than she gives herself credit for. The way she handles her stress. The way she looks much younger than she is. Her large eyes, freckle and buck teeth <3

Dorian: His resilience and strength. The way he’s awkward around people. The way he shares painful parts of himself bits at a time. His cliché broodiness. His black black hair, crooked nose and large chin. His bluntness. THAT BODY.

Gawain: His joy, energy and optimism. The way he can’t seem to stop asking the stupidest, most inappropriate questions. The trust he has in his friends. His impulsiveness.  His long beak-like nose and freckles.

Nen: His innate diplomacy, his kindness and playfulness. His sensitivity towards those around him. Approachable, and not one for lording his royal status over others. His long, red mane and ear fins. His swimmer’s legs <3

Sienna: her wildness, stubbornness and conviction. Her fierce loyalty to what she believes in. The way she begrudgingly gives her respect to those she considers have earned it. Her big hair and large, piercing green eyes. Her solid, stocky frame.

Samurai: His seriousness and reserved nature. His calm and quiet intelligence. The way he keeps his pain to himself.  His politeness and respectfulness. The way he rises to an argument at the first sign of ignorance. His soft hair and cleft chin. His being a leftie <3

Argus: His caring, self-sacrificing and hardworking nature. The way he worries about his charges. His broad-mindedness and generosity. The freckle and buck teeth he shares with his niece.