Edgar analisava alguns papéis de pedidos para alugar sua balada na sala principal onde costumava ficar quando o tiroteio começou. Decidiu ignorar o barulho e voltar àqueles muitos papéis torcendo para que Chanel aparecesse em sua sala pedindo exclusividade. Foi então que alguém surgiu na porta e lhe informou sobre o que acontecia. O homem simplesmente apertou um botão do controle que tinha sobre a mesa, bufou, e levantou-se da cadeira rumo à porta de entrada do prédio. Odiava aqueles momentos em que tinha que proteger as pessoas daquilo que muitas vezes era ele quem provocava. Quando chegou ao Hall de entrada, pôde ver o desespero das pessoas e o DJ pedindo a calma, assim como também pôde confirmar o sistema de proteção instalado que protege as janelas e portas com uma metálica blindada. Apontou para a saída de emergência indicando aos seguranças que ocupassem todas e abrigassem as pessoas e seguiu tranquilamente em direção à porta principal, chamando as pessoas para entrar do jeito mais gentil que Ed poderia. - Se quer morrer, saia do caminho porque tem gente querendo se proteger. - Disse à alguém baleado.

What a bunch of (colorful) a-holes. ✨

Approximate time: 7.5-8 hours. I do love the original black & white version, but I wanted to take on this challenge! References were used as much as possible, and I invented/guessed the rest.

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Mack’s In-depth - RGM 86R GMIII

Today i am starting a new topic source for this blog! Titled “Mack’s in-depth”, these posts will be focused on getting deep into the lore and origins of certain mechas or characters and their respective backgrounds that led to their development.

Today’s in-depth: EFSF RGM86R GM 3!

This is one of the EFSF’s last Mobile Suits from the GM line of production, before they moved onto the Jegan. Development of this suit began shortly after the long used GM 2 unit was phased out, being very unpopular with pilots due to their lack of mobility and unreliability. Even though the Mk2 Gundam units were stolen, enough data was retrieved in early tests to use as a template to build upon for the rollout of new mass production MS, the GM 3 being one such unit. Production began in 0087, with the first units rolled out in 0088.

Unlike its predecessor, the GM 3 featured a high power generator that allowed for the use of an extensive range of beam weaponry as well as a much longer deployment time. That said, alot of its power was necessary to maneuver the suit. The GM 3 featured a noticably greater amount of thrusters and a much larger backpack unit (very similar to the MK2 Gundam’s in design) that featured 2 beam saber recharge racks. But even with these new additions to speed and melee capability, the unit still outperformed its predecessors on all levels.

The GM 3 was fitted with new hardmounts that allowed it to carry many missiles and scatter bombs onto the battlefield, giving it a much greater weapon loadout on frontline missions. Truly said, this unit was not so much a new step in development as a leap. It quickly became a favourite suit among pilots and was upheld as the greatest general purpose unit in the EFSF for many years, seeing deployment as late as 0096.


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        can i just say  ;  i love the fuck out of dark threads. i love violent threads. i love torture threads. i love dark madness. my tiny demon loves to manhandle whoever she can. that’s possibly because her fall from grace brings around new found vengeance. when abadiel dies and unearths abaddon  ;  all chaos breaks loose. she honestly goes on a straight rampage against humans and angels alike. she enlists demons           other entities. humans against humans, even. 

Elle a mis le couvert et mené à la perfection ce à quoi son amour assis en face d’elle parlera bas tout à l’heure, en la dévisageant. Cette nourriture semblable à l’anche d’un hautbois. Sous la table, ses chevilles nues caressent à présent la chaleur du bien-aimé, tandis que des voix qu’elle n’entend pas la complimentent. Le rayon de la lampe emmêle, tisse sa distraction sensuelle. Un lit, très loin, sait-elle, patiente et tremble dans l’exil des draps odorants, comme un lac de montagne qui ne sera jamais abandonné. 

 René char