Recently a little idea hit me: What would the characters do when it’s Halloween? I actually headcanon that a lot of the younger Trolls (and other creatures) use the opportunity to mingle among the Humans that night. 

In my Redemption story (after Barbara learned who Stricklander was and she kinda forgave him(gave him a second chance) Barbara invites Stricklander to the Halloween-party of her clinic. At first he is not so keen about it, because he is unsure about going into public with this form. But mostly because he isn’t so fond of this dressing up, since as a Changeling he already has to pretend to be someone else and even when it’s just for fun he doesn’t care about it. 
However this is a chance for him and Barbara to go out on some kind of date, so he agrees, but refuses to dress up. His troll appearance will be costume enough.
Stricklander’s surprise is very big when he sees Barbara’s costume. With fake horns, body paint and a few other things she made herself look like a Troll (Or Changeling, due to her human shape) He is confused, she could have chosen a far more usual/casual costume, why would she dress up like a Troll/Changeling? 
Barbara is a bit bashful, while she explains that she thought this way it could be a couple costume for them, but maybe this was a stupid idea, wouldn’t be her first. During her rambling Stricklander looks flabbergasted, but then takes her hand to make her stop and says how much he appreciates this thought of her.
And he has to be honest with himself, the Troll part of him totally approves seeing her like that. 
During the party they both get complimented for their creative and matching costumes and Barbara also gets jealous looks from some of the woman, when they notice how charming Stricklander is. I’m very sure the two would dance all evening long until their feet hurt.

While these two have a blast at the party of the clinic, Jim, Toby and Claire wanted to show Blinky, a few other Trolls, Jean and NotEnrique (which I will call Rico) around on this Halloween night. But in the end they have to chase after Jean and Rico, who use the opportunity to play pranks and crash parties together. They normal don’t get along and bicker a lot (it’s different than Jean and Draal, since Jean still has respect for Draal, but not for Rico), but this night they somehow ended up as partners in crime and the town’s number one troublemakers. 

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal