hi! I’m alive
my main chara from Tree of Savior Sasa 160lvl, wugushi
this game is full of fanservice so I thought I can make some panty shot too :P I love all treasure hunts mostly - headgear hunts ♥ ♥ !! (I still have small colection because of my lvl [which is still low couse I’m busy of farming lol] and no luck ) 

feel free to pm me in game, my teamname is sasusiowe end I’m playing on EU server :P ♥ I’m changing aperance every day I have two wigs, black and pink hair colors and my hats but this is my favorite complet rn ♥

my tablet is broken and its rly painfull drawing with it so I gave up at the end eh UnU’ I think I need new one (but new pokemon game wont buy itself lol )