*chai's away

Ordered a chai tea latte and they were out of the large cups so she gave me a xlarge. I was thinking it would be hot to hold since the largest cups are plastic and not paper. I should have said something bc the next thing I know…it is an iced chai tea.

Like a huge iced tea that I only drink hot because fuck I don’t need a cold drink on a 91 degree day. I’m Floridian. I’ll survive.

So she hands me this beastly abomination and my social anxiety is like “smile bitch, don’t hurt her feelings or be THAT customer. You should have said hot you deserve this now be sad but don’t let her see.”

Now I got this cold heathen in a supersize and I got to drink it because I paid for it. It tastes the same…just friggin cold


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I  WAS  READY  TO  DIE .         i  was  going  to  die  with  your  name  on  my  lips ,     with  the  smell  of  your  skin  filling  my  soul .       there  is  panic  evident  in  his  eyes   until  there  isn’t .    there’s  a  MATURITY ,    a  solemnity ,    an  age .       ❝  because  …  i  love  you .  ❞      oh ,  to  say  it  aloud .      ❝  and …  i  should  have  died .  ❞       I  AM  ALIVE .        ❝   …  wanna  run  away  now  ?  ❞        //       @chaied

an extra shake of cinnamon

notes | I have a deep love of coffee shop au’s but it’s not something I’ve written much. Inspired by the au list @celestialmiracle posted even though it’s not actually one of the prompts.

title | an extra shake of cinnamon

She’s a force of nature in a neat skirt, a splash of color contradicting her sensible heels and a stern frown that doesn’t subside until she has her fingers wrapped around a steaming cup of chai, dropping it away from her lips following that first slow sip. It’s only then that she smiles, a tiny little lift of carefully painted lips that reaches right into the depths of her dark eyes and lights every corner of the room. 

Every morning, like clockwork, she clicks in to the coffee shop, a sharp and even beat that he recognizes without even looking up (he tells himself it’s because she’s a regular, that that’s why he knows the precise length of her stride, the exact cadence of her step but he doesn’t actually know anyone else’s and they have plenty of other regulars). She orders that same chai latte, gives her name (as if he’ll ever forget it) and then waits anxiously at the end of the counter for Iris to slide it over, steaming hot and collared and sprinkled with an extra shake of cinnamon. 

He’ll sacrifice a few seconds of quality customer interaction if he’s busy, just to watch the transformation that chases that first sip, warming her expression and seemingly infusing a little life into her day.

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Chains/ Closed

Bixlow swallowed and smiled. “Yeah, a little. Mostly tired, hungry and a little itchy. How did you find me?” he asked as he waited to be unchained and let go. God, where were his babies? “Did you find my babies?”


“Mmmhm.” She nodded, Looking around before selecting her weapon. She had never been one to try and patiently pick a lock.
“I already found em, Didn’t grab em though, I had to have both hands free to knock open the door.” Lexus stuck her tongue out as she looked at the chais.
“Er, look away.” She heafted the large heavy item she could only assume was used for breaking things such as bones perhaps, and brought it down on the chain Hard