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robert/aaron, vic, andy, chas, diane, andy

GENRE:    fluff, deaf!character
WORDS:    6,975
SUMMARY:  “He can’t hear you,” Vic says, touching Aaron’s arm. 
Aaron frowns. “What?”
“Robert,” she says, gesturing at the blond standing by
the bar. "He’s deaf, and he doesn’t wear his hearing aid.”

for the anon who wanted “he can’t hear you” instead of “can you hear me”,

Aaron rubs at his forehead with his thumb. “You can help out here if you like.”

Robert blinks, frowning. “Are you being serious?”

“I’d have to talk to Adam,” Aaron says. Adam’s likely to kick off about it, but Aaron doesn’t particularly care. Work is picking up, and if they don’t hire someone soon, they’re going to have to start turning work away. Aaron’s not inclined to do that, not if they actually want this to work.

“I’m deaf,” Robert says, looking at Aaron like he’s grown a second head.

“You saying you can’t do the job?” Aaron says. He doesn’t know why he’s framing it as a challenge, only that something about Robert makes him say it.

Robert looks amused, but he sobers quickly. “I’m serious.”

“Look,” Aaron says, frustrated. “I’m just offering, if you don’t want to take it-” he cuts off at the look on Robert’s face, intense concentration, and Aaron realises he’s talking too quickly. He sighs, rubs at his forehead again, but talks slower. “Sorry. I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t think we could work something out. I haven’t forgotten you’re deaf.”

“Okay,” Robert says. He looks awkward, eyes flicking from the Portacabin then back to Aaron. “Speak to Vic.”

Aaron nods, because if there’s one person who’ll be able to help here, it’s Vic. “Alright.”

Robert hesitates, then signs <thank you>.

“You’re welcome.” Aaron says.

a different language

Masterlist - Dokiginal Works

A compilation of my stuff ^u^ 


🌟 Astro’s reaction to their gf being afraid of the dark/thunder

🌟 Astro’s reaction to finding their crush dancing to one of their songs 

🌟 Astro’s reaction to their s/o doing aegyo on a variety show

🌟 Astro’s reaction to their gf always having cold hands

Eun Woo

🌟 Until the Very End - An Eun Woo x Reader scenario -  In which he is sick and doesn’t want you to see him weak.

🌟 Rain - An Eun Woo scenario - In which his busy life gets the best of him

Moon Bin

🌟 Forgotten Song - A Moon Bin x Reader timeline -  In which he is a barista and a forgotten childhood friend.


🌟 Rocky x Idol!reader timeline - They fall in love despite their dating bans.

🌟 Not Enough - A Minhyuk Scenario - Conflict and angst

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♥ BTS reaction to their gf unexpectedly getting pregnant

♥ Bts Members as Chosen Ones / Rap line  aka me having too much fun


♥ Jungkook x Reader timeline - In which he’s an awkward high school student, and Y/N is an exchange student staying at his place. 


♥ Seasons - A Jimin timeline -  Focusses on relationships, emotions and existential questions.


♥ Through the Years -  A Namjin timeline set in a royal!AU

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#1 Not alone...

First attempt at a little fic…please don’t be too harsh :-)

I want to see more sad Robert/comforting Chas…

‘It’s yours innit’.  Robert closed his eyes, remembering the heart-breakingly vulnerable look on Aaron’s face as he uttered those words.  Robert had pulled him into a hug, trying to convey to Aaron all the things he was too overcome with emotion to put into words.  He hadn’t wanted to break down in front Aaron, had wanted to stay strong for him; but when it came to their final goodbye he almost hadn’t been able to speak.

‘Bye then, Mr Dingle’

Robert had to swallow the lump in his throat and force back the tears threatening to break his will to stay strong before he could reply with the affectionate statement of their union to one another which had quickly become a private term of endearment…

’Goodbye, Mr Sugden.’    

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