there’s enough media where people with a history of depression are written in a way that puts depression at the forefront of their story - ESPECIALLY if that character has a history of self-harm

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5th Dimension of MBTI: Calm vs Limbic

Well, you’ve figured out your MBTI type. You may have figured out other people’s MBTI type as well. But there is more. There’s a 5th dimension that isn’t factored in by traditional MBTI type tests, and it involves the concept of emotional stability. The two binary ranges that define emotional stability are calm vs limbic (or labeled assertive vs. turbulent according to some sources).

This idea of 5 dimensions is the main theme within the SLOAN Multidimensional Typing System, also known as the Global 5, which is basically the MBTI with this 5th dimension of emotional stability (psychologists tend to like this format more). With this addition of calm vs limbic, this means that there are technically 32 MBTI types. A calm INFP can look very different from a limbic INFP and the differences will be explained. Keep in mind that being “calm” isn’t necessarily the best and neither is being “limbic”.

Calm means that the person is more likely to be less reactive to external stimuli. They have a better ability to control their emotions in times of stress, making them naturally great at handling high pressure situations. Calm people are more likely to have a “perceiving” edge to them, as they are more likely to take things as they come rather than prepare as much. They are more likely to be relaxed and take things easy. This can be negative however, as it may make the calm person too relaxed for their own good, when they should really be preparing instead. This can also mean that it’s harder for calm types to feel motivated to do things because it’s harder for their emotions to get riled up.

As for the limbic person, they may also find its hard to do things, not for lack of emotional motivation but because their emotions are in such a flurry that they can’t escape their self-induced stress. Limbic people are likely to react more greatly to external stimuli and emotions. Their body stresses out more, which in a prehistoric sense, would have enabled them to create the energy needed to enact fight-or-flight response. In a modern day context, this means limbic people are more likely to prepare for things like presentations compared to confident types who will feel they can “wing it”. However, this depends on how well the limbic person’s development has come. A limbic person can seem like a “Type-A” personality that is achieving many of their goals or they can seem like a mess if they have not learned to channel their stress response well.

For both calm and limbic types, there is work to be done by learning from the other side. Calm types should learn to let emotions and stimuli affect them more compared to limbic types who should learn how to respond to those things better and learn to take it easy. The way confident vs limbic manifests for each MBTI type can also be very different. Calm INFPs are likely to be more outgoing, opinionated and social vs limbic INFPs who tend to be quieter, easygoing and less social. A calm ESTP is likely to be very non-chalant, easy-going and loud vs a limbic ESTP who is likely to have lower self-esteem, be more conforming and a better team-player. As you can see, the way calm vs limbic manifests is different for each type. Although people can manipulate the level to which they are limbic or calm, they will be either a set limbic or calm for their entire lives.

If you’d like to read more about your type from the context of Big 5 and learn more about the 5th dimension of emotional stability, check it out here. Be warned that the site does not give flattering descriptors for most types.


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Elements Of Life Discovered Everywhere In The Milky Way

“For the first time, we can now study the distribution of elements across our galaxy. The elements we measure include the atoms that make up 97% of the mass of the human body.”

If you want to know how many and what type of chemical elements are present in a star system, you need to make a dizzying, intricate array of observations. You need to break up the light from the star into its component wavelengths and look for the signatures of absorption and emission lines corresponding to each individual element you’re seeking, while simultaneously accounting for effects like temperature and ionization. This is made extra difficult by the fact that most of the Milky Way is obscured by gas, dust and other neutral matter. But thanks to the infrared instruments on the wide-field Sloan Digital Sky Survey, over 150,000 stars have had their spectra taken, located throughout the Milky Way, and the results are spectacular. In particular, the center of our galaxy has more heavy elements than we do, potentially meaning that it could have begun harboring life billions of years earlier.

The elements of life are everywhere, but they’re not equally distributed at all locations. Come find out what it means and what we’ve learned!