Don’t think about Peggy and Bucky being friends

Don’t think about the common goal they shared in the disaster that was trying to keep Steve Rogers safe and alive

Don’t think about how they both loved him- in different ways- just as strong

Don’t think about the team of bomb ass brunettes who ruled Captain America’s life, and how they haven’t seen each other since 1944

Don’t think about how Bucky probably didn’t remember Peggy until she was dead

Don’t think about how Peggy probably didn’t know who Bucky was when she died

Don’t think about the fact that probably the one surviving memory of Bucky she had left was that she failed to keep her promise to keep Steve alive

When Real Hamilton Lines Sound Like Incorrect Quotes
  • “Don’t call me son!” “Watch your tone!”
  • “Excuse me miss, I know it’s not funny/ But your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money”
  • “I’m a general! WHeeeeeee!”
  • “I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of our love.”
  • “Lets ride!!!!!”

  • Peggy.