the signs as hamilton characters
  • Aries: angelica (enthusiastic, independent, courageous)
  • Taurus: alexander hamilton (solid, fights for belief)
  • Gemini: thomas jefferson (social, talkative)
  • Cancer: maria reynolds (sensitive, unpredictable, adventurous)
  • Leo: eliza (devoted, generous, hot-tempered)
  • Virgo: peggy (analytical, intellectual, enjoys bettering self)
  • Libra: hercules mulligan (ambitious, hard-working)
  • Scorpio: marquis de lafeyette (intense, kind, loyal)
  • Sagittarius: john laurens (positive, vibrant, reckless)
  • Capricorn: king george III (ambitious, active, in control)
  • Aquarius: aaron burr (takes opportunities, hard-working, unbothered)
  • Pisces: james madison (sensitive, reserved, a good friend)
Just incase you don't know the cast of Hamilton, here's a brief summary:
  • Alexander: bastard, orphan, son of a whore; a short, whiny garbage can who can't fucking shut up
  • Aaron Burr: sir; loves his daughter; should not be trusted with a gun
  • Eliza: way to good for Alexander; probably smells like peppermint and love
  • Angelica: better than you; could punch me in the face and I would feel honored
  • John Laurens: 99% chance he was gay for Hamilton; wanted to free slaves
  • Hercules Mulligan: Brah, brah, he is Hercules Mulligan; made a "fucked your mom" joke in the 3rd song
  • Lafayette: French; raps fast; secretly was in love with George Washington
  • George Washington: Dad; tall and just wants to sit down for 2 seconds without worrying about Hamilton and Jefferson
  • Thomas Jefferson: Sassy; purple velvet; would marry France
  • James Madison: Sick; ball of anxiety
  • Philip Hamilton: like his father but bolder; 100% guarantee you will cry over him
  • Maria Reynolds: Married a horrible guy and can't be blamed for anything; she holds a special place in my heart
  • Peggy: ...and Peggy
If I Could Change Anything About Hamilton

-Make Lams explicit, include Laurens in satisfied and add another song with him singing about how they love each other but ended it to save them. (Something along the lines of Burn would be awesome.)

-When Eliza says, “I speak or against slavery, you really could of done so much more of you had more time” direct it at Laurens. Laurens did so much more than Ham on this issue.

-Give Peggy more lines.

-Decriminalize Maria. She was really the victim. Maybe give her a small song/scene to demonstrate how she was abused.

I had a dream about peggy being some type of magic constellation fairy??? And felt the urge to draw it so here you go!

ok but laurens dancing with peggy during the song “helpless”??? taking her away to talk at the staircase??? if you dont know what i mean, you can watch it here

((it doesnt help when you know the people who play their roles, anthony and jazz, are engaged omfg))


bbys are not engaged. repeat NOT engaged. friend told me and i got carried away. very sorry about that.