FAVORITE CLONE WARS CAST MOMENTS ashley gets emotional (sww 2014)

anonymous asked:

I know you don't talk about this but I must ask your thoughts on KW. I saw a post on my dash of a tweet she sent out about her jewelry and she mentioned her wedding band. The comments had pictures of her wearing different rings at different times. Why is she doing this? For a woman who has been about her privacy, why is she doing things that will lead to people talking about her private life? It makes her seem like she wants attention. She confuses me. What does she want? Privacy or talk?

Hey anon… Asking a Kerry question.

Errr… Umm… Did you mean to send this message to me? I know I dig KW, but not the antics and the rings or the yet to be named husband in the press. I was discussing something with my brother about Scandal (these nuts) and I flipped out and said, “Why the hell does she never say her husband’s name when she refers to him? Is he a goddamn Berenstain Bear?” It just bothers me. When I’m madly in love with someone and cannot stop talking about them, I say their name, not their title. If I love a man named Mike, everyone is going to know that Mike is my heart. Not “my husband” but “my husband Mike.”

As for the rings? Bruh, they gotta just disappear, man. Because they move around her hands like a game of musical chairs. Eventually she’s going to start wearing it on a necklace around her neck. (Hell of a place to wear a ring, but okay.) You know I’m in the fandom and I ship what I ship, but this shit is ridiculous. These games she plays must be to amuse herself, because I damned sure don’t give a fuck about it either way. I’m not sleeping with them or losing sleep because of it. If she wants to maintain her privacy, one might suggest not dangling unnecessary tidbits of quasi-personal shit before the public. Then again, I’m not her publicist (neither is her publicist at times, but hey). She’s a grown woman.

What she plans to do, whether it promotes the show or drums up needless controversy surrounding her sometimes I vaguely discuss my personal life is completely up to her. I can say, I liked it when she seemed to have fun doing press and not talking about her personal life at all. She could talk about curtains so long as I don’t have to hear another fable about her husband. Next thing she’s going to describe how the honeymoon occurred at the top of a magical beanstalk. SheFineBruh, but I like my ass just fine without her blowing smoke up it. Thanks for writing.

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