Note to self...

It’s okay.

It’s okay to be chubby.
It’s okay to be sad.
It’s okay to be scared.
It’s okay to ask for help.
It’s okay to be little.
It’s okay to not be little.
It’s okay to eat.
It’s okay to wear sweats.
It’s okay to take meds.
It’s okay to like baby stuff.
It’s okay to like grown up stuff.
It’s okay to still be figuring things out.

It’s okay to be me.


I’m trying to get back into making educational breakdown videos of shots I’ve animated at Disney. It goes by pretty fast because I’m trying to keep them under a minute! I had SO much fun with this shot and learnt a lot! I hope you enjoy my thought process, thanks for checking it out! #disney #disneyanimation #mouse #trentanimation #animation #zootopia #cg #computeranimation #2d (at Walt Disney Animation Studios)

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Merlin Memory Month prompt day 1

Path 1 “beginnings, firsts, risings”

For this prompt I decided to go with the obvious and sketched Merlin and Arthur’s firsts appearances. 

I don’t know if I’ll be able to draw something everyday, but I’ll try! Merlin is still the number one fandom in my heart, it brought me so much and I love those idiots more than i can express. It makes me so happy that the fandom is still alive and active today!! ♥ 


This is my final and fourth year film at CalArts!!  "Family Spirit" is about a family of ghosts that sit down for dinner only to realize there is another unwelcome presence at the end of the table.

Enjoy!! :) 

Down, P. 42

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