A Road Trip in 2116 - Whale class transport - by Jonas Ronnegard

Long distance desert cruise transport ship. Project for Allegorithmic’s “A Road Trip in 2116″ Challenge

Modeling - Maya 

Texturing - Substance painter/designer

Realtime render - Marmoset toolbag”

Why is it so hard to obey the policies set by a company?

It’s so disappointing and disheartening that despite constant reminders that uploading of social apps CG is prohibited, people still do it. It is not something made up by us fans, it is an actual policy made by Voltage Inc. 

Posting of any CGs from Voltage Inc social apps is prohibited. It doesn’t matter if you earned the CG or got it from someone else (some of them even stole the CGs from people who play the Japanese version!!).

Please start respecting Voltage’s policy.

Just because other people are doing it, do you just blindly follow it? If people are gonna go on a shooting spree, will you blindly follow it too? No? Then why are you blindly following others who illegally upload such posts even though it is illegal? And to the people who reblog such posts, I want to say that you’re not quite better either. It’s not a competition, and you shouldn’t do this to gain fame and followers. There are people who are PROUD to share these CGs. They are super arrogant and even if you tell them nicely that it is prohibited to post Voltage Inc social app CGs, they give you an attitude and tell you off, insults and all. These people should be ASHAMED of yourself for being so proud of doing something illegal.


MECHanical Krieger display - by Matthias Develtere


“"So this is the first ‘phare’ constructed"
With gazing eyes, Lente observed the mechanical structure.
'Lighthouses’, that’s how they called them in history classes, ‘cause they towered over the battlefield with their giant flashlights
Her grandpa was once one of the peacekeepers, even till these days only boys were allowed into the program. “’Cause the robots are way too scary for little girls”, grandpa always said. But she could only see a cute giant fluffy robot that needed a friend… and maybe some extra stickers. So Lente made a promise to herself - she would be the first female pilot.”

Ok but when will "underage littles" learn that:

You don’t need to be sexual to into bdsm. I have a friend who is asexual aromatic and they want me to Dom them because they’re autistic and suffer from self harm so bdsm gives them something else to do rather than hurt themselves.
That’s just one of copious examples as to how bdsm doesn’t meant “sucking daddies cock” “or taking masters cock” it doesn’t have to be that at all.
I’m grey ace and I BARELY EVER include sex into my little space or puppy space.
It came from bdsm. And it remains in bdsm. It’s an aesthetic, it’s a power dynamic, it’s a kink even if it’s non sexual.
Like literally how you respond to someone saying
“I’m masters urinal but it’s not sexual! There’s nothing sexual about me being on my knees getting pissed on therefore as a child I can do that!”
“I’m daddies dog and he locks me in a cage when I’m bad but we don’t have sex so it’s not a kink uwu”
Like??? All of these things can help you escape from reality. All of these things are SUB HEAD SPACES much like LITTLE SPACE IS.
And there is NO SUCH THING AS SAFE FOR WORK CG/L. there isn’t.
Would you go to work with a pacifier and a bonnet and drink from a bottle saying “daddy is coming to pick me up so we can go to the zoo and see all the awnimals!!”
No? Then it’s not safe for work.
Like I go to events all the Time and there are real littles there. 18+ littles and that’s where they belong. No minors (aka fake littles and pedophile apologists) aren’t welcome there.

Your arguments are weak. Fuck off until you’re actually welcome into the world of bdsm. I don’t care what the fuck you do at home. I lost my virginity at 15 I don’t care. What I care about is fake littles invading kink communities like tumblr and wiping their snot nosed child faces all over OUR safe space.
Gtf away from me.


Christina had an acoustic jam session singing Shrug with WeAreSavvy // filmed in January 2016

Dance With Devils: Left Door Chapter 03-Lindo Translation

Hello again, folks! As promised, here is the infamous beach chapter from the Left Door common route (Rem and Lindo) in Dance with Devils!  This post assumes you know what’s happened so far in the game, so be sure to head over to the translation master list to catch up on the Prologue through Chapter 02.

If you have already read the Left Door Chapter 03-Rem translation,  then use ctrl+F and [Lindo01] for the Lindo-specific changes in the story. Use [S01] through [S04] for the human vs devil scenarios.

As always: translations, spoilers, screenshots, CGs, and a very long post from the Vita game Dance With Devils beneath the read more cut. If you do not wish to be spoiled, then please do not click the read more link <3 If you see any corrections that need to be made, please don’t hesitate to contact me with them. Please enjoy! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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