I Hate You (Harry Hook X Reader)

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A/N: I was actually really happy with how this one turned out. I hope you guys like it xxx
Request: Yes!
What about about something with Harry and the daughter of Meg and Hercules? Idk with that wit I feel like they would be a good pair ya know!
Words: 3700 (Holy shit this was a lot longer than planned)
Warnings: Swearing and Fluff

“Ben! I said no. Which word don’t you understand?”
“Come on Y/N, I’m desperate. What am I supposed to do? Turn him away?”
“Come to think of it that’s not such a bad idea”
You knew something was up when Ben called you to his office that morning, he only had meetings there when he wanted something from you. And sure enough, there you were, being sucked into some plan you wanted nothing to do with.
“Y/N it’s not permanent! Just until we make some other arrangements” he said, looking at you with wide eyes, a tactic that usually caused you to cave in.
“I don’t see why it always has to be me!” You fired back, crossing your arms over your chest in protest.
You refused to back down. Being the daughter of Hercules and Meg meant you were fiercely competitive in a way that was often confused for blatant stubbornness, and felt less than enthusiastic to take orders from somebody else. You liked to make your own rules.
“Well, you’re the only student left who doesn’t have a room-mate”
“Fine. Then I’ll take Uma. She seems to just want to keep to herself which is perfectly fine by me.”
You didn’t mind really compromising too much, you’re mothers nature as much of a part of your personality as your father’s.
“She’s rooming with Mal and Evie”.
You spluttered and tried to stop yourself from laughing, knowing full well that living arrangement wouldn’t last for long.
“Queen of hearts daughter?”
“With Lonnie”
You rolled your eyes and sighed
“Okay then, never mind. What about Gil? Gil seems pretty harmless”
“With Jay and Carlos”
“Leah Gothel?”
“Staying with Jane”
“Come on Ben, work with me! What about… um … I don’t know … Hayley Facilier?”
“She’s with Audrey. Look Y/N, I’m only asking because there’s no other option. We’re all out of rooms!”.
You tapped your feet, there was no way you were giving up that easily.
“I swear there’s a rule about boys and girls having separate rooms”
“ Y/N, I’m King, I make the rules”
You huffed once more, taking another deep breath before making a decision you knew you’d regret.
“Okay fine! I’ll room with the pirate!” Ben’s eyes lit up  "What did you say his name is again?“
“Harry. Harry Hook. Thanks Y/N! You won’t regret this!” He said, grabbing your shoulders and pulling you to your dorm.
‘Hmmm” you answered, not entirely convinced the King was right.

You stopped and turned to Ben one more time before opening your dorm door.
“This is going to end badly,” you said flatly.
‘You’ve already said that"
“Yeah, well it seemed worth repeating”.
He chuckled at you, clearly thinking you were joking. You weren’t.
“Come on. He can’t be that bad,” Ben replied, opening the door for you and peering inside your dorm. He nearly jumped out of his skin. “Oh ..wow! This is, well… Different”.
Different was an understatement. You felt your blood start to boil as a you were faced with a tall, red leather jacket clad brunette, swing from your light fitting, painting a red line onto the ceiling that travelled down the walls and across the floor. Most of the walls were tagged with black and red graffiti reading “We ride with the tide” and the floors were already cluttered with miscellaneous pirate paraphernalia. It was safe to say you lost your cool.
“WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO MY ROOM!” You screamed charging towards the boy, leaving Ben sheepishly in the doorway.
He dropped from the ceiling so he was stood in front of you, twirling a paintbrush in one hand, a silver hook in the other.
“I decided to make some, how do I put this, improvements. Didn’t think yeh’d mind” He grinned at you taking another step towards you, putting his face uncomfortably close yours. “The names Harry Hook … And you are?”
“GOING TO KILL YOU!” You pushed him backwards “Get this off my walls right now!” You yelled gesturing to the spray paint covering every surface as you charged around the dorm.
“Aren’t ye just a ray of bloody sunshine” he retorted, whistling an unfamiliar tune as he strutted over towards you. “Oh, and seeing as we are skipping the introductions, I thought I’d tell yeh, you’re on my side of the room darlin’ ”.
Your eyes darted towards the pirate, to Ben, and then to the red line, separating one section to the other room to the other. He couldn’t be serious.
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me” you muttered, starting to square up to Harry who was still grinning at you like a lunatic. He reached forwards, biting the air in front of you.
“Trust me when I say that I don’t do jokes” he replied, barely above a whisper, pushing his hook into the centre of your chest. You shoved it away.
“Ben!” You yelled expecting the King to say something, anything that would be of any use to the situation. He didn’t.
“Well, I’ve got to be going” Ben replied nervously, starting to walk away “I’ll leave you two to… um.. work things out for yourselves”
“Ben! Don’t you dare walk away from me right now!” You shouted after him but it was too late, he was already gone.
“I wouldn’t waste your breath princess, he’s gone”
“I’m not a princess” you growled, charging towards the door after Ben “I’m the daughter of Hercules which makes me a goddess” you added pointedly.
“Ooo, I’m so incredibly sorry your Royal highness. Do forgive me for forgetting to bow down” he replied sarcastically pretending not to have heard you, waving his hook flamboyantly before curtsying.
“I’M NOT A FUCKING PRINCESS! Now look! In fact you know what.. Forget this.”
You charged out of the room but stuck your head, back around the door frame. “This isn’t over Hook”
“Ready for round two when you are…” He paused for a second and smirked “… Princess”
You screamed at him as you stormed down the hallway, knowing full well that life just got a whole lot more difficult.

When you returned to your room later that night, you vowed to prepare for an all out war. Harry Hook was by far the most snarky, inconsiderate human being you had ever met and despite the fact that, yes you found him wildly physically attractive, you wanted him as far away from you as humanly possible. Your plan, as genius as it was, was relatively simple. Annoy the shit out of him until he had no choice but to leave. It was going to be fun.

The pirate pulled himself up from his from his bed, clutching at his ears, glaring at you through the darkness. Struggling to stand up properly, he reached for the light switch, flooding the dorm room with light. There you were, casually vacuuming the carpet in the middle of the night, making sure to create as much noise as humanly possible.
“I THOUGHT, YOU KNOW THE PLACE COULD DO WITH A LITTLE CLEAN UP,” you yelled, competing for your voice to be heard above the whirring of the vacuum.
You smirked to yourself, the look on Harry’s face was priceless, a mixture of anger and pure confusion.
“Nope!” You said in a sing song voice, continuing to move the vacuum up and down across the carpet.
“Y/N I said turn it off now!” Harry growled, charging towards you and taking it from your hands.
“You know, I don’t find you at all intimidating while you’re stood in pyjamas with tiny pirate ships on them” you cooed at him, squeezing his cheeks “Coochy Coochy coo!”
Harry looked down at himself, bare chested wearing only a pair of rather embarrassing shorts. You chuckled at his scowl.
“I could hurt yeh” he said, pulling himself closer and teasing through your hair with his hook “My enemies don’t usually last this long before I hook their pretty little faces”
“Oh how sweet of you! You must really love me then because the last time I checked my face was still in tact”.
You placed a piece of gum you were chewing on the end of his hook and danced on back to bed.
“You’ll regret doing this Y/N,” he said bitterly, pulling the vacuum chord and trudging back over to his bed.
“Sure I will. Right, well I do love having these little chats with you but I have an important meeting with Fairy Godmother in the morning so I’m going to sleep”
With that the lights turned out and you collapsed backwards into bed, feeling slightly accomplished.
“You don’t know what you’ve started princess” whispered the pirate inaudible “You don’t know what you’ve started”

King Ben didn’t really know what to expect when he trudged back up to Y/N’s dorm room the following morning. There had been noise complaints all night from neighbouring rooms on the same wing so he had guessed they still hadn’t worked out their very apparent  differences. He knocked on their door but after no reply he pushed it open himself. He had no idea what to say when he walked in on you pelting Harry with your shoes.
“I swear down Hook where are they?” You howled, picking up a flip flop and throwing it in Harry’s general direction.
He dodged it, virtually crying from laughter as you continue to stomp about.
“I have absolutely no idea what yeh talking about Y/N” he chuckled, clearly lying, catching a high heel and lobbing it back towards you.
“Harry! Please! I have to go, where are my shoes?” You begged, trying to reason with him.
“They’re all over the bloody place!” Neither of you had even noticed Ben standing there observing your thought-provoking behaviour.
Harry convulsed with laughter again until a ballet pump hit him in the face mid-flight.
“Now was that really necessary Princess?”
“I’M NOT A PRINCESS FOR THE LAST TIME!” You yelled at him, finally deciding that you would just have to go barefoot.
You spotted Ben “I told you this was a bad idea” you said, waggling your finger at him. The poor King was speechless.
“Prin-cess, prin-cess,prin-cess…” Harry started chanting in a whisper, causing you to shoot round and glare at him. He was still smirking.
“It’s okay Harry,” You said as you left with Ben, “Because last night, after I finished vacuuming, I fed your pirate hat through the paper shredder”

You and Harry refused to speak to each other until the next morning, when you continued your plan to irritate Harry until he had no choice but to move out. Subtlety was key in your opinion, so all of your moves were small and calculated.
“Morning Harry” you said as sweetly as you could manage, “I made you coffee”.
The boy, furrowed his eyebrows, confused by the gesture but took the mug anyway.
‘You ever hear of a little bit of gratitude?“ You mumbled as you made your way into the bathroom to brush your teeth.
“Apparently not. Please, enlighten me. Give me the benefit of ye vast wisdom” he replied sarcastically, following you.
“Keep rolling your eyes Hook, you might find your brain back their”. You ran your toothbrush under the tap as he winked at you through the bathroom mirror.
He took a sip of his coffee.
“Did you?” He spat the whole thing out “Ye petty little shit. Replacing sugar with salt. I bet ye finding this so very funny aren’t yeh” Harry said completely deadpan.
“Hilarious actually” you remarked, putting the toothpaste onto the bristles and starting to brush your teeth.
“You know what’s even more hilarious?” He started, so you turned your head to face him. The corners of his lips tugged up into a smirk. “Last night, I used your toothbrush”        

“Ben I can’t do this anymore!” You complained to your best friend as you headed to the Tourney fields.
“What do you mean?”
“I woke up this morning to find that he had covered the entirety of my side of the room in pink post it notes, including me, when I was sleeping!” you said, throwing your hands up in the air
Ben gave you a stern look.
“Y/N you’re even worse. Yesterday, when you took his hook, he spent the whole day traipsing around campus with a pirate map you gave him, trying to find it. After all that you’d hidden it under his bed!”
“That was pretty funny though” you said, trying to contain your giggles.
“See you’re just as bad as each other. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you even liked him”
You punched the King in the arm playfully. As much as you wanted it not to be true, you had a sneaking suspicion that Ben was right. All you could think about was Harry, whether it was good or bad, and in some very strange way you began growing fond of the pirate. It was very worrying and you wanted more than anything for it to stop
“Ben you don’t know anything”

You returned back to your room that night, carrying the next stage of the plan. Smiling to yourself as you propped open the door with one hand, cradling Harry’s surprise with the other.
“Honey I’m home!” You screeched jokingly.
“Aren’t I just over the moon” Harry replied, jumping up from the sofa holding one of my dresses which he had cut holes into.
Then he looked at me.
“What the hell are ye holding?”
“Oh this,” you said, setting it down on the floor “This Harry is a cat.”
The kitten looked at me before darting off, springing up onto the window sill and curling up into a ball to sleep.
“I know it’s a fucking cat Y/N.  I want to know why ye brought it into our room” he said, quieter than you would have expected, bringing his face extremely close to yours again. You could feel his breath against you skin.
“Do you always use flirting as an intimidation technique or is it just me who’s personal space you invade on a daily basis”
“Y/N! I’m allergic to cats”
“Oh really! I never knew that.” You lied.
Of course you knew, that was the whole reason you got the cat in the first place.
“Mr Shnookem’s is staying exactly where he is”
“I’m telling ye now Y/N, the first time you take yeh eyes of that thing I’ll…”
You pushed your index finger to his lips, taking him by surprise.
“ Shhh I don’t want to hear it Harry”
You dropped your hand and walked to Mr Shnookem’s, just as he sneezed hysterically, giggling to yourself as you felt his eyes burn into you.

*Short time skip to the end of the week*

“Geez Y/N, with the amount of times you scream my name a day next door probably think we are…”
“What have you done with him?”
You had woken up to find Mr Shnookem’s was no longer sat at the foot of your bed like he did every night, and had spent the whole morning searching for him. You had checked everywhere the kitten could have wander off to, to no avail, with Harry being the only logical culprit for his disappearance.
“Yeh not seriously talking about that mangey cat are ye?” He asked barely looking up from the bowl of cake he was eating
“That cat never did anything to you” you spat “Well, tell me! What have you done with him?”
Harry raised an eyebrow at you, still not moving.
“I didn’t touch the stupid thing. Ye probably scared it off with ye non-stop scre…”
“I HATE YOU!” You slammed your hands down on the table Harry was sat at.
You loved that cat and were becoming more concerned and annoyed at Harry every second he refused to tell you where it’d gone. Harry slammed his bowl full of cake down and stood up, to stare you in the eye.
“Oh, ye hate me?” The pirate began “Join the club! There are weekly meetings at the corner of Fuck You Street and Kiss my Ass Boulevard”
“And to think I was finally warming up to the idea of becoming friends with you,” You said, but the tone was far more dispirited than you had expected it to be.
You turned and started to trudge away, before the pirate could see you tear up.
“Can ye stop accusing me for one min… Wait, are ye crying?” Harry’s voice softened towards the end of his sentence, a hint of confusion etched into the Scottish accent.
As much as you tried, you couldn’t help but cry. You looked back at Harry with blurry eyes, watching his shift in demeanour as he tried to work out what to do about the situation.
“I want my cat back!” You wailed like a toddler, your face crumpling as you wiped your running nose, no longer caring what he thought of you.
Harry dropped his smirk and instinctively pulled you into a hug, wrapping his strong arms around, and stroking the back of your head.
“Ye know I really didn’t do anything to him” he started, squeezing you a little tighter. “But if that stupid cat means that much to ye, I’ll help ye find it”
You shuffled backwards a little, looking up at Harry who towered slightly above you.
“Thanks,” you said meekly “I’d like that”.

Harry took your hand as you scowered the grounds of Auradon Prep for the runaway cat, purposefully ignoring your gaze as your palms brushed beside one another. It had become dark by now so the two of you began calling out for the kitten, pointing a torch in the direction of any trees or bushes where he could have been hiding.
“MR SHNOOKEM’S!” Harry called out, “Ye couldn’t have picked a more ridiculous name now could ye?”
“Hey! I think it’s cute,” you defended “Ridiculous, yes, but cute. MR SHNOOKEMS!”
“Sounds like somebody I know” the pirate mumbled.
“Did you jus…”
“MR SHNOOKEMS!” Yelled Harry cutting you off mid-sentence.
Your eyes lingered on Harry’s face, fixated on the blue of his eyes. He caught you smiling at him.
“What?” He asked.
“Nothing it’s just, maybe you’re not as bad as I thought”
“Are ye softening up to me Y/N?” Harry joked, a hint of cheekiness leaking back into his accent.
“Shut it! The word bad is still in the sentence” You laughed, lacing your fingers tighter with his.
“Oh thank god! I would have had to cancel my war plans if not. Ye should see what I have planned for tomorrow”  
“Of all the possible villains, why did I have to get you?” You sighed theatrically, clearly joking.
'Of all the princess’s why did I have to get…“
At the mention of the word princess you shoved Harry backwards, causing him to stumble and fall head first into one of the flowerbeds surrounding the castle. You burst into hysterical laughter, before offering a hand to the pirate, who was whispering profanities to himself
“Yeh way stronger than you look ye kn… Well, well well, look what we have here!”
From the flower bed Harry pulled a very scruffy but easily recognisable Mr Shnookem’s, scooping it up in his arms and handing him you. Immediately, you nuzzled your face into the cats fur, wrapping it in a warm embrace. A beaming smile spread across both of your faces, as the two of you let out an ecstatic cheer, Harry grabbing one of your hands to twirl around in glee, celebrating at your success.
“We found him!” You giggled.
“I found him,” Harry corrected, sticking his tongue out at you and reeling you in closer with the hand he had been spinning you with
You pouted.
“I love you” you said, barely above a whisper.
“If ye tell that damn cat ye love him one more time, I swear I’ll…”
“I wasn’t talking about to the cat”
There was an uneasy silence that seemed to last a lifetime
“Y/N, your lip’s bleeding”
“How can that possibly matter?,” you said panicked at the confession you accidentally made and the fact that Harry wasn’t reacting “Did you not hear what I just sa..”
He didn’t give you time to react before he leaned in and kissed you, a subtle taste of metallic blood lingering across your lips. He ran his hand down your neck and along your collarbone, pulling away and blinking at you. You flung yourself into his arms, Mr Shnookem’s and all, letting go of the remaining reservations you had about the pirate boy . You ran your fingers along Harry’s cheekbones, down his chest and curving onto his back, tracing the contours of his shoulders blades. You felt him shudder slightly at your touch creating a the buzz of electricity. You reached for his hand, pressing your thumb against his wrist as he snuggled into your hair. You could feel the blood going through his veins, an indicator of how fast his heart was beating.
Neither of you moved until the kitten climbed between the two of you and began to lick Harry’s face. You laughed a little.
“See, Mr Shnookem’s does like you”
“I’m still allergic to the bloody thing” Harry shot back, pushing you playfully by the shoulder to get the cat away from him.
“It’s a good job I picked up these for you then,” You said, reaching into you back pocket and shaking a tub of allergy medication at Harry.
He titled his head at you, staring into your eyes with a mixture of curiosity and amusement.
“What?” You said, picking at a thread on your jumper nervously  "You forgot to pick up your prescription”
Harry let out a hearty belly laugh and wrapped you back into a hug, squeezing you until you have to pull away for air.
“Daughter of Hercules”
“Son of Hook”
“I. Love. You”. Harry brushed his lips gently against your forehead sending you into another fit of giggles.
“Does this mean we can get rid of the red line in our dorm room now?”
“Ye know what, that doesn’t sound like the worse idea”

Seventeen-year-old Sawin Osman allowed herself to be identified so she could speak out against the comments.

“We were walking past him on our way out of the restaurant. He yelled, ‘That girl could break a camel’s back,’

As the girls attempted to leave, he screamed, 

“F***ing goddamn, camel-jacking mother f***ing c***s.”

Beyond the shocking profanity at a family Mexican restaurant, one line of the bigot’s rant stood out to the victims.

“You can go and beat it. If you don’t like this country, leave,” the man told the girls.

Osman reported that all of her friends subjected to the demand to leave America are from Chicago.

Poor Snowflake… crawled out of his “safe place” and, with courage that will be spoken of for generations, went to a MEXICAN restaurant! He was triggered by a couple of women wearing scarves and was forced back to the cess pool he crawled out of. This use to happen all the time to black people. Racism and discrimination are part of the American fiber. She should have told him to go back where he came from.

Unfortunately there are enough racists in America to provide material for a video like this DAILY, if not HOURLY. 

🌧What’s in my pencil case?🌧 (part 1 of 2)

I thought I’d do one of these today, since my day is filled with doctors’ appointments and I don’t have time to do other productive things~

From top to bottom:

A 0.7 bic mechanical pencil (I won this by making the all-conference math team!)

0.5 Kokuyo Colorée mechanical pencil (blue)

0.5 Uni Jetstream ballpoint pen - black ink (sky blue). I unfortunately can’t get this to work but when it was working it was my writing utensil of choice!

0.5 Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel pen- black ink

Cess Hi-Basic Collection gridded ruler (this came in a sewing kit but it’s the perfect size for my bullet journal!)

Iconic Un Jour de Reve Pen Case (I feel so fancy using this tbh)

0.5 mechanical pencil lead + white eraser set (from Target)

Ce que je sens, c'est un immense découragement, une sensation d'isolement insupportable, une peur perpétuelle d'un malheur vague, une défiance complète de mes forces, une absence totale de désirs, une impossibilité de trouver un amusement quelconque… Je me demande sans cesse : à quoi bon ceci ? à quoi bon cela ? C'est le véritable esprit du spleen.
—  Charles Baudelaire
Writing essay in french : part 4

4 The mechanics of the argument

4.1 Expressing facts / certainty

il s'agit de - this is

il y a / il existe - there is / there are

on peut constater / remarquer / observer / noter que - it can be observed that

on peut soutenir que - it is arguable that

il est certain / exact / sûr que - it is certain that

il est évident que - it is clear that

il ne fait aucun doute que - there is no doubt that

nul ne saurait douter que (+ subj) - nobody can doubt that

incontestablement / indubitablement - unquestionably

il est indéniable que - it cannot be denied that

il apparaît que - it appears that

tout semble indiquer que - everything seems to indicate that

cet incident met en évidence … - this incident demonstrates …

il faut reconnaître / admettre que - we must recongize / admit that

il va de soi que / cela va sans dire que - it goes without saying that

chacun peut constater que… – anyone can see that

il y a fort à penser que / il y a tout lieu de penser que - there is every reason for thinking that

force est de constater que– one cannot help stating that

Avoiding using être

Il s'agit là d'un progrès décisif par rapport aux méthodes traditionnelles - 

This is a real advance on traditional methods

Le pays se trouve confronté à de grosses difficultés économiques - 

The country is faced with major economic problems

Le déficit du budget s’élève à / atteint 10 milliards - The budget deficit is 10 billion

L'opinion publique reste divisée sur cette question - Public opinion is divided on this question

Les actions du gouvernement constituent une attaque contre les principes du syndicalisme - The government’s actions are an attack on the principles of

La compagnie figure au premier rang des exportateurs de… - The company is among the leading exporters of

Le déficit représente plus de 3% du PNB - The deficit is more than 3% of the GNP

Avoiding using avoir

Le ministre éprouve des difficultés à convaincre le public des bénéfices de cette politique - The minister is having difficulty convincing the public of the benefits of this policy

Le gouvernement dispose de plusieurs options pour résoudre le problème - the government has several options for solving the problem

Le musée recueille tous les meilleurs tableaux de l'artiste - The museum has all the artist’s best paintings

Le nouveau système présente plusieurs avantages - The new system has many advantages

4.2 Expressing probability / possibility / doubt

il est (bien) probable que - it is (very) probable that

il serait étonnant que (+ subjunctive) - it would be surprising if

il se pourrait (bien) / il est (bien) possible que - it is very possible that

il se peut que - it is possible that

il y a toutes les chances que / peu de chances que - it is highly likely / unlikely that

il est douteux que - it is unlikely that

il est encore trop tôt / prématuré pour savoir si - it is still too early to know whether

on ne dispose pas de suffisamment d'informations sur  - we do not yet have enough information about

reste à savoir si - it remains to be seen if

il faut se poser la question de - one must ask oneself the question

on ne peut pas écarter la possibilté que - One cannot rule out the possibility that

4.3 Expressing contrast / concession

mais - but

en fait - in fact

cependant, toutefois - however

au contraire - on the contrary

à l'inverse / par contre - by contrast

néanmoins, quand même - nevertheless

pourtant - yet

(il) reste que - the fact remains that

pour autant - for all that

quoi qu'il en soit - be that as it may

La contrepartie des avantages considérables présentées par Internet est le risque de dérives inhérent à un outil par nature difficile à contrôler
The downside to the considerable advantages offered by the Internet is the risk of
La presse à sensation est très critiquée par le public, toujours est-il que leur tirage ne cesse d’augmenter
Although the tabloid press is strongly criticized by the public, nevertheless their circulation keeps on increasing
Beaucoup d'analystes se félicitent des bénéfices de l'euro en termes de stabilité monétaire. Ceci dit, le pari n'est pas gagné.
Many analysts are pleased with the benefits that the euro is having with regard to monetary stability. That having been said, there is still some way to go
Cette déclaration va à l'encontre de la politique du gouvernement sur l'Europe
This declaration goes against the government’s policy on Europe
Certes, on ne peut pas reprocher au ministre les politiques de son prédecesseur. Mais
Admittedly the minister cannot be blamed for the policies of his predecessor. But…

4.4 Expressing the importance of something

On pourrait aller même jusqu'à dire que.. It could even be said that…

Le plus frappant est que … The most striking thing is…

Ceci constitue le point crucial / le point de mire du débat …This constitutes the crucial point / the focal point of the debate

Il est utile de s'attarder sur… It is worth dwelling on…

Il faut insister sur le fait que / l'importance de…We must emphasize that / the importance that…

Jouer un rôle primordial / prépondérant dans…To play a major part in…

Il convient de souligner l'importance historique de l'immigration dans le développement économique de cette région
It is important to stress the historic importance of immigration in the economic development of the region
Il faut bien préciser / souligner que c'était le ministre lui-même qui a lancé l'enquête
It should be emphasized that it was the minister him/herself who launched the enquiry
De nos jours, l'opéra est vu comme élitiste, d’autant plus que les spectacles sont de plus en plus chers
Nowadays the opera is considered to be elitist, all the more so considering that performances keep on getting more expensive
Il n'est pas exagéré d'affirmer que le développement d'Internet aura des conséquences considérables sur la vie quotidienne.
It is no exaggeration to say that the development of the Internet will have significant consequences on our everyday life.
La situation dans la région est on ne peut plus grave
The situation in the region couldn’t be any more serious

4.5 Clarifying / moderating a statement

En d'autres termes, / Bref , il a changé d'avis /In other words / In short he has changed his mind

Cela revient à dire que… / This boils down to saying that…

Sans vouloir critiquer cette façon de procéder, on peut constater que…Without wishing to criticize this course of action, it can be said that …

L'auteur a raison dans l'ensemble, mais… /The author is broadly speaking right, but…

Il serait injuste de reprocher à X… / It would be unfair to blame X for…

Il faut néanmoins nuancer cette affirmation en disant que… 

This claim should nevertheless be qualified by saying…

Il est clair que les deux sociétés convergent vers le même objectif,à savoir

une reconnaissance sur le plan international / It is clear that the two companies are moving towards the same objective, namely international recognition

Il ne s'agit pas à proprement parler d'une récession /This is not strictly speaking a recession
Malgré tous ces problèmes, le catastrophisme n'est pas de mise
Despite all these problems, it is not all gloom-and-doom

4.7 Indicating the reason for something

parce que - because

à cause de - because of

grâce à- thanks to

puisque- since

être dû à- to be due to

avoir pour origine / trouver son origine dans- to be a result of

être la conséquence de- to be a consequence of

provenir de- to stem from

résulter de- to result from

cela expliquerait- that would explain

en effet - this is because

c'est pour cette raison / pour cela que - this is / that’s why

L'usage de la voiture en ville présente des risques importants; l'année dernière il a occasionné / causé 2 400 décès et plus de 100 000 blessés / The use of cars in towns creates significant risks; last year it caused 2 400 deaths and more than 100 000

L'hésitation des Français envers Internet s'explique par leur attitude habituelle à l'égard des nouvelles technologies /The coolness of the French towards the Internet can be explained by their usual attitude towards new technologies

La crise dans nos hôpitaux est la conséquence de/ suite directe d‘années de manque d'investissement / The crisis in our hospitals is a direct result of years of underfunding

Le PDG a cité comme raison profonde des mauvais résultats la chute du niveau des exportations / The MD cited the fall in the level of exports as the prinicpal reason for the poor results

On peut attribuer le succès de l'extrême droite aux dernières élections à une désillusion générale face à la politique /The success of the far right at the last election can be put down to a general disillusionment with politics 

Si les électeurs ont rejeté le gouvernement, c'est qu'ils n'ont plus confiance dans son intégrité politique / If the voters have rejected the government, it’s because they no longer have any confidence in their political integrity

L'émission retrace les événements qui sont à l'origine de la crise au Moyen Orient / The programme traces the events that lie at the root of the Middle East crisis

Les problèmes qui ont résulté du krach boursier se font toujours sentir
The problems that resulted from the stock exchange crash can still be felt

Les mauvais résultats de la compagnie tiennent à une baisse du cours du dollar / The company’s poor results were due to a fall in the rate of the dollar

4.8 Indicating the consequences of something

par conséquent / en conséquence / par voie de conséquence - as a result

dans ces conditions - in these conditions

pour cette raison - for this reason

avoir pour conséquence / résultat de - to have the effect of

dès lors, de ce fait - so, consequently

il en résulte / découle (fatalement) que - the (inevitable result) of this is

il s'ensuit que - it follows that

face à cette situation - given this state of affairs

Les conséquences de cette politique mal conçue se font toujours sentir /The consequences of this ill-conceived policy can still be felt today

A la suite des attaques récentes on a pris des mesures plus rigoureuses en matière de sécurité / As a result of the recent attacks more rigorous security measures have been taken

Il y a plusieurs facteurs qui touchent l'industrie aérospatiale en ce moment
There are several factors affecting the aerospace industry at the moment

La réduction du temps de travail aura certainement une incidence sur les coûts de production / The reductions in the working week will certainly have an effect on production costs

L'accroissement des dépenses en matière de santé répond à une inquiétude croissante parmi le public à propos de l'état de nos hôpitaux / The increase in health spending is a response to growing worries among the public about the state of our hospitals

Ce nouveau plan de redressement ne peut que déboucher sur des augmentations de tarifs / This new recovery plan can only lead to price increases

Ces mesures devraient permettre / favoriser la création de nouveaux emplois dans le secteur / These measures should ensure / encourage the creation of new jobs in the sector

Source : Manchester Metropolitan University

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Soyez amoureux. Crevez-vous à écrire. Contemplez le monde. Écoutez de la musique et regardez la peinture. Ne perdez pas votre temps. Lisez sans cesse. Ne cherchez pas à vous expliquer. Écoutez votre bon plaisir. Taisez-vous.

Ernest Hemingway

anonymous asked:

T'es fanée ma pauvre. Tu es laide. Regarde ton teint blafard. Ton rouge vulgaire. Tes yeux froids comme la glace. Et pire que tout : tu es stupidement normale. Comme les autres. Tu me dégoûte !! Tu es fausse. Tu te donnes des airs supérieurs mais tu es inférieure parce que bête et méchante. Tu te donnes des airs d'artiste mais tu n'es que fausseté. Saleté. Naturelle de mon cul ! Ah mais je ris ! Quand l'hôpital se fout de la Charité. Avant de critiquer regarde si tu es exempte de critiques.

Message en provenance de https://fleur–lunaire.tumblr.com/

Je ne répondrai pas à ce message. Il ne m’atteint pas. Néanmoins, je me sens concernée en tant que femme par ce que je viens de lire.

L’histoire ? Cet homme est revenu me parler après plus d’un an de silence. Je l’ai toujours trouvé étrange, gênant, parce que trop lunatique ou négatif. Je n’aime pas les gens négatifs, c’est mon choix. Là n’est pas la question. Par respect, et parce que je n’aime pas me fixer sur un avis peut-être trop hâtif, j’ai décidé de lui accorder une seconde chance, me disant que je l’avais certainement mal jugé, et qu’il avait peut-être, lui aussi, changé.

Malheureusement, mon ressenti fut le même : je fus victime d’un malaise immense. J’étais mal à l’aise face à ce changement de personnalité, face à cet état lunatique qui déstabilise et qui donne l’impression de parler à une toute autre personne. Ce manque de naturel. Ne le supportant plus, et voulant être honnête (car c’est un de mes principes), je lui ai fait comprendre, certes, peut-être un peu trop brutalement, que je ne souhaitais plus lui parler, car j’étais mal à l’aise et que je ne désirais pas le connaître, ou “explorer en profondeur” les “choses” en sa compagnie.

La réponse fut la suivante : un ramassis de haine, car je lui disais non. Peut-être trop violemment, mais je suis restée correcte, et, si j’ose aller encore plus loin : je suis restée polie. Je lui ai dit respecter ses pensées, mais rester mal à l’aise ; que je souhaitais écourter notre échange. Je n’ai eu ni le temps ni la possibilité de répondre à cette violence (si évidemment il y avait quelque chose à répondre), puisque ce dernier a décidé de me bloquer.

Quelques heures plus tard, je me reconnecte sur Tumblr et je reçois ce message. Ce n’est pas seulement un message qui se veut blessant, mais un message qui se permet de me juger sur un physique. Un physique visible sur une image dimension 100x100. Un physique qui ne me définit PAS, un physique que je n’ai pas CHOISI, un physique qui n’a pas, comme tous les autres, à être CRITIQUÉ. 

Et surtout, ce message critique quelque chose que l’auteur est actuellement en train de produire : juger naïvement. Juger sur une apparence, juger sur un bref échange, tout simplement parce que j’ai souhaité ne pas me LAISSER FAIRE.

J’ai 22 ans. Beaucoup ne me connaissent pas. Beaucoup ne sont pas au courant de ce que j’ai vécu. Je suis une femme blessée. Je suis une femme qui a été victime, à plusieurs reprises, de viols, et qui se bat tous les jours contre sa peur des hommes. Je suis une femme qui a tenté de mettre fin ses jours à cause de ce qu’on m’a infligé. Je suis une femme qui a été battue. 

Je vis avec ce physique que je n’aime pas spécialement tous les jours. Disons qu’il y a des jours avec et des jours sans. Les gens me demandent sans cesse, ahuris : “Pourquoi n’aimes-tu pas les compliments ? Pourquoi n’aimes-tu pas ton physique ?” Mais je ne peux leur répondre tel un bonjour : “Parce que j’ai été violée à mes 17 ans et que voir mon visage, c’est comme voir mon âme, et cette âme est bousillée.” 

Je me suis forgée une image que j’apprécie. Je ne suis peut-être pas la science infuse, je ne suis peut-être pas le dernier mannequin en vogue, mais tous les jours, je travaille sur ma personne, pour tenter de l’aimer un peu plus, et vous savez quoi ? Je suis fière de moi. Ce n’est pas un message de la part d’un merdeux qui va me faire pleurer, pourtant, je suis en colère. En colère qu’en ce jour, les gens se permettent encore de se baser sur un physique, sur des premières paroles, pour critiquer avec cette méchanceté gratuite que je méprise et que j’accuse ; que les gens se permettent de s’indigner et d’oser reporter la faute sur les AUTRES alors qu’ILS sont fautifs.

C’est à cause de ce genre de messages que des hommes ou des femmes finissent avec des complexes qui bousillent leur vie chaque jour. C’est à cause de ce genre de messages qu’une personne dépressive peut avoir envie de se blesser, si elle n’a pas la force nécessaire pour en faire abstraction. C’est à cause de ce genre de messages qu’une personne peut finir en larmes, en perdre le sommeil et se sentir comme une moins-que-rien.

Car, oui, ne sous-estimons pas le pouvoir des mots. Personne ne mérite de recevoir ce que je viens de recevoir en plein visage. Se cacher derrière l’anonymat est lâche, proférer des insultes sur un physique, l’est encore plus.

Je suis peut-être laide, je suis peut-être “stupidement normale”, mais je suis vivante et j’apprécie ce trésor qu’est la vie. J’ai des principes. J’ai du vécu. J’ai l’espoir. Et je vais continuer à me battre, à me battre contre mes démons. Me battre contre tous ceux qui, comme lui, tyrannisent. Pourquoi ? Parce que j’ai de l’estime, parce que je me respecte, et parce que je vaux quelque chose. Comme vous ; vous qui lisez ce message.

Au contraire de toi, 

Toi qui es tapi dans l’ombre,

Toi qui as honte,

Toi qui n’assumeras jamais les conséquences de ton acte.