She dreamt she sat the Iron Throne, high above them all.

The courtiers were brightly colored mice below. Great lords and proud ladies knelt before her. Bold young knights laid their swords at her feet and pleaded for her favors, and the queen smiled down at them. Until the dwarf appeared as if from nowhere, pointing at her and howling with laughter. The lords and ladies began to chuckle too, hiding their smiles behind their hands.

Move over, Margaret of Anjou; Cersei Lannister has a new historical analogue

Anyone with even a casual interest in the A Song of Ice and Fire series is well aware that George R.R. Martin intentionally wrote his novels with real history in mind. Many locations, characters, and events on Planetos are references to locations, characters, and events on Earth, particularly the Wars of the Roses. Of course, there’s not just medieval English history at play. King’s Landing is clearly based on Constantinople, rather than London. Besides the climate and architecture, the religious controversy and the palace plots of King’s Landing are all very Byzantine.

As the title suggests, this post is about Cersei Lannister. Margaret of Anjou has been widely recognized as Cersei’s real-world historical analogue, and for good reason. However, the events of Season 6 of Game of Thrones suggest to me that her character arc has come so far that “Darth Cersei” (as the fans have taken to calling her) is now better represented by the Byzantine Empress Irene of Athens.

[GoT Season 6 spoilers below]

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Unique (Tommen X Stark Reader)

Request: Would you write a imagine were the reader is Bran’s twin sister and also shares his powers and is betrothed to Tommen after Joffrey drops Sansa so the Lannister’s can keep the Stark’s in hand and you’ve been having visions, keeping it a secret as it could have been just nightmares/dreams, but when she warg’s for the first time it is during court and Tommen rushes to her side and comforts her, confessing how deep his love is and showing that he cares not about this and will always stand by her.

A/N: I got rather carried away with Cersei in the beginning, but I actually love how Cersei is as a mother and I made it like she treats the reader as her own since she has lost Myrcella to Dorne. Also I almost guarantee that this will have a part 2 set in the future if I remember.

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Hurt- Tommen Baratheon X Stark! Reader

Request: Hey sorry to bother, you are probably packed with requests but would you mind writing a imagine were Tommen comforts the reader after Ned, her father’s, execution. Perhaps he is a bit older so he will understand. Thank you very much

A/N: I made this imagine shorter only because my last Tommen one was long.

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