Sad to say, the three would-be informers proved no more useful than the Tyroshi. One said thatthe Imp was hiding in an Oldtown brothel, pleasuring men with his mouth. It made for a droll picture, but Cersei did not believe it for an instant. The second claimed to have seen the dwarf in a mummer’s show in Braavos. The third insisted Tyrion had become a hermit in the riverlands, living on some haunted hill. The queen made the same response to each. “If you will be so good as to lead some of my brave knights to this dwarf, you shall be richly rewarded,” she promised. “Provided that it is the Imp. If not… well, my knights have little patience for deception, nor fools who send them chasing after shadows. A man could lose his tongue.” And quick as that, all three informers suddenly lost faith, and allowed that perhaps it might have been some other dwarf they saw.

I’d bet my ass this is Bobono.

and here’s the full version of the piece i did for draw ‘em with the pointy end! it turns out deadly nightshade is actually a pretty lovely-looking plant, its role as the potential mercy murder-suicide tool of a queen and heir notwithstanding…anyway, the kickstarter is about halfway funded with a little under 3 weeks left to go and we need your help. there’s tons of pledge reward opportunities for personalized art and extra goodies to go along with the phenomenal work of over 100 international artists you’re getting from the book alone - some of which is available to preview here

We said aloud, we never said - Brienne/Cersei  Fanmix

  1. Sweet dreams (Are made of this) - Emily Browning
  2. Silhouttes - Of Monsters and Men
  3. Wicked Games - London Grammar
  4. Gravity - Sara Bareilles
  5. Possession - Sarah McLachlan
  6. Love Love Love - Of Monsters and Men
  7. Take me to church - Jasmine Thompson
  8. Moon and Moon - Bat for Lashes
  9. Crazy in Love (Remix 2014) - Beyonce
  10. Together - The XX