Dean Ambrose winning a PPV for the first time in months:

Dolph Ziggler beat Sheamus and getting to see Dolph’s butt:

The New Day becoming the new Tag Team Champions:

John Cena beating Rusev in the Russian chain match:

Naomi didn't win the Diva’s Championship:

That intense Last Man Standing match between Roman Reigns and Big Show:

…Which Roman won!:

Seth Rollins Retaining the WWE WHC:

…But the way the match ended:

Ruby Bonnet - Mycena viscidocruenta

An amazing group of Mycena viscidocruenta (Mycenaceae), a small wood-rotting Mycena with caps of around 1-2 cm, brilliant red. The flesh and stem are the same color as the cap, but the gills are sometimes a little paler. There is no ring or volva, and the cap can be quite viscid especially in wet weather. But not all is red in this species, the spore print is white.

These precious fungi are found in Australia and New Zealand. 

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Photo credit: ©Ken J. Beath | Locality: Bola Creek, Royal NP, Australia (2015)

Extreme Rules Reactions

Adrian Neville vs Bad News Barrett:

Dolph winning:

Dolph being a tease with pulling his trunks down:

Sheamus attacking and making Dolph kiss his ass:


New Day winning the title titles:

Ambrose finally winning a PPV match:

Cena retaining:

Nikki retaining:

Roman vs Big Show: (I ate dinner and didn’t pay attention really so that’s why I used this random gif)

The end of the match though in how it ended that I did see:

Roman winning:

Bo Dallas and Ryback:

Randy using the pedigree:

Seth using the RKO:

That being the end result of the match:

Seth retaining though: