Found these on Datpiff’s Facebook page. This is too fucking good lol. I would have Bronson/Ghostface as the opener, match 2 being Wayne/Young Thug & Birdman, the Wu-Tang beatdown of Hulk Hogan as that cushion between that match and the main event, and the main event being Drake/Meek Mill w/Nicki Minaj. 

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John Cena’s broken nose
[July 27th, 2015]

I’ve seen a lot of vicious injuries since I started watching wrestling over 20 years ago, but seeing the face of John Cena after a hard knee strike from Seth Rollins just made me cringe. To Cena’s credit, he continued fighting it out, even though his breathing may not have been 100%, and yet his match was still stellar from bell to bell. There has never been an instance that I didn’t respect Cena, but I’m starting to wonder how anyone wouldn’t!


1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 589:
The Prototype Vs. CW Anderson

UPW When Worlds Collide [March 14th, 2001]

Before there was a new face of the WWE, there was a lot of hard work and dedication put into the craft of creating the epic masterpiece that is John Cena. Actually, you could say this was the “prototype” for what was to come, as that was his ring name prior to achieving stardom in the WWE - The Prototype. In this match, The Prototype takes on a first-timer in UPW, former ECW mainstay C.W. Anderson, who takes nothing from The Prototype and gives him everything in return. The workaholic Anderson steps into the ring with someone who both lacks fear and who had everything to gain, and this match also features Nova on commentary! Enjoy!


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