Beyoncé and Jay’s movements around the globe are well documented by the paparazzi. A recent photo from their New Year’s vacation in St. Barths shows Beyoncé jumping into the water off the bridge of a three-story, 14-foot yacht while Jay captures the moment with a video camera. It was a long way down. “Yeah it was,” she says. “ I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I looked at the picture and said, ‘That’s really dumb.’ I do it every year. That’s my Jump. It’s a ritual. That’s my let go, start over, this is a vacation and i’m-a be free.’ I have to jump off something so i can let go of everything that happened before the last vacation and start over. It’s like bein’baptized.”

Beyonce for Rolling Stone 2004

“I know the dude a long time,” an insider says of Jay Z. “I’ve never seen him sprung like this. He cares about her, gives her great advice, he wants his woman to look right. They adore each other.” Jay and Beyoncé both refuse to discuss the relationship. “ I don’t say i’m single,” she responds. “People are like, ‘Why does she say that they’re just friends?’ I don’t say that. I just don’t talk about it. I just wanna protect my private life.”
She does though talk about what sort of girlfriend she is. “In relationships, i think a lot like a guy,” she says. “If i do something wrong, i don’t get emotional, i think about it, and i change it and fix it. I’ve always been very logical,” Still, she can find herself overcome by emotion sometimes: “When i do anything, i do it. If i fall in love, i’m there.” She says she’d like to have children one day. “If it was a perfect world, i would have two boys and a girl,”she say. “I love little boys, and girls are so much drama.”
And she does talk about Jay, though not by name. She’s very free with “we.”
Asked where she was during the blackout of 2003, she replies, “We were at the 40/40 Club,” the Manhattan sports bar Jay Z opened last year. There was a generator at the club, so the party never stopped. “At 4 A.M, we took a plane to Italy,” she says. “We got to Rome, and they had a blackout there.”

Beyonce for Rolling Stone 2004


Happy B Day

Jay Z posted this video on his Life + Times page last year