500 follower celebration!

Well, the thing that nobody ever expected to happen happened. I hit 500 followers! Wow, I don’t even know what to think. 500 is a latte of people. Thank you so much everyone! I love y’all!

Anyway, to celebrate I decided I’d do little drawings for y’all! (not complex ones, but little doodles and such) (though I feel some may end up being realistic idk we’ll see). You must be following me to participate, please! Just send me an ask  saying if you want a doodle

  • based off of your url (if it’s some kind of reference explain it to me if you think I might not get it)
  • based off of your mobile theme
  • of you (send me an ask with your face tag, submit a picture of yourself, or message me a picture)
  • or any other little thing that you may want me to draw for you! (please keep it simple) (and this one you can ask on anon if you want but if you wanna be tagged keep it off please)

I’ll be tagging this as #shivani’s doodles so yeah you can do whatever you want with that information.

I hope I know how to draw. I hope the links work properly. I hope this doesn’t flop. If this flops it didn’t happen ok.

anonymous asked:

Congrats on 900 followers! Could i request a jason todd headcanon where your tims best friend and its like where he has a crush on you and then eventually asks you out and how your relationship is?? Thank you :)

Thank you so much!

  • Jason didn’t even know you existed until Tim brought you over one day
  • he stopped listening whenever Tim started speaking
  • he was super confused when  beautiful chick was standing on the doorstep?
  • even more so when she started asking for Tim???
  • He tries to flirt but Tim comes down and threatens to kill Jason
  • You laugh
  • Jason falls head over heels for that little sound
  • You and Tim were just going out hang out all day
  • watch movies and poke holes in the plot, hack into the pentagon’s security systems, things like that
  • But Jason found a way to weasel his way into everything they did
  • Tim hated it but you thought it was cute
  • He asked for your number by the end of the night
  • you give it to him and you two are always talking, nearly the same amount as you and Tim
  • when you two announce that your dating Tim instantly gets jealous
  • not in a “I WANTED TO DATE HER!” way 
  • but more like “THAT”S MY BEST FRIEND YOU ASSHOLE” way
  • he eventually gets better with the fact that you two are dating but you cant have dates at the mansion because Tim will do exactly what Jason did when you first met
  • They often got in fights over who you liked more
  • the one thing they could agree on when it came to you was that you were one of the most important things in their lives

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