“Hey, wait, you didn’t say you were adding an end table to the background!”

Carl the Animator: “You’re normally not so stringent about interior decorating.”

Ted the Animator: “Carl, the blue suit guy interacts with the scenery. I already had the cels drawn for a future scene of him, even closer to the sofa.”

Carl the Animator: “…and?”

Ted the Animator:And, that means his one leg was partially-obscured.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh. Well, it should still look pretty normal, right?”

Ted the Animator: “…no, Carl. No, it does not.”

Carl the Animator: “Hmmm.”

Ted the Animator: “There’s no time to re-do the scene, so I guess it’s staying in the episode.”

Carl the Animator: “Look, having a second leg is totally overrated. He can be a pirate now!”