100 Black Men Wearing Suits Greeted Kids On The First Day Of School For An Incredibly Vital Reason
Erasing the stigma, one high five at a time.
By Mandy Velez

There’s a certain stereotype that follows men of color collectively, wherever they go, no matter what they do. It’s the notion that they’re deadbeats, thugs or just simply not that involved in their community.

DeVaughn Ward and Pastor AJ Johnson know these stereotypes all too well, so they planned an event that puts those notions to shame — just in time for the first day of school. After seeing a group of men in Georgia greet kids on their first day, Ward and Johnson knew they had to bring the idea….

Tumblr, Yahoo: Tumblr: Please Reverse/Cancel this Update
Recently, tumblr support announced this new update . I have made a series of polls to see what the users' opinions of the update is at the moment. Unfortunately, for a lot of users (roleplayers as an example ), this will cause them to be unable to use tumblr properly. A staggering amount of people are saying that they feel they have to use add-ons in order to use the website. As well as that, an equally shocking number feel as if their feedback and messages are not being paid any attention by staff. I've been using this site for a long time now, and I really enjoy the community I'm a part of on here, and it's a real shame that a website that used to be so good is slowly losing functionality (frankly) from these updates. My suggestion here, is that staff should listen to what the community wants the site to be, rather than making updates that look good on the surface but the vast majority users really don't like, and not go ahead with/reverse this update.

Y’all should sign this.


1. bürki nearing towards matze and winking at him upon fist bumping him (*ship radar/alarm goes off*)

2. łukasz smiling fondly at schmelle like a cupcake while making conversation

3. shinji befriending the ref probably going to share dinner later over a match replay (my house, your house?)

4. model reus and his beloved hair (swoooon)

5.  miki nearly high fiving roman until roman insists on a swag fist bump