Madlen Furia Shoes (Longer version)

Many of you requested knee version of some of my shoes.

You cannot change the mesh, but feel free to recolour it as long as you add original link in the description.

If you can’t see this creation in CAS, please update your game.
If you’re experiencing thumbnail problem, update your game (latest patch should solve the problem).

Hope you’ll like it!



Rose Lookbook

I hope you all enjoyed Valentine’s day with your loved ones. 

outfit 1: ribbon | earrings | choker | top | purse | skirt | socks | shoes

outfit 2: hat | earrings | top | skirt | bouquet | shoes | pose


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Thank you cc makers!


all the awesome creations ♡

f. hair • @kijiko-sims
f. acc • @s-sac @pralinesims
f. top • @ooobsooo
f. skirt • @puresims
f. socks • @kiruluvnst ( @the77sim3 )
m. hair • @elzascarlet-yan
m. acc • @s-sac @yeji-k
m. top • @ooobsooo
m. pants • @s-sac
poses • @dearkims

again, so glad to be back!! 


As you might know, I’m playing around with an animal crossing themed save in TS4 right now and I decided to try to slowly replace all the townies with sim versions of villagers and try to build them houses inspired by their ac:nl homes.
Today I made Molly Kamomi and her house.

Vampire Dress Shortened by Julie J (Base Game)

Base game compatible

Please read TOU

Formal and Party wear - for Humans and Vampires

Works with Sliders - Teen through to Elder

Modelled with Anto Hair, Boots and shoes by Madlen, Starlord, curbs and EA/Maxis


When I made this save, I was actually only going to play an animal crossing challenge-ish type of gameplay with this little lady, Lilly Kapoor. I pretty much only build and playtest right now so I only get to see her when I move in new villagers and she comes over to say hello. (๑◕︵◕๑)