Ok, I’m sick and tired of all the hate this movie is getting. And not just because I like it.

First of all, IT’S NOT A REMAKE OF THE 1971 FILM. IT’S JUST ANOTHER FILM ADAPTATION. It’s not trying to “replace” the old one. It’s just another director wanting to make a movie of something he liked.

Second, as an adaptation, it’s one of the BEST I’ve seen. It’s almost IDENTICAL to the original book, with a few minor changes. It’s actually one of the closest book-to-movie transitions I’ve EVER seen.

Third, I’m sick of people bashing it just because “the original is better”. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why the original is so beloved, it’s a childhood classic to most. I understand! But it’s not MEANT to compete with the “original” film! It’s supposed to be it’s own movie! Also, they had a lot of fun with it! Even if you dislike the film, you can tell they had a TON of fun making the movie and designing the scenery and characters. Plus, in my opinion, it’s not that bad! Granted, it has flaws, but everything does!

Finally, what bugs me most is when people don’t read the book and AUTOMATICALLY ASSUME that the “original” film is closer. Because it’s not. Not at ALL. The “original” 1971 film strayed SO far from the book, Roald Dahl, the CREATOR OF THE BOOK ITSELF, hated it SO much that he DEMANDED that they not make the sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, into a movie. As for the newer one? It’s pretty dang close. They even had Roald’s wife help with the movie and make it closer to what he would have wanted. Now THAT is a good way to adapt a book into a movie!

Not bashing the old film, but I’m sick and tired of people flaming the new one.

Thank you~~

((Hello everyone, I got a submission sent to me by a fan and I’d like to thank her for the amazing intro about mylee and I gotta say, WOW! Incredible, I have read so many fan stories and they are all wonderful but this one was just so detailed and it was like music to my eyes. So yes she did tell to not put her name and would like to remained anonymous, she is a very shy person and I was lucky enough to stumble onto her blog. Thank you girly for your amazing intro to mylee’s story. It’s not like her bio or anything but a “part 1” if you will to the beginning of the CATCF character Mylee. I will post the intro for others to enjoy and see~ again THANK YOU SWEETY FOR THE MASTER PIECE~~~ OUO))