Destiel and Sabriel family lunch
  • *Winchesters on a family lunch*
  • John:So Dean when are you gettin' married.
  • Dean:Dad!
  • Mary:Well you're not getting younger.
  • Sam:Just leave him alone!
  • Mary:Sam I heard gay marriage is legal,when are you getting married?
  • *Gabriel walks in*
  • Gabriel:Mary,John.I want your blessing.
  • John:For what?Marriage?Finally!
  • Gabriel:No to fuck him!He's been saying he can't sleep with me becase you two don't approve angels.
  • *Cas appears*
  • Cas:Then how come Dean and i can have sex?
  • *everybody looks at Dean*

Ok, so I just speed drew the one on the left to have Misha sign at Vancon this weekend. Problem is, I’m not sure if I like it… Or if it’s even very good TBH. I drew it FAST (for me). I’ve already left omw to BC, but I brought the drawing on the right as a backup (but I’m a little mostly terrified to bring him a destiel themed drawing idk why).

Will you guys help me?? Vote for the one you think I should have Misha sign!