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I can't wait for Act 8 and 9! I really enjoy this series! I praying for you as you do Act 8 and 9 because it sounds you may need it since the end of the series is in sight! Yay and I don't want it to end! Emotional roller coaster? Yup!

Thank you! Actually FR won’t be ending at Act 9. ;) I’m planning on drawing at least two short stories. One is going to be a rom-com story, similar to the Chibi Usa Picture Diary or Ami’s First Love, and the second one will be more drama based, like Princess Kaguya’s Lover or Casablanca Memory. Both will feature Chibi Usa and Helios, but the setting for the two stories will be quite different, with one being set in the FR timeline and the other in the Silver Millennium/Golden Kingdom era.

Beyond the short stories I’m also planning a second arc for FR, though I’m still trying to iron out a few bumps in the plot. I’m hoping that while I work on the short stories I will have smoothed out the kinks in the second arc’s plot.