The Swedish beauty Ingrid Bergman was one of the top stars of the 1940s (Casablanca, Gaslight, Notorious), but her career in the U.S. derailed in 1949 when she left her husband and daughter for the Italian director Roberto Rossellini. Bergman could not work in an American film for seven years, though upon her return, in 1956, she won an Oscar for Anastasia. LIFE’s Gordon Parks was a close friend, and Bergman trusted him to the extent that she invited him to the 1949 shoot for Stromboli— directed by Rossellini, at the time perceived as the villain — where Parks made this haunting portrait.

In defense of riffing good films. ~ The Dennison Collective

From @mst3k, a show that advertised all movies shown as ‘the worst we can find (la la la),’ to @rifftrax, which has films like 'Casablanca’ and 'The Wizard of Oz’ in its library. While bad movies benefit the most from a good riffing, is choosing a movie for the MSTing treatment still as damning a move as it was in the 90s?

I don’t necessarily think so.

More on the art of riffing, the benefit it brings to box office flops, and why it’s not just for turkeys anymore


Habibi Funk // حبيبي فنك : Abdou El Omari - Afrah El Mahgreb (Morocco 1976)

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“Afrah El Mahgreb” is my favorite track of Abdou El Omari’s “Nuits D'ete” LP. Until my last tip to Morocco I had never ever seen a copy and this time I was lucky enough to find one. Abdou was a hair stylist and also had a small record shop in Casablanca in the 1970s. Apart from that he made strange unique music with his synthesizer. A weird mixture of Arabic music, Jazz and early electronics.

أفراح المغرب من أفضل تسجيلات عبدو العمري بالنسبة إلي، من ألبومه “ Nuits d'été ”
لم أجد من قبل قط أي نسخة لهذا التسجيل إلا مؤخرا حيث حالفني الحظ و وجدت واحدة منها عندما كنت بالمغرب مؤخرا. عبدو كان حلاقا كما أنه كان يملك محل بيع تسجيلات بالدارالبيضاء في السبعينات. و بالإضافة لهذا فقد عرف بنوع موسيقاه الغريب و المميز بطابعه الخاص بعض الشيء حيث يضم مزيجا من موسيقى الجاز و الموسيقى العربية و الموسيقى الإلكترونية الحديثة.

rock-n-rosess  asked:

32, 38, and 39 :)

32: Talk about a place you remember from your childhood

 my parents had friends that lived on a lake and that used to be my absolute favorite place to go bc the hella food they gave me and boating

38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people

 kitchen sink by twenty one pilots reminds me of @halfoftheheathens because it’s her favorite and she’s the one that introduced me to that masterpiece😩, river of brakelights by julian casablancas reminds me of @river-of-dimensions bc I always think his url is the real title aye lemou, any colour you like by pink floyd reminds me of @shitufcker because I always talk about it to him, and na na na by mcr reminds me of my girl @my-blink-romance from our emo days😭

39: Talk about things you wish you’d known earlier. 

 that just because someone gives you all the attention you want but is manipulative at the same time,, you should fuckin get rid of them asap!!