Most people carry that pain around inside them their whole lives, until they kill the pain by other means, or until it kills them. But you, my friends, you found another way: a way to use the pain. To burn it as fuel, for light and warmth. You have learned to break the world that has tried to break you.
—  Lev Grossman, “The Magicians”

weekend at bernies reboot taking place in the modern day and its a timely satire on the 2016 election where democrat hopeful bernie sanders dies on the eve of the election and his kooky assistants have to carry the sanders corpse to victory in the election. wacky hijinks and tomfoolery ensues 

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I'm sorry to bother but can you find me a spell of beauty or weight loss?

hmmm for beauty the first one that pops into my head is this:

materials: rose quartz and witch hazel 

basically what you’re going to do is hold the stone and just close your eyes and really focus on the image of yourself that you want. imagine a blue light coming out of your third eye and pouring all the intentions into the crystal focus all of your energy directly into the crystal until you can feel the crystals vibrations. then take a bottle of witch hazel and you can either put the piece of rose quartz directly into the bottle and use it or coat the crystal in with hazel and carry it with you.


ima just hop in on mikayuu week real quick

Day 4: Archangel Jofiel

  • Option A: Beauty, laughter, creativity
  • Option B: Mikayuu + Childhood or Childhood memory
  • Option C: Artist AU

also, i have a head cannon that yuu gets super weak after a lot of blood is drawn from him, especially since he doesn’t drink that juice pouch shit every time their session is over, SO it causes him to get sick every now and then and that just makes mika worry so much he never leaves yuu’s side 


A look at click consonants, a rare group of sounds that occur exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa, except for a single Australian language, in which they occur only in a highly stylized religious register.

Clicks, unlike normal consonants familiar to us, the pulmonic consonants (produced by expelling air from the lungs), are produced by a sucking action of the tongue. Some clicks are familiar to English speakers, but they’re used more like one would use body language than how one would use language; they don’t carry meaning the way words do. Listening to a click language can be mesmerizing. Some dialects of the Xóõ language have more than forty different click consonants.

John Finnemore news!

- The John Finnemore Project will definitely not be called that, but John doesn’t know what it will be called yet.

- … but he does know it won’t be recorded in front of an audience (noooooo!).

- It will air on Radio 4 in October (and in case you’ve somehow missed the details, it’ll be 6 standalone ½ hour episodes of comedy-drama, some starring John himself in various sized roles, and some not).

- JFSP 5 recordings will take place in November and December, to air in February next year (next year!). We assume there will be tryouts in September/ October as before. The brilliant Simon, Carrie, Lawry, Margaret, Ed & Susannah are all back on board. 

- The plan with John And Kevin’s Book Depository is to record four or five episodes together in one block so they can release them monthly, but they are both very busy at the moment, so he doesn’t know when that will be.

… and that’s the news! Anything I missed, TT friends? 

Time to Stretch Those Neck Muscles!

To the left!

To the right!

And left Again!

And a LONG, LINGERING look to the right….

And now straight ahead…

This has been a service of Winchester Brothers for Better Neck Health.

That is all. 

Carry on (you know the rest).

Re Blog this is you don't think it's okay for a white female to use the "n" word lightly

I’m trying to prove to a person in my grade that’s it’s an inappropriate word that carries a negative meaning and I really need you guys to boost tf out of this


I just remembered that a few days ago I had a dream that I one some online competition where I’d get to meet Marlene and she’d have too tell me who A was and she was like “no ones going to like it, I purposely made it so no one wood be happy” and I was like wtf WHO IS THIS MONSTER and she told me to look up at the black screen. I looked up and it turned on to reveal the final scene and.. It was freaking EMILY! I carried on about how she’s nuts for making someone who can’t even act play a villain and she just laughed and laughed and laughed.

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what is your theory. please. please i need it in all its Fake Deep™ glory

ok so idk if this has been said b4 but i KNOW im not the only one thinkin it

i think that ryan viewed brendon as the sun and himself as the moon, and since ryan was the primarily lyricist for pre-split panic, it was reflected in the songs and then carried over to his solo work (the sun went down over my head, if you wanna see the sun etc) - all mentions of the sun in pre-split panic and post-split ryab work are easily applied to brebdon 

i also think that brendon viewed ryan as the sun and himself as the moon, and as he (with a bit of help from pete) became the primary lyricist post split that carries over as well (let the sun rain down on me, if the sun should lift me up, i may never sleep tonight as long as you’re still burning bright)

so basically i think that they viewed each other as the sun and therefor each of them saw themself as the moon, meaning while referencing ryan’s lyrics brendon IS the sun, but when referencing brendon’s lyrics it’s ryan

that is my Fake Deep Onion™

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How to be irresistible to men?

Now understand irresistible doesn’t equate to being appreciated. Be assertive. Get your hair done, get your nails done, and remember you are the sexiest human living. You don’t have to be but you have to be believe you are. Eventually others will believe it by how you begin to carry yourself. There can be no day where you don’t try to look your best. The tighter the clothing the better. It’s showing without showing. Don’t wear clothing that shows too much skin. Because if you show to much skin you look like a try hard. 75/25. 75 percent must be covered 25 percent must be skin. When you assert yourself onto a man shower him with compliments. Tell him how he’s different from all the other guys. Praise him about his talents. Let him know that he’s sexy as hell. Guys are weak against being praised. They senselessly equate praise with love. Thus even if he’s in a committed relationship he will favor you if she’s not doing the same. Call him “babe or hun” right off the back. This is to get him used to the idea of you and him. As soon as you say these words he will think about being with you. Why? Those are intimate words you’re throwing around. Basically if you do all these things just about any guy will sleep with you. But remember this won’t mean you’re valued. The very instant you make contact the clock is ticking. Meaning it’s only a matter of time before they realize you are more of an idea than a actual person. They won’t understand but their mind will tell them yes but their heart will be a resounding no. Thus all affairs you make will be short lived. But yes you will be sociologically irresistible both visually and verbally.

The ModSquad and I were talking and came up with the best idea - what if Gorillaz came out with a Pre-illaz discography?
It would basically just be a bunch of songs from Murdoc’s early bands, but we thought it’d be heart wrenching to include old home recordings of Murdoc’s childhood.
Can you imagine? There’d be a kid voicing Murdoc, some grump voicing his dad, and then some other punk voicing Hannibal, right, and it’d just be them at, I dunno, Christmas or something, but, of course, it’s a very dysfunctional Christmas.
AAAH WAIT what if as a kid, Murdoc liked to carry a tape recorder around and, like, narrated his life and talked to himself and recorded conversations or music or whatever and THAT is what the discography is?!
I would pay big money for that.