Fic: Wide awake (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The VampireDiaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: CarolineForbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: For a second she thinks she’s stuck in a memory, and if this is what the dead remains of human Caroline thinks is going to persuade her to return from the darkness, she thinks human Caroline is an idiot.

Author’s Note: So um I got a drabble request from trudyisacutie, and I normally don’t take prompt requests, but I thought it was an interesting idea, and so I tried my hand at it. I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you imagined. I’ll leave the original prompt at the end.




The sluggish movements, the uncooperative limbs, feet stuck in the mud feeling, are the dead give-aways. The hazy, glowy light filter isn’t exactly subtle either.

“A dream?” she scoffs, indignant at the battling consciousness she’s been blocking for nearly a month now. Yeah right, like that’s going to work.

Dismissive she may be, but there’s still a pit in her stomach, and it’s filled with the fear that time’s running out. Reality is rushing towards her, snapping at her heels and she can’t run any faster.

Her legs give way and she slides on to the top stair of her childhood home, back against the wall as familiar voices waft up from the living room.

She feels like her fifteen year old self again.

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