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it’s just practice, which i don’t have ‘cause i don’t like nail painting but that’s what all my friends always says when i ask them how can they paint their dominant hand

I asked a friend once bc she always paints her nails so flawlessly and she said the same thing but then later she was like “also I am ambidextrous” and I almost flipped a table

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Savvy! I love this character so much *_* I must confess that my image of her was a bit different though (like this http://charlavail.tumblr.com/post/1270564735 )

Yeah, I can see that. That pic just honestly makes me think of my beta too much for me to think of her as looking like Savvy- which incidentally, they share a name, I didn’t find that out till later. I made an alternate photoset, not really sure which I like better. It’s here


Cloud Atlas Openings

“While my extensive experience as en editor has lead me to a disdain for flashbacks and flash-forwards and all such tricky gimmicks - I believe that if you dear reader can extend your patience for just a moment you will find there is a method to this tale of madness.”