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One Song: “When Will My Life Begin” - from Disney’s Tangled.

Two movies: Dracula Untold and Jurassic Park. I *really* enjoyed DU, and I currently have dinosaurs on the brain, but can’t go see Jurassic World yet.

Three Shows: Once Upon a Time, The 100, and Agent Carter.

Four People (not family): Like celebrities? Idk. I really don’t care about celebrities. Ugbun, oppisum, Castiel, and Dean Winchester. Lol idk.

Five Foods: Hot & Sour Soup, Burritos, sweet potato fries, Crawfish, chow mein fun.

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thefandomicaopens replied to your post:I painted my nails why have i done this thing i…

it’s just practice, which i don’t have ‘cause i don’t like nail painting but that’s what all my friends always says when i ask them how can they paint their dominant hand

I asked a friend once bc she always paints her nails so flawlessly and she said the same thing but then later she was like “also I am ambidextrous” and I almost flipped a table

GARCIA, DAPHNE is a COLLEGE FRESHMAN at Kingsley Academy. Daphne is part of the ACADEMIC program and majors in COMMUNICATIONS. Daphne is represented by SELENA GOMEZ and is currently OPEN.


Daphne never had a problem with sharing things about her life. She was on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all other social media sites, and she was never afraid to tell the world anything and everything she was doing at the time. With her phone always in hand and constantly updating her statuses and tweets she wasn’t very good at face-to-face conversations, thinking them awkward.

But Daphne didn’t just love the internet, she was addicted. Having spent most of her life ignored by workaholic parents she spent years trying to find ways to impress them but when that failed she looked for anything to fulfill her need for attention. She didn’t succeed in this until the day she first discovered Twitter. After her first tweet, Daphne suddenly found herself flooded with attention from people she’d never even met. And it felt wonderful. Even if they were nameless—faceless—Daphne didn’t mind. The internet quickly became her safe place; a refuge where she was loved and accepted. And she didn’t plan to ever leave it.


POSITIVE: Connected, Sweet, Tech Savvy

NEGATIVE: Awkward, Clumsy, Overshares


  • Isabelle Bowman -  Friend. Though Daphne didn’t make friends in the real world as often as she made them in the virtual one, Isabelle always seemed to be able to break down people’s walls. There was something about her that made her easily able to befriend even those people that ought to be difficult to befriend. She was possibly one of the few people that Daphne would set aside her technology for.
  • Liam Peterson - Acquaintance. Despite the fact that Liam and Daphne spent a fair amount of time talking, they could never be called friends. Liam believed that social media was destroying interpersonal communication and he never failed to share that with Daphne who strongly disagreed with his points. They butted heads over this point often, possibly missing the chance to be friends since they couldn’t see past it.
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Cloud Atlas Openings

“While my extensive experience as en editor has lead me to a disdain for flashbacks and flash-forwards and all such tricky gimmicks - I believe that if you dear reader can extend your patience for just a moment you will find there is a method to this tale of madness.”

thefandomicaopens replied to your photo “We were talking about this the other day, this original character I…”

Savvy! I love this character so much *_* I must confess that my image of her was a bit different though (like this http://charlavail.tumblr.com/post/1270564735 )

Yeah, I can see that. That pic just honestly makes me think of my beta too much for me to think of her as looking like Savvy- which incidentally, they share a name, I didn’t find that out till later. I made an alternate photoset, not really sure which I like better. It’s here

EMERSON, JACOB is a COLLEGE SOPHOMORE at Kingsley Academy. Jacob is part of the ACADEMIC program and majors in ECONOMICS. Jacob is represented by TARON EGERTON and is currently OPEN.


People were always nervous around Jacob, even when he was just a child. Something about his look and his reserved nature gave him a troubled and menacing air. Rumors began flying around his school and neighborhood, especially as he got older, all saying he was a criminal. People said he was a drug dealer, a gang member and—according to some of the more adventurous gossips—a serial killer.

In reality, Jacob didn’t live up to his reputation. He didn’t have a terrible home life (his two happily married parents loved him) nor had he suffered any great tragedy. And he went out of his way to do little things to help people. Aside from his remarkable intellect, his life ought to have been perfectly average but the rumors haunted him wherever he went. At first Jacob tried to dispel them by pushing himself to talk more but when he discovered that this only made his classmates more uncomfortable he retreated back into his shell. Jacob had hoped that getting away would free him of his bad boy image but even at Kingsley he seemed to give off the impression. Not knowing what else to do, Jacob remained reserved and let people create all kinds of crazy stories about him. He never tried to end the rumors and kept doing small, almost unnoticeable things to help his peers.


POSITIVE: Kind, Helpful, Loyal

NEGATIVE: Intimidating, Reserved, Misunderstood


  • Nancy Hall - Friend. After a year in Kingsley, Jacob already had a rough reputation. A lot of people seemed nervous around him, save but a few exceptions. One of them was Nancy Hall. He didn’t know if she was clueless or she simply doesn’t care, but she had always treated him normally and didn’t seem scared of him in the slightest. If anything, it was Jacob who was a little bit intimidated by the petite girl because of her reputation as Little Miss Perfect.
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GONZALES, LEVY is a COLLEGE SOPHOMORE at Kingsley Academy. Levy is part of the ACADEMIC program and majors in CRIMINOLOGY. Levy is represented by TYLER POSEY and is currently OPEN.


There are few things Levy loved more than mysteries. He loved spending time wracking his brain for any possible solution based on whatever shreds of evidence he could gather up. Mysteries made him think more than anything else ever did. He read them, watched them and even lived them. His father was a private detective and often allowed Levy to follow along on his investigations. Levy enjoyed every minute of those trips. But the life of a private detective was a fairly poor one. Though Levy’s father was good, work was hard to come by and even then didn’t pay as much as they needed. And since Levy’s mother had walked out on them years ago, Levy had struggled to do whatever he could to make ends meet. His father pushed Levy to join law instead of following in his footsteps.

Levy’s father had several connections in the LAPD after years of working alongside them. He was approached by one of those connections with an interesting case. A girl had been kidnapped and after months of searching she had somehow made it home without police involvement. They suspected gang activity and the police were worried about losing the only lead they had to taking down one of the most powerful families in LA. So, after pulling a few strings, Levy was accepted into Kingsley in order to find out what really happened to the girl and to figure out who in the school was tied to the gang.


POSITIVE: Friendly, Intelligent, Playful

NEGATIVE: Cautious, Secretive, Distrustful


  • Alison Buchanan - The girl Levy is supposed to watch. Alison mysteriously disappeared over the summer of her freshman year, only to reappear again under suspicious circumstances. The excuses she offered those who asked didn’t seem to add up, and it was up to Levy to gain her trust and confidence so he can unlock the mystery of what would be his first actual case.
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LANGSTON, ISAAC is a COLLEGE JUNIOR at Kingsley Academy. Isaac is part of the ACADEMIC program and majors in FINANCE. Isaac is represented by SHILOH FERNANDEZ and is currently OPEN.


Isaac Langston had it all: he was handsome, charming and popular. He could have had any girl in the school. And he took full advantage of that, charming as many of the girls as he could. Most of them he was never interested in more than sleeping with them but occasionally he would find a girl that intrigued him and go through the motions of asking her out and dating her. When he was focused on a girl it never really was hard for him to make her believe that she was special to him, even if they’d heard the few whispered rumors about his actual intentions. No matter how much a girl intrigued him, Isaac could never stay tied down for long. He was addicted to the thrill of doing things he wasn’t supposed to do, and hooking up with girls was so much more exciting when he had a reason not to do it. He was decently well known around the school for always having a girlfriend and always cheating but still there were surprisingly few rumors about him, probably because his volatile temperament made people not want to anger him.

Growing up with his playboy of a father, sex was never a mystery to Isaac. He was used to seeing strange women around his home and even used to being used as his father’s wingman. He’d learned over the years to see sex as normal and frequent and, seeing the way his father tended to treat women, grew to think that girls were disposable and that their feelings hardly mattered. As he got older, Isaac was sure that his father must care about him in some way or else he wouldn’t have taken the boy in, but Isaac wasn’t sure he could see it. Isaac’s mother had apparently given Isaac to his father directly after he was born and disappeared, heartbroken after being just another one of his father’s conquests. Isaac was well taken care of by his father but still he knew very well that he wasn’t allowed to get in the way of any of his father’s business and, unless he was called on to help pick up a girl or chase her out, Isaac was to stay out of sight whenever there was a guest over. Eventually his father figured that having the house to himself would be easier and sent Isaac away to Kingsley.


POSITIVE: Flirty, Suave, Independent

NEGATIVE: Unfaithful, Liar, Rebellious


  • Rachel Sierota - Acquaintance. It was no secret that Isaac found Rachel intriguing. He was very vocal about his opinions and wouldn’t miss the opportunity to let Rachel know how he felt. To him, Rachel was a challenge. Someone who seemed unattainable, who seemed intimidating, who wasn’t easy – although he was confident he’d get her in bed at some point. Secretly, he resented that she didn’t seem interested, but that only made him try harder to get into her pants.
  • Selene Gilmore - Acquaintance. If Isaac Langston had a female equivalent, it would be Selene Gilmore. They were both looking to get laid all the time, and because of this similarity they had ended up on each other’s bed on a few occasions. Both of them aren’t looking for anything serious which made their set-up work smoothly. They can often be seen openly flirting with each other, which causes rumors to spark about them being together.
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BOWMAN, ISABELLE is a COLLEGE JUNIOR at Kingsley Academy. Isabelle is part of the ACADEMIC program and majors in ENGLISH. Isabelle is represented by CRYSTAL REED and is currently OPEN.


Isabelle was always one of the sweetest people in her entire school. Bright and caring, she was never hard to love. With loving and doting parents and never a shortage of friends, Isabelle was very happy. She was blissfully happy to the point of ignorance. She never once realized that the intentions of some of her so called friends were not quite as pure as she thought them to be. Many of her friends were sincere and affectionate, but sadly not all.

Isabelle met many people who took one look at her openly sweet disposition and searched for the best way to take advantage of her. They extracted money, favors and anything else they could from her without ever giving anything in return. Several guys even pretended to love her to see how far it would get them. Though she had true friends that tried to help her, Isabelle refused to believe anything but the best in people and found excuses for every bad thing someone did to her.


POSITIVE: Outgoing, Friendly, Loving

NEGATIVE: Naive, Deluded, Foolish


  • Selene Gilmore - Friend. Isabelle took to Selene right away. The other girl was nice to her from the beginning and so Isabelle was happy to be her friend and to help her out in any way she could. So she didn’t mind running errands or buying gifts for her friend. But after Selene pulled her away from a guy she was talking to, Isabelle started to feel a slight difference in the way her friend acted with her. But Isabelle decided this was a good thing.
  • Daphne Garcia -  Friend. Though Daphne didn’t make friends in the real world as often as she made them in the virtual one, Isabelle always seemed to be able to break down people’s walls. There was something about her that made her easily able to befriend even those people that ought to be difficult to befriend. She was possibly one of the few people that Daphne would set aside her technology for.
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SIEROTA, RACHEL is a COLLEGE SOPHOMORE at Kingsley Academy. Rachel is part of the ACADEMIC program and majors in POLITICAL SCIENCE. Rachel is represented by TROIAN BELLISARIO and is currently OPEN.


Growing up in a small, conservative town, Rachel never quite fit in. She had friends and was decently popular but when it came to class discussions on most subjects from history to English to science it was clear that her ideas didn’t match those of her classmates. While the rest of her class and even her teacher took one side of an issue, Rachel would usually be left alone on the other side. She got used to making her points and debating alone and most of the people she knew thought that she just did it to be different, not that she actually believed every word she said. Her parents had always been very strict with her since she was the eldest. The older she got, the more she resented this as she came to see her parents just expected her to get married and stay in their little town while Rachel dreamed of so much more.

With the resentment of her parents’ rules there was also disillusionment for Rachel. She began to question everything they’d ever taught her in life. When she first started becoming active in campaigns and programs, it was to spite them. She wrote letters and emails and helped out in small ways her parents wouldn’t notice but it gave her a slight satisfaction of rebellion. Eventually, however, the causes themselves started driving her more than the rebellion and she began to get more involved, even heading out to the city for protests and rallies. Her parents didn’t like that at all and began imposing even stricter rules on her. The family situation remained tense for a while until finally on her eighteenth birthday Rachel announced that she was moving to California. Her parents were completely against it and tried to stop her, causing the whole situation to finally explode into a huge fight. When Rachel finally walked out the door she promised herself that she would never look back. Her only regret was that she couldn’t take her little brother with her.


POSITIVE: Protective, Active, Open-Minded

NEGATIVE: Rebellious, Stubborn, Pushy


  • Zac Sierota - Sibling. Just like Rachel, Zac had a brilliant mind as well. But unlike her, he was more subdued. Little did Rachel know that there was so much more going on beneath the surface, which he later confessed to her. Zac was beginning to come into terms with his homosexuality, but his parents and their community were strongly homophobic, so he decided to leave town and join his sister in LA. Rachel was happy to have him with her, and she’s slowly urging him to be more open about himself, although she’s careful not to push too hard. 
  • Isaac Langston - Rachel regards Isaac as a gigantic annoyance. His efforts to get into her pants were so painfully obvious and, charming as he was, Rachel was not the type to engage in meaningless hook-ups. She continues to thwart his advances, hoping to be left alone, but each time she says no, he only comes back more determined than before.
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BARZETTI, CAMILLA is a COLLEGE SOPHOMORE at Kingsley Academy. Camilla is part of the ACADEMIC program and majors in EDUCATION. Camilla is represented by ARIANA GRANDE and is currently OPEN.


Camilla was always the golden child of her neighborhood. Kind, compassionate and sweet, she was always the one that people turned to in times of need and she didn’t mind that. She was always happy to help cheer someone up or to make them smile. She liked taking care of people and that made her almost seem like an angel to the people she met. But all that attention and praise made Camilla scared to ruin her reputation so she did everything possible to prevent any bad rumors or stories from spreading about her.

And then one night Camilla made a mistake. After some sweet words—and a few too many drinks—she somehow found herself in bed with a guy she had never seen before. There was nothing sweet or romantic about it, just a simple one night stand. In the morning she sat down to the most awkward breakfast of all time before booking it out the door determined to put the whole experience behind her. Sadly that was not to be as a few weeks later she found herself sick to her stomach and sitting next to a pile of positive pregnancy test. Camilla couldn’t stomach the idea of having a child at such a young age so—without telling her parents, friends or the father—she went to an abortion clinic. As Camilla walked out the doors of the clinic she felt oddly empty, as if something was missing from inside her. She still isn’t sure if she made the right choice and the thought of it haunts her to this day.


POSITIVE: Sweet, Caring, Nurturing

NEGATIVE: Guilty, Depressed, Self Hating


  • Daniel Jaffari - Tutor. Math had never been one of Camilla’s strong suits and Daniel tutored her on the subject. After a while, the two of them became good friends with Camilla adopting a sort of motherly attitude towards the boy, telling him to relax when he’s overworking himself, reminding him to eat, and scolding him when he’s being hard-headed. In return, Daniel feels a protectiveness towards Camilla and always makes sure that she’s okay.
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