Paterson (2016)

Directed by Jim Jarmusch

Cinematography by Frederick Elmes

anonymous asked:

omg xavier! the thirst is strong with this one. and with his reputation of being very demanding and liking being in control I can't help but picture what a good combination he'd make with our favorite pining trashfire. in a different plane of existence where rpf is reality and a cannes winning director shamelessly flirts with an actor on social media after a common friend and fellow actress set them up... oh, wait (I also just found out that apparently naomi watts liked chastain's post ???)


that sure would uh sure would make a good RPF situation, huh, that sure would 

i don’t know what you’re implying, anon, about seb liking folks to be demanding and in control. he’s never. he would NEVER. not one single time. it ain’t like he craves it. he feels completely normal about people telling him what to do.


Happy Birthday Diego Dionisio Luna Alexander! (December 29th, 1979)

As an actor you are always someone else’s tool. You can have a connection with them and you can share their point of view, but ultimately you are helping them reflect.