Lynne Ramsay b. December 5, 1969

Lynne Ramsay is a Scottish director, writer, and cinematographer. Her early career was incredibly prodigious; she was the only student in her year to enter the National Film and Television School on the strength of her still photographs instead of on actual film work. 

Ramsay’s early shorts won her prizes at Cannes and a Scottish BAFTA. In 1999 she directed her first feature length film, Ratcatcher, which premiered in Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival. Her second film, Movern Callar, starring Samantha Morton, also premiered at Cannes. 

She intended to make an adaptation of the film The Lovely Bones her third film and began working on it before the novel was published. However once the book was released it was a surprise best seller and, as Ramsay wanted to film a version that was grittier and darker while the producers wanted a more commercial movie, she left the project. 

Ramsay instead adapted We Need To Talk About Kevin, starring Tilda Swinton in 2011. The film premiered at Cannes, this time as part of the official main competition. 

Ramsay’s next project was meant to be Jane’s Got a Gun, a western for which she was hired by Natalie Portman who produced and starred in the film. However because of budget cuts and arguments with the producers Ramsay failed to show up on set the first day. Several actors and the cinematographer quit in support of Ramsay.

Her next film will be an adaptation of You Were Never Really Here starring Joaquin Phoenix.  

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Why do people here get upset for talking about MM? WE did not bring her into the fandom, SAM did. And make no mistake, she is here. In exactly what capacity remains to be seen. He is not exactly hiding her. BAFTA, NC. She is now a known entity. To pretend she doesn't exist isn't going to make her go away. Sam has certainly given her more "air" time than Cait has given Tony in the last two years. I think it is at least time that we consider that she may be around for a while.

It is interesting how Tony is treated differently now.  In the beginning, everyone freaked out when he was mentioned or there was a photo of him lurking in the background.  Now he is right there IN the photos with Cait (ala Cannes), and the reaction now?  Eh…whatever.  Maybe at some point people will develop the same reaction when they see MM being toted around to events, because I believe that is EXACTLY what is going to happen.  We had better get used to seeing her because she is Sam’s “Tony”….I’m not sure what the relationship of ANY of these people are.  That is all really still yet to be determined.

FYI…did anyone else remember the analysis of one eyed Tony in a mirror from a Glasgow art gallery?  What’s with all the cyclops imagery?

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heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy cann you recommend some more solangelo fics plzzzz (angsty or fluffy or smthing idc) <3

Here are some fluffy fics for your viewing pleasure 

If anyone would like their fic to be taken off of this list, let me know

Mod Isabel

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who are some of your favorite non-rpdr queens or just lesser-known queens?

my fav question :,)

I’m obviously obsessed with Aquaria, and Shea Coulee, Gina Belle, and Evah Destruction are my loves…..

but I also love all of these queens, and I think you should check em all out!: Soju Love, Ellis Atlantis, Farrah Moan, Rhea Litre, Valentine Addams, Sara Andrews, Eva Young, Aja, Dahlia Sin, Ariel Versace, Maddelynn Hatter, Imp Queen, Bruise, Discord Addams, Gidget von Addams, Allure Addams, Vicky Vox, Monet X Change, J, Scarlet Envy, Misty Violet, Kalista Stage, Melissa Befierce, Skim Burley, Patti Spliff, Ridge Gallagher, Sissy Spastik, Diana Dzhaketov, Trannika, Mayhem Miller, Meth, Kimora Blac, London Adour, James Majesty, Duo Raw, Boulet Brothers, Bettie Bitch, Holly White, Creme Fatale, Trinity Taylor, Vanity, Alexis Michelle, Plastique Tiara, Allusia, Cara Mel, Cupcake Canne, Cake Moss, Nina Bonina Brown, Karen From Finance, Ragamuffin, Porcelain, Wilhelmina Caviar, Ruby Roo, Beverly Lately, Andi Drogenous, Phaedra Phaded, Annie B. Frank, Anna Phylactic, Miz Cracker, Kandy Muse, Momo Shade, LaMona Divine, ok I’ll stop now bc that’s way more than “some” oops but let me know if you wanna know more!

also I feel like these queens don’t even need to be listed bc they’re so legendary but just in case: Lady Bunny, Coco Peru, Jackie Beat, Peaches Christ, Heklina, Sherry Vine, & Jodie Harsh :)

also if you’re not sure where to start, i recommend going to james st. james transformations videos, because heaps of those queens have transformations videos with him, and it’s a quick way to see some of their personalities! Or look up lipsyncs! 

broke up, moved to ny, went to cannes, got nudes, erased dem nudes, got a job, two funerals, lived in the cinema, ate good, ate bad, got high too much, now i’m a year in and idk what’s next, but it’s all righteous cause this dat character building shit old ppl talmbout

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🔪 - melee weapons

Illapa has no aptitude with traditional melee weapons, but is well-versed in staff fighting and canne d’arme (a self-defense martial art designed for gentlefolk to be able to defend themselves with their canes or umbrella handles).

He has learned that using a staff plays to his strengths and compensates for his weaknesses; he can use leverage and precision to make up for the brute strength he lacks, and it takes advantage of his dexterity and grace. The staff’s reach combined with his long arms provides him with a large area of control, and landing a hit on him becomes a frustrating endeavor as both ends of that staff parry, and parry, and parry. His natural grace lends to the footwork needed for staff fighting, and he is quick, ruthlessly punishing openings in an opponent’s defense with a swift stab to a vital area or a well-placed sweep. And if brute force is needed, the long weapon acts as a fulcrum to amplify his strikes.

Ask how good Illapa is at… things.