The Language Of You


Rating: M

Setting: Canon AU

Word Count: 5,469


Canon AU set immediately after S1E11, The Labyrinth of Gedref. Arthur attempts to seduce Merlin with a sojourn by the sea.

Comments: I loved this fic in that Arthur tried to do something nice for Merlin (even if it took Merlin awhile to realize), and just that they had a small moment to themselves. Just lovely!

she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016
  • Merlin: (in a crowd and can't find Arthur)
  • Merlin: Don't worry, I got this
  • Merlin: *uses hands as a megaphone* I'M THE WORST MANSERVANT EVER
  • Arthur: (from across the room) haha yeah
  • Merlin: found him
  • Gwain: lol, that's funny, let me try
  • Gwain: *uses hands as a megaphone* MERLIN SUCKS
  • Arthur: *rapidly closing in* YOU FUCKING WOT MATE
Romantic Tropes I’m an absolute sucker for:

The slow burn where they both love each other but think the other person doesn’t feel the same way but literally everyone in the world knows how they feel about each other.

They absolutely loathe each other but everyone around them knows that they actually totally love each other.

Royalty/Commoner ESPECIALLY when the commoner didn’t know they were royalty and feel so betrayed when they find out.

I mean really, any version of the Person A is hiding something about their identity for decentish reasons and Person B eventually finds out and is just so betrayed and Person A has some version of the “I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did. I fell in love with you.” (Chasing Liberty is my favorite, okay?)

Also the “we’re from different worlds” version, too.

And of course Person A is trying to rescue/find/reunite with they significant other and Person B gets enlisted to help but then totally falls in love but thinks Person A really loves sigo, but when they finally are reunited they realize they really love Person B.


If arthur hadnt had been born literally everything would have turned out perfect. Ygraine wouldnt have died, Uther wouldn’t have declared war on magic, He would have been forced to claim Morgana as his own. She would have taked her place on the throne. Her parents wouldnt have died. Gauis would have been able to marry and have a life with Alice. Merlin would have grown up with his father in his life and would have married Freya. Lancelot and gwen would have married. Morgana wouldnt grow up resenting Uther for hating magic. Literally everything would have been perfect. And my small warlock child wouldnt have had to go through so much pain.