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Just a thought...was watching Californication over the weekend and noticed that Hank calls Pamela Adlon's character a smurf (obviously because she's almost the same height as our Gilly). So my thought was we know she calls D her Schmoopie...wonder if he calls her Smurf? Whatever they call themselves in private, may it live on!

I can totally picture David calling Gillian his own “little smurf”. I wish for a “I’m with the smurf” t-shirt, with an arrow pointing at Gillian at the next con they do together.

California Nebula with added SII 

Added some more data to my image of the California Nebula. Only my 2nd narrowband image so still learning but ive mapped the Ha to Green and Blue and the SII to Red, no OIII was captured. This object has moved out of my FOV now so its time to move on and image something else.