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What do I do with a hamster that's literally never content? I moved my Syrian girl into a tank style cage (Living World Eco Habitat in large - 115x78cm) with 40cm of bedding in the majority of the cage, and all she does is still try to escape. She's chewing through the wood on the cage, she barely burrows, just uses the bedding height to get to the top to try to chew the mesh lid/the wood of the corners. She's really heightening my anxiety cos I feel like I'm not doing well for her :( (1/2)

(2/2) it’s gotten to the point where I’ve thought about rehoming her because I physically can’t fit any bigger of a cage in my flat - but then realised I don’t know anyone who’d go even bigger, I wasn’t aware of German standard when I got her, and if I was I wouldn’t have got her. I don’t know what to do. She chews the lid every night and every time I hear it my anxiety and stress levels go through the roof!! Stuck :(

Hello again :) 

I’m really sorry to hear that. You are doing the best you can and it will be okay!! <3 

I believe I answered another ask of you earlier today which can be found here

I think you might want to try going bigger. Most Syrians really need a lot more space than that and get angry if they don’t have it. My Syrian was really not content at all in her 150x50 cage - it was simply much too small for her. She was angry and stressed out as well. 

Ideal cages for Syrians look like this: 

or this: 

And yes, they are really big. Most Syrians need sizes like that to be really calm and happy unfortunately because in their natural habitat they would run for miles and miles every night! 

I’m not sure about your cage setup but make sure that:

- she has a big wheel (12″ silent spinner) -> really important! 

- she has playpen in your room to use daily to run around and explore (if she wants) - might look like this (picture below). You can carry her in a hideout if she doesn’t want you to touch / hold her yet. Doesn’t have to look as fancy as below.

- she has a bedding area with 30-80cm of bedding with different kind of materials (wooden shavings, hay, bedding) in it. 

- she has a chamber house with no floor, a lid and a big sleeping chamber in it - these can be easily build for little money

- a sand bath & toilet 

- different hideouts, stuff to chew on

You could try and buy another one of the above cages and link them together to give her more space or build a cage on your own (but make it really big with different kinds of beddings, hideouts, materials to chew on etc.) Maybe she just needs a lot of distraction in her cage. You can try to build a labyrinth for her to use in her playpen like this: 

and hide food in it. 

I know it’s a lot of work but she will be super thankful. And you’re doing the best you can. Please try to stay calm and gradually make changes until she is content. 

If she doesn’t use her bedding too much you can try to use less for a few weeks so she can’t chew on the lid. (Maybe that “trains” her to get rid of the habit.) Chewing alone isn’t always a sign of stressful behavior and maybe she just likes it. But if it gets excessive (hours and hours each day) she needs distraction. 

Maybe she’s just a chewer and needs new things to chew on every day :) 

Instead of giving her food in a bowl, you can try and spread if everywhere so she has to go and look for it! 

Another pro tip: Could you sleep with earplugs so your anxiety and stress levels go down at night? 

I hope everything goes well. 

Rehoming her wouldn’t help I think unless you find someone really knowledgeable with a lot of space and a really big cage (like twice the size of yours at minimum or more!) :) 

I hope everything goes well!!! Good luck to you both. 

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