masterpost of weird subreddits

That’s it for now, this took around 4 hours of clicking the random subreddit button on reddit. I’ll probably make another one of these later, but until then enjoy.

THANK YOU GUYS FOR 300+ FOLLOWERS!!!! It continues to amaze me the amount of people following this blog! You guys are amazing and I love all of you cx. A lot has happened over this past year and a half. And I thank all of you for making my tumblr experience wonderful. I especially wanna thank: cassiie-cage total-trash-dragon ask-animaniacsfandom eulerami historicallysignificantmango scentedpizza


Chopchop has settled down in his new cage (Pepe’s ex cage). I put some toys I borrowed from my finches. So far he likes mirrors best and anything that he could pull/tuck. I haven’t used the metal/wire platform coz he hates it. I’d probably use the second batch of wooden platforms I got from Aunt Judy instead for his extra platforms in the cage that will support his sand bath tray. :)