I read this and something just fucking hit me… what if the reason why Drew changed the way things worked in the Aphrodite cabin and what the kids thought Aphrodite’s ‘way’ was, was because she saw where pure true love got Silena, her big sister, and she refuses to let love ruin any of her other siblings. She is the oldest now, she feels responsibility, and she would rather hurt the feelings of all the other campers, than loose one of her own again… 

Drabble #328

X: in-law

“Hi, Mummo! How’s things?”

“Hello, Simon dear. I’m fine, thank you. How was work?”

“Oh, marvellous! Just marvellous. The details are a bit hush-hush for now, but we’re planning something big for the hedgerows.”

“How exciting. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you’re free on Saturday? Martin is bringing his girlfriend over, and she wants to meet you and Caitlin.”

“Is that right? Well, I should think I can clear an hour or so, for little Marty. What’s she like, then, this new girl?”

“She’s lovely. Much more down-to-earth than you’d expect.”

“What, for a pilot?”

“For a princess.”


Drabble #333

VII: honesty

Verity!” Martin exclaimed, the next morning at work. “I can’t believe your daughter’s called Verity.”

Douglas frowned. “What’s so funny about that?”

“Oh, come on!” Martin said, “You’re the best wheeler-dealer I know, you never say what you mean when a fib will get you your own way quicker. And you named your daughter a synonym of honesty.”

A slow grin crept across Douglas’s face. “Well, perhaps it’s skipped a generation. You never know.”

“Tell you what, though,” Martin continued, suddenly sincere. “She’s a great kid, Douglas. You should be proud.”

Douglas looked touched. “Thank you,” he said. “I am.”

Drabble #332

VI: waiting to get high

The 312 is much smaller than the last plane Douglas flew, but she’s old, and almost as unwieldy - she handles like she’d rather not bother. Ascents are difficult and sluggish, so much so that Douglas and Nigel strike up a running joke about ‘waiting longer to get high than a coke addict on bath salts’.

GERTI’s cantankerous, it’s true, and it’s testament to Douglas’s own prowess that he flies her as well as he does: but she’d saved him when he was jobless and not far from homeless, and for that he’d swear she’s worth her weight in gold.

Drabble #334

VIII: character finds what they were looking for BUT it’s damaged

Clearing out the portacabin is a gloomy affair. Mostly, they work in silence, collecting their possessions - things they thought would always be here, waiting for them.

Douglas pulls his desk back from the wall to dislodge the things that have fallen behind it, and gives a start when he notices a tiny metal aeroplane, lying on the floor. Once, it had been a keyring - a treasured present from Verity, thought lost forever. The connecting ring is gone, and the chain’s snapped, but he scoops it up quickly and cradles it in his palm, immeasurably glad that it’s back.

Drabble #326

VI: raindrop

Four umbrellas make their way across the airfield carpark. Raindrops bounce off the sides of Douglas’s sleek, navy blue golf, under which he remains completely dry. Martin battles with his cheap little backup umbrella - he still hasn’t replaced the one that was broken at Christmas, and the substitute is somewhat pitiful. He seems to be getting more wet than if he’d just made a dash for it empty-handed.

Behind them, Carolyn’s red umbrella bobs sedately next to Arthur’s, which has eyes and a tail and keeps spinning around, because he’s singin’ in the rain, just siiiingin’ in the rain…

Drabble #327

VIII: quiz

Theresa held up another picture, and Martin narrowed his eyes.

“That’s… one of the twins.”

She giggled. “Ye-es…”

“Oh, come on, you know this is going to be a fifty-fifty guess,” Martin said, grimacing.

“Remember what I told you, look at the eyebrows…”

“Oh, yeah! That’s Mathilde.”

Theresa made a little ‘tick’ in the air with her finger, and moved to the next photo. This one showed a very old lady, eying the camera distrustfully.

“That’s… an aunt,” said Martin. “…Leonarda?”

“Leopoldine,” Theresa corrected, “But you were close. I think that’s worth half a point.”

Martin grinned. “I’m getting there.”

Drabble #330

II: association

“So, to clarify. We start with a word from the phonetic alphabet…”


“Then do the word association game until we can loop back to another phonetic word…”


“Trying to spell out a word in phonetic alphabet as we go…”

“That’s it.”

“And the first person to finish a word wins the round…”


“Bonus points if it’s a word from the phonetic alphabet.”

“…you don’t think it’s a bit complex?”

“Well, you understood it.”

“Oh, har-har.”

“We’ll be fine, as long as Arthur doesn’t materialise halfway through and ask what’s going on.”

“I don’t fancy our chances, then.”