Petit Connor from Assassin’s Creed III. Attacked by a pack of  wolves.

Ahhh this happened to me in the game. I was exploring the forest when I was attacked by a pack of wolves, they were almost killing me so I had no choice but to climb up a bunch of rocks where they couldn’t reach me and wait to recover some health  :/

Then I realized all I had to do to defeat them was calmly press the buttons that appear on the screen, and then I felt like an idiot :U

   Lucas could not sleep and was stress after studying for his exam which was in a few days. It was really late and so he decided to stop by at Connor’s and ask him to go for an adventure. Lucas and Conner had always been close since they were little and he was the one that Lucas always liked going on adventure with since they were little. 

   Plus his cousin and Lucas understood how crappy their families where which was something that made them bond and also Lucas could always open up to him about stuff. Lucas knocked at his cousin’s door, hoping that he was in the mood to go for a walk and adventure. @connorowenandrews