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Kat calling Adena "Baby" and the Sutton gushing that occurs

It happens before she can catch herself. The three of them are in line, waiting to order their coffee, and Adena is standing off to the side because Kat’s buying for both of them.

She gets up to the barista and realizes she forgot—

“Hey, baby, did you want cinnamon on your latte?”

Adena is standing just a few feet away, taking note of all the local ads on the shop’s bulletin board, when she looks to Kat and nods, smiling.

“Yes, please.”

She doesn’t realize what she’s done until she hands over her credit card and notices the look on Sutton’s face next to her.

Her eyes are wide, sparkling, and Kat can see the teasing that’s about to happen before it even escapes her mouth.

Kat lifts her finger, jabs at her chest, “Don’t even.”

Sutton grins wider, while Jane steps forward to place her order next.

“Oh, no no. We’re talking about this.”

Kat’s cheeks blush pink and Jane turns around.

“Talking about what?”

“Can we not?” Kat whisper shouts. Adena notices and looks over at the three of them, curious.

“Okay, okay, fine… baby.”

Jane realizes then, what Sutton’s talking about, and starts laughing while Kat glares at them both.

They all step to the side, to wait for their coffee orders, and Adena slips her arms around Kat’s waist from behind, rests her chin against the side of her shoulder.

“Everything ok?” she asks, sensing Kat’s shift in mood.

“She’s mad we’re making fun of her,” Jane explains, and Adena quirks her eyebrow in question, arms still around Kat.

“But only because it’s the cutest thing ever and she’s never been like this,” Sutton adds, poking at Kat’s arm to get her to lighten up.

Adena nudges Kat with her chin, looks up at her for an explanation, and Kat smiles, shy when she says, “You bring out a different side of me, that they’re not used to.”

Sutton is smiling so wide, bouncing on her toes, that Kat thinks her best friend’s face might crack.


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Kat and Adena's kid gets in trouble at school for punching a bigot just like his mom

He doesn’t meet her eyes for the entire walk from the admin office to the car, just sulks beside her, arms folded across his chest.

She waits until they’re beside the car and then she folds her own arms, blocks his path to the car door, waits for him to look her in the eyes.

“He was saying mean things, about maman,” is what he finally says, and Kat squats until she’s closer to eye level with her seven year-old.

“So you punched him,” she says, not even framing it as a question. They both know what happened.

He scratches at his curly hair, worries his lip between his teeth. “Am I in trouble?”

And it’s hard. It’s so hard, because yeah he’s definitely got the same fire as she does, but his eyes are all Adena’s, staring back at her, and it’s so hard to be mad. He was sticking up for his mom and she’s proud of him. But she also knows she can’t encourage him to react like this, that it will have worse and more dangerous consequences as he gets older.

“They suspended you for the day, J.”

“I know. Am I in trouble with you?” He stares expectantly, arms still crossed, waits to see what she’ll do.

“A lil bit, yeah,” she nods, purses her lips at him, and he frowns. “Buuut, for the punch. Not for sticking up for yourself. You gotta use your words, not your fists, dude. You know this.”

She knows he gets it, even though he’s being stubborn about it, and by the time they get home he’s doing alright. He’s helping her put dinner together when they hear Adena enter and his eyes widen in panic.

Helloo,” Adena sing-songs, loud and warm from the other room, and Kat smiles.

“Hey babe! We’re in here,” she greets from the kitchen, then gives her son a look. “J, why don’t you tell maman what you did today?” she says, not letting her tone give anything away and loud enough for Adena to hear, and he glares.

Adena steps into the kitchen, tired but smiling, and presses a brief kiss to her lips, wraps her arm around their son’s shoulders.

“What did you do?” she asks, curious, and then frowns when he looks guilty. Adena turns to her and they share a look, before Adena drops her arm from his small shoulders, turns to face him fully. “Jalil, what did you do?”

His eyes are wide and looking to her for help when she shakes her head, says, “You gotta tell her yourself.”

He sighs, quiet for several seconds while her wife stares at him expectantly, and then admits, “I punched someone at school.”

“You what?”

Jalil cowers, explaining, “He was saying mean things about you and he wouldn’t stop and I got so mad. I’m sorry.”

Adena’s head whips around, searching for confirmation in Kat’s eyes, and Kat nods, tries not to smile when she sees the knowing look on Adena’s face.

“You really are just like your mother,” she sighs, almost resigned, and Jalil grins. Kat gives him a quick wink, over Adena’s shoulder, then goes back to chopping the zucchini. “Come on, come sit with me,” Adena motions toward the kitchen table.

Kat eavesdrops while she continues dinner prep, hears Adena say, “Tell me what happened,” with as much patience as she can muster after an already long day.

They’ll have their own talk later, once J is asleep. But for now, she lets them have their moment, gives Adena the space to have the talk she needs to have with him. Because yeah, it’s about the fact that he punched someone, which is something they both need to address as his parents. But it’s also about why he punched someone, a conversation Kat is all too familiar with.  

Adena is right—

Jalil is far too much like her sometimes. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. And she thinks that, secretly, Adena wouldn’t either.






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We all saw Blue Zircon, pls, just let me say she was amazing, she absolutely put out there what we’ve all been thinking. She absolutely tells the Diamonds they might be the murderers (one of them ofc)
Blue Zircon talks about how no one, none of the soldiers were around to protect Pink Diamond, none of them were close enough, how is it that a Rose Quartz could shatter such a big, high class Gem?


She mentions that how could it be possible that her PEARL couldn’t scream for help if her Diamond was in danger?

And then we see their reactions…


Look at the pearls faces…why would they make that face? For me, it’s like if they knew something…and the first that seems surprised is Yellow Pearl. 

Blue Zircon says only a Gem of the same range would be capable of doing such thing..

“Whoever did it was someone that was able to get near her, someone that her guards would allow to come closer, someone she would listen to as she had to stop her palanquin and step outside, and someone with the AUTHORITY TO COVER IT UP AFTERWARDS. Someone with supreme authority…someone…LIKE ONE OF YOU!”

WATCH THEIR REACTIONS AS BLUE ZIRCON TALKS, How Yellow Diamond is so ANGRY, and how Blue Diamond is so…surprised


After Blue Zircon talked, we see Blue Diamond reaction…

Though, Yellow Diamond, instead of being surprised, she’s apparently calmed, then straight poofs Blue Zircon. But you might say, well, that’s all, case closed, now she’s going for Steven and she’s going to shatter him…..but no. She goes for Yellow Zircon and poofs her too…

Why would she have such reaction…I mean, yea, Blue Zircon confronted them, so it was an excuse for poof her….tho, why not going straight to closing the case and shatter Rose/Steven? Why did she poof Yellow Zircon and then Start fighting with Blue Diamond?

As I see it….it’s pretty interesting all the reactions we get from them, how Yellow Rages so fast, how Blue seems surprised, how YELLOW PEARL reacts when they’re asked where Pink Diamond’s Pearl was..

It’s pretty suspicious…

Please, let’s have a talk about this, let me know what you think lmao, we have some big questions here…


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if ur still taking prompts can you please do one where Jane and Sutton finally meet Adena for the first time officially as Kat's gf

Kat decides to plan a brunch date. Something about it feels less formal than dinner.

So, five days after Adena finally re-enters the U.S., or, three days after they make their relationship official, she plans a brunch date for her girlfriend to finally meet her best friends.

It’s fine. She’s totally fine.

“Kat, are you okay?” Adena asks quietly, concerned, when the hostess greets them.

She’s not fine.

And she doesn’t really know why. This shouldn’t be a big deal. She’s having brunch with her three favorite people. But—

“I just realized I’m kind of nervous all of a sudden,” she admits, and Adena pulls them to the side before the hostess can seat them.

Adena smiles, patient and holding her hand, but then—“I thought we both knew you were nervous? Or was it only me that noticed?”

Kat gives her a look and Adena keeps smiling, pulls her into a hug.

“I think I’m just, like, protective of what we have? And I don’t want this to mess it up. Is that weird?” Kat pulls back, meets her eyes and then shrugs away. “It’s weird.”

“I don’t think it’s weird. But I do think that everything is going to be okay. I’m excited to meet them,” Adena assures.

“You’re not nervous?”

Adena guides them back over to the hostess and follows as she leads them to a booth in the back.

“Oh, I am definitely a little nervous.”

Her eyes widen in surprise, because it’s the first time Adena has admitted it, and she’s about to respond but her words are cut off when she sees Jane and Sutton approaching the booth, right as they sit down.

Sutton slides in across from them first, followed by Jane.

Kat clears her throat, looks at Adena and then at the two of them for several long seconds. “Morning.”

“Stop being weird,” Sutton says, and Adena smiles, leaning into her side and holding her hand. “Also, I win, you owe me a mimosa,” she adds to Jane.

“You bet on me?” Kat whines and Sutton grins while Jane looks between them.

“If it’s any consolation, I was rooting for you,” Jane says, glancing down at the menu.

“And what was the bet?” Adena asks, in lieu of formally introducing herself.

“That Kat would look nervous.”

She feels her face heat up, embarrassed, and looks down to her lap. “I hate you right now.”

“I think they got rid of those banana pecan pancakes, I don’t see them anymore.”

“No! Did they really? Those were my favorite,” Sutton sighs.

“They’re disgusting is what they were,” Kat says, a reflex, and Jane smiles.

Sutton narrows her eyes at her and then turns to Adena. “How do you feel about banana pecan pancakes?”

“I’ve never tried them,” she answers, trying to keep up with their antics and remain neutral.

Kat relaxes into the booth, reaches to take a sip of her water.

“Fair enough,” Jane chimes in. “How do you feel about Kat?” She says it while she’s mid sip and Kat chokes, coughing.

She knows that Jane is messing with her, that her friends are being terrible and teasing both of them until they lighten up, and she’s about to tell Adena as much when—

“I care about her very much. And I feel…so lucky and blessed to be with her. Especially after everything that kept us apart.”

The whole table falls quiet for a moment and her face is heating up again, for different reasons.

God, no wonder you fell for her, is she always like this?” Sutton interjects, and Kat looks to Adena, sharing a quiet smile.

“Pretty much,” she admits, still smiling at her girlfriend instead of looking at Sutton. Adena is now the one blushing, until their waiter approaches and she clears her throat, looking away.

“Good morning, ladies. Can I start you all off with something to drink?”

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Is this maybe more angst but Kat getting hurt and Adena rushing to be by her side after Sutton or Jane call her. Or something happens and it solidifies their relationship

tw: angst, hospitals, injury

Sutton tells Adena when they’re in the cab, pinches the bridge of her nose and tries to keep a calm voice when she says, “Kat’s been hurt. She’s in the hospital,” and hears the confusion and then the panic in Adena’s voice.

Jane grips at her free hand while she tells Adena as best she can, that they don’t know much of anything, other than that a car hit her when she stepped into the crosswalk, that she was taken in an ambulance. That they’re on their way to the hospital now, and yes they’re taking her to Mount Sinai, and yes they’ll meet Adena in the E.R. waiting room.

Adena gets to the hospital almost forty-five minutes later than them, rushing over from Brooklyn, and Sutton spots her at the entrance. She waves her over and there are tears in Adena’s eyes, panicked, when she says, “Where is she?

“With the doctors,” Sutton explains, calm as she can, and Jane paces. “She’s not conscious. She hit her head and she was bleeding a lot, so they’re trying to get that under control and then they need to do a scan to see if there’s any internal damage. Her arm is also fractured pretty bad, but they’re focusing on her head injury.”

Adena squeezes her eyes shut, tears tracking down her cheeks, and Sutton doesn’t think twice before pulling her into a hug.

Adena is clutching at her back, desperate, and Sutton holds her tighter. “Breathe, Adena. Kat’s a fighter, she’s gonna get through this.”

They wait, together, receiving scraps of news here and there that do little to calm them, and Adena becomes more and more withdrawn. She is curled in on herself, knees drawn to her chest and face bowed, and Sutton feels helpless to comfort her.

Then, finally, there’s, “she’s lucky she shielded herself with her arm” and there’s, “the swelling in her brain is minimal, she doesn’t need surgery but she’s got a moderate concussion,” and “she’s asleep right now, sedated pretty heavily to help her heal, but you can see her.”

They all go in to see her, sit with her, but a couple hours later it’s Adena who says she’ll stay the night and only one of them is allowed, so they head home together.

She and Jane both share a bed that night, needing the comfort, and then they’re back at Mount Sinai as soon as visiting hours resume.

They’re all crammed into Kat’s room together, a little past 9 AM, and Adena is holding Kat’s good hand when she stirs, lashes fluttering.

Kat groans, and Sutton swears it’s the best sound she’s ever heard in her life. Kat blinks her eyes open, slowly, squints around. Then, voice coarse, asks, “what happened?”

Adena is crying again, they all are, but this time they’re smiling and Adena leans forward, strokes Kat’s face.

“Some asshole ran you over when you tried to cross 42nd,” Sutton says, and Adena chokes on a laugh.

Jane meets her eyes, shakes her head even as she smiles.

“That sucks.” Then, “Fuck, my head hurts.”

Jane stands, says, “I’ll go let the nurse know,” and Sutton nods.

Adena is crying harder now, releasing all the pent-up emotion and fear of the past fifteen hours, and Kat reaches up, holds her face.

Adena, shh, babe, it’s okay,” Kat soothes, still groggy, and Adena’s tears keep falling. “I’m okay. Hey, c’mere,” Kat pulls, until Adena’s head is resting in the crook of her neck, at the seam of her hospital gown.

She feels like she’s intruding, like she definitely needs to give them a moment. So she stands, gives Kat’s calf a squeeze where it’s blanket-covered, and says, “I’m gonna go get some coffee, give you both a minute. I’m so glad you’re okay.”

The last thing she hears before she shuts the door behind her is Kat, whispering to Adena, “I love you too.


still some genderbender stuff and an new au my freund BZ and i been workin with.

can’t really call it a fanbook but a pamphlet like 20~30 pages(its title’s not really decided yet i only did this to view the effect), only print 20 copies so i would release elec edition later.

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Kadena being cute with each other and Sutton/Jane calling them goals.

The next time Adena has a gallery opening in New York City, Kat isn’t pining after her on the sidelines. She isn’t nervously trying to figure out how to approach her, waiting for Jane to give her the push she needs.

She’s there to support her girlfriend, jumping in and out of small talk conversations with the attendees.

Then Kat is standing in the middle of the room, admiring the pieces again on her own as the crowd slowly thins out, and smiles when Adena approaches and sinks into her arms.

Jane tries not to stare, she does, but she and Sutton share a look and then they’re both watching them. They’re watching the ease of their movements, the way that Kat only has eyes for Adena, smiling and talking together in the middle of the gallery.

The last guests finally exit, leaving only the four of them, and Kat holds Adena at her lower back, lifts her off her toes and spins them around, once.

Adena laughs, head bowed into Kat’s hair and hands clutching at her shoulders, while Kat says something they can’t hear.

“You ever get jealous of them?” Jane asks, leaning into Sutton’s side.

Sutton reaches up, wraps her arm around her shoulders. “All the time. Who doesn’t? Those two are like, ultimate goals.”

Kat kisses Adena then, passionate, and Sutton clears her throat loudly, shouts, “Not the show we came here for!” and Jane snorts.

Kat holds out a hand, flips them off while she keeps kissing her girlfriend, and Adena is laughing into her mouth, eventually pulling back and looking over at them.

“Sorry,” Adena says, still smiling.

“I’m not.”

Adena rolls her eyes at Kat and then looks to them, sincere. “Thank you both for coming. I really appreciate your support.”

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Kadena prompt: Soulmate AU

I ignored the AU part of this.

They’re laying in bed together, morning sun filtering through the windows, when Adena reaches out, traces the curve of Kat’s wrist with her thumb on the pillow between them.

Adena’s eyes are on hers, warm and full of affection.

“Do you believe in soulmates?” she asks, curious, and Kat blinks.

She pauses before admitting—

“I don’t know.” Then, “Do you?”

“Sometimes.” Adena is quiet for a long moment. “I had a dream last night. It was unlike any dream I’ve ever had.”

“Really? About what?”

Kat drapes her arm across Adena’s waist, snuggles closer until their foreheads are nearly touching.

“About us,” Adena says, then closes her eyes, remembering. “It was us, but…in another time and place. We were us, but we were different people with different lives. It felt so real,” she finishes in a whisper, eyes fluttering open again. Kat stares back at her, sees the shy but adoring look on Adena’s face, and her heart constricts, thrumming beneath her ribs. “It was like…it was like I’d loved you in another life, and I was finally remembering. Is that crazy?”

She reaches up, runs her fingers through Adena’s hair and tucks a strand behind her ear.

“It’s not crazy,” Kat hums. “Crazy romantic, maybe,” she adds, just to make her smile. “But not crazy.”

Adena is quiet after that, contemplative, and Kat confesses, “I don’t know if I believe in soulmates. But, if they do exist, you’re definitely mine.”

She doesn’t know why she says it, or better yet how she manages to say it, but Adena smiles and rolls them until she’s laying on top of Kat. Adena doesn’t make her bear the weight of her own admission, lets them laugh instead, kiss each other.

“I was taller than you, in the dream.”

“Oh, you wish.”