prompt: who in your OTP falls asleep while reading a book and who takes the book away, marks the page, puts on a warm cozy blanket over the sleeping one and lovingly places a kiss on their forehead.

Clarke looks over at Bellamy who’s now lying completely still on the couch, book still in hand.

She smiles to herself. It’s so surreal to see Bellamy like this, so vulnerable. So… peaceful.

She crosses the distance between the kitchen counter and the couch in a few quick strides, making sure to tip toe as to not wake him up.

Clarke slowly pries the book from Bellamy’s hand, bending the corner of the current page over.

A grin forms on her face and she shakes her head at the falling apart book in her possession. He must’ve read this damn thing a thousand times, she thinks to herself. It was his one asset that managed to make it through the Dropship, Praimfiya and the aftermath of the latter.

She placed the book onto the table and reached over her sleeping partner to grab a small yellow, tattered blanket.

Softly placing the cloth on top of Bellamy and pulling the seam right up to his chin, she bends down to kiss him goodnight.

Bellamy’s dark brown curls cascade over his forehead, causing Clarke to brush them aside before she plants a faint kiss upon his skin where the curls once were.

She stands and runs her fingers down his cheek, almost causing him to stir, “Goodnight” she whisperers.

“Wait,” Bellamy’s hoarse voice pierced the silence as Clarke walked toward their bedroom, “Stay with me, Princess.”

He slowly peeked one eye open and smirked.

Theo Raeken ~ Defending

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word Count: 583

Warnings: A lot of yelling and stuff. IDK, it’s really tense in the begining, but then fuff, soooo 

Request: @aliyahraeken SAID:
Can you do an imagine with theo, defending him, when Scott attack him, your in his pack but he’s not kicking you out, you wolf out when you attack him, at the end, the reader kiss theo ? Tysm💙

A/N: Hey guys! I’m halfway asleep and may or may not have watched the Barbie vlogs the entire time. It’s not my best work.
Anyway, should I finish the Baby Liam series or put up a Scott Smut? Send in answers!


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               I watched with my back pressed against the wall. Stiles snickered beside me as Scott yelled, eyes flashing. “Who accepted you into their pack when no one else would? Who kept you safe? Who made sure you had somewhere to live? Me. You can at least respect the other pack members while you’re here!” Scott screamed, trying to control himself. Theo was making fun of someone and had said the wrong thing. I didn’t really know as I had walked into him ranting. Theo looked like he was getting yelled at by his parent. He held an annoyed face, but you could see him trying to hold back tears. He had been trying to be better, everyone could see, but I guess he had a slip-up.

               Now, I, personally, did not know him all that much, but it seemed like Scott was about to go a little bit too far. He didn’t yell much, but when he did, it was scary. “Hey, Scott,” I spoke, stepping off from the wall and reaching a hand out to touch his shoulder. “Maybe you should calm- “

               “Don’t get into this, y/n,” Scott yelled, hitting my hand away. My eyes widened as did Stiles’ and Theo’s. Scott was too into his argument. Theo’s eyes narrowed and he took a step forward.

               “Don’t touch her,” he growled out. Scott growled in response and also took a step forward. This was so out of character for Scott, even Stiles looked uncomfortable.

               “Don’t tell me what to do with my sister,” he grunted dangerously.

               “Stiles,” I whispered to him. “When’s the next full moon?”

               “Tomorrow, but doesn’t he have this under control,” he whispered back.

               “But he doesn’t have an anchor. He just lost Kira,” I said. Scott and Theo had gotten dangerously close. I watched them closely, both were growling at each other like annoying puppies.

               “You’re yelling at me for disrespecting someone when you just did it yourself,” Theo laughed before speaking again. “Real mature, Scott.”

               Scott let out a deep growl before lunging at Theo, claws, completely wolfed out. I walked over, trying to stop them. Theo growled back and pushed him off. Before I knew it, half the room was destroyed, Theo had a long, deep scratch down his face, and Scott was being covered in fire extinguisher fumes. Stiles had told me once that was one of the ways to get him out of his trance. I pushed myself in front of Theo and stepped back so he would follow. I placed my arms in front of him to make sure Scott couldn’t get to him.

               I watched Scott shake himself from his delusion. “What- what happened?” He questioned, trying to stand up.  I felt Theo’s arms wrap around me protectively making me tense questioningly. Scott looked up at us and swallowed loudly. “What did I do?”

               I shook my head softly and grabbed Theo’s hand before walking out. I pulled him into my bedroom and sat down. “I’m sorry for what he did. He’s not normally like that, you know.” He took one of my hands in his large ones, kissing the tops of my fingers, leaving me blushing.

               “You’re perfectly fine,” he spoke, smiling happily. I smiled and looked down. “Now, we both don’t know each other all that well, but I would love to. So, how about I take you somewhere nice and we just have fun.”

               I grinned widely and pulled him into a hug. “I would love to.”

Hey, I’ve got an idea. If you don’t like Gillian anymore because a sneaky bastard took private photos of her, how about you shut up about it and get the fuck out? This bitch is tired of hearing negative things about her beloved Gillian and would appreciate it. :)

Just a little sneak peek at a fic im writing

It’s always been the two of them against the world. 

Being seven making paper eye patches to wear during their sword fights, sharing chicken pox miserably at nine but it was okay because wearing mittens as lobster claws was cool, the race at eleven for whose voice would crack and who’d get their first armpit hair, turning fifteen and competing for the higher amount of goals in football for a dumb trophy or being seventeen doing Russ together while throwing what they thought were groundbreaking parties. The time at nineteen fates finally deemed goodbye for a while was necessary. 

“Promise me that no matter how far we’re separated this isn’t a permanent goodbye.” Chris muttered quickly because feelings sucked. Change was scary. He was smart enough to know that this would happen one day. He just never wanted it too. “You’re my best friend.”

Always the dramatics. He was going to miss it. 

William expected this to go much easier. Everyone found it so easy to leave him so why was it so hard to just pick himself for once. Chris had never left him. It was that simple. Instead, William felt terrible like he was losing a limb from his body, but he’d never dare show it. “When Noora and I have kids, I need proof that I was cooler.”

“Fuck you, Magnusson.”  Chris cursed sticking both middle fingers in his face. 

“You wish.”

One pill after another to swallow. 

“I think I’m in love with Eva.” That statement didn’t throw William. It’s been four years  leading up to this moment. Two spent where Chris only had eyes for Eva. Anyone involved with either of them could see it. For Christ sake, they’ve been attached at the hip. He’s more surprised that its taken him this long to admit he has feelings.