on the subject of bts being prodded about things that should be nonissues (them speaking more english, releasing english songs etc) as opposed to being asked about important things (e.g: their unicef collab, their personal music/creative journeys) heres my thoughts.

I, as an english speaker LOVE it when bts speak english. But in NO WAY does that mean they should or have to speak/perform in english. Guess what? Thats not their language. They deserve to be respected as artists. Every artist deserves to be given the same care and respect no matter where they’re from. But of course the world doesn’t work like this because us in the english speaking west don’t care about anyone but ourselves (and I say us/our because I know, even I, am guilty of this kind of behaviour even though I try my best to be conscious/thoughtful and respectful). When BTS speak english or have english in their songs I feel PRIVILEGED because thats what it is. A privilege. It’s not something that should be EXPECTED of them whatsoever.

So to all of these interviewers who are centering the interviews around AMERICA and ENGLISH as opposed to BTS and their amazing talent, kindness and positive impacting of peoples lives…. FUCK YOU.

This slander against, Junmyeon, Kyungsoo and Jongin not being cuddlers/cuddly needs to die. I won’t allow it any longer, they may not give bear hugs and big open hugs like Jongdae or Chanyeol but they’re really affectionate and touchy, they like light touches and gentle stokes and soft holding so stop trying invalidate their affection because I love them dearly :(((

Isn’t it soooo unlucky that you’re stanning Shinhwa for such a long long time but you still haven’t got any chance to see them live?!! *crying rivers*
why is this happening to me T^T can’t life be more sweet & give me this chance?! I dunno what the future will bring so I hope I can meet them asap ..
*praying for a miracle* bye ..