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Artistic side: Hey. You aren’t doing anything right now. Draw! Write! We came up with a bunch of ideas for you while you were bored in class! :D Here you go~

Depression: Eh, nope we don’t have enough motivation to do anything like that. Scrap that idea

Artistic side: ; ;

Pardon mais regardez comme mon bb est fit à 54 ans passés et après un nombre incalculable d’échecs de toutes sortes !!

@salutmapoulecestmanu @riennemaffecte il n’y a probablement que nous trois que ça intéresse, donc c’est cadeau pour vous

From Animage June 2012 Vol. 408 - The 34th Anime Grand Prix

Male Characters
The male character section became a fierce battle between fellow Inazuma Eleven characters scrambling for the highest amount of votes. Out of all of them, Inazuma Eleven GO’s Ranmaru Kirino, who just beat Kariya by a narrow margin, shone splendidly in first place!

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Really relatable reminder that if it isn’t your fault, you don’t have to apologize for it. If it is, sincerely apologize. Surround yourself with people who understand it’s not your fault and people who own up to their own faults.

Je ne sais pas si les infos concernant un éventuel ralliement de MV à EM sont exactes, mais si ces deux imbéciles pouvaient se réconcilier en privé et pas devant la France entière, ça serait une stratégie beaucoup plus payante, à mon avis.

chirrut + baze as yr chinese dads


  • wakes you up at 6am every day to train before school
  • pulls your ear when you’re being a shit. does the one finger shake in your face while he lectures you
  • knows every other dad at the dim sum restaurant, somehow, every time
    • remembers all their names and all their kids’ names and what they’re studying in school
  • your friends love him
  • tells your friends lots of embarrassing shit about you
  • never coddles you until you’re sick, then won’t leave you the hell alone
    • you swear he brews your herbal medicine more bitter + disgusting than it needs to be on purpose
  • will never give you allowance and indignantly asks what you even need money for every time you talk about it
  • bad presents. it’s always fucking socks or a screwdriver or something
  • stands and watches you doing homework
    • ETA: you can try to text on the dl. but he knows. he smacks the phone out of your hands.
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but waits until you’re out of the room to do it)
  • bad cop


  • good cop 
  • constantly talking shit in mandarin around non-mandarin speakers
  • secretly spoils ya when chirrut isn’t around
  • your friends are terrified of him
  • gets you + your friends to stand on his back when he does pushups
  • buys cheap stuff in bulk. ‘you don’t know when it’ll be on sale again’
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but you can tell exactly what he thinks of them because he’s staring you dead in the eyes while he does it) 
  • doesn’t care how well you’re doing in school except that you’re doing better than that next door kid whose parents he hates
  • incense burning all the time in the kitchen and bathroom
  • dumpling making machine. hand-minces the meat with a bigass cleaver
  • always trying new recipes from the cooking channel
  • PDA all the time. both you and chirrut are lowkey embarrassed but you’re used to it by now
  • ask him anytime for a piggyback ride and he’ll give it to ya