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Fun prompt: draw the first random thought you have when you read this within one hour!

(adm: Fem!Prussia, a la cliché japanese female student late for school, except she’s jumping off a bridge to get a shortcut, listening to music in Fem!Germany’s headphones, studying for the exam she will miss if she gets late and eating a sausage instead of a toast.

This turned out an absolute disaster, but there you go, anon. I kept my hour promise xD)



AHHHH omg I have 100 followers in under 2 weeks already?asfjasfdasjkfha I just wanted to say thank you to all of my followers and how much of a milestone accomplishment this has been for me(ya, promoters i’m lookin at u @v@)! Now it may not seem alot, but it is for me, so i rlly appreciate it TT.TT So, bc of this, i decided to favor u guys by starting on this story telling about joker julchen before she was exiled, and how it all started! thank you so much again. Enjoy!

((Oh, and btw, i’m keeping the cardverse color schemes, so if you’re wondering why julchen’s cape is not isn’t the black color u are used to, it’s because it’s supposed to be yellow. I’ll release the actual colored versions of them, so until then bear with me lol))

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Native, Julchen, Javier, Arizona

((Wellthen- For the sake of it, I’m doing Val and Cecile))

V: “Hmm, let’s see, I guess, befriend Arizona, kiss Javier /on the cheek/, Marry Julchen, and that leaves screw for Native- wait….WAIT-”

C: “Eheh, I guess, kiss Native, befriend Javier, Marry Julchen, and screw……Arizona /please don’t tell anyone/”

((I’m gonna tag these guys since their characters were mentioned, so @ask-aph-arizona @ask-thenorthamericanfam @ask-a-prussian-exorcist @ask-siblingsgrancolombia))


 Sorry for my gross caligraphy and the long post 

Carmen: Francine is so elegant and gorgeous , and I really love her eyes. Julchen  have such a wild beauty and a majestic hair.

Francine: Julchen? Well. everyone loves Julchen.

Julchen: Francine is awesome, but not like me of course. 

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Maddie, what have you been doing this summer?

I’ve been at the seaside with Julchen (( @hiryuart ))! It was a lovely vacation, and we had a lot of fun. Hope your holidays went great as well ^w^

(( Sorry for answering so late, I’ve been very busy with exams and university. Hopefully now I’ll have more free time, so ask on! and thanks for supporting this blog ))