my art for @gradencetrickortreat !

Prompt: Coffee Shop AU (maybe Credence working for Jacob? Percival healing and trying something a tad less stressful for a time?). Cutesy Halloween atmosphere. Golden leaves, oversized sweaters, carved pumpkins and all that jazz.

it kinda warped into the idea that Credence is the one still healing…still hiding his scars beneath his sloppy sweaters, but he’s getting better with his new job where people treat him kindly….he even got to make and decorate today’s cupcakes…he’s even worked up enough courage to offer one to the hot, older professor type that comes in 3 or 4 days a week and always reads quietly alone….

・*✧ july 3, 2017 ✧*・

some theme ideas for my future bullet journal. planning on sharing doodle ideas for these themes regularly during the summer break  (・`ω´・ ●)

gotta get started today so I don’t fall behind because I’ll be on the plane back to taiwan tomorrow! I’m so excited to potentially melt in my home country ♡ ♡ ♡