i wish i could rewrite our story because i hate the way things turned out. i want to write in the margins and rip out all of the sad pages. but more than anything i want to change our ending. so maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t have ended up like this.
—  you will always be my favorite book to re read
For every funeral we planned, there were sixty we couldn’t.

Emi Mahmoud - “People Like Us” (WOWPS 2016)

Performing at the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam. Emi won the tournament, along with co-champion Imani Cezanne. Subscribe to Button on YouTube!

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Letters To My Father (by Ash Ketchum) by Alex Dang!
Filmed by Write About Now

This poem can be found in my collection of poetry, Are You Proud of Me?


Race on board at Fernando’s karting track, purely so you can hear his little victory cheer.

It’s been too long 😭