Hello friends I just woke up from a nap and I got a lot of asks and I’m actually almost done compiling all of them into one post!

Also I might be gone for a couple of days because it’s my birthday tomorrow woopwoop! But also because my wrist is aching :( I got so many asks for Joonie and yoongs though and I’m super excited to draw for them! I got a looot of fun ideas out of it. Thank you!! That’s it for announcements!

Ayt from here on out it’s just rambling about the last few comics I’ve done pls skip I just literally wanna spout nonsense about it dont judge me this is my release ok LOL

OK for my last comic I got a lot of ppl telling me which route they’d go down on which was super fun to read so I too thought about it LOL. Frick though if all that happened to me in one day I’d die. Rip Tae. Anyway, personally, I would go down hobis route first cause I’m a ho for Hobi and it’s like one of those ‘we get closer through working together on something we’re both passionate about and having unfiltered fun typa thing’ and who’s not a sucker for those. And can u just imagine watching Hobi be in his element dancing around lookin all cool then suddenly bursts his sunshine smile and give u a bear hug as the scene cuts. Like?¿?¿?

Frick tho I’d love to do jungkooks route as well cause he’s the sweetest?????? Like he can be a lil shit and a bit selfish but he’ll take care of u with 156.8% extra effort and determination™. ALSO who wouldn’t go down Jiminnies?????? The domesticity? The fluff??? THE CUTE DOMESTIC FLUFF??? What do I say more cmon.

But yeah that’s just me so basically I would not be able to choose just like Tae HahaAgsjaja;;;; but anyway! Tae’s storyline in the comic is actually super organic right now because it’s funner for me to not have everything in stone as I like figuring things out along the way~ the main story line is definitely concrete though! So dunDUNDUN

I also wanted to talk about the memory lane comic! I really liked doing that one because I got to flash back cute things of vmon and I just rly love writing for their sibling dynamic :’) I also got to flash back to some painful things which is !!!! The continuation to that is definitely going to be covered but a lot of things have to happen in between first! A lot more sugamon things are going to happen and once jin is officially introduced to the squad everything’s going to be hoooooo boy. Just super exciting stuff! I know I’m actually not saying anything in substance I’m just literally freaking out by myself LOL I did want to thank you guys though for following the storyline!

In other news, I am having a bit of a hard time organizing this blog. I don’t know how to make this easier for new readers :’( cause the more I draw the more out of context everything is going to be for new readers. As of rn, everything holds up to its own comic so I’m ok so far. But yeahhhh thinking long term stuff feel like it’s gna be confusing. Should I just link all the comics of the main storyline???? Would that be enough? But at the same time a lot of people’s asks are imperative clues to the storyline so I’m afahsdssssg. It’ll be easy to follow this blog actually if they do start from the v beginning. But tumblrs stupid and idk how to show pages from oldest to newest without doing a huge amount of work. Should I upload the comics Ive done chronologically in a comic format on another blog as supplemental content???? IDK MAN but I’ll figure it out as the time comes

As for now ty my friends If you’ve read this far u a tru homie

Imagine James and Maggie walking into each other and they are legit wearing the same outfit

And then Alex and Kara see them and never let them live it down but they take it in full stride and joke that the Danvers sisters have great tastes

They make sure to wear very similar clothes whenever all four of them hang out