*but that's non of my business*

If I lose people along the way while I’m focused and grinding throughout 2016, then okay, thats unfortunate but whatever lol. If I’m constantly busy, cancelling plans, catching up on sleep, non responsive and you fully understand why and what I’m working towards and STILL catch feelings, then with all honesty I would prefer you leave. I don’t need the distraction. I don’t need to hear that you miss me etc, because all I’m going to do is question why you’re not on the same wave as me. The older we get, the less time there is to be idle. I’ll always set aside time for play, but not everyday b.

I have two choices, entertain everyones wants and needs and by the end of 2016 have a head full of regrets like I did at the end of 2015 or fuck everyone, focus on progression and god spare my life, I’ll end 2016 with goals accomplished surrounded by those who understand.

dont even speak to me if you cant bench press my entire weight??

ok really tho i like thinking about non combat gems adapting for a battlefield. Synth isn’t a fighter, she doesn’t have any skills that she can manifest herself outside of fusion but she’s scrappy and durable and makes a pretty good projectile. pyrite is @shacklefunk

also she ok

Oh my goodness im so glad phil uploaded his video today bc if you noticed i took a lil break for the holidays (work and stuff kept me pretty busy ya know) so i didnt wanna just randomly come back i was gonna just start fresh with phils next video— Except i was starting to get worried bc it was taking 95 years for him to upload it but now were both back so its good👌🏽

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Due to my dysthymia and slight anxiety, I missed two weeks of work. On top of that, both I and Kat’s hours have not quiet been fitting the budget to pay bills. I’m behind a lot on things like credit cards, college loans- but I’m working with another non-profit credit consoldation group for that.

The state of Georgia has seen to play the run around game with us once again in terms of our household getting food stamps, so that also makes things tight.

I need a minimum of $680 before July 3rd to pay my rent and be OK on bills, assuming my power bill stays below $150 (but between the heat and a new washer/dryer I have no idea and assume the worst, my bill last month was close to $150). A nice padding would be the total first half bills in July for $1178. 

I’m only getting around 20 hours total for the next two weeks, so I have a lot of time to do nothing but worry and try to deal with bills, SNAP and the home front.

Every little bit helps.

  • $10- pays for a month for one of our pet’s food for a whole month.
  • $20- Pays 1/3rd for a week worth of groceries
  • $30- Pays for a whole tank of gas that I go through in two weeks easily
  • $40+ - Pays towards all other bills

Thank you sketches and stories can be sent out to those who wish them, as seen at my art blog thesoundofwolfgallery or from Kat’s writing blog at taliwrites

tbh it’s funny how people can call me a “tumblr trans fakeboi” or whatever the hell it is without knowing anything about me. i didn’t “pretend to be a boy” for popularity. i struggled with my gender and came out as male before i was anybody on this website. i didn’t want to be male because i saw some cool tumblr user identify that way, it was something i had to figure out for myself and it was meeting fully/partially transitioned people irl that helped me come to to terms with it. i am out to almost everyone in my life, all of my friends know me by oliver now, even the ones who knew me by my birthname. at my last job my coworkers knew me as oliver and used my preferred pronouns too. i’ve been in a tough situation with my parents over this and i wish it didn’t have to be like this. i wish i didn’t have to see a therapist either. i wear a binder every goddamn day of my life, i don’t WANT to, i HAVE to. i can stand the dysphoria i feel when i go out in public and my chest isn’t bound. i’m not fake just because sometime i cosplay a female character occasionally. i’d do it if i were a cis guy too. girls cosplay boys all the time and nobody says anything about that??

this isn’t about proving that i’m a “real trans person” i’m just trying to make a point that you can’t go around calling people “fake trans” when you know nothing about their life and struggles.

Just quit it with the screeching, okay?

Today is Day 2 of walking Dictator to school. It is also Day 2 of listening to a woman at the bus stop screeching at me to “keep that dog away!” when we walk by with Ruby.

The dog is on a 6′ non-retractable leash that I hold at about 2-3′ whenever I see or hear other people. I always move her to the outside of the sidewalk, and she’s so close to me that she literally brushes my leg. And she’s too busy sniffing for pee-mail to pay any attention to people anyway. I understand panic, but good lord, I’m doing everything I can, lady. Just do me a favour and stop screeching at me every day.

kind of upset that ‘wanting to know anders’ and fenris’’ birthnames has been co-opted into some ‘fucked up’ thing that’s apparently offensive to trans and non-binary people. 

yeah. i get that. i really do. i’m never gonna sit down with a transman or transwoman and want to know what their birth name was because it’s none of my business and that’s not who they are. misgendering or continuing to bring up their birth name is frankly offensive af and contributes to violence against the trans community. 

but a lot of the things with anders’ and fenris’ names comes not from that, but like… some people view it in the context of adoption? (my parents kept all my little brother’s names except for one’s middle name. some people will literally not know their names - like fenris - or some will have to learn to live under another name whether they want to or not - like anders) and it’s also pretty blunt in canon that their names were given to them against their will, but they’ve also accepted them as their own?

i mean, love your headcanon. use their names in that context. but don’t start acting like other people are fucked up for not thinking the same way.