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Not so friendly reminder: Lucky Us ( @geek-fashionista ) is an awesome fic, and if you just want that #feelgood fic I really really recommend it.

I wanted to share some of my favourite lines from the latest chapter (Which you can read on ao3 here)

“Ugh.” Chloe rolled her eyes. “Hook up or shut up. You’re nauseating me." 

(Seriously. “Hook up or shut up” is too funny, I love it. Can I start saying this to my friends even though none of them are love struck fools… actually they should probably start saying this to me?)

(the next part is a texting sequence)

Marinette Dupain-Cheng: So I just realized I don’t have your boyfriend’s address.

Alya Cesaire: Oh yeah lol. Hold on a sec.

Alya Cesaire: Wait, he isn't… WE aren't…

Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Uh-huh.

(Smooooooth. Also, I really like texting sequences? Like it just feels like something that should happen in a story (well modern day stories at least))

Adrien’s text made her happy, but the time stamp on it made her even happier: midnight. He’d sent it to her right at the start of her birthday. He’d waited until midnight, stayed up when he could have been sleeping, just to send her a birthday text.

(Need me a freak like this. Like, saaaame Mari.)

"Sorry. If the offer still stands, I’ll wait inside. It’s hot out here and I don’t think my shoulders need any more freckles.”

Adrien’s gaze slid from her face downwards, then immediately shifted to the gate.

(Boi’s got it baaaaaaad. Also freckles. Good stuff right here)

I should probably stop here, I’d hate to ruin the chapter for you. 

Anyways, the fic is super cute and I LOVE IT. 

As long as it takes... (Part Two)

Description: “I’ll wait for as long as it takes, as long as I get you at the end”

You meet Sebastian Stan on the street in New York. What starts off as a fan encounter stretches to an unexpected coffee date and before long you’re caught up in a whirlwind and left with an internal struggle of what to choose.

Word Count: 1832

Pairing: Sebastian x reader

Warnings: None


Did your eyes deceive you? You had to be dreaming. You had hoped for a moment to run into him during your trip but you never thought it’d actually happen. You looked up at the luminous smile, glistening blue eyes, and fiercely cut facial structure that was cast down at you kindly. You noticed quickly as your eyes flicked down to Chloe jumping on you how his shoulders, chest, and abs pronounced themselves even under the space cadet blue sweatshirt he wore. You avoided the sweatpant clad thighs, you didnt want to pass out right there. You knew how beautiful Sebastian was, but up close, no picture or film could ever compare to or capture the artistry of one Sebastian Stan.

You realized your jaw had gone slack and attempted to quickly play it off and stand. Of course, you being clumsy and on edge because of who was standing in front of you, not to mention that Chloe seemed to want to jump on you again, pawing at your shins, you didn’t quite get your footing right and your body veered to the right and towards the ground, but Sebastian caught your elbow to steady you. You muttered your thanks, thoroughly mortified.

“Chloe, no, sit,” he began and to the good God above, his voice was nothing but silky velvet tickling your ears. “I’m so sorry. You would think after 2 years of telling her what to do, I’d have her trained by now. I figure she’s going through her rebellious teenage phase…that’s a good enough excuse right?” he snickered.

You joined in his laughter and swatted at the air, “Seriously, it’s not a big deal. I completely understand. My Brantley secretly gets drunk now that he’s 21 and pees everywhere in the house for seemingly no reason. He’s still in his rebellious phase. It happens,” you completed your thought, surprised how calm and collected your response had been. Note to self, give Brantley some extra love for saving you.

“Thanks for being so understanding. I’m Sebastian, by the way. I didn’t catch your name,” he stated as he reached forth his hand to shake yours.

“Oh, yeh, sorry, I’m (y/n),” you relayed as you shook hands, praying he didn’t realize how clammy your palms were. “It’s lovely to meet you, and so lovely to meet you too Chloe!” you said as you reached down and shook the paw she had stuck on your knee. She looked from you, almost seeming to smile, to Sebastian and back.

You didn’t know what else to do or say and couldn’t help yourself, “Look, I know this is going to be strange but I actually have something I need to run by you….uhh just give me a sec,” you stated as you looked above his head trying to picture the words you were attempting to conjure in your mind. “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m going to do this. Forgive me in advance,” you asked, laughing at yourself. You noticed his eyes had widened and he had started to gain a small and mischievous smirk, that concealed his impeccable stainless teeth, but only just.

“Uhh, okay, ahhhh, by the way, please, please don’t be offended by this. I dont want to offend you at all…okay, ahhhh mi….mi-ai….ahhhh…mi-ah res….respira….mi-ai respira?” You stumbled through trying to say two Romanian words, taking about 30 seconds, that felt like 3 minutes, when it should probably take about 1 second. As you struggled, you saw the confusion shroud his face, but luckily by the end, his smirk had returned.

“Are you attempting to speak Romanian to me?” He flashed you the mischievous smirk again, but this time it spread into a smile and your breath literally caught in your chest.

“Attempting would be the key word to all words, yes,” you busted out laughing.

He joined you in laughter then requested you to repeat what you had asked. You went through the struggle again, Sebastian repeating after you to put it together then when you finished, he scrunched up his face in confusion and asked “did I just breathe?”

“Yes!!” You were so excited, but quickly added when you saw the confusion still there, but slightly less than before, “there’s more!”

He looked at you patiently as you attempted to picture the rest and repeat what you had heard from Google translate.

“Okay…this one’s longer, so please bear with me….again, I’m sorry,” you giggled. “Alright, let’s see…..vi se rev….revarsă…..vi se revarsă cu talent şi…cu talent şi eu…..eu te admir……so ahm…vi se revarsă……cu talent și…..eu te admir. Yeh!”

Again you repeated and he followed suit. When he figured out what you had said, his eyes brightened and his smile was reminiscent of many you had seen in the interviews he had done with Anthony Mackie for CAWS. Your heart began to melt right then and there.

“Wow. Thank you so much. You have such a talent with Romanian that I now admire you.” He looked at you trying to keep a straight face, but as a colossal laugh broke through your lips, so did laughter burst forth from him.

Chloe had finally settled down during your translation party. Apparently the two of you were boring her, as she had laid down at your feet, but as the laughter had exploded she stood back up and barked, wagging her tail. She apparently found the situation comical as well and wanted to join.

As you continued to laugh, smiling down at Chloe in the process, you explained, “I can’t take all of the credit, of course. I actually got the idea from a Tumblr post with one of Craig’s lines,in Parks & Rec,…and of course my wonderful language teacher, Google translate…..now that I think about it, it would have just been easier to put it in there and play it for you instead of torturing your brain. I’m a teacher though, so I guess that’s what comes naturally.” You returned your eyes to Sebastian as he spoke.

“It also wouldn’t have been a third as entertaining or as special though.”

“I guess that’s true too…but yeh it’s from Craig, he’s so hilarious. Please tell me you know who I’m talking about?”

“Uhh, no sorry. I haven’t watched that show before,” Sebastian explained.

“WHAT!? Oh my goodness, you have to watch it! It’s sooo good! The characters are so well portrayed by the actors. The jokes are great. Every character is endearing in their own way the entire show. So many shows have their sucky seasons but Parks & Rec doesn’t. It’s amazing from start to finish! Oh, but Craig comes from Eagleton, Pawnee’s biggest enemy, and he is over the top about everything! It’s SO funny! I mean, absolutely hilarious. You would think he’d exceed the term annoying, and in real life he probably would, but there’s something about his character that it’s just side-splitting humor. Billy Eichner….I think that’s how you pronounce his name plays him and it’s just fantastic. Oh my gosh, I can’t even explain how funny he is, I’ll show you really quick. It won’t take long, am I keeping you from anything?”

He shook his head to say “no, and even if so, you’ve caught my interest and have to see what all the hype is about.”

You felt yourself blush just slightly, smiling in reply, “okay, just give me a second, let me try to find something on youtube.”

You whipped out your phone from your pocket and in your haste continually kept typing the wrong letters. You finally just let youtube figure it out. You clicked on the video that said “all scenes”, not paying attention to the time. Once the video started you angled the screen towards Sebastian. You angled your body towards him without actually moving closer to avoid any awkwardness. Instead, however, he stepped closer, partly behind you on your left side. As if your heart wasn’t already beating 237 miles per minute, now you literally felt like it might explode out of your chest. You attempted to remain calm, cool, and collected, but you were fairly certain that not only could he hear your pulse beating, but could feel the heat, heat warm enough to keep anyone warm in -9°F weather, radiating off of your body.

After about 2 minutes and four scenes in (you about busting a gut in laughter), you noticed it was an almost 10-minute long video. “Oh crap, this is like 10 minutes long.” You reached to stop the video, but Sebastian stopped you by saying, “no, this is hilarious, I want to see the rest,” so you stood there continuing to watch dying laughing while Sebastian laughed beside you.

By the time the video ended, you were wiping tears from under your eyes as Sebastian moved so that you were facing each other again.

“I’m sorry, I know not everyone finds Craig as funny as I do, but he just gets me. He cracks me up every time he speaks! I hope you found it at least slightly entertaining, even if you didn’t find it as funny as I did.”

“No, seriously, (y/n) it was actually pretty funny.”

“Right!? Now you just need to watch the entire show. You know, when you have time,” you explained as you slightly chuckled.

“Well, in all seriousness, I just want to tell you that I think you’re a truly talented actor and individual. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. As silly as it sounds, it brings sunlight, so to speak, to my day. I’m sorry I took up so much of your time. Thanks for tolerating my ravings,” you laughed again at yourself before turning your attention to Chloe and stooping down to her level. As you did, she excitedly stood and looked at you expectantly with what appeared to be a smile on her face as you said, “and it was so wonderful to meet you too sweet girl!” You smiled and rubbed Chloe’s head affectionately. Her blue eyes twinkled, even on this cloudy day. A smile spread across your face as you admired her beautiful smoky topaz and creme colored coat and stood back up to your full height. You brought your eyes up to meet Sebastian’s as you put forth your hand to shake his. “Thank you, again, it genuinely has been a privilege to meet you. Have a wonderful day!”

He smiled and shook your hand. “The pleasure’s all mine. You have a great one as well.”

You smiled as you began to walk past him, forward on your previous journey, ready to squeal your head off and immediately text your friends and tell them…for which they’d probably forever hate you because they didn’t get to meet him, but oh well.

Just then, to your surprise, you heard “(y/n).”

You turned and met Sebastian’s magnificent blues which seemed almost as surprised as yours must look.

“Would you want to get a cup of coffee?”


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