*burns all drawings*

go get changed outta ur pilot suit already Lance, y'can pester Keith later
(I really miss these two reckless doofus’ ;w;)


I need a hug

“But I-”

“Maybe you don’t, but I need one.”

“Oh. Okay.”


Well a few days later it’s complete. A three page au comic in which Reaver is an immortal shit lord and he and Page are equally tired of one another but neither has succeeded in destroying the other yet.

In all honesty this was just to try out medibang and see what I could do with it.


“nah man, I WINGED it!”

this might be the last one for a while you guys hahahah my hand is hurting from drawing all the cherubs 

Basically, I’ve only been getting more and more obsessed with this Little Mermaid AU I started and (long story short) I wrote a rough draft for a full length illustrated fanfiction… So that’s happening. I’ll be posting the pieces of this weird project here for anyone who might be interested.

    “Smithers… release the hounds.”
    Smithers’ lips twisted into a delighted, vengeful grin. Slowly, in a low malevolent voice, he said “With
pleasure, sir,” as he activated a switch to release the hounds, who set upon Barlow, tearing through his clothes into his flesh, forcing him to writhe in agony on their doorstep.
    After multitudinous pleas of mercy yielded nothing but vindictive snickers, he yelled “You will pay for this, Burns!”
    “Yes,” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Perhaps next time you’ll think twice before disparaging the love of my life,” he said, bringing an arm around Smithers’ back and leaning against him as he glided his fingertips across Smithers’ Adam apple.
    Smithers’ shoulders bobbed up a bit in glee, and he titled his head and lowered his eyelids. “Oh, Monty. You’re so romantic.” They glanced back at Barlow, still struggling against the hounds, then shared a kiss. Smithers slid the toe of his shoe across the grass before him, then pushed Barlow’s forehead back with the bottom of his shoe. “I hope you have learned your lesson, Barlow. You don’t cross the most prominent couple in Springfield. We aren’t bleeding heart liberals, we don’t believe in mercy.”

The last quote was emphasised on purpose, because it is one of my favourite quotes from this lovely fanfic by @stopscaringsmithers and the one that inspired me to draw this.


It’s Alola o’clock

Everyone is enjoying the beaches while Mairin has a crisis over the island challenges 


If I were one of the Chocobros… (I’d be a bad influence)

And then Prompto took a photo of Ardyn freaking out while Gladio strangled me and Ignis wondered were those suffocation noises were coming from…but I was too lazy to sketch that as well. Pff.

(Excuse me, but what good are warp powers if you do not abuse them?!)


anon requested suzuya’s squad eating and/or making roll cakes together so have the squad doing something special for their squad leader bc he deserves all the good things in this world